jdeslipHi All02:59
jdeslipAnyone here for the meeting??02:59
jdeslipI'll give it a few minutes to see if any stragglers come in03:01
jdeslipYep tonight.03:01
grantbowah, summer...03:02
jdeslipI guess I botched it and forgot to send out the email reminder :/03:02
grantbowHappy 3rd of July everyone. :-)03:03
jdeslipBut, I did go to the county fair... So, the day was a complete waste03:03
jdeslipI felt very patriotic there03:03
sn9yes, happy day after day after canada day :P03:03
rwwhappy Canadian-USA border crossing day?03:03
grantbowis it?03:04
jdeslipOK, lets get started on the meeting03:04
MarkDudeIS there a meeting?03:04
rwwIf Canada day is the 1st, and Independence Day is the 4th, I figure the celebrations are somewhere in between right now :P03:04
jdeslip------------------------ Meeting Begins -------------------------03:04
jdeslipThanks for coming everyone who is here even though I forgot the announcement.  (pleia2 is going to kill me)03:05
sn9MarkDude: i think the zeroth item on the meeting agenda is whether there is a meeting03:05
jdeslipsn9: MarkDude: we do have one agenda item to at least bring to people's attention. So it is on.03:05
MarkDudeWell we can start arguing about stuff- for old times sake :D03:05
* MarkDude kids03:05
rwwjdeslip: this action would be in line with other historical triumvirates03:05
jdeslipBut first, let's start with announcements.  Anyone got any?03:05
sn9MarkDude: that's last03:06
MarkDudeJuly 16th03:06
grantbowsn9: short meetings are not a crime. Anyone who's present can participate. no quorum required.03:06
MarkDudeGeeknic in Los Gatos03:06
sn9grantbow: old news03:06
* MarkDude will email about it to ML and LUGS03:06
jdeslipsounds good03:06
MarkDudeLets argue about it G XD03:06
* MarkDude likes quorums - lol03:07
jdeslipAny other announcements?03:07
grantbowOregon events are soon. not sure who's going.03:07
sn9for august, that is03:07
grantbowsn9: yes, good point03:07
jdeslipsn9: Ya, August 2703:07
jdesliplast year Ubuntu had a table there.  We should look into doing another one.03:08
jdeslipOk, I'll add that as an agenda item for the next meeting (Linux picnic planning and registration)03:08
jdeslipSo, we can a count of how many people are going and what we want to do03:09
jdeslipOk, so our only agenda item for the meeting is to review our approval application here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication201103:10
MarkDudeOh, Google+ rocks, bigtime03:10
jdeslipMarkDude: agreed on that count03:10
jdeslipHas anyone had a chance to review the application?03:10
jdeslipAny comments.03:10
jdeslipAs it stands now, it looks pretty good to me.  But a few things are missing.  Long term goals for one.03:11
MarkDudebesides lack of penguin pics- looks good03:12
MarkDudeNice and orderly- people did some great work on it03:12
MarkDudeNice job03:12
grantbowI think goals would be useful.03:14
jdeslipAny suggestions?03:14
seidoshello, i for one would like to figure out a way to get excited about a project again03:15
seidosthe only thing i can think of is propaganda03:15
grantbowPerhaps the elected folks could talk and make a proposal or host a discussion.03:15
seidoscreation of propaganda that is03:15
grantbowPerhaps a call for suggestions on the mail list would get more input too.03:18
rwwdidn't we brainstorm goals last meeting?03:18
jdesliprww: Yes I think so.  Perhaps it is time to just send suggestion to the mailing list and pick something.03:20
jdeslipI think the idea is to get the application off sometime in the next week or so03:20
grantbowyes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11June1903:20
jdeslipI'll review the log with DarkwingDuck and pleia2, make a suggestion and send it to the list03:21
jdeslipOk, so there is actually a second agenda item for the meeting that I missed.  Which is a suggestion by grant that we limit the addition of new topics to the meeting to 24 hours before the start03:22
* MarkDude votes against such a thing as a rule03:22
jdeslip(i.e. you cannot add an agenda item less than 24 hours before the meeting) - I guess this would be more of a suggestion of courtesy rather than a hard rule.03:22
MarkDudeA suggestion maybe03:22
jdeslipIs that correct Grant?03:23
grantbowMarkDude: there's no voting and there's no rule. It's just text on the page describing.03:23
MarkDudeThere were a few time that a timely agenda item was the most fair way to deal with sumthin' IMHO03:23
grantbowjdeslip, correct03:23
MarkDudeI know G03:23
jdeslipAs a suggestion, I don't see any problem with it.  As a hard-rule I guess it could be problematic (I could see people needing exceptions on occassion and we don't want to make it harder for new members to participate)03:24
grantbowThe reason I wrote it as I did was to make it a suggestion as I know that "life happens"03:24
jdeslipAnyone have any complaints about the text?03:25
rwwI'd like something on the wiki along the lines of "Agenda items added within 24 hours of the meeting time may be postponed until the next meeting so that everyone has a chance to consider them."03:25
* MarkDude thoughts were it should ONLY be for extraordinary circumsrtances03:26
grantbowrww: sure03:26
MarkDuderww +103:26
MarkDudeI mean 99% of the time it is not good to do03:26
jdesliprww: that seems fine to me too. If grantbow is happy with it as well.  We can go with that.03:26
MarkDudethat 1% situation- another matter03:26
grantbowrww: where on the wiki? in the meeting template as I had proposed?03:27
seidosis there anything presently stating that agenda items *can't* be postponed?03:27
rwwgrantbow: works for me03:27
jdeslipI think the meeting template makes the most sense.03:27
grantbowpartly this issue was raised again because a newcomer added something to the agenda last minute. Clarifying the expectations helps everyone.03:28
jdeslipseidos: No, but people might be a bit angry if their agenda item is postponed for no reason...03:28
jdeslipthis is giving people fair warning I guess03:29
grantbowrww: would you like to do the honors or should I?03:29
MarkDudeWell leadership is reasonable here- I see them giving reasons (if needed) :)03:29
rwwgrantbow: I'm out of the loop on where that stuff is stored, go ahead.03:30
seidosjdeslip: ah, it's a CYA kind of thing03:30
grantbowanything else for this item?03:30
jdeslipOK, grantbow - I'll leave it up to you make the change that sounds reasonably close to the wording rww used03:30
MarkDudeMake sure it is good, or I will put it in agenda at last minute03:31
MarkDudeto be meta03:31
grantbowjdeslip: I'll edit it tonight, thanks.03:31
jdeslipAnyone have any final announcements to make before we close this meeting?03:31
seidosidea here03:31
seidosjust thinking that sunday night is bad for me, well, during the school year03:32
seidosis the solution to that simply reviewing logs?03:32
jdeslipYa, we have been talking about moving one of the Sunday meetings to another day of the week.03:32
jdeslip(Like on an every-other meeting basis)03:32
jdeslipBut, I don't think we ever decided on anything and the talk died down.03:33
seidoshate to say it, but the meeting reeks of work03:33
seidoswhich is fine, but like, bad work, ya' know?03:33
jdeslipIf you don't enjoy your time here, nothing is keeping you.  You are definitely free to review the logs.03:34
seidoslike not dwarves whistling to work...but in a cubicle, joe vs. the volcano kind of work03:34
rwwI'm waiting for MarkDude to suggest we move meetings to Google+ Hangouts.03:34
seidosoh right, should've handed out party hats03:34
jdeslipAnd we do accept suggestions on improving things... but meetings are ... you know ... meetings03:34
* seidos hands out party hats03:34
* MarkDude is hanging out in + now-03:35
MarkDudeactually more like lonely- with no takers to talk03:35
rwwI know, my Stream keeps telling me.03:35
seidosjdeslip: understood03:35
* seidos hands jdeslip a bat cowl03:35
jdeslipSo, if you have suggestions on changing the day of the week or somehow otherwise improving the meeting, please make them. But, most importantly, spend your time whatever you want to spend it.  Have fun :)03:36
jdeslipBeing involved in a community, working on code etc ... is a lot like work, but it is also something I find fun. Which is why I am here.03:36
seidosit can be fun03:37
seidosnot trying to harsh your meeting03:37
jdeslipMarkDude: I tried to invite a bunch of people to G+ but the invites are closed still - once more people get on, I am sure you will be in hangout heaven03:37
MarkDudeWell- seidos we can do a hangout on + sometime03:37
seidosMarkDude: right, whenever access is granted03:38
jdeslipOK, anyway, seidos, thanks for the feedback.03:38
jdeslipAnyone else got anything before we close?03:38
jdeslipok, since MarkDude is qualified to answer for everyone, we will end there.03:38
jdeslip------------------------------------- Meeting Ends ------------------------------03:38
grantbowThanks for hosting jdeslip :-)03:39
MarkDudejdeslip, you rock Sir :)03:39
rwwtwo of my Facebook friends already moved entirely over to G+. Might do the same once it goes public.03:39
MarkDudeOk now somebody email Lyz and tell her I went crazy in the meeting03:39
MarkDudeSay I was rambling about Churchill again03:39
jdeslipThanks for coming everyone03:40
seidosthanks for hosting jdeslip03:41
jdeslipSpeaking of G+ - is there any way to sort the stream by date - I hate posts with lots of comments on them keep coming back to the top.  That is the one thing that irritates me.03:41
jdeslip(I also wish that when I shared something in Google reader it went to G+ and not buzz, but I imagine they will change that soon)03:42
rwwjdeslip: you can mute the posts for now. They're working on an alternative I think.03:42
rww(and they /are/ sorted by date. date of last comment ;P)03:42
jdesliprww: ya, but muting every post that comes through the stream is a bit of hastle03:42
jdeslipI think only posts that I have also commented on should come back to the top03:43
jdeslipWonders where I should suggest this... I wish Google had used launchpad to report bugs03:43
seidosdon't really get the thinking behind not opening it up to whoever wants to sign on03:44
rwwjdeslip: "Feedback" button in the bottom right is what I'm using for that sort of thing03:45
jdeslipah, I'll try that.  Though I suspect there is no way to follow up with that and see if anyone read your comment.03:46
jdeslipAh well.03:47
jdeslipGoodnight everyone. I'm off to movies.03:47
rwwthere isn't03:47
BrightAmbitionmovies nice03:48
MarkDudejdeslip, you can mute posts03:48
seidoshmmm, 138 members, that's a company o_o03:50
BrightAmbitionyes very much so03:51
BrightAmbitionnot really, i'm just agreeing randomly03:51
seidosis that even possible?03:51
seidosrandomness exists?03:51
BrightAmbitionI have no clue03:52
BrightAmbitionis it?03:52
seidosbut that may be random03:52
seidoscan't say, too much ignorance03:52
BrightAmbitionoops i made a typo just caught that03:52
BrightAmbitioni meant to say does it exist03:52
rwwRandomness is an illusion caused by sufficiently-hidden order. Order is an illusion caused by sufficiently-hidden randomness.03:52
BrightAmbitionI stay quiet to avoid saying something stupid03:53
BrightAmbitionIt works though03:53
seidoseverything is an illusion but it isn't03:53
seidosstupid stuff is so interesting though03:53
BrightAmbitionNot for me03:53
seidosif stupid stuff wasn't so interesting, i bet reddit wouldn't be as popular as it is03:54
seidos<troll face>03:54
BrightAmbitionYes it's like the brain crashing technically03:54
seidosi'm terrible at the troll face03:54
seidosit's really more in the eyes than in the grin i think03:54
BrightAmbitionI don't know how to be a troll03:55
BrightAmbitionEven though some people say i am which i don't get03:55
seidosit's probably hard to tell the difference between someone that is trolling with intent, and someone that just doesn't know what is going on03:55
BrightAmbitionI admit most of the time i have no clue what is going on so i just wing it03:56
BrightAmbitionNothing like improvising03:56
seidoswho's line is it anyway?03:56
BrightAmbitionI have not a clue03:56
seidosit must be wayne brady's03:56
BrightAmbitionSpeaking of lines i have to do homework03:57
BrightAmbitionNot fun03:57
* BrightAmbition sighs03:57
seidosthis is a youtube improvisation:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj0DbCBqF8003:57
seidoswhat kind of homework BrightAmbition ?03:57
BrightAmbitionIs there a ubuntu penguin game?03:57
BrightAmbitionI want to play something like that03:57
seidosthere is an OSwars game, but you wouldn't like it.  it needs more developers (artists and coders)03:58
seidosby youtube improvisation i meant i searched for "wayne brady" and that was the first video03:58
sn9it's a theatre arts class03:59
BrightAmbitionimprovising is more fun04:00
seidossn9: cool04:00
seidoshmmm, looking over membership process...the flow isn't zen04:30
seidoswhere's the "join button"...04:30
seidosreading over this last meeting log though, the controversial concept of "republican vs democracy" appears to be occuring04:34
seidos"don't trust the mob to vote for themselves, they first must be qualified to vote..."04:34
seidoswhich, kind of makes sense, considering what happened to Greece...04:34
seidosAncient Greece*04:35
seidosanyway, back to real life04:41
MarkDudeWell polarization happens by itself sometimes- like water finding its level04:57
seidosoops i meant republic05:21
seidosthough, i suppose the relationship between republic and republican should be pretty transparent at this point.05:22
MarkDudeWell Lincoln was a Republican-like one of the first05:25
MarkDudeJeffersonians were one of the 1st parties- and then cam the Anti Jeffersonians05:26
seidosAndrew Jackson was a Democrat05:31
seidoswell, he started as Democratic-Republican, then changed to Democratic05:32
seidoswould've been a great president if it wasn't for the Trail of Tears05:33
MarkDudeno doubt- I knew someone that their Grandma was on that05:33
MarkDudeGrew up in reservation in OK05:33
seidosshould probably read up more on Eisenhower05:34
MarkDudeStill the best slogan in politics- I Like Ike05:53
seidos"hope" was pretty awesome.06:40
seidosdunno if it was "good" in hindsight, but it was effective.06:41
seidos"in" is always an interesting one...06:41
seidoscan only guess..."in" what?06:41
* MarkDude made pic that said Change we hope we can believe in :D using that ODT file that had the iconic pic06:42
* seidos thinks that when one goes up high enough, the political parties are essentially the same06:44
seidosObama and Boehner did play golf last week :)06:44
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