alourie|workpersia: thanks. I understand that. Are there plans to make qa.ubuntu.com something more than "some Canonical resources" holder?07:25
persiaalourie|work: I doubt it.  It is nice that Canonical donates hardware and admin time, but we would not want to solely depend on a resource that only some folk could use.07:51
persiaFor some other resources, look at qa.ubuntuwire.com07:52
alourie|workpersia: oh? why is it limited to only some folks?07:52
persiaThere are also some private resources, but these are less organised.07:53
alourie|workbut it seems that qa.ubuntu.com is quite an official QA resource. Why not maintain it?07:54
persiaThere was an incident several years ago with having some *.ubuntu.com hosts managed by folk who were not careful enough, so Canonical IS has become very strict about what code can run on their machines.07:54
persiaOh, it is maintained, but only by Canonical folk.07:55
alourie|work...and not for everyone? Only *for* Canonical folk?07:55
persiaNo.  The resources made available are for anyone to use, but the process of deploying code to the servers behind qa.ubuntu.com is limited.07:59
persiaNote that this does not prevent arbitrary code from being deployed: it just needs to be advocated by someone at Canonical.08:01
alourie|workpersia: so the question is if qa.ubuntu.com should be developed as "main" qa resource or not...and what are the future plans for it? Maybe ara knows :-)08:25
persiaWhat?  Do you see a problem with the current structure that needs fixing?08:27
persiaI think we shbould use as many resources as can be made available.  I also think we should use the wiki for team coordination, like all the other teams.08:28
alourie|workpersia: oh, I don't object to having as much resources as possible...08:59
alourie|workit's just easier to understand the QA structure with qa.u.c I think09:00
alourie|workand purpose09:00
alourie|workbut that's subjective09:00
persiaalourie|work: I suspect there is work to be done to make everything a bit more clear: this is true for nearly every part of the project :)09:27
persiaI'd just be concerned about setting a policy that said something like "all official resources must be hosted in this manner", as that restricts us.09:28
alourie|workpersia: indeed so09:44
primes2hbdmurray: is there a page somewhere collecting all launchpad tags currently being used?13:37
primes2hbdmurray: I mean, bug report tags13:39
charlie-tcaprimes2h: there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Tags, but it isn't all tags, since so many teams have their own tags in addition to these13:51
primes2hthanks a lot  charlie-tca, I thought there were a page with tags from all teams, but anyway, thanks for the info. :-)13:55
charlie-tcaKeep hoping for such an organized page, but reality is when teams decide to create their own tags pages, they stop using that one, it seems.14:02
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