ApOgEEhi all05:11
aztekhey, any body knows how to create offline repo?07:15
tenachaztek: for which system?07:18
azteki copy revo prom dvd to my box...07:19
azteki ccopy repo from DVD to my box and i wanna make off line repo...07:28
r4yHello, I don't want to make a data CD. I have Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows XP. I typically use Windows Media Player to write CDs and Nero to write DVD. I am wondering is there a way to fit more time then 80 minutes on a CD with data that can fit with in 700 MB using either Ubuntu or Windows XP?07:31
r4yI meant as audio, sorry.07:32
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r4yhttp://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1096938 It would take a special CD player. I am not sure if that's the only way, but I looked at a few links I Googled. Bye10:50
kristian-aalborgbleacbit, Y U take forever?!15:46
stlsainti love bleachbit :D15:48
kristian-aalborgme too15:49
kristian-aalborgbut should it take half an hour?15:49
kristian-aalborgon a regular, even smallish desktop system?15:49
aztekany body know how make local repo in hdd?15:54
kristian-aalborgaztek, how do you mean?16:26
kristian-aalborgkmandla dabbled in it some years ago16:26
azteki have just copied ubuntu natty repo from my friend, i don't know how to use it...16:28
kristian-aalborgthe entire repo?16:31
aztekthere are folders dists and pool...16:32
kristian-aalborgit's much easier to just use the internet16:37
kristian-aalborgalso, fresher files16:37
kristian-aalborgand sorry, no I don't know16:38
azteki just have limited connection, so i wanna use it..16:40
holsteinError404NotFoun1: hey... whats up?17:02
Error404NotFoun1nothing much, having problems...17:02
Error404NotFoun1when i boot ubuntu my mouse dont work for several minutes after boot17:02
Error404NotFoun1logitech performance mx17:03
holsteinand then it works?17:03
holsteinwithout issue?17:03
Error404NotFoun1does it on 2 diff computers17:04
Error404NotFoun13 different installs of ubuntu17:04
holsteinmight just take that long for something to load i suppose17:04
Error404NotFoun1no bt17:05
holsteinyeah.. who knows17:05
holsteinif it were me, id just wait17:05
holsteinif its just a few minutes17:05
holsteindevices like that can literally *never* work, or have decent support17:05
holsteinyou could probably find a more development minded person, and ask about what gets loaded when and why and trouble shoot getting it to load faster17:06
kristian-aalborgError404NotFoun1, a regular wired mouse?17:07
hudohi, I got lucid and an external usb dvd-drive17:12
hudohow can I identify which device it is to blank a dvdrw medium with cdrecord /dev/mycdrom blank=fast17:13
hudosorry , cdrecord dev=/dev/mycdrom blank=fast17:13
holsteinhudo: i usually just try auto-complete and guessing17:14
holsteini suppose you could right click on the icon on the desktop and gather some info, or maybe navigate there in nautilus or cd around and ls17:14
coalwateri think my ufw is blocking empathy's file transfers, any idea what port/app i should allow ?17:25
coalwaterok ill have to figure that later lol17:44
guitarhello all18:08
IdleOneguitar: welcome. Feel free to ask questions in here and be patient :)18:09
guitarI am...i see you everywhere18:10
guitarokay...i have a pc at work with internet, but the one at home isn't online18:10
guitari want to download programs from this pc and transfer to the one at home18:11
guitarthere doesn't seem to be a "save file" option18:11
guitarKNo201 has been investigating the issue, but my PC doesn't have a Disc burner, but it does have a flash18:12
guitarsorry...usb port so i can use my flash drive18:12
holsteinguitar: you have 2 ubuntu boxes?18:15
holsteinone without internet?18:16
holsteindepending on what you want to install, that could be challenging18:16
holsteintotally do-able though18:16
guitarso i'm told18:16
holsteinlet me give you the process in broad strokes18:16
holsteinsay you want something like vlc... you would look for something like vlc.deb18:16
holsteinyou also need *all* the dependancies18:17
holsteinthats the tricky part depending on how many dependanies18:17
guitarthere are programmers who work on ubuntu...right18:17
holsteinyou might consider downloading whatever the ubuntu equvialent is to the 6 DVD's (or whatever) debian has18:17
holsteinyou can then point synaptic to use those discs for software instead of the online repositories18:18
holsteinAFAIK, you can also make a disc like that for your 'no internet' box18:18
guitarholstein...you lost me at vlc :)18:19
holsteinguitar: if it were me... i would go to a freinds house with internet, plug it in, and do what needs to be done18:19
guitaryou're right of course18:19
holsteinguitar: you'll need to have an alternate source18:19
holsteinthat could be a DVD18:19
guitarmy pc here doesn't even have a burner18:20
holsteinhttp://aptoncd.sourceforge.net/ for example18:20
holsteinguitar: you'll need to do something... burn a CD, make a USB volume... plug it in18:20
guitari was reading about ubuntu last night18:20
holsteinthis is linux... everything is open and freely available, so the answer is "yes"18:20
holsteinyou just need to choose how you want to proceed18:21
guitari would like to drop this idea in the suggestion box18:21
holsteinguitar: ??18:22
holsteinwhat idea?18:22
holsteinapt-on-cd is one way18:22
guitarit's a caviot...not much needed in the wired world, but18:22
holsteinthe other way is to download what you want on to DVD18:22
guitari also type slow18:22
holsteintheres already several ways to do it18:22
holsteinthe issue is... i havent needed to do it that way18:23
holsteini used a CD as a repo once18:23
guitarcan i use a flash drive?18:23
guitarapt on flash18:23
holsteinnot a lot of us on the internet are going to have an excuse other than morbid curiosity to have tried it18:23
holsteinsince we are online18:23
guitarright...the digital divide18:23
guitari live on the other side of the tracks..so to speak18:24
guitarmetaphorically of course18:24
holsteinguitar: i can most assuradly say yes, you can18:24
holsteinyou can take a CD/DVD image if needed, and put that on the USB drive18:24
holsteinyou just use an image file instead of an actual piece of plastic18:25
guitartalk me through it please18:25
holsteini would check out18:26
holsteinguitar: just read that by the way.. dont go copying and pasting18:27
holsteinthats an old post... some of it would need to be modernized18:27
guitarok...and i appreciate your time18:27
holsteinthis is more current18:27
guitaryou know what I like about this chat room?18:28
guitarit saves all the info18:28
holsteinyeah.. officially logged :)18:28
guitarhow long does it stay18:28
holsteingood question... i think the goal is always18:28
guitarperfect...i was getting so much info from so many people and it sorta..you know18:29
holsteinguitar: well, like is said, most of us havent had that need, so its theoretical to me18:30
holsteini know its do-able though... ive talked to folks who have done it18:30
holsteinno issues as long as you dont need newer software than what is on the image you have18:31
holsteinand, you can always burn or make a new archive with newer pacakges18:31
guitarok...i'll check it out18:31
guitarthanks holstein18:31
holsteinguitar: sure... good luck, let us know how it goes18:32
DodgyDavecan anyone help with a KINO issue ?18:32
holsteinDodgyDave: whats the issue?... you might need to track down a kino channel18:35
DodgyDavewhen I start Kino  and try to capture video, all I get is a black screen. The red record button isn't lit so I cant capture any video18:40
holsteini would say #ubuntustudio, but i would skip that channel and go right to the ubuntustudio mailing list18:41
holsteinhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-users its actually quite active, and there are a few video folks18:41
holsteinmaybe #mythbuntu?18:42
holsteinDodgyDave: other than the obvious stuff like double checking the connections and configs, not sure whatelse18:42
DodgyDaveI seem to remeber seeing something about having to put a command in the terminal to make it work18:43
holsteinrelating to your specific hardware?18:44
DodgyDaveno Kino in general18:54
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kristian-aalborganyone streaming TV?19:47
kristian-aalborgI'm thinking there might be some small app... looking for legal stuff, of course19:47
E3D3Hi, I need to use LAMP server for offline php-development.20:15
E3D3I know absolute nothing from ip, dhcp,server, ports etc.20:15
E3D3Does somebody knows a crashcourse for noobs ?20:15
zkriessewell are you looking to have a localhost etc?20:16
zkriesseWith a database etc?20:16
E3D3I just want to offline experimenting with PHP, all extraas scare me but whats necessary I will do.20:17
zkriesseWell if you wanna play with PHP just play with it lol20:17
zkriesseYou shouldn't need all kinds of junk to practice coding20:17
E3D3How can I run my code. I have now a /var/www but (copied php-examples) still don't work.20:18
zkriesseOk what all have you done?20:18
zkriesseLet's start with that20:18
E3D3Installed LAMP, Apache, PHP5 & requirements.20:19
zkriesseHmmm ok20:19
E3D3All tuts expect I know something about internet connections20:19
E3D3I just want to program & leave connections aside20:20
zkriesseWhich is localhost programming20:20
zkriesseProgram, display it on your machine in a web browser to see what it looks like etc20:21
E3D3You mean, the examples I tried ?20:21
zkriesseNo i'm talking about actual coding20:21
zkriesseYou want to try coding well how are you going to view it when you have say a webpage coded20:21
zkriesseYou'll need to view it in a web browser on your machine ;)20:22
E3D3That exactly my point20:22
E3D3I did but only html-part works, no php-signs20:23
zkriesseWhat's your code?20:23
zkriesseThat you're trying to view20:23
E3D3Something like this (on html-file) : <?php echo"Hi"; ?>20:24
E3D3& <?php include("menu.php"); ?> with a menu in menu.php20:25
zkriessepastebin it please20:25
E3D3Okay, one moment please20:26
E3D3http://jsfiddle.net/zWpka/ [I used the javaScript-block for the menu.php]20:39
E3D3zkriesse: Had to restart 2 times so give the link again : http://jsfiddle.net/zWpka/20:44
zkriesseE3D3: what are you using to edit your code?20:45
E3D3Now Kate text-editor20:45
E3D3Im in Linux Mint, thought every editor is okay20:46
E3D3Like to use gEdit to20:46
E3D3I placed the .html & .php in /var/www/ & another instance of my browser popped up ? Had to kill its process20:48
zkriesseI'm soooo sorry but i gotta run!20:49
E3D3Thanks, & run20:49
zkriesseJust wait and you should get helped though :)20:49
E3D3 :'(20:50
kristian-aalborgthis is an interesting read21:13
froqkristian-aalborg, I am going to read it! :)21:15
E3D3Hi, Im in SuperOS & my Update Manager has 450 update. Only want updating one. How can I unceck the other 449 (not manually) ?22:08
holsteinE3D3: i would just go to synaptic, and search for the package you want to update, and mark it to be updated... hit apply22:09
E3D3It cant, there's no update option there ?22:10
E3D3I only can remove it with synaptic.22:11
holsteinyou 'right-click' on the package22:11
holsteintheres a 'mark for upgrade' option22:11
holsteinyou'll have to take a screen shot of that then22:12
holsteinmaybe you have a rev'd verion of synaptic that im unaware of22:12
E3D3Where can I paste that screenshot ?22:12
holsteini usually use http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add22:13
holsteinthis thread says that sudo apt-get install package name will check to see if the latest version is installed, and offer to upgrade22:15
E3D3Cant make a screenshot with right-mouse window, used the PrtSc-key, other ways to try ?22:15
E3D3I try the terminal command22:16
holsteinE3D3: well, thats not the issue22:16
holsteinwhat are you trying to upgrade?22:16
E3D3opera browser22:16
holsteinhow about just unchecking all22:17
holsteinand just go and check opera22:17
E3D3Than I lose my configuration/addons etc ??22:17
holsteinim not following...22:18
E3D3My update manager has >450 update I dont want & no uncheck all, fun ;-)22:18
E3D3Guess you talk about the update manager22:18
holsteini think you can right click there too and select none?22:18
holsteintheres an option... pretty sure22:18
holsteinim not using 11.04 though22:18
E3D3Must be, I'll try r-click there.22:19
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holsteinpowers out22:20
holsteingotta shut down22:20
E3D3R-click there did it, if I knew that before. Not use to that. Feel so stupid (& tirred)22:20
E3D3Can someone tell this noob an easy way to learn to program PHP offline ?22:31
holsteinE3D3: hey... i didnt lose power :)22:33
holsteini like these guys http://www.w3schools.com/php/default.asp22:34
holsteinyou can always archive it locally i supose22:34
E3D3Hi holstein, you helped me nice but I as far as when I started this morning.22:36
holsteinhey... it could be worse... you could have broken something and be worse off ;P22:37
E3D3Right, but I broken my little brain.22:37
E3D3PHP coding seems so easy that I wish how to start.22:38
E3D3I know JavaScript, looks familiar22:38
E3D3I already read most of the w3schools php-part. It dont talk how to build an offline envirenment for it.22:39
holsteinOH... any LAMP would probably do22:40
E3D3holstein: Do you think that I'm too stupid or nagging.22:40
holsteincheck out http://www.turnkeylinux.org/lampstack22:40
holsteinyou could run that in virtualbox22:41
E3D3I have LAMP installed but know nothing about servers, ip etc22:41
holsteinE3D3: i dont think that...22:41
E3D3Lost in all those terms that has nothing to do with PHP22:41
holsteinE3D3: i say, just take it slow... start with "whats my ip"22:41
holsteinyou can open a terminal and run22:41
holsteinthat'll give you the IP of the box you are on22:42
holsteinyour not trying to serve a box out to the internet, so this'll be easier 'in theory'22:42
E3D3This is a different OS then I used 1 hour ago so have to find my VirtualBox first22:43
holsteini run test servers like that in virtualbox in bridged networking mode, and the guests get an IP from the local router22:43
E3D3hmm I first have to install VirtualMachine in this OS. Already get lost in bridged ... & local router, Im never thought about that things22:45
holsteinE3D3: those turnkey appliances i linked actually run well live or installed22:45
holsteinthe normal setup in virtualbox is to share your network22:46
holsteinSO the guest doesnt get its own IP22:46
E3D3Whow man, this doesn't say anything to me, Im really an connection noob22:47
holsteinthats usually just fine, BUT, if you want to have a test server available, you use 'bridged adapter'22:47
holsteinE3D3: google around, or ask me questions... whatever it takes22:47
holsteinyou'll need to absorb it somehow22:47
holsteinIF you want a test server in Vbox to be available on your network22:47
holsteinthats how you do it22:47
holsteini did a presenation the other day at my LUG on turnkey linux and other servers and thats what i did22:48
E3D3Maybe I should have asked for a internet beginners study instead of offline php programming ?22:51
holsteinE3D3: this might be a nice resource for you22:51
* holstein needs to try and catch a nap... BBL22:52
E3D3Thanks man, iguess thats better than asking endlessly. But its huge info, do I need all that seriously ?22:54
E3D3May I tell you something private, not sure how to do that. /msg name message ?22:55
tenachE3D3: correct.22:55
E3D3tenach: Thanks22:56
tenachNo problem. :)22:56
kristian-aalborgalright, I just set up a box for my sis23:09
kristian-aalborgI got Ooo, media players etc etc23:09
kristian-aalborgsome Tux games for the kids23:10
kristian-aalborghalp halp halp23:42
kristian-aalborgI mailed someone a bunch of rar files, an archive in multiple parts23:42
kristian-aalborgnow this person has to unpack them.... what software should I suggest, I guess he is on XP or Vista or 723:43
kristian-aalborgmy heart says 7zip, but winrar might be better, right?23:43
Error404NotFoun1kristian-aalborg:  winrar23:43
Error404NotFoun1if hes using vista or 7 he shouldnt need extra software23:44
kristian-aalborgyes, I recall winrar as being pretty solid23:50
kristian-aalborgI packed this with the rar command fwiw23:51
kristian-aalborgI linked to both, said start with Winrar23:54

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