andrejzgood morning everyone07:02
andrejzhello kelemengabor09:35
kelemengaborgood morning andrejz09:36
andrejztrinitje reminded me of this idea - http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/2794809:36
andrejzi think it's rather important to implement something like this in the software center09:37
andrejzdo you think this could implemented during oneiric cycle?09:38
andrejzi was thinking if there is some sort of parser, which could go through .mo files in the package shipped in ubuntu and determine how many strings are translated09:40
andrejzand that data would be fed into the software center09:41
kelemengaborandrejz: first, you don't want to parse .mo files - those are always 100% translated09:41
kelemengaborsecond, consequently, you want to parse .po files09:42
andrejzaha, ok09:42
andrejzi was thinking of mo files since they are included in the packages09:42
kelemengaborthat can be done with .po files in the source packages (in universe), or with the data in Launchpad (packages in main)09:43
kelemengaboraltough I don't know how to do the latter09:43
kelemengaborhm, perhaps by downloading the language pack sources, like https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/language-pack-gnome-hu-base/1:11.10+2011061609:46
kelemengaborand analyzing these .po files09:46
kelemengaboranyways, the idea is IMHO good, and it would be nice to know if the software speaks my language or not09:47
andrejzI think it should be easier to get statistics for programs in main09:48
andrejzdpm alreaday has something working for statistics script09:48
andrejzI think the idea is really cool, since otherwise user needs to use trial and error to see if his language is supported09:49
askhl_Maybe the issue of translated/untranslated packages/descriptions is of interest to debian developers?13:17
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