hadsAnyone know any currently-available-in-NZ working USB WiFi adapters?00:13
mwhudsonhads: the ones sold by DSE seemed to work ok, although i don't know about current availability00:38
* ajmitch had awful trouble with one bought from DSE with a ralink chipset, it was a linksys-branded adpater00:39
hadsmwhudson: Thanks, I've got a customer asking for one so looking for resaleable ones. No experience with them myself which always makes it more interesting.00:40
mwhudsonhads: ah, fair enough00:40
hadsI remember a ralink one years ago that did work and them the driver was removed from the kernel00:40
mwhudsonajmitch: funnily enough the DSE branded one worked fine00:40
ajmitchyou'll also find that similar model names can end up with different chipsets00:40
mwhudsonalthough yes, that aspect does lead to fun00:41
ajmitchit gets very frustrating trying to track down :)00:41
hadsYeah, same thing with routers, dvb cards etc. very annoying.00:42
mwhudsoni paid $20 or something more for my laptop to get a known intel wifi chip rather than "lenovo wifi"00:43
ajmitchI have intel wifi as well, but it wasn't always the most reliable00:44
ajmitchmost of that was due to overheating though00:44
hadsI've had two thinkpads with Intel, both disconnect occasionally and need a power down/up to fix it.00:44
ajmitchI got used to running rmmod & modprobe to reload the driver00:45
mwhudsonjust goes to show noone gets it right all of the time i guess00:46
mwhudson"03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (rev 34)" seems to work fine though00:46
hadsYeah, sometimes that works ajmitch, sometimes not.00:46
mwhudsonway better than the atheros thingy in my macbook anywya00:46
hadsMines a 530000:47
ajmitch02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection00:47
ajmitchmine's probably slightly older00:48
snailanyone know who is behind http://matapuna.thinktank.co.nz/ ?01:43
ibeardsleeDave Moskovitz ?01:54
ojwbindeed, there's a "contact Dave" in the last paragraph where Dave is a link02:06
ojwbactually, it's all a link02:07
ojwbjust in nearly the same colour02:07
snailthe project has a source forge page which shows a single commit ~ 7 years ago02:47
ajmitchthat's a bit dated02:53
hadsDamn. Someone just emailed to say that our website doesn't work in IE9.05:57
ajmitchwhat a shame05:58
hadsI think I'm going to stop thinking about IE6.06:03
ajmitchthe sooner it dies, the better06:04
ojwbeven MS agree there: http://www.ie6countdown.com/06:05
ajmitchMS just disagree on which browser you should switch to :)06:06
hadsJust what I was thinking.06:06
ojwbthat site would read better if they did s/6//g on it06:06
hadsInteresting. Over the past 6 months, FF counts 39% of visits vs. IE 26% though revenue from IE beats FF by 1.5 times.06:09
ojwbthose FF cheapskates06:09
ajmitchmust be those linux zealots, they never pay for anything06:09
ojwbis FF on windows different to FF on linux?06:10
hadsIt can be, just looking at that.06:10
hadsWindows revenue beats Linux by around 6.5x06:13
hadsLinux and Mac are quite close.06:14
ojwbper page view?06:15
hadsTotal revenue06:16
hadsWindows makes up 72% of all visits with FF+IE+Chrome06:16
hadsSorry, plus 1.5% for Opera06:16
ojwbso probably not so different per visit06:17
* ojwb wonders where network manager has gone06:18
ojwbhmm, uninstalled somehow06:24
mwhudsonalthough nm has only really annoyed me once in the last year or so06:28
ojwbmwhudson: well, I can't say I like it06:31
ojwbbut if I'm going to uninstall it, I'd like something else to do its job06:31
ojwbnow it just seems to think eth0 isn't managed06:31
ojwbhmm, think I'll have to try turning it off and on again06:32
hadsDO you have anything in /etc/network/interfaces06:32
hadsFrom memory if an if is mentioned there then NM won't do stuff.06:32
hadsI wonder if this passport photo will pass the inspection. I'll send it anyway and see what happens.06:35
hadsRight, off.06:35
ojwballow-hotplug eth006:36
ojwbiface eth0 inet dhcp06:36
ojwbnot sure if that's normally there06:36
* ojwb tries removing it06:36
ojwbhads: cool, that fixed it - thanks06:40
hadsojwb: Neat.10:02
chiltswow, I was first for a change!20:20
ajmitchyeah, I'm not even at work yet20:25
* chilts is on the train20:48
snailmōrena everyone.22:09

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