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Takyojiand tonyyarusso, that was a Google+ invite I sent to you in an indirect method, which millions of people are fighting over to get. :P06:33
tonyyarussoha, nice06:33
Takyojioh, you already did so a few minutes ago. xP06:35
TakyojiI have yet to bike all the way to Mankato for once18:49
tonyyarussoTakyoji: It's not even that far - looks like 40 miles?21:53
tonyyarussoand a chunk of it is even on a pretty trail21:53
tonyyarussoActually, all of it, from the looks of it.21:55
tonyyarussoTakyoji: Do eeet21:55
tonyyarussoHeck, I might come down and do it with you.21:56
Takyoji44 miles, yes22:05
TakyojiJust biked over 12 miles up and down, up and down.22:05
TakyojiI was figuring that I could contact the mailing list and perhaps see if there's anyone in the Mankato area willing to get together over there or something.22:06
tonyyarussoTakyoji: If the state shutdown ends, we could stay at Minneopa State Park on the far end.22:10
tonyyarussoOne day one, one day back kind of thing, starting from your place.22:12
tonyyarussoTakyoji: Do you know how far you can go in a day?22:15
TakyojiTime-wise I know I've done 2-3 hours before doing every hill and turn and so on through Faribault for warbiking (wardriving).22:17
TakyojiToday I just did like 2.5 hours or more for about 15 miles, and was relatively dead, but again, very hilly, which may of course be the reason.22:17
tonyyarussoSo maybe you can't do 53 miles in one go then :P22:18
TakyojiYou never know. :P22:18
TakyojiBecause I don't know the trail itself22:18
tonyyarussoThe trail is relatively flat - it's on a railroad grade.22:18
TakyojiI can check Google Earth for a comparison of the altitude level and all22:19
tonyyarussoEven just for a really rough number, Wikipedia says the elevation of Faribault is 994ft, and Mankato is 794ft.22:20
tonyyarusso(That's a 0.1% grade average)22:21
TakyojiGrah, I hate how you don't have control over directions in Google Earth22:22
TakyojiI'll have to manually mark it22:22
tonyyarussoTakyoji: This is what it says for the driving directions anyway:  http://files.tonyyarusso.com/ElevationProfile.png22:35
tonyyarusso(That's for downtown Faribault to Minneopa SP)22:36
TakyojiThis is what I did (but roundtrip) from my house: http://mnopensource.org/RoberdsLake.png22:49
TakyojiNow if only I could export the datapoints and overlap them to scale22:53
tonyyarussoWhat kind of tires do you have?22:53
Takyojiwide mountain bike tires22:54
Takyojirequire the radius or circumference as well?22:55
tonyyarussoTakyoji: Refresh http://files.tonyyarusso.com/ElevationProfile.png to see them to scale to each other.23:04
TakyojiI mean elevation-wise23:04
tonyyarussoTakyoji: I'm sure the wheel size is 26" if it's a halfway modern mountain bike.  Width and tread style are more what I'm getting at.23:05
tonyyarussoTakyoji: I scaled both axes.23:05
Takyojias for the tires: 13" in radius from the outside, 11.5" in radius from the inner perimeter of the tread.; 1.75-2" wide of a tread23:05
tonyyarussoTakyoji: lol - you know that it says the size on the side of the tire, right?23:06
tonyyarussoheck, with make and model I can probably Google for the tread too.23:06
tonyyarusso(of the tire, not bike, although the latter could be fun just for curiosity)23:07
Takyojievery thing that's embossed on the tire: "Schwinn" "56-559 26x2.10" "C-1231-5" "Heng Shin Tire"23:11
TakyojiAs for the bike itself: Schwinn Ridge AL23:11
tonyyarussoah all right23:13
tonyyarussoYeah, those are pretty rough tires for pavement riding - no wonder you end up tired!23:14
TakyojiAs for the specific model of the bike: S266423:16
tonyyarussoOf course I'm sure your fork doesn't have a lockout either :S23:32
tonyyarussoTakyoji: For road & paved trail riding, you'll be a lot happier if you invest in a smooth-tread, puncture-resistant, narrower profile tire, and save your stock knobbies for when you actually get out in the dirt.23:38
tonyyarussoTakyoji: In particular, these in the 26x1.5 size would be fantastic:  http://www.eriksbikeshop.com/Nimbus-Armadillo-Street-Tire/PA3226/Product23:38
Takyojiand the cost is for a single tire I assume?23:43
TakyojiI just have to wait for someone to repay me for buying something, as well as just practically emptying my damn bank account on car insurance.23:44
tonyyarussoOh, you're not very close to an Erik's.  You can also order them online - http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBCEqProduct.jsp?spid=5747023:44
tonyyarussoTakyoji: correct23:44
tonyyarussoYou can get tires cheaper, but they don't have the super-awesome flat protection that those do.23:44
Takyojiand yea, there's pretty much nothing in Faribault. :P23:45
Takyojifor retails or anything23:45
TakyojiI had to go to Northfield to get a DOCSIS 3 modem23:46
Takyojiand for generic retail, all we have is the Walmart Supercenter, then Radioshack (which barely has anything either, Radioshacks in the metro area have much more useful things), and not much else.23:47
tonyyarussoYeah, I tried to look up a Specialized dealer near you, and it told me the closest was Burnsville :P23:48
Takyojiand then any successful people just move to the metro area, so it's a lot of the people that don't know what they're doing that are running some of things here. :P23:50
TakyojiI get a giggle when at Walmart for example that pretty much every machine in that has overlayed Windows CE errors and all23:50
TakyojiOnly bike vendors of any type in Faribault seem to be: http://www.tbafaribault.com/ and http://www.milltowncycles.com/23:52
Takyojioh hay look, a few pageview counter script!23:52
Takyojia free pageview counter script*23:52
TakyojiIgnore the first. xP23:53
TakyojiYea, just the last one. xP23:53
tonyyarussoSo, go shake down your friend for the money he owes you, pick up some slick tires, get a little more practice riding in, and let me know when you're ready to roll :P23:56
tonyyarussoI'm jobless for the moment so have some time to kill in the near future.23:57
TakyojiI'm going to very likely be switching jobs soon23:58

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