bazhangI use ubuntu. fix my car.01:04
elkyand where's my private yacht, dammit.01:11
rwwI stole it and used it to make autotuned Youtube videos.01:13
bazhangtruepurple is claiming that there are inert (possibly) viruses found on Ubuntu, if I am reading that right01:17
rww!enter > dee2702:45
bazhangdropbox referral in quit message02:47
bazhangwhy not add askubuntu.com to the wiki, or is that better with forums factoid03:10
elkybazhang, i believe it's because nobody's "authorised" it as "official"03:12
rwwheh, I see they never got ask.ubuntu.com going03:12
PiciWhats not official about askubuntu?03:13
rwwHow are we defining "official"?03:14
PiciIts official enough for me.03:14
IdleOneeven if askubuntu is not official it is still way better than the rest of the non official sites out there03:15
bazhangelky, could be03:17
PiciIts on !patience03:17
bazhangwith all the recommendations of webud8 and omgubuntu though, its certainly a step up03:17
rww!search askubuntu03:17
ubottuFound: repeat, support, ubuntu-stack, stackexchange, askubuntu, ubuntu-stackexchange03:17
rww!search forums03:17
ubottuFound: logs-#ubuntuforums, scoobysnack-#ubuntuforums, support-#ubuntuforums-beginners, twss-#ubuntuforums, sysinfo-#ubuntuforums, mythtv-mysql, guidelines-#ubuntuforums, support-#ubuntuforums, intel*, trogdor-#ubuntuforums and 32 more, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=forums03:17
rwwoh, derp03:17
rwwduh **03:17
Piciand is run by a number of influential Ubuntu members03:18
elkyi'm going by recollections of the last time we tried to get it listed03:20
elkyim quite happy to +1 it, but it caused protests last time i did.03:21
rwwI forget what my opinion was of it last time around, so let's go with +003:21
IdleOnesince we already have it in !patience I see no harm adding it to !wiki03:21
ubottuhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.03:22
rww. !wiki appears to be for wikis. ask ubuntu isn't.03:22
IdleOnetrue, but as an alternative help source.03:22
bazhangthen forums, perhaps?03:22
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC freenode #ubuntuforums.03:22
rww!search ubuntuforums03:22
ubottuFound: logs-#ubuntuforums, scoobysnack-#ubuntuforums, support-#ubuntuforums-beginners, twss-#ubuntuforums, sysinfo-#ubuntuforums, mythtv-mysql, guidelines-#ubuntuforums, support-#ubuntuforums, intel*, trogdor-#ubuntuforums and 31 more, see http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?search=ubuntuforums03:22
rwwoh for pete's sake. dear mind, there is a channel that conflicts with what you're looking for03:23
rwwsomeone find me all the factoids that mention the forums :(03:23
IdleOnebazhang: !forums seems more appropriate yup03:23
rwwI think it's fine to be on factoids that currently mention both the forums and the wiki (i.e., lists of other places for help). !forums and !wiki appear to be "here are forums" and "here are wikis". askubuntu.com doesn't brand itself as either.03:24
bazhangseems odd its only on patience03:25
IdleOneif it isn't a forum what is it?03:25
rwwIdleOne: a collaboratively edited question and answer site03:27
elkyIdleOne, both a wiki and a forum03:27
IdleOnethe questions and answer are not edited. you post a question, others answer it. They added a voting thingy but that does not take away from it's value03:28
rwwthey are, actually03:28
IdleOneanyway, askubuntu is better then OMG or webup8 and friends. I am ok with it.03:28
rwwsee the "improve this question" and "improve this answer" links on askubuntu pages03:28
IdleOnerww: still does not take from the usefulness03:29
rwwthey're not wikis because they involve a discussion amongst multiple people rather than documentation. they're not forums because they're collaboratively edited03:29
rwwI didn't say it does. My point is that askubuntu is not a wiki or a forum.03:29
bazhangand there are tons of silly posts on the forums03:29
IdleOneok so we can call it a wikum03:29
elkywhere by "forum" you mean "message board"03:29
elkybecause, really, forum is a much broader term03:30
bazhanglilo and supergrubdisk over grub2?03:43
bazhangthis brings to mind the poindexter_ character recommending hiren's to fix something03:43
bazhang<maujhsn> bazhang email extraction, phone numbers etc   <--- kosher ?04:03
bazhangthat seems way more than a website scraper or whatnot04:03
elkysounds like identity mining04:05
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (afed appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)05:32
Jordan_Ubazhang: When someone just needs to boot Windows it's reasonable not to use grub[2]. I normally recommend "install-mbr" from the "mbr" package for installing an MS style mbr, but it's also common to use lilo's MS style mbr (and the end result, if done properly, is the same).06:48
bazhangJordan_U, thanks for the clarification!08:06
* jpds wonders what noisewaterphd's problem is.08:42
jpdsWell, he suggests using "sudo bash", so ...08:43
Flannelsudo bash as a way to not have to use sudo, but 'not become root', which makes little sense08:44
jpdsI think he wants something like "sudo true" and not have to type his password for a while.08:45
FlannelStill has to type sudo though.08:45
FlannelAnd "he" didn't want it, whomever he answered did, so it's a bit odd fr him to stick to his guns like this anyway.08:46
jpdsWell, that just takes the biscuit.08:48
FlannelWell, some pages are rather sloppy: http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Ahelp.ubuntu.com+%22sudo+bash%2208:49
FlannelThe 8.04 serverguide is especially cringleworthy, because (theoretically) that was reviewed and edited08:50
FlannelOh, wait.08:51
FlannelI guess that really is invoking the bash interpreter08:51
FlannelEither way, he seems to have quieted down in #ubuntu08:51
jpdsI think he's suggesting to use backports now.08:58
ubottuLasers called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Giraffer)09:30
Tm_Tbah, I was slow09:32
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ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1439 users, 6 overflows, 1445 limit))09:39
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noisewaterphdjpds, ?10:24
jpds"VPN uses *other* protocols for encryption, including ssh, the most common."10:26
jpdsYou seem to be confusing SSH and SS*L*.10:26
noisewaterphdwhatever we were talking about10:26
noisewaterphda guy was talking about tunneling it over ssh which is one valid method of securing vpn10:27
jpdsNo, it's not, that's redundant, as the rest of us said.10:27
jpdsBut, as before with the root sudo -i thing, you don't appear to know what you're talking about.10:27
noisewaterphdnoisewaterphd, it isn't, if you are tunneling your vpn over ssh, the reason is to secure the first leg of the connection10:32
noisewaterphdand, sudo bash was fine and you know it10:33
elkypeople have private networks in plaintext?10:38
noisewaterphdFor example, if you have very specific point-to- point secure communication requirements, then SSH would be the better solution. SSH client/server models can easily encrypt data from one point to another. SSH can encrypt any application for the duration of a session, provided the application has a known port.10:41
noisewaterphdThe advantage to encrypting selected applications is that it reduces the potential of creating unnecessary network overhead associated with encrypting all applications as is done with VPN’s using IPSEC.10:42
elkyso... ssh client/server models are not ssh?10:42
elkythey use ssh, but don't use ssh?10:42
noisewaterphdwhat are you talking about10:43
elkyi'm trying to decipher what you're saying10:43
noisewaterphdsomeone was trying to tell somebody else that VPN was encryption when asked about tunneling over ssh, I told them VPN was NOT encryption, that is USES encryption, and the whole thing devolved into me being banned for apparently correcting the wrong person10:45
noisewaterphdi guess now the question is why you would use SSH? I don't know?10:46
noisewaterphdI just want to know why I was banned, although it has become apparent10:46
noisewaterphdand, I told someone to use sudo bash, and was jumped on by the same person for not recommending sudo -i when the home environment was completely irrelevant, I pointed that out as well10:50
noisewaterphdso I got banned for being right i guess?10:52
elkywhat would be the point of that?10:53
Tm_Tnoisewaterphd: I admit I wasn't actively following the channel, but for what I gathered, you have been very uncooperational, refusing to listen what others are trying to tell you10:54
noisewaterphdonly when they were wrong11:00
noisewaterphdand only for the sake of clarity for the others involved11:01
noisewaterphdI was not intentionally being uncooperative, it only devolved to this because no one wanted to admit they might be mistaken11:02
noisewaterphdand, I was given no reason for getting banned, at all, no warning of any kind, I didn't see it coming one bit. I thought we were discussing the issue, others apparently felt they were being attaked, which was not intended11:03
Tm_TI think there's been several attempts to get you cooperative11:04
Tm_Tand no, I wouldn't say you were right and others were wrong either11:05
noisewaterphdthe specific case which got me banned was a matter of someone saying that VPN was its own encryption and that SSH was redundant. I said it was not, and that it USES encryption including SSH, so he sent me a link to wikipedia apparently to prove me wrong, and right inside that link, under security mechanisms is listed SSH11:07
noisewaterphdI was trying to clarify, and someone got mad and banned me trying to save face11:08
noisewaterphdI'm sorry, but he was wrong11:08
noisewaterphdso I got banned11:08
noisewaterphdand now some guy is walking around thinking that VPN is encryption11:09
noisewaterphdOne guy did try to get me to go to offtopic on the sudo bash issue, but I was busy typing out my explanations, as soon as I read his request to go to offtopic, I dropped it completely. That is the only attempt to get me cooperative I can think of, and again, I did not think I was being uncooperative, I was just talking. But I still dropped the whole issue when I read his request to go to offtopic11:12
Tm_Tnoisewaterphd: what if we do like this: let's cool down with this matter and talk about this with fresh minds tomorrow?11:14
noisewaterphdThat is fine, but I am genuinely not 'hot', I just wanted to know why I was banned. If someone else is still hot, then sure, no worries11:16
noisewaterphdI had no idea until I got banned and came in this room that it was a 'hot' ego issue11:18
Tm_Twho said it was an ego issue?11:19
noisewaterphdand I don't understand how he could even get worked up over me pointing it out, i thought the room was friendly11:19
noisewaterphdOK, sorry11:19
noisewaterphdso again I guess I still don't understand why I was banned11:19
noisewaterphdwhich is all I want to know, and if it is because someone viewed me as being uncooperative while trying to clarify their mistake, then I don't know what else to call it11:21
noisewaterphdi was just trying to help11:21
noisewaterphdi dont get it11:21
Tm_TI understand, but as I wasn't involved and not have time to really dig up into this right now, I think it's better to try sort it out tomorrow11:23
noisewaterphdI dont think there is anything to sort out. I will just stop helping out in the channel, it will just be uncomfortable for me knowing that those with the power to ban no longer like me, and are apparently easy to offend11:27
noisewaterphdand Im sure they wont like me there either11:27
noisewaterphdunless there really is some other explanation for the banning anyway11:28
Tm_Tnoisewaterphd: that's what we have to sort out11:29
noisewaterphdi do this for fun, and its not fun if people are like that11:29
Tm_TI undestand11:31
Tm_Tbut I really cannot do much until I have had time to look into this properly11:31
elkynoisewaterphd, As per the topic, you should part here until tomorrow.11:48
noisewaterphdsure, sorry was afk12:08
bazhanglooks like Dictators was up to his usual nonsense; the guy who claimed to use a vpn via wine13:11
bazhangprevious nick was "desert"13:23
ubottuIn #ubuntu, quaisi said: ubottu: simple-ccsm is broken in 11.0413:26
bazhang* yeshellothere (~hi@ur.fa.gs) has joined #ubuntu13:35
ikoniabye then13:36
yeshellotheresup ikonia13:38
ikoniahello there13:38
ikoniathanks for joining13:38
ikoniayeshellothere: I was wondering if you'd mind changing your host mask while in the ubuntu channels13:38
yeshellothereikonia: oh sorry about that, i never know what it's set to, it's outside my control13:39
ikoniathe message "you are fags" is not really acceptable in the ubuntu channels13:39
yeshellotherei'll remember to add +x13:39
ikoniaI'd really appreciate that13:39
yeshellotherenow i just have to remember how13:39
ikoniasadly, I don't know without checking13:40
ikoniait maybe worth speaking to the staff in freenode and asking for a cloak13:40
yeshellotherei'll just try reconnecting, see if the config change i've made works13:42
bazhanganyone making sense of cupu? claiming the nvidia drivers hurt his intel card performance14:07
bazhangsays the guys in #compiz told him this14:07
ikoniaother channels can be quite harsh to get rid of people14:08
ikoniahello KolakCC14:18
KolakCC>_> Don't hurt me, I was just poking around14:18
KolakCC-scampers off-14:18
ikoniathat's fine14:18
ikonia14:19 -!- abuanoname [~abuanonam@]14:19
ikonia14:19 -!-  was      : abuanoname14:19
ikonia14:19 -!-  server   : holmes.freenode.net [Mon Jul 4 13:18:13 2011]14:19
ikonia14:19 -!- End of WHOWAS14:19
ikonia14:19 -!- cupu [~abuanonam@]14:19
ikonia14:19 -!-  was      : abuanoname14:19
ikonia14:19 -!-  server   : gibson.freenode.net [Mon Jul 4 13:14:23 2011]14:19
ikonia14:19 -!- End of WHOWAS14:19
ikoniawell well 14:19 -!- abuanoname [~abuanonam@]14:19
ikonia14:19 -!-  was      : abuanoname14:19
ikonia14:19 -!-  server   : holmes.freenode.net [Mon Jul 4 13:18:13 2011]14:20
ikonia14:19 -!- End of WHOWAS14:20
ikonia14:19 -!- cupu [~abuanonam@]14:20
ikonia14:19 -!-  was      : abuanoname14:20
ikonia14:19 -!-  server   : gibson.freenode.net [Mon Jul 4 13:14:23 2011]14:20
ikonia14:19 -!- End of WHOWAS14:20
ikoniasorry, didn't mean to hit that twice14:20
ikoniaabuanoname was cupu14:20
bazhangno surprise then14:20
bazhang@mark #ubuntu * woodyjlw (~jeremy@c-69-247-197-193.hsd1.mo.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu14:27
ubottuError: Can not create a mark for '*'14:27
bazhang@mark #ubuntu woodyjlw (~jeremy@c-69-247-197-193.hsd1.mo.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu14:27
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:27
ikoniacan we make !list kick the person typing it?14:30
LjLthey usually part immediately after anyway :P14:30
ikonialets help them14:31
LjLi think #debian has something that tells them go away, you italian scum or the like14:31
ikoniaI didn't know they knew you personally :)14:31
LjL:P only italians do that14:31
bazhangdont appreciate revspecies redirecting everyone immediately14:48
bazhangwhy would the bot show uniconv not being in the repos14:56
bazhangfor natty that is14:56
IdleOneit isn't14:59
IdleOneit is provided by package yudit14:59
IdleOnethere is no package uniconv14:59
bazhangand apt-cache search uniconv also does not reveal14:59
bazhang* woodyjlw  the ubuntu = MS guy is back15:03
popey /9215:27
mneptokpopey: http://www.majorartfoundation.com/artist.php?idxArtist=16&idxWork=1625#162515:59
* popey hasn't quite figured out why mneptok gave me that url17:02
Myrttipopey: to establish a link between Slash and the 80'ies you?17:05
* Myrtti hides17:05
Myrttiin reality, I have no clue17:05
ikoniapopey: love the 80's suit17:26
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa17:28
oCean^it's in the repositories nowadays, right?17:28
ikoniais it ?17:29
ikoniaI thought it was still in a ppa17:29
LjL!info chromium-browser17:30
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 12.0.742.91~r87961-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 16069 kB, installed size 55964 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all)17:30
ikoniaah, universe,17:30
oCeanapparently even lucid had it17:30
oCeanos2mac: hi, how can we help?17:37
IdleOneos2mac: are you there?17:44
IdleOnenoisewaterphd: are you there?17:45
IdleOnenoisewaterphd and os2mac Please do not idle in here.17:46
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IdleOnehello mrdeb18:00
IdleOneHow can we help you?18:00
Myrttimrdeb: hi18:03
IdleOnemrdeb: Unless you have business in this channel please do not idle in here18:04
mrdebi got disconnected18:06
mrdebjust wanted to say happy 4th of july18:06
IdleOneThank you. same to you18:06
IdleOneNow please part the channel :)18:06
mrdebok, is there secret discussion here18:07
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/18:07
ikoniaI'm sick of crappy 3rd party websites telling people how to wreck their systems18:18
genii-aroundThe ones that usually start off something like: become root with sudo su     ...?18:20
ikoniathat sort of thing18:20
genii-aroundYup, is frustrating18:20
tsimpsonsudo su -c 'sudo -i' :)18:36
ikoniaha ha18:36
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IdleOne!guidelines > skypc18:55
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popeyikonia: fancy making a name and shame wiki page ? :D19:05
popeywiki.ubuntu.com/BlogsOnCrack or something? :D19:05
ikoniayou mean of websites that suck and wreck you're ubuntu machine19:05
ikoniapopey: you know, it's not a bad idea as a saftey net19:06
IdleOnethink you might need to pick a beeter name for the page19:06
ikoniamaybe a bit more pro than "blogs on crack"19:06
ikoniaalthough I do like that19:06
popeyIdleOne: you appear to have neglected to notice the smiley19:06
ikoniapopey: I'll draft something up, we can work up a name later19:07
ikoniagood idea19:07
popeyIt should be limited to sites we have no control over19:07
popeyi.e. the wiki / ask ubuntu / forums can all be fixed19:07
ikoniato be honest, most of the official ones are "good" and if they aren't we should fix them rather than put a site up moaning about them19:07
popeyoh of course19:08
ikoniaI'm not sure the forums can be fixed........;)19:08
ikonia</forum mod jibe>19:08
knomeikonia, just rm -rf the forums and it's fixed19:08
ikoniagood idea19:08
ubottuIn #ubuntu-server, RoyK said: ubottu: no, webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle  configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.19:11
ubottuIn #ubuntu-server, RoyK said: ubottu: no, webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle  configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system, see !ebox instaed.19:11
ubottuIn #ubuntu-server, RoyK said: ubottu: no, webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle  configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system, see !ebox instead.19:11
Phreak_I need an IRCop19:15
ikoniaok, what's up19:15
knomeIdleOne, each! :)19:16
Phreak_another IRC server some friends and I set up19:16
ikoniaPhreak_: that's not something we support19:17
Phreak_and now need some newb help with security19:17
IdleOnePhreak_: try #freenode19:17
Phreak_any friendly IRC servers around that could help?19:17
IdleOnesomeone there may be able to help you19:17
Phreak_maybe sho19:17
ikoniaPhreak_: we deal with the moderation of the Ubuntu channels19:17
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MyrttiI suggest "warranty void if used" as the blacklist name19:37
ikoniaDCCTU - don't come crying to use19:37
mneptokpopey: /9222:42
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rwwDid #ubuntu get worse while I was gone, or is it just more ridiculous than usual right now?23:59

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