linuxman410does any one here know how to install packages with pacman in terminal02:27
linuxman410wrst u here02:28
linuxman410cyberanger  u here02:29
linuxman410Unit193 u here02:30
Juzzypacman -S i think02:37
Juzzyman pacman or google it02:37
Juzzyi hate packman's synax02:37
linuxman410Juzzy i went with zenwalk instead02:37
Juzzyyum/apt* is way easier02:38
Juzzyah ok02:38
wrstlinuxman410: i'm here02:40
wrstJuzzy: is correct to install pacakges as root: pacman -S packagename02:41
wrstand that's an uppercase S02:41
linuxman410wrst u ever tried zenwalk02:41
wrstlinuxman410: all you ever wanted to know about pacman, and more: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman02:42
wrstnever have linuxman41002:42
wrstlinuxman410: if you install gnome or kde gnome packagekit and k package kit work really nicely with arch02:43
linuxman410wrst i am trying out new oses02:43
wrstcool linuxman410 which ones?02:43
linuxman410i tried archbang could not get it going02:43
linuxman410tried vector linux 7 another no go02:44
linuxman410i am hunting oses that are freindly with broadcom wireless02:44
wrstlinuxman410: I would just go with straight up arch personally02:46
linuxman410wrst does it like broadcom wireless02:46
wrstand friendly with broadcom, mint, pclinuxos, mandriva, sabayon02:47
wrstlinuxman410: by friendly with how do you mean that? :)02:47
linuxman410wrst i mean it works02:47
wrstyes I've had no issues: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Broadcom_wireless02:48
wrstbut is it easy, no02:48
wrstlinuxman410: you wanting to go light weight?02:48
linuxman410wrst yeah02:49
wrsti don't think that you are going to find a lot of easy setups on something that is light02:51
wrstlinuxman410: thought about lubuntu?02:51
linuxman410wrst i tried ubuntu but could not get broadcom going02:51
wrstlinuxman410: what chip do you have?02:55
wrstI know there are a couple atleast that are a real pain02:56
linuxman410broadcom 430902:56
wrstI had a pretty common one that wasn't so bad02:56
wrstugh looks like a booger02:57
linuxman410wrst so far it works in fedora and zenwalk02:58
wrstthat's cool linuxman410have to do anything special?03:39
linuxman410no not at all03:42
wrsthmm linuxman410 that's right f15 was that way for me03:45
wrstusing all opensource stuff too03:45
wrstlinuxman410: since I changed laptops i made sure I spec'd it out to work easily that makes a world of difference03:47
linuxman410-wrst how do u update arch in terminal03:49
linuxman410wrst how do you update arch in terminal03:50
wrstlinuxman410: pacman -Syu03:50
linuxman410wrst thanks03:51
Unit193And I'm here now, but that doesn't matter...04:47
cyberangerUnit193: lol05:05
cyberangersays who?05:05
Unit193I got a ping a bit back...05:06
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
linuxman410anyone here16:49
linuxman410anyone here16:50
linuxman410wrst u here16:50
linuxman410cyberanger u here16:51
linuxman410Unit193 u here16:51
linuxman410anyone here19:44
wrsthey linuxman41019:57
linuxman410wrst u still here20:12
Unit193I'm here for a sec20:28
linuxman410Unit193 happy 4th20:33
wrstlinuxman410: yep just in and out what's up?20:34
linuxman410nothing much testing out aptosid it is awesome20:35
Unit193Why thankie!20:36
wrstlinuxman410: what is that?21:01
linuxman410it is based on debian unstable21:03
linuxman410it used to be called sidux21:04
wrstAh didn't know that why the name change?21:15
linuxman410do not know but it runs goog on p3 2gigahertz and 512 ram xfce version21:18
Unit193I do thing it's a kernel?23:47
Unit193...uses a different kernel?23:47

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