MrCuriousE: jasper error, can not handle this disk type00:13
MrCuriousthen... it magically goes on to handle "that disk type"00:13
Joergi_77    /msg nickserv register panda myscheiss@schenkelklopfer.de00:26
Joergi_77hi guys00:29
Joergi_77i'm using my omap4 pandaboard with ubuntu 11.04 headless00:29
Joergi_77but i can't use the audio00:30
Joergi_77problem is here: http://groups.google.com/group/pandaboard/browse_thread/thread/4adab31bf7a229e000:30
Joergi_77anyone aware of this issue?00:30
MrCuriousthere is a bug report for that01:16
MrCuriousand in the bug report is a work around01:16
MrCuriousi think the readme that comes with the distribution also tells a work around01:16
persiaI thought there was an SRU that fixed that: new kernel, new alsa-libs07:57
LBoHi all, I'm getting these errors when compiling hostapd: error: ?return? undeclared (first use in this function)10:45
LBoYesterday my pandaboard froze when I loaded a new wireless driver10:46
LBoSo I rebooted it and now I am getting compile errors10:46
LBoSo I think some file is corrupted10:47
woglindelook into this file10:48
woglindeif there really is ?return?10:48
LBoThe full line is: /usr/include/stdlib.h:281:3: error: ?return? undeclared (first use in this function)10:52
LBoAnd that line reads: return strtod (__nptr, (char **) NULL);10:52
woglindeI wonder where the "?" comes from11:01
ogra_invisible chars ?11:03
woglindethan is something wrong11:04
woglindetry to reinstal libc and libc-dev package11:04
woglindewith apt-get install --reinstall11:04
dmartLBo, woglinde: the "?" looks like a locale issue in the error message.  You can see whether that's the case by doing export LC_ALL=C and then building again.11:18
dmartThere is probably no ?return? in the source: it's just the compiler trying to print `return'11:19
LBo dmart exactly11:20
LBoI think the ?'s are because of my irc client11:20
LBoSo the error is: error: 'return' undeclared11:21
dmartLBo: it sounds like you may be right: either the source or the toolchain may be damaged.  Can you reproduce it with a simple test case (i.e., int f(void) { return 0; }) ?11:22
dmartMore likely though, some source or headers got corrupted...11:22
LBohello.c:7:1: error: ?return? undeclared (first use in this function)11:23
LBoI just did an: sudo aptitude reinstall libc6 libc-dev-bin libc-bin libc6-dev11:24
LBoBut that doesn't make a difference11:24
dmartmarkos__: generally, any instruction with an "f" in is an obsolete mnemonic -- either FPA, or old-style VFP mnemonics (the modern syntax starts all the VFP/NEON mnemonics the "V" instead of "F")11:25
dmartoops, wrong channel again11:25
dmartmarkos__: where does this actually come from?11:26
* dmart sighs11:27
woglindelinaro channel?11:34
LBodmart: any ideas how I could fix this?11:39
woglindeLBo try to install new11:40
dmartLBo: If you can easily reinstall, that might be easiest ... otherwise, if something is corrupted it could be tricky to find out what needs reinstalling.11:49
LBoYeah, I'll do a little more searching and else I'm going to reinstall :(11:49
LBosudo apt-get install --reinstall libc-dev-bin libc-bin libc6-dev cpp g++ gcc cpp-4.5 g++-4.5 gcc-4.5 worked11:51
dmartLBo: cool... maybe a header file got mangled11:52
LBoYeah I had a few lockups in one hour and pulling the power on the pandaboard wasn't a good idea :s11:53
LBoI'm gonna Google for a setting to flush to disk a little faster11:53
persiaLBo, If you're not using a rotary disk, be aware that more frequent flushing can have considerable negative performance implications.12:17
persiaActually, I should say "cached disk" rather than "rotary disk", as many of the SSD implementations have decent caching implementations that mask the details from the kernel.12:18
persiaThat said, pulling power is almost never a safe operation :)12:18
LBoYeah I know but I only want to use it when I'm doing "dangerous" stuff12:18
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kunguzI have installed lxde using apt-get install lxde command.13:21
kunguzBut after the boot I end up with the terminal instead13:21
kunguzWhat to configure to reach to the desktop13:22
woglindelookinto Xorg.log13:22
kunguzwoglinde: let me paste my Xorg.log to pastebin13:25
kunguzwoglinde: http://sudrap.org/paste/text/15555/13:29
ogra_kunguz, you shjould have installed lubuntu-desktop instead, that also pulls in a display manager (i.e. GDM)13:30
kunguzogra_: ok let me install it13:31
ogra_i dont think the lxde package depends on any display managers13:31
kunguzogra_: install is in progress, hope this helps. Thank you very much for the suggestion.13:31
ogra_it should work13:32
kunguzogra_: interesting, it returns as E: Broken packages13:34
ogra_thats natty ?13:34
ogra_or oneiric ?13:34
kunguzogra_: yes13:34
kunguzogra_: natty, it is13:34
kunguzogra_: I felt like Yoda :D13:34
ogra_weird, can you pastebin ?13:34
kunguzogra_: http://sudrap.org/paste/text/15556/13:35
ogra_kunguz, ugh13:46
ogra_kunguz, just install gdm then ... it should offer you lxde13:46
ogra_look like the lubuntu folks hardcode a dependency on chromium13:46
persiaRather, the dependency on chromium is set based on metapackage construction, as the tasks aren't cleanly implemented yet.13:55
ogra_i guess its the latter, given thats natty13:56
ogra_iirc proper task generation for lubuntu is only in oneiric13:56
persiaDid that get sorted?  I remember gilir looking at it, but I didn't hear that it landed.13:57
ogra_i just saw an upload mentioning it on -changes13:57
ogra_didnt look into if it works or so13:57
persiaAh, excellent.13:58
ogra_shouldnt you be in the aiR btw ?13:58
persiaDoesn't matter until the SAN is available, really, as that's the major blocker, and it's hard to test this stuff with neither documentation nor working infrastructure.13:58
* persia refuses to be limited in IRC activity by mere physical location or relative vector13:59
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sveinseDoes apt have a mechanism for deploying/distributing package update beside internet access? I need to be able to make a list of packages which a system needs and then distribute the update to the system using other means than network.16:54
sveinseI've tried apt-offline, but it uses a back and forth model where you'd have to transfer files to and from the system16:55
sveinseInstalling the repo and/or packages on the system is not hard, but it's figuring which packages that should be included in the update16:56
blu_hi all17:59
blu_can anyone tell me is there any iic, spi or uart driver in ubuntu for expansion port in pandaboard ?17:59
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infinityNow, if only I could get 1080p on the D-Sub output on this Quickstart, I'd be happy.20:37
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