dholbachgood morning08:32
dholbachhey kim009:01
kim0dholbach: hey man :)09:01
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dholbachnigelb, I guess we need to start recruiting for the lightning talks at UDW?11:24
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dakeroh! check that http://uds-o.novacut.com/12:06
dakerdholbach, http://uds-o.novacut.com/#!6DFTQFH4XGGVVZOBOALOTNODOEF2KXGL12:17
dholbachdaker, as you can easily tell, I was not aware of being videoed12:24
dakeranother one http://uds-o.novacut.com/#!W6W5PSTCWNLWP4IJPPZHU5XB4YRPP4GY12:25
dholbachand they recorded james_w as well :)12:25
dakeri like this one http://uds-o.novacut.com/#!ROJLDIY3RBQVWTSIZVLABSRK33NQUKOX12:29
dholbachkim0, I think it's safe to assume we won't have a call with Mr Metal today, what do you think?12:32
kim0dholbach: 4th of July .. yeah I guess so13:02
nigelbdholbach: yup!13:18
nigelbdholbach: Let me see what I can do tomorrow. Currently with rare and scratchy internets13:19
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dholbachnice, https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=228659263827481 was not even announced, still there's 158 people going there already :)16:06
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dholbachalright - see you all tomorrow!20:14
* dholbach calls it a day20:15

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