meonkeysvalorie: sure, I wouldn't mind a google+ invite, if you've got any left. My gmail username is "haircut".02:22
valorieso haircut@gmail.com ?02:23
meonkeysjust trying to be slightly sneaky there and outwit any email harvesters that might read a log from this chat, should any exist. :)02:24
MarkDudewell we are at risk with the mail list02:24
meonkeyshmm, I don't believe I'm on an ubuntu-us-wa mailing list02:25
valoriesorry about that02:25
meonkeysno worries!02:25
valoriesent, though02:25
meonkeysI generally plaster my email all over the Internet lately anyway. gmail spam filters are excellent.02:25
meonkeys(knock on wood)02:27
valorieI'm everywhere03:22
Lancelotahoy thar03:59

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