andrejzHello! I noticed a minor typo in the docs for natty. There is one space too much before "Banshee manual" in ubuntu-docs-musicvideophotos, string 15707:52
Atamirayou should email the documentation list just in case it gets missed in here08:11
andrejzok i will08:12
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head_victimGood morning21:37
JCDI had a question about the new desktop guide for ubuntu?21:38
head_victimAsk away, I may or may not know but someone else might be able to chip in :)21:39
JCDok :)21:39
JCDIs there a french translation available is it still in the works?21:39
head_victimIn that case, can you link me to what you mean by desktop guide. It could be a number of things21:40
JCDthis: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/index.html21:41
JCDor when you start the help (yelp) app in ubuntu21:42
head_victimHang on a tic I'll have a poke around for you21:42
JCDok thanks21:44
head_victimhttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/gnome-user-docs/+pots/gnome-user-docs-user-guide is where I was looking21:45
head_victimIt seems to suggest that it's pretty well translated already21:45
head_victimI assume you have your locale and language set up right?21:47
JCDboth to french21:47
head_victimI'm a bit stumped sorry, I don't recall anyone mentioning any issues. Maybe ask on the mailing list - details at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam#Contact or just hag around until someone with more information than I do appears.21:49
JCDit should come up in french right? not in english if ubuntu is setup as french hmmmmm21:49
head_victimThe website will probably always show english but I would have thought the yelp would have been french.21:50
head_victimI'm a bit lacking in testing for that though as I only translate english derivatives.21:50
JCDthis is for 11.0421:51
JCDis there a way I can pull the source text?21:52
head_victimhttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/gnome-user-docs/+pots/gnome-user-docs-user-guide/fr/+translate has a link to download the translation but that gives you a PO or MO, don't know if that's useful to you or not21:53
JCDok ill have a look21:56
JCDit must be a known issue i would gather since 11.04 is so recent21:57
head_victimYou could try asking someone in ubuntu-fr to see if they know more.21:58
head_victimEither that or the mailing list :)21:58
JCDok thanks ill stick around for a while if anyone has a definite answer :)22:04
head_victimSorry I couldn't be of more assistance22:05
JCDthanks for your help :)22:06

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