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koolhead11kim0, around07:52
koolhead11ttx, ping08:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 803742 in openstack-dashboard "Dashboard document code base should be correct to GitHub" [Critical,Confirmed]08:01
koolhead11i wanted to know shall we modify the documentation at Cssoss or leave at as it is ass ttx has commented about the importing stuff08:02
* koolhead11 is confused08:02
ttxkoolhead11: both options are valid. I'd say if you're a developer you should get from the source... If you're a deploiyer you can get from the mirrored branch.08:06
ttxit's just that Launchpad makes it easy to "find" the canonical (no pun intended) branch08:07
ttxwhile GitHub makes it difficult to find the canonical branch among all the forks08:07
koolhead11ttx, indeed. that saves my time from re-editing the document :D08:07
koolhead11hey RoAkSoAx08:07
* koolhead11 is happy :)08:09
vasstecould anybody help with EC2 and hugepages setup in ubuntu 10.04 and 10.1010:50
vassteThe problem is in Xen ballon memory driver, because an instance hangs after allocation of pages10:50
flaccidtry a different distro10:51
flaccidand consider reporting an ubuntu bug10:51
vassteit might be related only to setting of VM10:53
flaccidwhat does that mean?10:53
flaccidwell you didn't even specify the error you are receiving. you can test out  "Use huge pages in Xen" via editing menu.lst and doing a reboot. if it fixes the issue, you can append the bug so that ubuntu images are built with the option10:57
vasstethere isn't any error  and ec2 instance doesn't response after start of the simple application with shmget11:00
flaccidthen i'm not sure how you can jump to that conclusion. check the instance's console output.11:00
vasstethere is only HugeTLB registered 2 MB page size, pre-allocated 0 pages11:12
vassteDo u know the way to do Create the VM with option superpages = 111:12
vasstein ec211:12
vasstedo you have time to wait for a while I get access to ec2 instance to show u the behaviour?11:14
flaccidthats detailed in the faq you linked. no point rebundling the ami though if thats not the problem11:15
flaccidi don't have time, no. maybe someone else does. pastebins are good.11:15
kim0vasste: hey :)13:02
kim0what's up13:02
vasstecannot use hugepages in 10.10 in ec213:48
kim0vasste: hmm you probably want to wait for smoser to wake up :)13:49
vasstewhat do you mean?13:51
kim0vasste: Scott Moser (smoser) can probably help you with this technical issue .. he's in the US time zone, so just wait a bit14:03
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vasstecannot use hugepages in 10.10 in ec219:36
vasstecould anybody help me?19:37
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flaccidvasste: i believe i did yesterday23:19

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