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hazmatniemeyer, hallo!15:00
hazmatniemeyer, i think most of the state side people are watching fireworks today15:00
hazmater. us15:00
niemeyerhazmat: Oh?15:01
hazmatniemeyer, 4th of july holiday, us independence day15:01
niemeyerhazmat: Ahhh, superb15:01
niemeyerhazmat: Congrats then! :)15:01
hazmatniemeyer, thanks, dc is a mad house already with security.. i dropped kaleb (my son) off at camp this morning, it was a ghost town besides road closures15:02
niemeyerhazmat: Crazy.. I'd expect that would be _the_ place for the celebrations15:02
hazmatniemeyer, i'll be hacking today.. how was your trip back?15:02
niemeyerhazmat: It was very good.. it was a new experience for me as well to go straight to a conference on arrival15:03
hazmatniemeyer, it will be this evening, crazy amount of fireworks in the area15:03
hazmatniemeyer, cool, was that FISL?15:03
niemeyerhazmat: Yeah15:03
hazmatniemeyer, cool, i've always heard good things about that conference15:04
niemeyerhazmat: It was pretty nice indeed.. was also very happy to have a talk on Ensemble that people understood, for a change. :-)15:04
hazmatniemeyer, indeed, being able to see and touch it, makes a big difference15:05
hazmatniemeyer, i've just been in  bug-fixing and support mode the last few days, i'm going to setup deploy to auto add peer relations and take a look at the relation-broken bug15:05
hazmatthat's on my plate for today, along with trying to push some security stuff15:06
hazmatniemeyer, what's the next sprint date?15:06
niemeyerhazmat: Monday (!)15:07
hazmatniemeyer, ??!15:07
hazmatniemeyer, i'm mia till july 23rd15:07
niemeyerhazmat: (The list of things sounds awesome)15:07
hazmatniemeyer, the review queue definitely needs some love... i think i've got reviews in all the items that i haven't put in15:07
niemeyerhazmat: I'll check the queue once I manage to handle some of the key conversations going on15:08
hazmatniemeyer, we might need to revisit the 2 reviews per branch.. it sounds like we're going to need more rapid turnaround.. and 50% team buy in per branch might be excessive atm15:08
hazmatniemeyer, sounds goodf15:08
niemeyerhazmat: Re. the sprint, it'll be about bare metal deployments15:08
niemeyerhazmat: In Miami15:08
hazmatniemeyer, i'm not going to be able to make any sprints till july 23rd while kaleb is in town.15:08
niemeyerhazmat: I'll attend, and will try to have William there15:09
hazmatniemeyer, cool re william15:09
niemeyerhazmat: No worries.. if you could be somewhat hooked in as you were last week, that'd already be awesome15:09
hazmatniemeyer, sounds good... when's the next next sprint ;-)15:10
hazmatis that austin in august?15:10
niemeyerhazmat: Austin, early next month15:10
niemeyerhazmat: Yep15:10
* hazmat grabs an espresso15:15
niemeyerLunch time16:13
hazmat   16:53
_mup_Bug #805554 was filed: Ensemble from ppa does not work with nova. <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/805554 >17:04
kim0Is it ok to file a bug to break the one service-unit per instance assumption?17:17
niemeyerRestarting due to kernel change..17:46
niemeyerkim0: It certainly is, assuming there's nothing there yet17:46
_mup_Bug #805585 was filed: Break the one service-unit per instance assumption <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/805585 >17:55
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franciscosouzaniemeyer: ping18:54
hazmat  franciscosouza anything i could help you with?18:55
franciscosouzalast saturday I went to a conference where niemeyer presented an ensemble demo video, do you know where I can get/watch this video?18:55
* hazmat looks around19:04
hazmatfranciscosouza, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMHcy63wRL0 and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxMhKbDSbOw19:05
hazmatare the two extant videos that i know of19:05
franciscosouzathank you, that's what I was looking for :)19:06
_mup_Bug #791042 was filed: *-relation-broken has no way to identify which remote service is being broken <Ensemble:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/791042 >19:16
dakerany formula expert here ?21:34
dakeror an ensemble expert :)21:34
dakermy formula has state: install_error, how can i know what's going on with it, debug-log doesn't show any thing useful :/21:41
hazmatdaker, hmm.. yeah. there's an outstanding issue with debug log and install hooks (the log isn't active till after the debug hook)21:46
hazmater after the install hook21:46
hazmatdaker, so there are two options, using debug-hooks right after deploying to debug the install hook, or checking the on disk log of the unit agent to see what happened with the failed installed hook21:47
dakerhazmat, the logs are located in ?21:48
hazmatdaker, to check the on disk file.. ensemble ssh service_unit_name  && cd /var/lib/ensemble/units/service_unit_name/ && cat formula.log (i think)21:48
dakerah ok21:49
niemeyerhazmat: It sounds like we should rethink this in the near term22:07
niemeyerSomething like a rolling log, at least, might be nice22:07
niemeyerMaybe even better would be to have easier access to the on-disk log22:08

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