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dholbachgood morning08:32
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HakanSI need some advice about the LoCo Team Contact.12:52
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UmmmYeahanyone there?13:03
UmmmYeahI need help.13:03
HakanSI need some advice about the job for LoCo Team Contact.15:11
YoBoYHakanS: hi, advice ?15:16
HakanSYoBoY: Hi. What's in a Team Contact's duties?15:19
YoBoYhe make the link with canonical, the loco council, the other loco teams. He receive the mails, respond to them, forward the global events, the calls (open week, dev week, translation, ...). He fill the demands for the live cds and other stuffs. And perhaps some other things...15:22
HakanSAnd if he (or she) doesn´t do anything of that?15:24
HakanSHow to handle that?15:25
YoBoYhum... ask him to leave the job to someone who have more time to take that in charge ^^"15:26
YoBoYhe can choose or your team can elect someone else after that.15:28
YoBoYIf nothing work, you can bring this case to the loco council15:28
HakanSYoBoY: First I will call him. 15:29
HakanSOne more question. How do you handle off-topic discussions in your irc channel? It feels we have 90 percent off topic discussions in our channel.15:31
YoBoYwell... i'm not really  the right person to answer that, but the French team choose to have the #ubuntu-fr channel for support only, and another channel #ubuntu-fr-offtopic for offtopic discussions. We have also other chans for dedicated purpose (webdev, system administration, events organisation, ...) because the offtopic is also too active ^^"15:34
HakanSYoBoY: Maybe it's a good idea for us to have a offtopic channel.15:39
YoBoYhow many people on your chan ?15:40
HakanSJust now. 99 (but only 5-10 active).15:45
YoBoYgood, talk to you team, if a majority think the same, ask the ircop the autorisation to create the new offtopic chan15:46
HakanSYoBoY: OK.15:48
HakanSTime to go home.15:48
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