lucasLaney: done06:11
Rhondamicahg: uh? Not directly06:30
Rhondaapt-cache showsrc gnash | grep Build-Depends | head -1 | sed -e 's/,/\n/g' | wc -l06:31
benonsoftwareHi all08:26
dholbachgood morning08:32
benonsoftwareEvening :)08:32
benonsoftwareHow are you?08:38
iulianMorning dholbach.08:41
dholbachhey iulian, hey benonsoftware08:41
benonsoftwareHow are you going?08:41
dholbachgood good, still a bit sleepy though :)08:44
dholbachanother coffee will hopefully fix this08:44
Laneyhaha, I didn't mean to publish that MOTU post to planet08:46
Laneyoops :P08:46
benonsoftwareWhat post?08:46
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highvoltageLaney: heh, I didn't notice it was a draft or anything :)15:23
LaneyI just had it in a branch locally then accidently pushed it15:23
Laneyit had tags 'draft planetubuntu' which meant it went to planet ;(15:24
Laneyoh well15:24
Laneywasn't really a draft, I posted it to -motu ages ago15:24
Laneyjust didn't fancy publicising it on planet15:24
tumbleweedLaney: so you're feeling more motivated since joining -release?15:25
highvoltagemotuvated :)15:25
tumbleweedit certainly gave me a bit of focus15:25
LaneyI feel less bad about ignoring the other stuff :P15:26
Laneybeing a DD probably helped more in that regard though15:26
highvoltageI've been extremely unmotivated (or maby just lazy and perhaps someowhat confused?) recently but I just resigned to the fact that I can't get everything perfect and can't always stay 100% up to date with everything and I should just worry less and things will eventually work out. (but that's bigger than motu stuff though, applies to all the other things I'm behind with too)15:27
LaneyI guess people tend to move on from general MOTU work15:29
* tumbleweed hasn't been a particularly active DD. Sponsor a pile of debian-python stuff, and trying to get the transition done, that's about it15:29
LaneyI remember being really enthusiastic about doing a zillion merges15:29
tumbleweedhighvoltage: I think we all see ourselves as lazy, because we know how much more there is we could do15:30
* tumbleweed feels bad about all the stuff I neglect, but one needs to have a life (and some lazy days) too15:31
tumbleweedLaney: so, are you doing anything with the ubuntu_uploads table yet?15:33
Laneynot yet15:33
* tumbleweed must write a sponsorship-locating UDD script15:33
Laneymight write that DEXy script later15:33
tumbleweedlucas: what's the best place to stage UDD scripts? (I know there was a recent debian-devel thread on iths, but it died)15:34
Laneybut then again it's a nice day for a post-work bike ride so maybe not15:34
highvoltagetumbleweed: yeah I mostly use my previous cycle as a reference. I had a lot more done by alpha2 last time, but at least there's still time to catch up :)15:34
LaneyI wrote some goals at the start of this cycle15:34
Laneyachieved most of them apart from the one that's probably the most useful to others... getting involved with backports15:35
tumbleweedwell, there's a fair amount of cycle left :)15:35
highvoltagethat was one of my goals too and with some prodding from daniel I actually spent some time on it :)15:35
highvoltage(didn't have an *actual* backport done yet but there's a few bugs I've started working on at least)15:36
LaneyI did look at some at UDS, but not since15:36
Laneyhopefully the queue gets down so that some people can subscribe to the bugs and keep on top of it15:36
highvoltageI was actually thinking last night that I need some big display up in my home office cycling through stats and pages and my to do list so that I can keep up to date with what's important right now and what I should be working on. but just the idea of having that pushes my stress levels up so I decided against it :)15:38
Laneymy conclusion is that you shouldn't try to do everything yourself15:39
Laneyit's more worthwhile trying to convince new people to get involved15:39
Laneyand I'm not very good at doing that, so I try to work with the people who are :-)15:41
* Laney hugs nigelb 15:41
tumbleweedwhich is already something we need to be putting effort into anyway15:41
tumbleweedyeah, thanks nigelb. The ftbfs jam was fun (even if I didn't fix any myself :P )15:41
Laneymore people = less work = less guilt = more fun15:41
tumbleweedwe are pretty dependant on people coming and finding us and wanting to contribute, though. My reaching out and trying to get people involved hasn't worked too well...15:42
Laneywe could upload some adware...15:43
Laney'Come join #ubuntu-motu!'15:43
Laney'If you fix one bug, this advert will go away'15:43
highvoltagehmm... I did get $50 worth of google adwords when signing up for something recently and I didn't know what to do with it :) (I guess with $50 only a few dozen people will see it)15:44
dupondjeSome merges / syncs need to be done ? :)15:44
highvoltage(sorry I know you're just joking)15:45
Laneydupondje: many things always need doing15:46
Laneystart with FTBFS or NBS or rcbugs15:46
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dupondjelets update my pbuilder :)15:48
Laneyor pick your favourite package and look at its bugs15:49
LaneyRhonda: did you ever figure out how to run web accessible scripts against UDD?15:55
LaneyRhonda: p.s. please put your PPU application in15:55
dupondjeLaney: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ispell => can you trigger a rebuild ?15:58
dupondjeits building fine now (seems like it was build when dpkg was broken)15:58
tumbleweedLaney: I don't think it's possible. I'm currently generating a static html file on wagner and syncing it to vasks :/16:00
Laneydupondje: can't, it's in main16:04
Laneytry in #-devel16:05
Laneytumbleweed: what a pain :(16:05
tumbleweedLaney: indeed, I also have some more interactive things I'd like to have working :)16:06
tumbleweedbut one can't have personal cgi's on alioth anyway, so other options would be preferable16:06
dupondjeQuestion: i'm fixing pdns ftbfs. Issue is that it can't find sqlite3.h (which is in libsqlite3-dev: /usr/include/sqlite3.h).16:25
dupondjeBut it only looks in 'SQLITE_lib_check="/usr/local/sqlite/lib/sqlite /usr/local/lib/sqlite /opt/pgsql/lib/sqlite /usr/lib/sqlite /usr/local/sqlite/lib /usr/local/lib /opt/sqlite/lib /usr/lib"'16:25
dupondjeIs the best way to fix this: 1) change debian/rules to add --sqlite3-path ?16:25
dupondje2) add /usr/include/ in the configure ?16:25
tumbleweeddupondje: looks like a library search path rather than a header seach path16:25
dupondjelooking wrong indeed :)16:28
lucastumbleweed: wagner.d.o16:29
lucastumbleweed: (part of alioth)16:30
dupondjelibsqlite3-dev: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libsqlite3.so16:30
tumbleweedlucas: one can't put cgis in public_html, though16:30
tumbleweedand wagner proxies to vasks :/16:30
lucastumbleweed: no, but you can a project's htdocs dir16:30
tumbleweedis there a qa / udd project we can abuse?16:31
tumbleweedah, thanks16:31
Laneydon't know if that kind of script is wanted in there though16:32
jtaylordupondje: those are the new multiarch paths, you can get it with dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH16:33
jtayloror you use pkg-config16:33
tumbleweedLaney: well, for the ubuntu stuff, we could use ubuntu-dev16:35
dupondjejtaylor: whats the best way to follow ?16:36
dupondjeany examples btw ?16:37
Laneytumbleweed: right, or the dex one I suppose16:37
Laneytumbleweed: which project is it? could you add me?16:40
jtaylordupondje: this should work http://paste.ubuntu.com/637994/16:41
jtayloror instead of patching the source add that to configure in rules16:42
jtaylorprobably better16:42
jtaylor--with-sqlite3-lib=`dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH`16:43
dupondjebut whats that debian-pdns/rules vs debian/rules ? :)16:43
jtaylormaybe upstream has an own debian directory16:44
dupondjethen it gets renamed and isn't used ?16:44
jtayloryes and  dpkt 3.0 removes all upstream debian rules on unpacking16:45
tumbleweedLaney: you appear to already be a member. I just applied16:45
Laneynot as my DD account then16:45
tumbleweedah right16:46
dupondjelets build16:46
tumbleweeddupondje: if you are looking for more FTBFS packages, here's last week's jam list: http://corelli.tumbleweed.org.za/ubuntu-qa/bugjam/16:47
DktrKranztumbleweed, Laney: I'll process you as soon as my password is somehow restored16:49
dupondjeI need a quadcore16:52
dupondjedamn :°16:52
dupondjechecking for SQLite3 library directory... /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu16:54
dupondjeallright :D16:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 756198 in pdns (Ubuntu Oneiric) "pdns version 2.9.22-8 failed to build on i386" [High,New]17:00
dupondjedoes it looks fine ?17:00
dupondjeadded ubuntu-sponsors :)17:03
dupondjenext one now :D17:03
micahgRhonda: right, I meant it pulled in that many packages at build time, it's the most I've seen yet17:11
dupondjei'm merging courier, but in debian/rules there is:         if [ `umask` != "0022" ]; then echo "You need to set umask to 022 in order to compile/build courier"; exit 1; fi17:57
dupondjebut how to set the umask ? :s17:58
tumbleweedwith the umask command17:59
dupondjeyea but I don't get where exactly :)18:01
dupondjethis is the debdiff I have atm18:01
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dupondjeIt wasn't set in the previous version in ubuntu18:03
dupondjeso quite strange it now fails on that18:03
tumbleweeddupondje: pbuilder?18:04
tumbleweedyeah it doesn't look like you have to make any changes for ubuntu, but you might need to tweak your pbuilder18:04
tumbleweeddupondje: debian bug 53188518:05
ubottuDebian bug 531885 in cowbuilder "cowbuilder: build fails with restrictive umask" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/53188518:05
tumbleweedoh, know apparetly that's cowbuilder only18:05
tumbleweedanyway, it has a workaround suggestion18:06
dupondjeI see :)18:06
dupondjelets try it out18:06
tumbleweedjtaylor: I marked the bugs where you attached the patch in the Debian BTS (and didn't assign it to yourself) as "Triaged". That shows up in summary listings.18:19
jtayloryou can mark 803174 too18:20
tumbleweedjsut did :)18:21
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jtaylorhey finally one thats seems like a challenge, timbleserver is resistant to the usual as-needed-fixes18:55
=== tsimpson_ is now known as ts2
jtaylorone of its rdeps uses -fopenmp wrong19:03
tumbleweeddid it affect any other packages too?19:05
jtaylorprobably not its libtimbl, probably no other package uses it19:06
tumbleweedpity :)19:06
dupondjestupid umask :) seems the workaround doesn't work for pbuilder-dist19:27
RhondaLaney: No, and I think the thread that was started on debian-devel died off with no real solution. I was told that it should be possible to do it on the QA server and I should join the team, but there are still unresponded questions pending.19:35
RhondaLaney: And where shall I put my PPU application in? When is the next meeting?19:35
LaneyRhonda: you need to email devel-permissions@ and add yourself to the agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/Agenda19:40
Laneynext meeting is 18/719:40
RhondaAh, right, that was that then.19:43
Rhonda18/7 I'll be in bosnia, so that would fit19:43
Rhonda… I hope the network will be working at that time of DebCamp already.  ;)19:45
Rhondawaiting for login.ubuntu.com …19:47
Laneythat old problem...19:48
RhondaShall I put me with 3 into it?19:49
RhondaThe (E) is confusing me here.19:49
Laney= email19:49
Laneythat one is stalled since sylvestre hasn't replied to some questions19:49
Rhondathere was some edit hint that i noticed when I clicked safe …19:50
Laneywe had a big backlog some time ago and processed a few applications over email instead of IRC19:50
Rhondathough the time it displayed was a single minute19:50
Laneymight have been my lock19:51
Laneyif so, i was finished anyway19:51
RhondaAh yes, was yours19:57
jtaylorhmm does libtool not like fopenmp?19:57
jtaylorit seems to drop that flag for linking19:57
jtaylorwhich is wrong19:57
jtayloryes it does19:59
jtaylorwhat a piece of crap19:59
jtayloris there anything this thing makes easier and  not harder?20:00
Ampelbeinjtaylor: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-libtool/2011-03/msg00024.html suggests it's been fixed.20:03
jtayloryes but timblserver uses an old version20:04
Ampelbeinyay for ltmain.sh patching20:04
jtaylorlibtimbl I mean20:05
jtaylortumbleweed: please triage bug 80320520:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 803205 in timblserver (Ubuntu) "timblserver version 1.2-4 failed to build on i386" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80320520:14
dupondjepbuilder broken ? :s20:21
tumbleweedjtaylor: oh right, you aren't in bug control :/20:28
fabrice_spdupondje, it seems more to be some missing lib or .o in the link command20:45
dupondjefabrice_sp: to what question you are replying now ? :)20:48
fabrice_spdupondje, sorry: I thought you were saying that builds was broken to 803205. Should I read better! sorry20:49
dupondjenp :D20:49
dupondjepbuilder is broken :(20:49
fabrice_spI uses sbuild ;-)20:49
dupondje+ mount -t proc /proc /var/cache/pbuilder/build//14569/proc20:49
dupondjemount: /proc already mounted or /var/cache/pbuilder/build//14569/proc busy20:49
dupondjemount: according to mtab, /proc is mounted on /proc20:49
fabrice_spdumb question, but did you try to reboot?20:51
fabrice_spI sometimes messup my schroots and end up with this kind of errors20:51
dupondjeyep I did :s20:52
dupondje/var/cache/pbuilder/build//14569/proc is really mounted.20:53
dupondjeseems like mount reply changed ?20:53
fabrice_spso it's trying to mount it twice?20:53
fabrice_spare you using natty as your main system?20:53
dupondjeit looks like its mounting twice indeed20:55
fabrice_spI'm installing pbuilder in an oneiric schroot, to see if it happens the same20:57
dupondjeonly happens on create20:58
fabrice_sppbuilder create worked here21:01
dupondjeweird :s21:01
fabrice_spthis is in a schroot, so mounts may acts differently21:02
dupondjewanted to create a new pbuilder, and now its completely broken :(21:03
dupondjeseems like its a debootstrap bug21:06
fabrice_spbug 595908?21:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 595908 in debootstrap (Ubuntu) "--create fails due to failure to mount /proc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59590821:08
dupondjeWell I did: $ sudo debootstrap --include=apt --variant=buildd --keyring=/usr/share/keyrings/ubuntu-archive-keyring.gpg oneiric . http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/21:10
dupondjethis mounted proc into the chroot debootstrap21:10
dupondjeand when its done, its not unmounted21:10
dupondjeso its still mounted when pbuilder tries to mount21:10
fabrice_spif hte directory is different, this shouldn't be an issue, as proc is mounted several times (in each chrrot )21:11
fabrice_spdo you have any pbuilderrc files?21:11
fabrice_sp(in etc or $HOME)21:11
dupondjeI had, removing it now, and trying again21:15
fabrice_spok. fyi, I updated my chroot and it worked again21:16
dupondjenope, remove pbuilderrc21:19
dupondjeand still fails :s21:19
dupondjejean-louis@laptop-jl:~$ sudo mount -t proc /proc /home/jean-louis/test/proc/21:20
dupondjemount: /proc already mounted or /home/jean-louis/test/proc/ busy21:20
dupondjemount: according to mtab, /proc is mounted on /proc21:20
dupondjebut its not listed in df -a21:20
fabrice_spthis works here21:24
dupondjeweird :s21:26
ubottuDebian bug 631087 in pbuilder "pbuilder failed to create base.tgz (mount: /proc already mounted or /var/cache/pbuilder/build//24199/proc busy)" [Important,Open]21:26
dupondjesome debian users have same21:26
dupondjebut no solution :s21:26
dupondjejean-louis@laptop-jl:~/test$ sudo umount /home/jean-louis/test/proc/21:28
dupondjeumount: /proc: device is busy.21:28
dupondjethis is weird21:28
dupondjelsof |grep test shows nothing :s21:29
fabrice_spwhen mounted by mount -t proc /proc, it shows in /etc/mtab, so it's weird in your case. Sorry I can't help21:33
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Elbruscan somebody tell me how to get a request for rebuild the proper tagging in launchpad (bug 805677)21:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 805677 in lazarus (Ubuntu) "Oneiric: please rebuild lazarus, it depends on an old fpc version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80567721:43
Elbrusor should I ask this in #ubuntu-bugs?21:43
micahgElbrus: subscribe ubuntu-sponsors21:44
Elbruswill do21:46
* Elbrus going to sleep now ... productive day it has been21:48
dupondjedebootstrapper is really doing something weird21:57
dupondjeits not debootstrapper :(22:08
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