john_ramboHi, I am using Lubuntu 11.04 , not only flash but PC sometimes hang even on window minimize/maximize ...This is happening everyday ...How to proceed ?05:26
phillwAmberJ: I vaguely recall a ping from you. did it get sorted or do you still need me?17:45
tomanhello there, im new to lxde and i need help with adjusting my keyboard layout. I want to be able to switch between US and Bulgarian traditional phonetic. I know i should type something like:  setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll us,bg17:52
tomanbut the "bg" is not the traditional phonetic and i do not know how to make it use it :(17:52
tomancan anyone help me ?17:52
phillwGee, why not hang around whil I dig the info up :P18:01
phillwIf re-appears, please send toman to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145587718:02
AmberJhey phillw, sorry I was away on phone...19:21
phillwAmberJ: no drama, even very late, I do reply to a ping :)19:22
AmberJAnyways, I guess toman about knew about the command needed to switch between layouts but he was unable to use bulgarian keyboard or something like that...19:22
AmberJphillw, Well, that's the best (and quality) volunteer help and support that one expect for lxde :)19:22
AmberJMy problem is still unresolved though. If you remember, openoffice's individual apps didnt appeared in my lxde menu...And, when I click libreoffice entry, all apps in it's menu are disabled :(19:24
AmberJphillw, ping ;)19:28
phillwwe do not really support OpenOfice, as Libre is its replacement. As niether are used in lubuntu, you may get far better support on #ubuntu-beginners, just do let them know that you are running lubuntu and it is not a part of it, so you will need a little more help[.19:33
AmberJphillw, naah, I'm not using openoffice...I mistakenly typed libreoffice in place of ooo.org19:35
phillwyou can manually add them, but I do also think they should be there for you. I'd suggest asking on the mailing list, as I'm not sure what 'bug' it would be.19:37
pmatuliswhen will images be available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ ?19:45
phillwpmatulis: once the build goes using the canonical system, we are hopeful that a2 will do so, but certainly by the beta stage.19:47
pmatulisphillw: thank you19:47
linuxman410has ubuntu accepted lubuntu into their circle19:48
pmatulislinuxman410: that's what happened at UDS.  also see the lubuntu home page19:49
AmberJStupid connection.20:11
zkriesseAmberJ: Hi :)20:11
AmberJphillw, Did you suggested anything while I got disconnected?20:11
AmberJThe last msg in my client is: "AmberJ: thought I'll also drop a mail to mailing list to see if they find this a bug..."20:11
AmberJhey zkriesse...What's up?20:14
zkriesseNothing much you?20:15
linuxman410i am running lubuntu on my old dell inspiron 6000 with duct tape holding it together20:22
AmberJSuperstupid connection :(20:28
zkriesseSorry it's not funny but it kinda is at the same time20:29
=== chris_ is now known as digitalcrow
digitalcrowLubuntu Rocks !20:30
digitalcrowI've tested ubuntu 11.4 and it sucked ! => frozen applications , slow , bloated20:31
AmberJzkriesse, I dont blame you... I would have laughed myself in case it happened with someone else ;)20:32
linuxman410lubuntu is in a class by itself20:33
zkriessewelll nice digitalcrow glad you're hapy20:33
digitalcrowi'm very happy20:35
digitalcrowi'm installing 1.010 packages now 4.9gbytes and it will finish in a 5 mins max20:36
digitalcrowhope everything will go ok after then20:36
digitalcrowLubuntu is speed!20:36
digitalcrowI had a problem with flash thought20:37
digitalcrowbut i installed flash replacer and now works ok20:38
digitalcrow(firefox plugin)20:38
* phillw waves to zkriesse I hope you are fine :)20:39
zkriessei'm decent20:39
phillwgood to hear, I'm mad busy with 3 teams, but we are getting there :)20:40
_schulte_would you recommend lubuntu as a good base system above which to install xmonad?22:02
head_victimDepends on your goals really, can't see why it wouldn't work ok22:04
_schulte_I used to run above xubuntu, I've since stripped out all of XFCE, but I'm running into problems where pieces of my install appear to rely on missing pieces of XFCE, looking for a modular base system which I can pick and choose which components to keep22:04
_schulte_maybe just building up from a server install would be preferrable?22:04
trakinashello all.22:05
head_victim_schulte_: maybe start with a mini install?22:05
head_victimtrakinas: gday22:05
trakinasI've jun successfully ran Lubuntu over my pendrive on a Asus eeePC Surf 4G22:06
trakinasI had only one problem: some windows does not fit the 800x468 screen.22:06
trakinasfor example: I cant see the bottom of openbox configuration screen22:07
head_victimtrakinas: if you press and hold the alt key and then click on the window you can move it around until you can reach what you need to22:07
_schulte_head_victim: ok, just found the mini-remix site, looks perfect... thanks22:07
szczuryou can move windows by holding Left Alt, clicking anywhere on window and draging them with mouse22:08
ubot5The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD22:08
trakinaslet me test. I know I was able to do that on Gnome, but I didnt try on lxde.22:08
head_victim_schulte_:  ^ :)22:08
head_victimtrakinas: works here for me on 11.0422:08
_schulte_yea, saw that, but this almost looks preferrable http://www.ubuntu-mini-remix.org/22:08
head_victimszczur: mine works either alt?22:09
head_victim_schulte_: ah ok I'd never seen that, looks like the same thing22:09
szczurhead_victim, for me only Lalt because Right alt is used as modifier for ąęłóźł and other polish chars22:10
head_victimszczur: ah of course, I keep forgetting the world has many different languages ;)22:10
linuxman410is xmonad up to date22:11
trakinassince this has a limited  memory, should I keep with Chromium over Firefox?22:12
trakinasalt+move worked. now, my sister needs to see if she likes it, since she asked me to remove her Xandros to anything more up to date.22:15
head_victimtrakinas: good to hear :)22:16
head_victimIt's a handy trick to remember on smaller screens.22:16
trakinasyep! I will tell her.22:16
head_victimDepends on what you want to do with your browser really. I find Chromium works ok for most things. On my main browsing machine I prefer Firefox though, probably mainly because I've set it up over 3 years to how I want it.22:17
trakinasbtw, I tested audio and wifi. both worked like a charm.22:17
head_victimtrakinas: that's why I love Lubuntu, it's the only thing that makes this P4 usable in my opinion while still having the overall ease of use Ubuntu experience.22:18
trakinashead_victim: she uses firefox on her main machine, but that has 2gb of memory. and befora that, with 512mb, recently firefoxes was really slow.22:18
trakinasI was really glad that synaptic came bundled. one less thing to install.22:19
head_victimtrakinas: well if it's something she's only going to use when out and about I'd say Chromium will be fine unless she really likes her Firefox. In which case maybe try to find some cheap ram for it.22:19
trakinasI will tell her to test chromium for awhile and see if she can handle it okay. otherwise, lets see how FF will behave here.22:20
leccyopera works pretty well for me - i run it and chromium, depending on my mood22:21
trakinasmy main concern, though, is within office suite. I can't recall last time I used AbiWord, so I dont know how compatible is it with older MS Docs (before Office 2007) and recent OASIS.22:22
head_victimI don't use the office applications on my Lubuntu install, I do it all on my main pc.22:22
trakinasleccy: good to hear.22:22
head_victimI tried hard to use Chromium on my main machine but I quickly learnt I've spent too much time setting up Firefox just how I like it to want to switch.22:23
trakinashead_victim: I see! I know that she uses her netbook for reading and editing when she is not at hers. but I know this is not too often, she uses more for internet/music.22:23
trakinashead_victim: I use firefox since it was called Phoenix. So my opinion is biased22:24
head_victimI just wish it was easier to sync history and favourites between Chromium and Firefox, then I'd be happy.22:24
elroshead_victim: install xmarks22:25
trakinaswell, I have to go. will be idle from now on.22:26
trakinascheers! and thanks22:26
elrosxmarks synchronizes bookmaks, available on both chromium and firefox22:27
head_victimelros: isn't it dying?22:27
elrosit has revived with lastpass22:27
head_victimelros: hmm thanks for pointing that out. I'm hoping to consolidate some installations soonish though so may no longer need it. But I'll have a think.22:29
KM0201i changed my icon for Audacious, the same way i did for skype (and it works perfectly... however, after i change mmy icon for audacious.. i can't open the program, i get this in terminal...  http://pastebin.com/TGj7D9gT   if i change the icon back, it works perfectly22:34
KM0201bueller?    bueller?   Last call for bueller...22:37
PhosphenesI'm sorry guys, but I think I've converted to xubuntu.22:48
head_victimPhosphenes: not a problem at all, we all have different needs22:49
PhosphenesI'm keeping lubuntu installed for now though, in case it doesn't work out.22:49
head_victimKM0201: sorry mate, I have no idea where to begin with that22:50
KM0201head_victim: doesn't make sense does it?22:50
head_victimPhosphenes: I needed Lubuntu for an old computer, I found Xubuntu didn't really have much less resource use than the Gnome install22:50
head_victimKM0201: I don't even really know what I'm reading there22:50
KM0201cuz the path to the icon is right.. (its the same folder i have my skype icon in.. .and it works w/ skype just fine)22:50
linuxman410i will stay with lubuntu light weight does everything i need and more lubuntu my os of choice now22:52
KM0201linuxman410: did you get your problem resolved the other night?... you just stopped responding so i went to bed22:52
KM0201what was the prob?22:52
linuxman410KM0201 was  my broadcom wireless buit in to much trouble so i put a wireless card in it22:53
KM0201uh... ok..22:54
KM0201what kind of card did you buy?22:54
linuxman410netgear 51122:54
KM0201what chipset is that?22:54
linuxman410atheros i think22:55
KM0201yeah, atheros usually work pretty good (especially the 5x series.. i have those and they are flawless)22:55
linuxman410in lubuntu how do i get a screenshot of my desktop23:28
KM0201linuxman410: i'm not sure of the "Lubuntu" way, but when I used gnome, i was fond of ubuntu's screenshot utility, so i use it.. sudo apt-get install gnome-screenshot23:32
Phospheneslinuxman410: prt/sc23:33
PhosphenesIt should appear in your home folder23:33
KM0201Phosphenes: dang, i never know that23:33
KM0201thast simple enough.. :)23:33
PhosphenesI only found out a couple days ago23:33
KM0201nice thing about gnome-screenshot though, you can capture specific windows if you like23:33
linuxman410Phosphenes that is awesome23:34
KM0201you know what.23:35
PhosphenesI do not.23:35
KM0201the other day, i had a screenshot in my home folder, and wondered how on earth it got there, cuz i didn't remember taking it..lol,23:35
KM0201i suspect i hit the prtsc button23:35
PhosphenesMust be23:35
KM0201linuxman410: you gotta host it somewhere.23:35
KM0201!screenshot | linuxman41023:35
ubot5linuxman410: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.23:35
linuxman410got it23:35
linuxman410http://imagebin.org/161450  my wallpaper cool23:38
PhosphenesI like, I'll have to use that line sometime.23:40
KM0201linuxman410: not bad23:41
KM0201linuxman410: http://imagebin.org/16139223:41
KM0201that's a very good quote to.23:41
KM0201gotta add that to my list23:41
linuxman410KM0201 that is nice23:42
KM0201linuxman410: i have a thing for nature/landscape wallpapers23:43
linuxman410KM0201 custom wallpaper is what its about23:44
KM0201linuxman410: how did you get that battery monitor?23:47
KM0201mine just shows a green bar.23:47
linuxman410KM0201 what version are you running23:57
linuxman410that is what i am running battery meter just showed up when i installed23:59
KM0201hmm, when i add it, its just a green line23:59

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