holsteinhey guys03:01
holsteini am going to be around in the AM if you guys would like to squeak out an independance day newsletter :)03:02
nhandlerholstein: Yep. I still hope to get an issue out the door. We have a lot to do (see the gdoc), but I'll try and make some time to polish off some of the sections and get it published04:24
holsteinnhandler: yeah... thanks for adding that there, i'll see what i can do of that05:46
holsteini know i can summarize :)05:46
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holsteinnhandler: you're not sumarizing right now are you?18:09
holsteini see you on the 'now editing' list18:09
holsteini put "holstein" in the articles im working on18:09
nhandlerholstein: I just turned on the computer. I'm not writing any summaries right this minute though (just have it open in a tab)18:09
holsteinnhandler: cool... just making sure we were not doubling efforts18:11
holsteinnhandler: OK.. heads up18:56
holsteini stacked the news a bit18:56
holsteini did a blog article about my CD made in ubuntustudio and put it up there18:57
holsteinif thats *not* cool, take it out18:57
holsteinotherwise, the other articles are summarized, and im out for brunch18:58
holsteini should have time before my gig later to do a bit more if needed18:58
holsteinthe power is out here and i need to shut down22:20
holsteinbut i did some work in there nhandler22:20
holsteinNM... i thought i was going to have to shut everything down... i think its ok22:21
nhandlerholstein: Glad to hear that. I'm doing some work on some other sections right now. This is probably going to be a very late night release (my time)22:31
NRWlionnhandler: hi there hope you got my pm22:32
holsteinnhandler: im going to be busy for about 5 or 5 hours22:32
holsteinthen, i'll be back in22:32
nhandlerWe need to also decide on a standardized start/end date range for UWN.22:32
nhandlerNRWlion: Yep, I got it. Thanks22:33
holsteinnhandler: OH... i didnt think about that either22:33
holsteinwhen i was grabbing new stuff22:33
nhandlerWe also need to update the template since I merged pleia2_'s branch into lp:uwn22:33
nhandlerHelp moving summaries from the gdoc to the wiki would also be appreciated22:58
NRWlionnhandler: how much is it?22:59
NRWlioni was planning to shut down my office but 30 mins i could give you22:59
NRWlionnhandler: couldnt find the links!23:11
holsteinnhandler: my power did actually go down... i'll check in later though, and i'll look at the google doc if you want to put some more tasks in...23:53

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