* nuvolari tips hat08:00
superflycold morning08:08
sakhimorning nuvolari superfly and everyone.08:09
sakhiMaaz: forecast Cape Town08:09
Maazsakhi: Sunday: Partly Cloudy. High: 14° C., Sunday Night: Mostly Cloudy. Low: 9° C., Monday: Chance of Rain. High: 15° C., Monday Night: Partly Cloudy. Low: 8° C., Tuesday: Partly Cloudy. High: 16° C., Tuesday Night: Partly Cloudy. Low: 7° C., Wednesday: Partly Cloudy. High: 17° C., Wednesday Night: Partly Cloudy. Low: 7° C., Thursday: Mostly Cloudy. High: 18° C., Thursday Night: Partly Cloudy. Low: 8° C., Friday: Partly Cloudy. H08:09
Kilosmorning superfly and other cold peeps08:17
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:18
* Maaz flips the salt-timer08:18
superflymorning oom Kilos08:19
KilosMaaz, hurry08:21
MaazHey! Kilos Patience is a virtue, 08:21
Kilosand virtue is a grace and grace was a naughty girl who didnt wash her face08:22
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:22
Kilosor her hands before messing up her keyboard08:22
KilosMaaz, ty08:22
MaazEnjoy Kilos08:22
nuvolarimornings sakhi, oom Kilos, superfly 08:23
Kiloslo nuvolari is it cold in durbs too08:23
Kiloshi Squirm 08:27
Squirmhow things going?08:28
Kiloswell ty and you08:28
Kilosdid you enjoy the uk bit08:28
Squirmyeah it's not too bad, being Monday and all08:28
SquirmKilos: I loved it08:28
Squirmwell, the last few months08:29
Kiloswhy you came back so quick08:29
Kilosyou didnt even get used to the cold08:29
Squirmactually I left after the end of winter, so this is kind of winter no.3 for me08:30
Squirmbut I ran out of money :/ couldnt find another job08:30
Kilosthey normally happy with peeps that will do manual labour for them08:31
Squirmah well08:33
Squirmnow I'm stuck at home in the middle of nowhere08:33
Squirmbut it's actually better than before I left08:33
Kilosand its too cold here to go swimming in the dam hey08:33
Kiloshiya scar[w] 08:34
Kilosi found the ZS6 guy again08:34
Kilosit be bmg08:34
SquirmI've just made more of a mission to be social08:35
Kilosaw i forgot to tab him08:35
Kiloslol why is it a mission Squirm 08:35
SquirmReal Life is an effort08:35
Squirmto try and get some people out, wow08:36
Kiloseish and you still got many years ahead08:36
Squirmmy neighbour is so lazy08:36
superflySquirm: sounds like you are too08:36
SquirmI went to primary school with him, he's been home like a month or 2 now and I havent seen him08:36
Kilostv addicts?08:36
Squirmnot for lack of trying08:36
Squirmsuperfly: I am :P But he's worse\08:37
Squirmthe effort lies in getting other people to be active08:37
Kiloswhat does he do Squirm 08:39
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee please08:39
Maazkbmonkey: There isn't a pot on08:39
Kilosapart from as little as possible08:39
Kiloslo kbmonkey 08:39
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:39
* Maaz puts the kettle on08:39
kbmonkeyoh dear, Kilos did you finish the coffee? ;p08:39
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on08:39
Maazkbmonkey: There's already a pot on. If you ask nicely, maybe you can have a cup08:39
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee please my favoritest of bots08:40
Maazkbmonkey: *blink*08:40
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee please08:40
Maazkbmonkey: Yessir08:40
* kbmonkey thinks Maaz needs a course in Natural Language Processing ;p08:40
kbmonkeyI hope you all are keeping warm08:42
Kilosim waiting for someone to help that johan on the lists08:42
Kilosdont all linux flavours as he calls them work with chown08:43
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and kbmonkey!08:43
Kilosor have i not read his question properly08:43
KilosMaaz, dankie08:44
MaazGroot plesier Kilos my vriend08:44
kbmonkeyMaaz, dankie08:44
MaazGroot plesier kbmonkey my vriend08:44
kbmonkeyoh I totally missed that email Kilos, I'll have a look too08:44
Kilosi am using karmic and maverick and have no probs with permissions on my external08:45
kbmonkeyyour external is formatted with fat32/ntfs?08:46
Kilosshame and he asked yesterday already and no one has helped him08:46
kbmonkeyoh I have seen this before08:47
Kilosext is ext408:47
kbmonkeyil do some tests and see about a solution08:47
Kilosi have great fun when boet gets here with his I5 lappy  and he cant even see my external but i see everything on his08:48
Kiloshe's a win7 man08:48
kbmonkeyI compiled WINE the other day, took 20 minutes, and then sound did not work. eish ;p08:51
Kilosi tried wine with an old age of empires on karmic and it crashed my pc and have been scared since then08:52
kbmonkeyI play half life 2 on wine no problems :) but since reformat no more games 08:53
Kilosbut it would help pass the time if i could get it working08:53
Kiloslo sdehaan 08:53
kbmonkeyoh this is just too good: kbmonkey@netbook:/media/disk$ touch this08:53
kbmonkeytouch: cannot touch 'this'08:54
Kilosyeah when in doubt use a hammer08:54
Kilosthe larger the doubt the larger the hammer08:55
Kilosthat johan sounds like he knows what he is doing too08:57
kbmonkeyhello sdehaan 08:58
Kilosso it will be interesting to see what the answer is08:58
kbmonkeyI think I have one08:59
kbmonkeyjust booting another OS to test08:59
scar[w]good morning Kilos09:01
Kiloshi scar[w] 09:02
Kilosjohan is sorted but i didnt get the mail that trold him how09:08
kbmonkeyah, well i'll post for the sake of completeness in the archives for future searches09:09
kbmonkeyas I hate it when looking for answers and an old thread never has an answer ;p09:09
kbmonkeyoh wait there is, eek too convoluted!09:10
kbmonkeyI want a Tux hoodie09:18
kbmonkeyyes like a long sleeve jacket with a hoodie, for winter09:19
kbmonkeywith Tux embroided on :)09:19
Kilosnice solution kbmonkey 09:27
Kiloswhats the 777 for?09:28
kbmonkey777 is the numerical value of saying "owner +rw, gourps +rw, and o+rw"09:30
kbmonkeyso its basically allowing all permissions for all users :)09:30
Kilosah its not something you gonna use everytime09:31
Kilosonce only09:31
kbmonkeyand that will also handle future users, or new installations, or other computers too ;)09:31
Kiloswell done09:31
Kilosi got it saved in my sudo chown file09:32
kbmonkeyit's the one thing I do remember from my Red Hat course I did in 2001 :p09:32
Kiloslol. i dont remember much . have to safe everything and try remember where i saved it09:33
kbmonkeykung fu panda is awesome :D09:44
Kiloswhen you use wine to play a ms game do you have to reboot like with windows09:47
kbmonkeyno you don't Kilos, it's more like you run the .exe through wine09:50
kbmonkeywine game.exe09:50
Kilosoh not gui09:50
Kilosfrom the command line09:50
kbmonkeywhen you install a game, it puts the game shortcut in your menu under WINE for you09:51
Kilosyou dont have an icon you double click to play?09:51
kbmonkeyor you can make your own shortcut.09:51
bmg505anybody here that knows how I can get ipcop not to accept udp 5060 packets at all, I am down with the flu and mtn bussiness is driving me around the bend09:51
Kiloslol. ok i gonna try.09:51
bmg505hello all09:51
Kiloshi bmg505 09:52
kbmonkeysome games don't make a shortcut, that's when you do one yourself. but its easy, ask if you need help :)09:52
Kiloswill do ty kbmonkey 09:52
Kilosbmg505, are you a ham09:52
kbmonkeyI usually go to appdb.winehq.org kilos and look up the game in question and see if there's any special instructions to install09:52
Kilosoh my09:53
bmg505Kilos, feel more like off mince meat today, but yea I am09:53
kbmonkeysorry bmg505 don't know ipcop 09:53
Kilosah i wondered the ZS609:54
bmg505well its simple iptable, you cannot stop the packet from being delivered or so it looks like09:54
bmg505yea you can even spy me on aprs.fi put in zs6lmg-14 will see my car09:54
bmg505you should wonder about the lmg bit not the zs6 :)09:56
Kilosthe ZS6 brought back memories from 40 years ago when i tried to learn morse09:58
Kilosthen fell in love and forgot to carry on09:58
Kilosbut still have a yaesu ft200 i think it is09:59
kbmonkeyI never got a chance to play on a ham radio. but I did do some morse code as a kid for fun10:00
Kilosit would have been so much easier with maaz around10:00
Kilos-- .- .- --..   .. ...   .-   -.-. .-.. . ...- . .-.   -... --- -10:01
kbmonkeyha ha ha. he sure is :)10:02
Kiloskbmonkey,  i got wine1.2 in maverick. do you think thats good enough for the old age of empires 210:33
Kilosi see there at the wine hq to register they ask what version of wine and there 8 later versions10:33
Kilosbhut that would be another 20m of downloads10:34
kbmonkey1.2 should be fine Kilos - http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=9910:35
kbmonkeyit got a gold rating :)10:35
Kilosok i will register with that and see if i can find what they say about aoe210:36
kbmonkeybut as wine goes, its best to try.10:36
kbmonkeyyou dont have to register to look up info, you register to vote, and submit test reports10:37
* Kilos thinks superfly happy you are here now he gets some rest from all my questions10:37
kbmonkeyhe he :)10:37
Kilosoh ok i go look for where to query10:37
kbmonkeysee here http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=147&iTestingId=6310210:38
kbmonkeysee the poster comments on what they did. usually disabling compiz and running in a window (ie no full screen) solves little issue10:40
Kilosok will do ty10:40
Kilosi cant even get it to install10:48
kbmonkeyawe :(10:49
kbmonkeyits very hit and miss sometimes.10:49
Kilosthe one guys says he installed from the cd10:49
Kilosmine just opens and plays the music10:50
kbmonkeyhow did you open it?10:56
Kilosi just put the cd in10:59
Kilosbut i tried right clicking the aoe icon but no choice to install10:59
Kilostried the open with autorun prompt11:00
Kilosdidnt work either11:00
Kilossaid it cant find the autorun program11:00
kbmonkeytry run the setup directly in a terminal11:02
kbmonkeywine /media/path-to-the-cd/setup.exe11:02
Kilosokpath to cd?11:03
Kiloswould that be wine /media/cdrom0/setup.exe11:04
kbmonkeyyes try that11:05
kbmonkeybut it depends on what the cd is named, and what the setup file is named11:05
kbmonkeyso you could use file explorer too, nautilus, if you click on the .exe or right-click and open it with wine11:06
Kiloshow you find what the cd is named11:06
kbmonkeysee the files on the CD with nautilus?11:07
Kilosi tried the windows program loader there but no good11:08
kbmonkeyis that the same as a setup?11:09
Kilosthe file is aoesetup.exe11:10
Kilostells me its not an executable bit11:11
kbmonkeyeh, that sounds strange11:14
Kilosyou dunno murphy11:14
Kilosas jy kan sukkel , sal jy11:14
kbmonkeyif I had aoe I could try :p11:15
Kilosif i member right on karmic long time ago when i put the cd in it asked if it must install/open with wine11:15
Kilosi keep trying11:16
Kilosto kbmonkey 11:16
kbmonkeywell I dont know why the exe has to be executable as it runs through wine ;)11:16
Kilosit doesnt even ask to open with wine11:17
kbmonkeycan you right-click the setup and open with... and select wine11:17
kbmonkeysee a CDRom is read only and does not support executable bits by default,11:18
Kilosi try11:18
kbmonkeyif you cant find wine in the list, expand the custom command box, and type in 'wine' and click okay :)11:19
Kiloslooks like i got something11:20
Kilosinswtall q4wine from synaptic11:20
kbmonkeytry that, never used q4wine myself11:21
Kiloswent open with q4wine and had to next next lots and now it is open same as with windows11:21
Kiloswill tick the insatall button now11:21
Kilosits installing11:22
kbmonkeygood hope that goes well! gotta run to shops for now :] 11:22
Kilosty very much11:22
Kilosgo safe11:23
kbmonkeyq4wine should let you launch the game then I guess11:23
superflyI got both Age of Empires working in WINE11:33
kbmonkeyah well let's see if kilos got his running too superfly 11:41
Kiloshiya Kerbero 12:05
Kilosbmg505, is the 6 for gauteng12:09
Kilosand 5 for natal12:09
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kilosms sucks even with a jug of wine13:15
rodemireAfternoon people.14:19
rodemireI had a hard drive with 3 OSs installed" Windows 7, XP and Ubuntu 10.10. I accessed XP through the Windows 7 boot loader. On some random day, i just couldnt access XP anymore, when i selected it, the machine would restart. And its been doing that since then, (about a month ago). 14:22
rodemireI tried "fixmbr" and "fixboot" to get it working but its not working. I then deleted the Windows 7 partition and tried again, but its still not being booted, and its not appearing in grub, when i "updayte-grub"14:23
rodemireHow can i get my XP back?14:23
kbmonkeyhi rodemire 14:23
superflyAsk the Windows IRC channel?14:24
kbmonkeythats nasty ;p14:24
superflyWell, most people in here use Ubuntu, not Windows, and that's because they don't want to use Windows14:24
kbmonkeyif update-grub wont detect it, then your xp install is corrupt or broken14:24
superflyin fact, some people in here have not used Windows in years14:24
kbmonkeyi stopped using windows last week. for good :)14:25
kbmonkeyfixmbr is the windows equivalent of grub, rodemire. as such update-grub will just override whatever fixmbr did14:25
superflyThere are plenty of places offering Windows support... It's no doubt easier to get Windows support than Linux support, so why ask the one place that *doesn't* deal with Windows?14:26
Kiloshi rodemire 14:26
kbmonkey10.10 uses grub2 ?14:26
Kilosrodemire, you can try boot with xp cd and do a recovery14:27
rodemireKilos: Thats what i tried last night, i use Ubuntu like 90% of the time but i still need a little bit of XP, and i remember from way back that u can fix it from Ubuntu, so my qtn kinda qualifies for this forum right?!14:30
kbmonkeyyou have a Ubuntu live CD rodemire ?14:31
rodemireYep, i do.14:31
kbmonkey(or live usb)14:31
rodemirei have both. Live CD and live usb.14:31
kbmonkeyhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling GRUB214:31
kbmonkeyif you can boot into the Ubuntu install, you could reinstall grub without a live CD rodemire 14:32
kbmonkeydo you know how many drives your PC has rodemire ?14:33
rodemireIf i reinstall it, will it pick up the XP or do i need to do something first?14:34
rodemireHard drive = 4, the partitions are too many, dont remember. 14:34
kbmonkeyeek. okay14:34
Kilossudo update-grub should see them all14:35
rodemirei'll try reinstalling grub, thanks kbmonkey14:35
kbmonkeythe grub reinstall will auto scan other OS's for you14:35
Kilosor was it sudo grub-update14:35
kbmonkeyrodemire, boot into the Ubuntu14:36
tumbleweeddpkg-reconfigure grub-pc should re-install grub14:36
rodemire"sudo update-grub" doesnt pick up XP. 14:36
rodemireI'll show u screenshots when i get home.14:36
kbmonkeyand you can run from a terminal: sudo grub-install /dev/sdX (where X is your drive where your Ubuntu disk)14:36
Kilosdo what tumbleweed  says14:36
kbmonkeyyou can see which disk your / is mounted when you run "df"14:37
Kilosthere is also #grub where the grub peeps are14:41
tumbleweedupdate-grub should pick up windows when you are booted from the ubuntu system. If you have chrooted in from a live CD, it may not14:42
kbmonkeydidn't know there a #grub14:42
Kilosyeah i been there too14:42
Kiloshad lotsa hassles at one time14:43
Kiloseveryone said replace the drive14:43
Kilosand the fault was in the cpu cache14:43
kbmonkeythat's very obscure place for boot issues!14:44
Kilossomehow xp had corrupted it14:44
kbmonkeyoh, go figure14:44
Kilostook months but now it be kiff again for last few months14:44
kbmonkeyno windows OS ever touched my current hardware :p14:44
Kilosthats good14:45
Kilosthats also why i am scared of wine14:45
Kilosgame starts up in full screen mode then hangs14:45
Kilosand i cant get to another desktop to try what one of those guys at winehq said14:46
tumbleweedkbmonkey: that's been disabled for a while now14:46
kbmonkeyoh, I usually enable that again14:47
Kiloshow do you re enable it kbmonkey 14:47
kbmonkeyctrl+alt+f1 to tty and sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart ;)14:47
* tumbleweed was only too happy to see it gone, it's easy to type bymistake when you are using ctrl-alt-arrow to change virtual desktop14:48
kbmonkeyyour backspace is next to your arrow keys tumbleweed? o.O 14:48
Kilosi went ctrl+alt+f1 and said shutdown14:48
kbmonkeyyou can also ctrl-alt-del from tty 14:48
Kiloskbmonkey, i need some way to tell aoe not to use full screen14:49
tumbleweedkbmonkey: I might have started typing before I rieleased ctrl-alt14:49
|3o|3/etc/init.d/gdm restart!? Thanks kbmonkey, I've always wanted a way to log off when my panels are broken for some or another reason14:49
Kilossomething about cfg14:49
tumbleweedkbmonkey: a SAK will also kill X, so there is a keystroke to do it (if you have a sysrq key)14:50
kbmonkeythat's the one :)14:50
kbmonkeythat will tell your pc to shut down and unmount disks and reboot properly if things get choppy14:51
Kilosi found that sysrq key  so its alt+sysrq+what other key?15:07
kbmonkeyyes kilos :)15:08
kbmonkeythe keys in that wiki link15:09
Kiloslol kbmonkey  what other key? anyone15:09
Kilosit just says another key15:10
tumbleweedKilos: different keys do different things15:10
kbmonkeysee that link kilos, there a sequence of keys, and each does its own thing. 15:11
Kilosi am reading it now15:11
Kilosoh is the list under action the keys one can use15:12
Kilosall i want to be able to do is open another desktop to then open wine notepad to stop aoe from hanging15:14
kbmonkeydoes alt+F2 pop up the run dialog Kilos ?15:14
Kilosbut aoe fills the whole screen 15:14
Kilosi will try it but it not lekker when whole pc hangs15:15
Kilosmakes me scared it gonna crash15:15
kbmonkeyyes we must find out how to let it run in a window.15:15
kbmonkeyi think  you run winecfg and in there set an option to run in a virtual desktop15:15
Kilosand it also removed my xchat icon from top panel even though locked and pidgin now opens inna tiny window15:16
kbmonkeyit's under the 'graphics' tab15:16
kbmonkeycheck your screen resolution, it probably change your res15:16
Kilosin wine config kb?15:16
kbmonkeyyes kilos. you run winecfg (wine config)15:17
Kilosok i in graphics now15:17
kbmonkeyi beleive if you turn on the virtual desktop, then it will only fill that window, not your whole screen15:17
kbmonkeyso aoe will think its full screen, but its just being fooled to run in its own window15:17
Kilosah lets hope15:18
Kilosmust the "allow the window manager to control the windows be unticked15:19
kbmonkeymmm, leave that option as it is for now.15:20
Kiloshold thumbs15:20
kbmonkeyoh oh15:20
kbmonkeyif it gets stuck, you can always ctrl+alt+F1 to a tty, log in, and run "kilall wine" to just terminate wine, and ctrl+alt+f7(or8) back to X15:21
Kilosok i write that down first15:21
kbmonkey*killall wine15:21
kbmonkeyor killall wineserver15:22
Kilosyay kb15:36
kbmonkeydoes it run windowed?15:37
Kilosit playing inna small window. sound worked till it started game then niks and very slow and jerky. i go look how them fellas fixed it15:37
Kilosmurphy back again15:38
kbmonkeyjust saw some folks had slowness issues with it :/ oops15:38
KilosMaaz, coffee on15:38
* Maaz washes some mugs15:38
kbmonkeysome games are just made like that i guess ;)15:38
Kilosat least now i can use the other desktops ty very much15:38
kbmonkeynp :)15:39
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!15:42
KilosMaaz, ty15:42
MaazEnjoy Kilos15:42
inetproMaaz: coffee on16:31
* Maaz washes some mugs16:31
KilosMaaz, coffee please16:32
MaazKilos: Alrighty16:32
KilosMaaz, hurry16:32
MaazHey! Kilos Patience is a virtue, 16:32
* inetpro lol16:32
Kiloslo inetpro 16:32
inetproKilos: heh, hoe gaan dit?16:33
Kilosgoed dankie en self16:33
inetproKilos: good thanks, especially when you just reminded me to go home and have a life :-)16:34
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!16:35
inetproMaaz: dankie16:36
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend16:36
KilosMaaz, gracias16:36
MaazKilos: ¡de nada!16:36
* inetpro wbb later16:36
Kilosgo safe16:37
Kilosgeen windgat op die bike nie16:37
Kilosdis te koud om nou te val en seer te kry16:37
Kiloslooks like rodemire won16:38
Kiloswe'll see him next time he has ubuntu probs16:39
Kilossorry windows probs he can blame on ubuntu16:39
KilosMaaz, whats for supper16:45
MaazSteak , egg and chips. And a free Coke16:45
KilosMaaz, whats for supper16:48
MaazA nice thick homemade  oxtail and vegetable soup for starters and then Spaghetti bolognese16:48
Kilostoo cold for coke16:48
KilosMaaz, coffee on16:48
* Maaz puts the kettle on16:48
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!16:52
KilosMaaz, ty16:52
MaazEnjoy Kilos16:52
* Kilos sits and sips all on my lonesome16:53
KerberoSymmetria: are you here?16:58
Kerberothe stellenboschers have a question about google which you might be able to answer16:58
Vhatawhy don't you just ask it?17:14
Kerberoi'm waiting for query and drubin to ask17:14
queeryi don't know what to ask17:14
Kerberowhy isn't barns on this channel?17:17
queeryhaha he is a Mac user ;-P17:18
Vhataso am I17:19
drubinVhata: some one mentions mac and you say first word in years! :) we miss your rants 17:19
Vhatadrubin: see 18:1417:19
Vhata(as in, I said something before somebody mentioned macs)17:20
drubinVhata: I believe you and I saw it.17:21
drubinVhata: also I was joking... 17:21
VhataI know :P17:21
* drubin is reminded of http://xkcd.com/386/17:21
* Vhata is waiting to hear what the damn question is17:22
marcogVhata: you'll never hear it, never ever17:23
drubinVhata: we wont tell you17:23
highvoltagethat ubuntu-za list can be quite funny sometimes :)18:21
tumbleweedthe small icons post?18:22
* tumbleweed skipped over it18:22
highvoltageyeah the screenshot contained a thunderbird screenshot. one of the email subjects is "Being stuck with a geek"18:25
highvoltages/the screenshot/the email/g18:25
=== locobot_2_2 is now known as locobot_2
Kilosnight all of you. sleep tight19:30
inetprogood evening19:48
inetprodrubin, Vhata: wb19:48
kbmonkeyell inetpro 19:51
inetprokbmonkey: sup19:52
inetproMaaz_: coffee on19:52
* Maaz_ starts grinding coffee19:52
kbmonkeyMaaz_, coffee please19:52
Maaz_kbmonkey: Done19:52
inetprohmm... he has a tail19:52
kbmonkeyhmm, his name has a tail19:52
kbmonkeymust've been a netsplit19:53
drubinMaaz_: change nick to Maaz19:53
=== Maaz_ is now known as Maaz
Maazdrubin: Changing nick to Maaz19:53
kbmonkeyMaaz_, wag your tail19:53
Maazkbmonkey: Huh?19:53
kbmonkeylol :)19:53
drubininetpro: where did I go?19:53
inetprodrubin: you've been quiet19:53
drubininetpro: busy ;/ I guess19:54
kbmonkeyoh hello drubin19:54
inetprodrubin: you on g+ yet?19:54
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and kbmonkey!19:56
kbmonkeythank you Maaz 19:57
inetproMaaz: thanks19:58
Maazinetpro: Sure19:58
kbmonkeyMaaz, thanks19:58
Maazkbmonkey: Sure19:58
inetproMaaz: rusks please19:58
MaazSorry inetpro I only have Romany Creams today19:58
inetproeish, I don't like Romany Creams19:59
inetproguess I shall get my own rusks20:01
kbmonkey_oh shit i meant xchat. xchat! where did that even come from? o.O22:04
=== kbmonkey_ is now known as kbmonkey

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