[06:36] sagaci: nice goal for 12.04 [06:37] didn't know how to word it perfectly, had the vision [06:41] Sounds good to me (I just read the wiki update email) [14:06] sagaci, do you always translate 'trash' to 'rubbish bin', or does it depend on the context? [14:07] rubbish bin unless it should be hardcoded [14:07] like an environment variable or a commandline option [14:07] like you should translate --color to --colour [14:08] ok [14:08] doesn't particularly matter but try to use rubbish bin amap [14:08] It is just one thing that I wasn't entirely sure on, because I can understand both versions [14:08] as much as possible, yeah, i just made that up [14:08] but it makes sense to use the non-american version [14:09] the problem is, I think trash is hardcoded into parts of nautilus, like trash:/// [14:09] ripping through it now, over 2/3's done [14:09] yes, i think that may be correct [14:09] yes, it is looking good [14:10] shouldn't take too long to get it done now [14:10] i'm enjoying the buy 1 get one free too [14:10] what do you mean by that? [14:11] well a couple of months ago, whenever I did a batch of strings, I'd know how many were done, since it was seemingly done mostly by me, so I knew how much the total untranslated would fall by, nowadays, there's a few surprises, +50%, + 100%, etc [14:13] i see what you mean now [14:13] on the similar vein that Linus Torvalds used to joke about Linux dominating the world, I never thought it'd be possible to see 95% done, especially with the 30000+ strings in the jump to oneiric, I thought it was a step forward and two back [14:13] nevertheless it isn't 95% but it feels like it could be conquered this cycle [14:16] yes, definitely [14:16] is it worth doing a translation session for the Ubuntu Global Jam? [14:17] yup [14:19] are you organising one, and if so, would you like any help? [14:20] i guess we'll talk about it at the meeting but it's not til September, so a small email could go out soon as well as an official shoutout halfway through August [14:20] just my initial thoughts [14:20] maybe i'm different but if someone told me about something on in 3 months and I wasnt [14:20] really interested, i probably wouldn't care, so something a bit closer to the day might be better? [14:21] Yes, that sounds fine. I am sure that if we got it all done now, people would not really think of it again until later anyway [14:21] so we may as well leave the main organisation and advertising to later [14:23] if we can get en-AU translation fairly under control (read: 95%+ done) ubuntu global jams may be the ONLY day we have to do translations in the future, and it makes it much more appealing for new contributors to contribute to something well underway than asking them to participate in a seemingly no-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel adventure, as it is now [14:24] sounds like a good plan [14:25] plus, it actually makes it worthwhile changing your language settings to using the English (Australia) setting now [14:26] and everything else benefits, kubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu, mint, etc [14:27] How often are language updates released? Is it only with each new version? [14:28] each version and they can be backported [14:30] right [14:35] jaddi27, are you in vic? [14:37] I am in brisbane [14:37] did you go to linux.conf? [14:38] no, unfortunately not [14:38] I ended up having to help out with some other things on that day, so didn't end up getting there [14:39] oh, the reason why I asked if you were in vic was because lca2012 is in ballarat so thought you might be going [14:39] Ah, right [14:39] I don't think I will be going to that one - a bit far to go [14:40] fair enough [14:43] Well I think I will call it a night [14:43] no worries, talk to you another time [14:43] goodnight === locobot_2_2 is now known as locobot_2 [23:00] blahdeblah: I would like to try and get a little bit of time with you on the ubuntu website when we're both around