brouschjust got back from parade17:21
brouschthey're more fun with a kid17:22
rick_h_I got out of the parade again thankfully17:37
rick_h_kind of funny: http://goo.gl/L772b17:38
rick_h_I have no idea what 'book factory' he's talking about17:38
rick_h_and I wrote the stuff lol17:38
snap-lYeah, I don't know what a book factory is either.17:44
snap-lBut cool nonetheless.17:45
snap-lSeriously? Xubuntu requires 4.4GB of disk space?17:49
rick_h_it uses gnome in there :P17:53
snap-lYeah, but stull17:53
snap-lstill, even17:53
snap-lAnd lubuntu uses 5.3GB.18:24
snap-lWhat... the... fuck.18:24
snap-lSupposed to be for lower-end machines18:29
rick_h_so what is this going onto that the 4/5gb is heavy?18:30
snap-lThe old Eee18:34
snap-lat least that was the plan18:34
rick_h_ah, gotcha18:34
snap-lI'm downloading 10.04LTS18:34
dekkardProbs with natty and Intel graphics?18:45
rick_h_not that I know of, but not running it so not 100% sure18:46
rick_h_I thought intel was supposed to work ok18:46
brouschdekkard: i've only had probs with second monitors18:49
dekkardI get no display illumination18:49
dekkardIts there18:49
dekkardJust black18:49
dekkardPissin me off18:50
snap-lAnd the LTS thata I put onto my USB key won't boot19:08
brouschsnap-l: booting from usb on the eee is always a little annoying19:55
snap-lWell, this has been especially so.19:56
brouschdangit. i just had the screen go black on me after screensaver. nothing would bring it back. i had to reboot22:25
brouschi hate how all of the little bugs annoy me22:26

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