* skellat waves03:36
Unit193It's alive!04:56
skellatIf y'all were wonderin' what the recording scenario looks like for podcast type thingies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1ygxs1IGbA04:56
skellatUnit193: How goes your Sunday?04:56
Unit193skellat: Very well! I had a thing with family04:57
skellatExcellent.  I've been fixing tech things today.04:57
skellatAnd got to get through an entire church service without having to rush off to work04:59
Unit193Cheri703: Howdy!05:07
Cheri703how are you?05:07
Unit193^^^ Same as before ;)  How be you?05:10
Cheri703I'm alright overall05:10
skellatGoogle+ makes less sense so far than FriendFeed ever did05:13
Cheri703so far I'm a fan05:13
skellatToo many librarian types are already involved in it.05:14
Cheri703eh, I like the features05:14
skellatThe litmus test is to see if the librarian types are still using it after a week05:17
skellatLibrarians at large in the US go through social networks like a person with severe allergies ravages facial tissue boxes05:17
skellatI call it the social (network) butterfly effect05:18
skellatAlways searching for the next best thing, never settling on anything for the here & now05:19
Cheri703skellat: did my invite to you work properly?05:19
skellatCheri703: Yep05:20
Cheri703cool :)05:20
skellatMy cat just tried to climb my dresser and failed in an epic fashion05:21
Cheri703I am waiting for tonight's episode of true blood to be finished...acquiring...05:22
Cheri703and I have kept my living room "company ready" for more than 48 hours STRAIGHT! it's craziness... (normally it gets cluttery again pretty quickly)05:27
canthus13Heh. mine didn't even survive the entire day yesterday...05:28
Unit193Company ready? Naaa... We'll just go to them :P05:29
* Cheri703 is consciously trying to keep it clean, parents coming wednesday, still more to do05:29
* skellat ponders the e-mail he got from the Forum Council05:30
Cheri703true blood is such an insane show...05:30
skellatAnd now to wander off to bed...05:34
Unit193I guess we don't get to see it?05:46
=== Cheri703_ is now known as Cheri703
canthus13Cheri703: Which webcam do you have?19:53
Cheri703it is an internal "bisoncam nb pro"19:53
Cheri703so annoyed by this19:58
canthus13Huh.. I'm not even really sure what mine is.19:58
canthus13it works, though.. it just doesn't seem to be showing up in lsusb or lspci.19:58
Cheri703I told them that if any of these issues recurred I wanted a refund...not sure if this counts since it's not *quite* the same thing, but...same result: non-functioning webcam19:58
canthus13beh.  Looks like the Loco will keep pimpin' System76. :)20:00
* canthus13 is annoyed now. Can't figure out what cam he has... 20:00
canthus13It works, it just doesn't show up. :/20:01
Cheri703try gnome-device-manager20:03
canthus13Heh. wow. nothing.20:11
canthus13Well, it's there.. but it's still useless.20:11
canthus13model:  Integrated_Webcam_1.3M20:12
canthus13how obnoxious.20:12
canthus13subsystem: video4linux20:12
canthus13Whatever.. it works.20:12
canthus13never had any issues.20:12
* canthus13 ponders disassembling his laptop to find out.20:14
Cheri703heh, don't know if it's worth that much effort20:15
canthus13Mine? Yes.20:15
canthus13Cheri703: I know... It works, so why mess with it. :)20:15
_bbbwhats the asset tag20:17
_bbbor whatever its called20:17
_bbbdmidecode -s system-serial-number20:18
_bbbsudo make me a sandwich20:20
_bbbhmm can you get to support.dell.com ? I can't. =)20:25
Cheri703canthus13: do you agree with my hypothesis that if the problem persists across multiple OS installations AND a liveboot that it's likely a hardware/firmware thing vs a software/user-caused thing?20:32
Cheri703also: IF I could convince zareason to just refund me all money spent on this process so far (though I doubt they'd refund shipping, even though they should) I wonder if I could convince system76 to give me a discount...20:37
canthus13Cheri703: Yep. it's hardware.20:53
* Cheri703 is tired of having to deal with them21:15
canthus13I don't blame you.21:15
Cheri703don't really want to deal with more crappiness from the lady21:15
Cheri703and considering the initial shipping costs, and the $25 or so I spent to ship it in for repairs last time, if I have to ship it back AGAIN, I will be demanding refunds of those costs as well...21:16
Cheri703an equivalent system76, with 6cell battery is like $444, this was $399 at purchase time, so if all of the shipping was refunded, I'd be close21:16
Cheri703I'm trying to decide if I'd be open to replacement with the newer model of teo...not sure21:17
canthus13...You could present it to her face-to-face in september... :)21:19
canthus13(Or would we need a referee?21:19
Cheri703well, I'm not waiting that long to deal with it, though if they piss about it, I'd be more than happy to discuss it with her in a very public place...MORE than happy to share with others about how she talked to/about me21:30
Cheri703I am giving them one last chance to do right, and then I am done. I will loudly proclaim the issues I have had with my machine. I've been reasonably quiet about it up to this point (other than a few specific locations)21:31
Cheri703I don't care if it is the cheapest machine they sell, you know what? I am a paying customer, I paid for a working machine that would last me more than a few months, and the replacement should last more than a few months as well. it's insane21:31
Cheri703bah, going to go be productive for a bit21:32
Cheri703back in a while21:32
canthus13Ok. have fun. :)21:46
Cheri703made a bit more progress22:08
Cheri703decided that the rest of cleaning the bathroom will wait til the day my parents are arriving, as we are going to be bathing 3 dogs between now and then, so it'd be futile to get it all sparkling clean first22:09
Cheri703still have the kitchen and garage to finish though. garage is closer to done/tolerable than the kitchen though, and husband keeps saying he'll help but then keeps playing his stupid games22:09
canthus13Cheri703: Pile everything around him.22:16
canthus13..or on him. :)22:16
Cheri703I would if the primary items available for piling weren't either dishes or dog hair tumbleweeds from the garage22:17
canthus13Wall him in, cask of amontillado style...22:18
Cheri703hmm...I've pondered it...I could do something I've done in the past, when he's being particularly ridiculous...make the router deny his mac address internet access...22:19
Cheri703that gets his attention pretty quick, but he throws tantrums22:19
deejoeif only you could just degrade the QoS to a slightly frustrating level22:23
Cheri703yeah, my router doesn't let me change QoS, and I can't install other firmware, I totally would go that route...passive/aggressive, yes, but sometimes the only thing that works to get him to come up for air :/22:25

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