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* apw looks out blearily on the world10:30
ppisatiapw: nothing see, you better going back :)10:40
smbapw, Need some matches?10:43
apwppisati: heh a quiet day is always pleasant10:44
apwsmb: something stronger me thinks10:44
smbapw, Hmmm, planks won't fit. Well at least noone from the other side of the pond will likely bug you today.10:45
apwsmb: heh no indeed.  just need to make sure we are ready for tommorrow, other than that we are quiet i am sure10:46
* smb thinks ppisati is a machine, though the numbering sometimes is confusing...11:08
ppisatismb: i had all of them queued from dublin but since i dind11:08
ppisati't have smtp properly configured on my laptop, i waited since i got home11:09
smbHeh, that explains a bit. Will try to have a look at them, though it seems the first half of the day has zipped past and its time for me to get my lunch11:10
ppisatino prob11:10
Laibsch managed to break my initramfs (https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+question/154973) for an encrypted lvm.  On reboot, I'm now being dropped to a busybox shell every time.  Is there somebody around who can help me fix this?11:12
Laibschohsix recommended "update-initramfs -c -k all" yesterday but that actually made things worse.  initramfs file shrunk in size from 12 MB to 8.  I was still being dropped to busybox, but then even the cryptsetup would fail (something about missing support for some kind of aes256 encryption)11:13
Laibschnot really ;-)11:14
ohsixdo you have a distro kernel package installed?11:14
ohsixthen the modules should be in the ramfs11:14
Laibschhow can I verify what modules are needed and whether they are indeed in the initramfs?11:15
ohsixby looking at the scripts that load them in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/11:18
ohsixlike the cryptsetup package puts stuff in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/conf-hooks.d/ for example11:18
ohsixa verbose boot should say when modules are requested but not found for mounting root, if the script that does it is even included11:19
Laibschhow can I get a verbose boot?11:20
Laibschhttp://paste.debian.net/121821/ is the file list of one of the initramfs (a working copy IIRC)11:22
ohsixdoes it ask for a passphrase at boot, or did it before? /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptpassdev is probably important11:24
ohsixhonestly if none of the files are missing or broken in all the components that do it, i don't know how it could break11:24
ohsixfrom that file list it looks like the aes stuff is in there11:25
Laibschthat is the list of an initramfs that I think is working11:25
Laibschoh wait11:25
Laibschof course it's not working automatically11:25
Laibschbut working with the workaround11:26
Laibschof manual entry at boot11:26
ohsixi'd have to pretty much do what you'd have to do to figure out what's going on step by step, by looking at ehs cripts that generate stuff and run the boot11:28
Laibschhttp://paste.debian.net/121823/ is the filelist of one of the initramfs created yesterday that won't work even with "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda1 sda1_crypt".  File size is actually 32MB vs 8 MB11:29
Laibschto answer your question.  When things were still working, I got prompted graphically for the passphrase at boot (very early on).11:30
ohsixdo you remember installing anything just before it broke? like watershed or something11:30
LaibschI'll have another look at what was installed and removed11:30
Laibschthings did not break immediately or all at once11:30
Laibschbut only after the respective initramfs were updated after the removal11:30
* apw idly wonders what release Laibsch is running11:31
ohsixyar 32 is a classic11:31
ohsixwell fwiw, and i've got to run anyways; theres nothing too insane installed that hooks initramfs here, and here's a listing from a working one http://paste.ubuntu.com/637870/11:32
ohsixonly thing out of the ordinary in there is some compcache stuff that is enabled but doesn't work in natty :] so the tools are there and idling11:32
apwcompcache should only trigger when you have <256M of ram ish11:34
* Laibsch has 2G RAM11:40
apwLaibsch, i don't have any scrollback and so no context whatsoever of your problem11:47
Laibschapw: I managed to break my initramfs (https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+question/154973) for an encrypted lvm.  On reboot, I'm now being dropped to a busybox shell every time.  Is there somebody around who can help me fix this?11:54
LaibschI have to enter "cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda1 sda1_crypt;vgchange -ay;exit" in that busybox shell to continue11:55
apwLaibsch, do any of your older kernels boot ok ?11:55
apwLaibsch, and does your initramfs contains an /conf/conf.d/cryptroot file ?11:58
apwit seems likely it does not, which i suspect is wrong ...12:03
Laibschapw: I have a scripts/local-top/cryptroot file but otherwise only conf/conf.d/{uswsusp, driver-policy} as you can see in http://paste.debian.net/121821/ and http://paste.debian.net/121823/12:04
LaibschOn the booted system, I have two cryptroot files (under /usr/share/initramfs-tools).  They both belong to cryptsetup package.12:06
apwLaibsch, what directories are they in12:06
Laibschapw: http://paste.debian.net/121827/12:08
apwLaibsch, so if you rebuild your current kernels initramfs update-initramfs -u -k `uname -r` ... the replacement does not contain /conf/conf.d/cryptroot12:13
apw(if so then that implies we are not detecting your encrypted root when building it12:14
* apw waits for confirmation12:20
Laibschapw: it looks like that is the case.  the result of "sudo update-initramfs -u -k `uname -r` && cp /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-31-generic /tmp/initrd.img-2.6.32-31-generic.gz -v && gunzip initrd.img-2.6.32-31-generic.gz && cpio -it -F initrd.img-2.6.32-31-generic" is http://paste.debian.net/121829/ and there is no such file.12:21
LaibschI also get a bunch of lines like http://paste.debian.net/121830/ in /var/log/syslog12:21
* Laibsch goes to google a bit12:21
apwLaibsch, ok, so what is in your /etc/cryptab, that seems to be where it is looked up12:22
Laibschsda1_crypt UUID=6b7021eb-b178-449d-ac4c-40dd2592b778 none luks12:22
apwLaibsch, and your /etc/fstab ?12:23
LaibschUUID="ecbd7524-29ea-47d6-b8aa-755c9677194c" /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       112:23
Laibschdifferent uuid12:24
apwLaibsch, no information to know if that is right or not at this point, as one may be the crypted container and one the fs inside12:24
LaibschI'm trying to find out how to read the uuid value of a partition12:25
apwLaibsch, right, i suspect that blkid on the raw will match one, and the crypt the other12:25
Laibschapw: http://paste.debian.net/121831/ there's the two uuid12:29
apwLaibsch, you didn't flush any lvm tools off the machine as well did you ?12:30
apwor indeed any dmraid tools12:32
apwas the disk detector seems to use such tools to work out what your root is called underneath12:32
Laibschgrep the aptitude logs for dm and lvm does not return anything12:33
Laibschlvm2 is installed as well as dmsetup.  dmraid is not12:34
apwLaibsch, whats your shell scripting like?  the next step is to debug the script cryptroot-hook in your /usr/share/initramfs*12:34
Laibschyou mean how strong is my shell foo?12:34
apwparticularly the add_device function which is meant to be finding the disk12:35
Laibschlow to average12:35
apwyou only really need to be adding like echo "blah" >>/tmp/LOG into it in place12:35
apwplaces so we can work out why its not finding your root and making cryptroot config file12:35
apwso checking that add_device is called and with what node opts lastopts etc12:36
apwand later there is a loop, for node in $nodes12:36
apwbe nice to know what if any nodes it sees there12:36
Laibschwill look through it in  12:37
Laibscha minute12:37
apwLaibsch, np12:37
apwLaibsch, and indeed in that loop there is a direct echo into the config file in question12:38
apwso the if stanza before it is also interesting to see if it is causing us to loop12:38
* ppisati -> goes to hunt some food...12:43
* apw sees ppisati packing up his bow and arrow and daubing on camoflauge paint12:47
* Daviey After experiencing multiple kernel panics on his phone he has realised that he cannot remember the last time he had a kernel panic under Ubuntu.. how things have changed!13:01
apwDaviey, i suspect you are just no longer able to see them :)13:01
Davieyapw: hah.13:02
apwDaviey, they are hidden by the lovely GPU hangs13:02
* Daviey spots apw whying away from a complement.13:03
apwDaviey, who me, shy, seems unlikely :)  i suspect we have the advantage of using a kernel released this year13:03
apwthen again with that you'd have a lot less holes to root your phone13:06
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Laibschapw: forgive me ignorancy, but what do I do with /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot? I had a look through it and understood only the general idea.  I tried calling it as "sudo sh /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/cryptroot" but I guess that's not how it's done.  I assume line 391 is the key, but how do I find the infromation to understand what's wrong with the output?13:36
apwLaibsch, that script is run when you are doing the update-initramfs -u <blah> stuff13:39
apwLaibsch, so you can add debug which records information in a file in tmp13:39
apwand then run the update to see what it says13:39
apwLaibsch, remember to cp the file before so you can repair it13:39
Laibsch"set -x" and "set -v"?13:40
CarlFKgit clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-natty.git; cd ...; fakeroot debian/rules clean; fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic13:40
CarlFKWARNING: drivers/built-in.o(.data+0x1bc38): Section mismatch in reference from the variable ab3550_driver to the function .init.text:ab3550_probe()13:40
CarlFKwould that be why the build to failed? 13:41
apwLaibsch, if that doesn't affect behaviour then perhaps so ... remember to run this inside 'script' so we get all the output then13:41
apwCarlFK, i'd be supprised if that warning caused a compile failure13:41
apwCarlFK, what did the bottom of the build say13:42
CarlFKtail of the build log: http://dpaste.de/Zh3L/13:42
Laibschapw: "run inside 'script'"?  what does that mean?13:42
apwLaibsch, run 'script' that starts a new shell in which all output is recorded into file called typescript13:42
apwrun the update-initramfs ... inside there, then exit to get back to normal13:42
smbLaibsch, apw You could also place "set -x" debug on and "set +x" debug off inside the script around blocks of interest13:43
apwsmb, yep much of the script is of interest sadly13:43
apwCarlFK, the error is earlier, search backward for Error, note we are building in parallel so it can be a long way up13:43
CarlFKapw: building in parallel - got it.13:46
CarlFKgcc: error: /lib/modules/3.0-3-generic/build/include/linux/autoconf.h: No such file or directory13:56
Laibschapw, smb: I'm only marginally smarter after http://paste.debian.net/121843/.  But it seems that only /dev/mapper/1001P-root (mounted as /) is being taken into account.  The lvm itself at /dev/sda1 with uuid 6b7021eb-b178-449d-ac4c-40dd2592b778 is not.14:07
smb CarlFK Hm, are you building something out of tree?14:08
* Laibsch is off for some sleep14:08
smbSounds a bit like something erased parts of the headers. Maybe you can fix it by forcing a reinstall of the linux-headers package14:09
Laibschgood night and thank you very much smb, ohsix and apw14:09
Laibschsmb: I'll do that, thank you14:09
Laibschoh, I suppose that comment was not directed at me14:09
apwsmb, those are in the builds directory, so they sound like something missing from the prepare phase14:09
smbLaibsch, No sorry14:09
apwCarlFK, how are you triggering the build14:10
smbapw, Thats what made me think of out of tree. Cause those usually head for /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/...14:10
apwsmb, right but the missing file is expected in a build directory, which implies its the early internal conf phase which was meant to make it, and has not14:11
smbapw, hm build is also a soft link pointing to /usr/src in you libs14:12
CarlFKapw: fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic14:12
apwsmb, ok now its me who isn't reading the filename in full ...14:12
smbapw, Though the call rather suggest normal kernel build from git tree14:13
apwsmb, but if its building that way it really should not be referencing anything outside the tree14:13
CarlFKapw: i think i see the problem...14:13
smbMaybe its as simple as doing a fdr clean before to avoid any cruft interfering...14:16
CarlFKbtw: running oneiric, so brokeness isn't surprising  (just noticed that, thought it was natty)14:19
CarlFKapt-get build-dep linux-meta; should that include linux-headers?14:27
CarlFKI think i got it: building 3.0.3, but have linux-headers-3.0-214:30
apwCarlFK, you shouldn't need headers installed to build a kernel, it is the thing which makes them14:30
CarlFKoh right. 14:31
* apw wonders if the binary-headers is missing a dependancy14:31
apwdoes fdr binary-generic binary-headers work any better14:31
apwfailing that, could you use script to get the whole output of the build and pastebin it14:32
CarlFKapw: what is fdr?14:35
smbCarlFK, We have an alias for fakeroot debian/rules14:39
smb(lazy to type)14:39
CarlFKwc typescript;   2681   7377 124877 - what's a light pastebin?14:44
smbHrrm, why is it looking for 3.0 headers while you seem to be building 2.6.38...14:49
smbCarlFK, Just to confirm, are you building in a Oneiric environment?14:52
CarlFKsmb: correct14:52
smbJust wondering whether we accidentally broke something while fixing all the 3.0.0 -> 3.0 fallout...14:53
apwsmb, if we couldn't build an oneiric kernel in oneiric we couldn't upload kernels full stop14:53
apwoh i wonder if this is that stupid rtl drivers14:54
apwdriver which uses uname -r14:54
apwmake[3]: *** [ubuntu/rtl8192se] Error 214:55
apwyeah its that STUPID STUPID STUPID rtl driver14:55
apwso ... two things14:55
mjg59Do you still need that one?14:55
mjg59The rtlwifi driver seems to support most of the se varients now14:56
apwmjg59, no i think in 3.0 kernels it has been stripped but it is still in the natty build he is doing14:56
mjg59Ah, sorry, I see14:56
apwand the makefiles for it use uname -r ... which is mad14:56
mjg59Well at least it's not calling uname at runtime14:56
apwmjg59, heh i suppose14:56
mjg59Which I wouldn't put past them14:56
apwCarlFK, there is a line which looks like this:14:57
apwifeq ($(shell uname -r|cut -d. -f1,2), 2.6)14:57
apwin ubuntu/rtl*/Makefile ...14:57
apwremove it and replace it with ifeq (1,1)14:57
apwand life will stop hurting14:57
apwi'll get that pulled back to natty ... BAH HATE HATE HATE14:58
apwCarlFK, do you have a LP bug filed for this problem14:59
CarlFKapw: no, guess I should?14:59
apwCarlFK, just let me know your launchpad id and i'll sub you to the one i am making now14:59
apwCarlFK, bug #80549415:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 805494 in linux "ubuntu/rtl8192se driver breaks build when running 3.0 and above kernels" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80549415:06
apwubot2, !sru15:09
ubot2Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates15:09
apwgit checkout -b lp805494 origin/master-next15:10
apwoh thanks paste buffer, thats SO helpful15:10
apwperhaps you could contains my password for my bank account next time15:11
smbapw, Are you starting to blog your git foo too? :-P15:11
* apw takes smb outside for an education session15:11
* smb tries to run faster15:12
apwgit checkout smb-face; git reset --hard HEAD^115:12
smberror: no such branch15:12
apwand the pause was about the right length ... COME ON GIT15:12
* apw really needs to turn off atime updates ... or read every file at 6am every day15:13
vishHi, I'm trying to kernel bisect and while building, apart from the bisect, I change only the changelog with numbers ~bgo1234vish0 , ~bgo1234vish1  and so on.. but after booting into the newly build kernel when I check using $uname -a  , it only shows as ~bgo1234vish0 , the first version number while the package number is the right one...  is that OK or am I not building the right version? how do I fix that version number displayed in $uname -a ?15:18
apwvish, the version number reported was the one in the source when it was built.  If you are changing debian.master/changelog then it only takes effect on the next fakeroot debian/rules clean15:19
vishapw: so I should clean every time I build?15:20
apwvish really yes15:20
vishapw: so, was I building the wrong version? and I should start bisect again?15:20
apwvish i would say its hard to tell as you discovered, you may be able to tell from what it built as to whether it was valid or not15:21
apwif it took close to a full build time, then likely it has the right contents, but its hard to be sure15:21
vishbah! need to start again :p15:22
apwvish where you bisecting between ?15:22
vishbetween .35 and .3415:22
apw(wonder if you can use the mainline builds to narrow the search any)15:22
vishthe error started in .35, and still exists in Mainline current.. atleast till .3915:23
apwvish have you tries the mainline 34-rc builds?15:23
vishyea, tried in mainline versions too15:24
vishhttps://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33912 « thats my bug..15:24
apwvish, and doesn't that help eliminate some of the range15:25
ubot2bugzilla.kernel.org bug 33912 in Video(DRI - non Intel) "[RV515] Kernel .35 onwards, Random X freezes while scrolling" [High,New]15:25
vishi tried the most closest versions I could find.. and the issue being random doesnt help either :s15:28
apwno i bet15:28
apwyou are in a world of pain and no mistake15:28
vishapw: how do I reset the bisect ?15:29
vishhmm, /me looks in --help and RTFM's :D15:30
apwthere is a way to abort it, a sub-command of bisect, you can also get out the log and it contains the incantions too15:30
apwso you can run forward to when you were unhappy15:30
CarlFKapw: apparently i think you need more frustration today, cuz I went and dug up more instances of that bug, just for you: http://paste.ubuntu.com/637972/     find Makefile grep "shell.*2\.6"15:54
apwCarlFK, most of those are either explicit against a specific version or just copes of the orignals15:56
CarlFKor maybe I did it because the build still broke and I want it fixed :)15:56
apwall the ones in debian are build output15:57
apwthe others are all explicit matches against a fully formed version number15:58
apwand so are fine as they never have matched and never will whatever the version number is15:58
smbcopies was the correction of copes in the previous sentence (probably wondered about that)15:58
CarlFKapw: what about line 5: ./ubuntu/rtl8192se/Makefile:ifeq ($(shell uname -r|cut -d. -f1,2), 2.6) 15:58
apwCarlFK, what line is it on15:59
* smb wonders whether that was the makefile with many repeats of the same but ifndefed most of the time. So only one actually survived15:59
apwCarlFK, thats the one which the patch changes16:00
CarlFKhmm, yeah, but I fixed it... so something is bringing it back16:00
apwthat must be outside the build system16:01
CarlFKoh, no... i fixed the copy16:01
CarlFKmy mistake16:01
AquinaI asked the following question in #ubuntu-devel already: "Can someone point me to some config or thelike within the repo to get an impression on server and desktop kernel differences?"16:38
AquinaCan you provide me with some information? I know there are differences but I'd like to see the comple flags and such in comparison.16:39
CarlFKI think I can find that.. .give me a sec to dig16:39
apwAquina, that is all in the kernle git report16:39
apwgit repo even16:40
DavieyAquina: Just out of interest, what are you hoping to determine?16:41
CarlFKcan someone confirm this is the desktop config:16:49
CarlFKI am not seeing where the server config lives.  which I think is the only difference between the desktop and sever kernels, right?  (same base and patches, different config) 16:51
apwCarlFK, nope that is a default config16:51
apwthe easiest way it to checkout the kernel source and run fakeroot debian/rules genconfigs16:51
apwand look in CONFIGS/*16:51
CarlFKk - I'll stop spelunking.  Aquina, do that ^^^16:53
CarlFKhuzzah!  dpkg-deb: building package `linux-headers-2.6.38-10-generic16:54
apwppisati, about ?17:29
ppisatiapw: what?17:37
apwppisati, s'ok i've resolved what i needed to ask and am happy17:38
ppisatiok :)17:38
ppisatithat was quick17:38
apwppisati, just to say -NNN3 is now -4243, it merged with that CVE17:38
ppisatiah ok, saw that17:39
ppisatii'll send-email again (perhaps just that patch now...)17:39
ogasawaraapw: thanks for uploading linux-meta17:40
apwogasawara, np, i thought you were off all week ...17:41
apwogasawara, i did have to push over it, as there was a change for versatile which was missing17:41
ogasawaraapw: yep, saw that.  thanks.17:41
* ogasawara goes back to being on vacation17:43
apwogasawara, good, have a nice time17:52
* ppisati -> gym18:14
AquinaDaviey I'd like to verify that there is more diference between those Kernels than someone told me. I'd like to prove that person wrong.18:30
TREllisHi, I'm doing a kernel bisect in http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/805209 and on one of the iterations I'm left with a kernel that doesn't compile (but is unrelated to the bug), do I just mark that bisect as bad and carry on?18:32
ubot2Ubuntu bug 805209 in linux "System locks up after upgrading to linux-image-2.6.32-32-generic-pae" [Undecided,New]18:32
TREllisAquina: reminds me of http://xkcd.com/386/18:32
AquinaI know that. The most lovely one is the one with "angular miomentum".18:35
TREllisanyone have an idea for above?18:54
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apwTREllis, nope, you normally just reset head to a nearby commit which can compile and test that19:11
apwTREllis, and bisect will use the commit as it was at the time you say good/bad19:11
TREllisapw: hmmm not sure how I'd do that19:14
apwTREllis, normally the easiest is to strip a commit off the top and see if that one is better19:15
apwTREllis, as in git reset --hard HEAD^19:15
apwgit bisect only cares about which ones you did test it doesn't care if its the one it suggests19:16
TREllisah ok19:16
apwif its not possible to find one nearby you can do other things like try both good and bad and test both of the results; but you'd need to take a git bisect log before so you can reset the bisect19:16
TREllisapw: ok thanks, added the log to the bug19:19
apwTREllis, that log is a direct set of executable commands to get you back to the same place19:20
Sarvatti really miss having a large amount of mainline daily kernels available to make bisecting muuch easier by narrowing it down to a day first19:21
ckingis that not working?19:29
apwSarvatt, why do you not have them>19:30
apwoh i suppose we clean them up now ... hmm as they are vast19:32
apwSarvatt, i guess the problem is that the -rcs are weekly19:33
Sarvattyeah thinking about it more it's always one huge merge that introduced the problem I run into and no more changes to that subsystem go in between rc's so I guess it isn't any different (it's always i915 i'm bisecting)19:48
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TREllisapw: woot! after 5 resets I'm back on something that'll compile20:50
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lifelessif I wanted to experiment with some changes to dmraid on my natty box; whats the best way to get the source (apt-get source; bzr branch lp:ubuntu/linux; git ?)23:27
lifelessI'd like to be building the kernel with the same options the deb I have uses, but probably not build all the different flavours; then eventually take my patch and offer it for inclusion23:28
hertonlifeless: I would say to use git, git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-natty.git23:32
lifelesskk; whats the best way to build the kernel + initramfs to match the deb ?23:33
hertonlifeless, it depends, if you want only the generic kernel, "fdr binary-generic" should do it23:35
lifelessyeah, the box is running -generic23:36
lifelessthank you!23:36
hertonabout changing options, you can use "fdr editconfigs" for example23:37
lifelessI've not heard of fdr23:37
hertonor edit manually configs at debian.master/config, and run fdr updateconfigs23:37
lifelessI guess its new (== in the last 7 years since I did regular kernel changes)23:37
hertonfdr == fakeroot debian/rules23:37
hertonjust easier to alias it instead of typing entirely23:37
lifelessdoh, ok :)23:38

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