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GretaHi, all! :)02:01
BluesKajhi Greta02:16
Gretahow is everyone this evening?02:43
BluesKajfine, but not many ppl here tonight02:49
uhohuhohHello, anyone around?03:25
uhohuhohI'm in a bit of trouble...03:25
uhohuhohWhen my computer boots up, I'm getting a "error: unkown filesystem", and then a "grub rescue>" console.03:26
uhohuhohI tried to do a bit of reading, and I understand I'm in rescue mode03:26
balluhohuhoh: Time to re-image and reach for your backup I should think.03:27
uhohuhohwhen I hit ls, to see the partitions03:27
uhohuhohI had a Win7 partition - is that destroyed too?03:27
balluhohuhoh: Potentially.  You had that backed up too, right?03:27
uhohuhohNo, but it's not a particularly big deal :/03:28
uhohuhohwhen I hit ls03:28
uhohuhohI do see a bunch of "msdosX" partitions, where x is a number03:28
uhohuhohNo linux partitions.03:28
* ball isn't very familiar with grub, though I'm told its what we have to use with Linux these days.03:28
uhohuhohso I couldn't load any of the other partitions?03:29
* ball shrugs03:29
* ball <- not familiar with grub03:29
uhohuhohDarn, alright, thanks.03:30
uhohuhohWhere else could I go apart form #ubuntu?03:30
balluhohuhoh: This is probably as good a place as any, though in my experience #ubuntu-uk is often busier. That said, it's 03:32 there now.03:32
uhohuhohI'll try that03:32
uhohuhohThanks for your help so far!03:33

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