solayagimi checked on gconf but cannot find any key00:00
DriversBrokenpfifo:  Actually, it's not the HDD... it's the stupid disk drive...00:00
DriversBrokenthe cd that is.00:00
tonytraductorif I can get access to the router I can do it...just don ' t know how to get int00:00
Gaara_Can someone tell me whether this will fix my Skype error?00:00
spacebug-tonytraductor: we told you and you did not try00:00
Gaara_I really don't know.00:00
wildbattonytraductor: listen what they have said ~ your issue is you are behind NAT ~ you have to setup port forwarding /DMZ to get pass it ~ just go to or or  , which ever it works.00:01
pfifotonytraductor, go here OR http://192.168.100:01
Gaara_Anyone? :300:02
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wildbatGaara_:  did you try the suggestion there ?00:03
Gaara_I'm not too sure, whether it will work.00:03
dorkGaara_: webcams working on linux are a thing of the last 5 years, it's going to come down to you researching it since the webcam is vendor unique, the positive side is there is most likely more people who have had this same problem00:03
Gaara_I'm about to try it :300:03
dorkGaara_: start with a lspci and find out what kind of webcam it is so you can research it00:03
Gaara_It's a VX-100000:04
tonytraductoropk, I' m into the router/mode, but it'00:04
dorkgood, you have half of the hard work complete, now go find a resolution for it00:04
dorktonytraductor: find port forwarding00:04
tonytraductorits very different from my linksys back home00:04
tonytraductortrying to find that00:04
pfifoGaara_, worked on my box00:04
Nobgul-bncDid you log in?00:04
pfifoGaara_, test it run `LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype`00:04
DriversBrokenoh wow.  18 gigs copied in like 12 minutes00:06
innergalaxyI just upgraded to 11.04, and am having a problem with VirtualBox.  It reports that I am not in the vboxuser group.  I have verified that I am - however, when using either the 'groups' or 'id' command by itself, it shows I'm not in the group - but, when I use those commands with my name, it shows I am in that group.  Also 'whoami' shows I am logged in under my name.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.00:06
pfifoGaara_, call me @ pfifo_fast we can test each others cams00:06
vltinnergalaxy: You sometimes have to relogin to apply group changes.00:07
jieryngreetings :) i am wanting to have nearly all windows maximized by default .. how can i achieve this? using pretty much stock ubuntu 11.0400:07
dorkinnergalaxy: it probably is a group permission issue00:07
innergalaxyvlt: I have rebooted completely, as well as removing myself from the group and re-adding.  Nothing has had an effect.00:07
dorkinnergalaxy: hang on installing virtualbox really quick00:07
Gaara_It works ::::::33333300:08
Gaara_<3 omg00:08
vltDriversBroken: Using ddrescue?00:08
Gaara_so that command line00:08
Gaara_how can i save that as a script?00:08
DriversBrokenvlt:  No, gparted.  GUIs are going to rule the world.00:08
Gaara_'LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype'00:08
pfifoGaara_, just like it says on that page00:08
spacebug-innergalaxy: typing 'id' as the user, does it show? not 'id username'00:08
guvnorcommand line FTW00:08
dorkGaara_: it's an environmental veriable, but you can make a quick bash script if you like00:09
tonytraductorok, now this is weird....its not giving me portforwarding, perse, but gives me access to an interface to allow certain " applications"  through (including ssh).00:09
wildbatGaara_:  the page your find told you already ;p00:09
th0rGaara_: just so you know, that did just fix my skype/webcam00:09
Gaara_Orly :c00:09
pfifoGaara_, it fixed mine too00:09
spacebug-tonytraductor: can you see something about DMZ ?00:09
dorktonytraductor: look for something called DMZ00:09
innergalaxyspacebug:  using 'id' does not show the vboxuser group, however, 'id <username>' does show the group.  'whoami' shows the same exact username as <username>.00:09
dorktonytraductor: either DMZ or NAT00:09
tonytraductorI must choose which computer inside the network to assign it to (not port interface, just choose which mahine).  It gives me 192.,168.1.66,  the internal IP on the only machine here, this one, is
tonytraductorbnut, lemme see if I can get in now.00:10
dorktonytraductor: give your mom's machine a static local ip first00:10
spacebug-innergalaxy: it seems that you need to reboot/logout but you said you had already done that?00:10
Gaara_Somehow I closed skype, the proccess is still running lol00:10
Gaara_how do i bring skype up without starting a new process, i did this twice now lol00:10
innergalaxyspacebug-: yes, I have rebooted a couple of times at this point.00:10
spacebug-innergalaxy: strange00:11
dorkGaara_: should be in the toolbar up in the top right00:11
JokesOnYou77hi all00:11
innergalaxyspacebug-: lol, very.00:12
tonytraductorI' ve got something about NAT00:12
dorktonytraductor: see anything about dmz? or port forwarding?00:12
tonytraductoroh, the weirde IP address was just where I was opening the firewall00:12
dorktonytraductor: you need to change your mom's box to use a static local ip and not dhcp00:12
Gaara_How do i make terminal scripts :300:12
Gaara_Save the codes in a textpad, but what extension?00:13
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spacebug-Gaara_: extension is not neccesary00:13
dorkGaara_: vim/nano filename, type in the commands, save it, chmod +x filename00:13
guvnordork, please refrain from making comments about his mom's box, thank you00:13
dorkGaara_: then execute them with ./filename00:13
tonytraductorthe firewall has its own IP address?00:14
dorkguvnor: my apologies, her box is so delicious00:14
dorktonytraductor: no00:14
dorktonytraductor: dude screenshot what you're looking at, your router doesn't have a firewall, it is simply a router and is a firewall in nature00:14
tonytraductorthis is so much easier on my home network with my linksys router00:14
tonytraductorthis is some BS att webinterface thingy00:14
guvnorwhat's wrong with iptables?00:15
dorktonytraductor: it kept you out of ssh so apparently it isn't that much bullshit00:15
tonytraductorlike, this applies http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080525115025AABbdaQ00:15
dorkguvnor: he's complaining about having to set up a nat for ssh, has nothing to do with firewalls or acl's00:15
Gaara_I just saved it in a file00:15
Gaara_and then right click > properties > run as application00:16
Gaara_Works Fine :)00:16
tdignanguvnor: noobs can't comprehend it :)00:16
dorknetfilter isn't that profound00:16
guvnoryou needed to give him a little education00:16
tonytraductorthis interface says NOTHING about port forwarding.  My linksys has PORT FORWARDING, which makes sense...this thing is completely idiotic.00:16
spacebug-tonytraductor: do you see anything about DMZ then?00:16
spacebug-ok good00:17
wildbattonytradustor Application services?00:17
spacebug-if you assing DMZ to the computer with the ssh-server, it will work00:17
dorktonytraductor: you need to either look for something called NAT, port forwarding, or DMZ, they are all the same, forward data from the wan interface to either port 22 on the local ip or DMZ it which is a 1:1 nat which will forward all data to the wan interface to your mom's ubuntu box00:17
spacebug-that makes all connections to the modem/router go to that computer you assigned it to00:17
tonytraductorthere is a place to p" open the firewall"  to allow " applications"  through (ssh is listed in " application" , and it says "Choose the computer that will host applications through the firewall:"  lists 2 ip addresses, ne\ither of which is this machine00:17
dorktonytraductor: and if you don't give your mom's computer a static local ip address your work will be frivolous00:18
dorktonytraductor: screenshots or we can't help you00:18
tonytraductorsomething about Public Proxied Subnet (NAT/Routed)00:18
guvnorthat's it00:18
zelowhere are global kde config files? i mean when you create new user and login with kde it creates them but where it takes them from?00:18
dorki forgot how shitty 2wired routers were00:19
guvnorI tried to help someone whose port forwarding was called "PinHole" on their router00:20
guvnorthere should be standards ...00:20
spacebug-zelo: might have more luck in #kubuntu (though people here might know also of course)00:20
zelospacebug- thanks i asked there too00:20
dorki personally hate the acronym DMZ since it's convoluting to anyone who actually works with real DMZ's00:20
spacebug-zelo: ok00:20
dorki guess dmz is easier than 1:1 nat00:20
tonytraductorscreenshot http://baldwinsoftware.com/attcrap1.jpg00:20
guvnordork, screened subnet is a more proper term00:21
dorkguvnor: nat > *00:21
guvnorwell, what most people refer to as a DMZ is a screened subnet00:21
guvnorNAT is unholy and kinda sick00:21
dorkwow what a retarded interface00:21
guvnorbut necessary in a ipV4 world00:21
dorktonytraductor: see anything about remote management? i've lost interest and would rather just do it for you00:22
guvnortonytraductor, let him into your router00:22
guvnorI trust him00:22
guvnortonytraductor, just tell us the exact model00:22
guvnorI'll be your google proxy00:23
tonytraductoris there a way to do this by ssh into the router and edit config instead of using that absolutely inane pedantic moronic webpage interaface?00:23
dorkah yes ubuntu, holding hands since 200300:23
tonytraductorthere' s nothing important on this machine. it[' s just my moms00:23
guvnortonytraductor, tell us the model00:23
dorktonytraductor: yes via remote management, look for remote management optionss, not through ssh or telnet, but through web00:23
dorkor tell us the model00:23
tonytraductorI see nothing about remote management00:24
guvnoror not00:24
wildbatso teamviewer then ;p00:24
dorkno kidding00:24
dorkbut that wouldn't work because he can't forward ports00:25
tonytraductordid you look at the screenshot I posted?00:25
guvnorwhy the secrecy about the model of router?00:25
dorktonytraductor: i did, 2wire's interface is stupid and non intuitive, what is the model of the modem/router00:25
guvnorall your problems would be solved in a google00:25
tonytraductorI can' t figure out the manufacturer. says Empire on the bottom, if I touch the piece of crap, the connection dies...00:25
dorklook on the belly of the router00:25
tonytraductorif I touch it, I will lose connection00:26
dorkit's a risk you have to take sir00:26
wildbatdork , teamviewer have STUN ~ it works with NAT ~ , what i ve read00:26
dorkah yeah and the socket is outbound00:26
tonytraductorgateway 2701HG-b?00:26
dorkso forwarding would be irrelevant00:26
denHi - I got Ubuntu "trial" version running fine on my Toshiba Satellite 1105 with NetGear WG511 wireless pc card, now how do I get it to see the pc card and go online?00:26
b0nghitterhow do i clean up after ctrl+c during the download part of apt-get install?00:28
dorkgo to firewall/management00:28
dorkenable remote management00:28
dorkmessage me the credentials00:28
guvnorwow. That router looks ... funky00:28
XirreSo I am trying to start a server but I need help. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179629700:28
dorkyeah i'm familiar with 2wire routers they're more aesthetically pleasing than functional00:28
th0rdork: I have used several 2wire modems in the past, and found them relatively easy to figure out. Course, I wasn't spending so much time complaining about them00:29
guvnorI thought everyone who was anyone used Linksys WRT54Gs00:30
dorkth0r: easy is relative00:30
dorki work with cisco and routeros mostly but having someone navigate who isn't qualified over irc is a different story00:30
th0rdork: it is usually directly related to how willing you are to learn something new00:30
dorkth0r: agreed00:31
wildbatden in the top right hand corner should have some network like / wifi like icon right?00:31
dorkth0r: remember this is #ubuntu not #gentoo00:31
th0rdork: that explains the lack of knowledge, not the attitude00:31
ian___Anyone know how to get twin to install in Natty?00:32
XirreSo I am trying to start a server but I need help. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179629700:32
denwildbat, yeah, I was messing with that but didn't know what info to input (don't have that computer on right new)00:32
Zzzzzhi rooms00:32
Zzzzzhi room00:32
dorkZzzzz: hi chatter00:32
b0nghitterthe PPA repo seems to not be available? trying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX on ubuntu server 11.0400:33
XirreCan anybody help?00:33
tonytraductoryes 2wire interface IS stupid and non-intuitive.  makes no sense whatever00:33
Zzzzzi want manually edit to /etc/shadow for changing password of root and any other user, how can i do this ?00:33
tonytraductornothing about remote mgmt either.00:33
guvnortonytraductor, you want on PC to have inbound traffic routed to it? Is that what you are going for?00:33
spacebug-tonytraductor: is it the same interface as in the page guvnor gave you?00:33
wildbatden, you should see AP  in the list , just click it and ~ input PSK if any  that's all00:33
guvnorbecause it looks pretty simple00:33
tonytraductoryes, I want to be able to ssh IN to this machine (sshd running, comp listening on port 22, modem/router not forwarding )00:33
tonytraductorwhat page00:34
Zzzzzcan i create that hash value and edit to shadow file?00:34
guvnortonytraductor,  http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/2wire/2701HG-B/Limewire.htm00:34
Zzzzzdork: thanks for reply..00:34
denwildbat, psk?00:34
spacebug-it explains it all00:34
guvnorif you can't figure it out from that page, I don't think anyone here could explain it to you00:34
tonytraductorit is very similar yes, to that page, this IS SBC./ATT00:35
wildbatden, the password Key ~ used to access the wifi network00:35
Zzzzzcan i use any tool for making md5 hash or whatevery shadow file use i am on ubuntu 10.10 so00:35
pfifoZzzzz, yes00:35
guvnorZzzzz, md5sum00:35
denwildbat, ok, thanks00:35
Zzzzzguvnor: md5sum is equal to that shadow file hash value ? so its means # md5sum newpassword00:36
Zzzzzthast it ?00:36
tonytraductorwhen I get to the edit firewall setting, to choose a computer to forward an " application"  THIS machine is not listed. it listed and, the IP on this machine (per ifconfig) is
pfifoZzzzz, no00:36
Zzzzzpfifo: md5sum ?00:36
tonytraductorso that confuses me00:36
guvnorZzzzz, hmm I think I misunderstood what you were asking00:36
pfifoZzzzz, /etc/shadow uses DES, specifically the crypt() function00:37
dorktonytraductor: you should be able to manually specify it00:37
Zzzzzshadow file, i hav one shadow file of another server, i want to just replace its encrypted passwords so want to know that which tool i can use for creating that hash or encrypted values ?00:37
guvnoryes, I did misunderstand. Well, you did00:37
dorktonytraductor: don't worry about the computers listed, find the area that allows you to manually specify the information00:37
tonytraductorno, it offers me two options in a pulldown menu, not entry where I can manually set it00:37
Zzzzzpfifo: then what should i do ?00:37
pfifoZzzzz, I would write my own program that uses crypt()... I dont know a ready made tool for this, possibly 'passwd'00:38
dorktonytraductor: did you find remote management? it's under firewall apparently00:38
kellnolaok, damn the dist upgrade to natty was awful00:38
kellnolahad to re-do with the cd00:38
dorkkellnola: from maverick?00:38
teddyroosebelthey - where are config files for apps usually stored? like i want to keep compiz settings/profiles but im not sure where they are stored00:38
tonytraductorIO'm not find either, where I can manually enter informatino, or anything about remote management00:39
ugly_duckwhy does upowerd continually keep using up my cpu00:39
kellnoladork, yeah. been dist upgrading for a while now00:39
ugly_duckand iphone info set00:39
dorkkellnola: odd never had an issue, but yeah natty sucks.00:39
guvnordoesn't htpasswd produce DES hashes?00:39
Zzzzzpfifo: if i will go in another ubuntu 10.10 and then type passwd username and then go in that diff shadow file and then copy it and paste in that another shadow file will it work ?00:39
guvnorI'm pretty sure it does00:39
ugly_duckyay, natty sucks, and its what i'm using00:39
kellnolanatty's ok I guess, about the same, just newer00:39
pfifoZzzzz, i dont know00:39
DILwhat are the other 2 ips to00:39
tonytraductoroh, I DID find where I can manually set something. going to open ports 22 thru 25 for ssh00:39
tonytraductoror 22 to 2200:39
kellnolaI've never seen a dist-upgrade go so badly before00:40
guvnortonytraductor, i salute you, sir00:40
dorktonytraductor: yes, 22-2200:40
spacebug-wait you wanted 443, didnt you?00:40
Zzzzzpfifo: did you make your own tool for this task ? making encrypted ?00:40
pfifoZzzzz, what is the real goal here? normally you use passwd to set passwords, why dosent this work for you?00:40
KM0201kellnola: really? you're lucky00:40
dorktonytraductor: change your sshd_Config back to 22 from 44300:40
guvnorpfifo, sounds like he's trying to replace a password00:40
dorktonytraductor: if you dont set a static local ip on your mom's machine before you do this, you're kind of a tard00:41
kellnolaKM0201, i dist upgraded from the first ubuntu all the way to lucid00:41
kellnolano problems00:41
pfifoguvnor, passwd replaces your old password00:41
guvnorZzzzz, often you use a tool like htpasswd or crypt00:41
KM0201kellnola: like i said, you're very lucky00:41
dorktonytraductor: when your mom's dhcp lease is expired if there is another machine pulling dhcp it will not work00:41
guvnorpfifo, I know, but can you figure out what it is he's doing?00:41
guvnoror trying to do00:41
kellnolaKM0201,  maybe so00:41
KM0201kellnola: a couple bricked upgrades, is why i just don't upgrade anymore, and only do clean installs00:41
lost_soulEvening everyone, kind of a strange question.  Anyone have any idea why a secondary network card (hardwire) would stop showing up.  I put a second nic card in the other day and configured it.  When I was done for the evening I turned the machine off and ever since then the network card doesn't show using either dmesg or lspci.  Thinking possibly (but unlikely) it was an issue witht the card I replaced it and even the replacement card 00:42
dorkdist-upgrades aren't taboo00:42
kellnolastill using gnome classic and thinking about KDE for the first time in ages00:42
lost_soulsorry for the length of question, trying to give as much info as I have.00:42
b0nghitteri wish there were PPA repos for 11.04 :[00:42
pfifoguvnor, yes he wants to manually change a passwd, but if you can edit /etc/shadow, then you can simple run passwd as root so, the queestion becomes why?00:42
dorkunless it's some fucked up platform like powerpc but i don't think you can upgrade beyond maverick on the non common plats00:42
guvnorlost_soul, no dmesg means it isn't being detected. Do you have a live distro around?00:42
spacebug-lost_soul: A module (driver) for the nic that is not loaded at boot time?00:43
guvnorpfifo, exactly00:43
kellnolaKM0201, clean installs are the best way anyway, I missed a lot of new things by dist-upgrading00:43
dorkkellnola: i disagree00:43
tonytraductorbut there is only one machine connected to this modem...thsi is the part thats give me a problem nopw00:43
spacebug-oh not even showing with lspci00:43
kellnolawith lucid I was like "upstart?" wtf is that?00:43
lost_soulguvnor: somewhere I have one yes.00:43
KM0201kellnola: why are you thinking about KDE?(i find it hideous)00:43
guvnorlost_soul, see if that detects it00:43
tonytraductorI set up another " application"  to look on ports 21 to 23, but it still wants me to tell the router which machine, and it lists two, and neither of them are thjis one00:43
tonytraductorthis thing is all kinds of stupid00:44
ugly_duckany fix for upowerd using cpu?00:44
kellnolaKM0201, because of unity, I don't care for it and gnome 2 is about end of lifed00:44
lost_soulspacebug-: yea, not showing anywhere now..  But it did detect it fine first day, never experienced this before.00:44
guvnorlost_soul, at least that way you help eliminate it being an OS/software problem00:44
dorktonytraductor: dude, you have to give your mom's machine a NON CHANGING IP ADDRESS00:44
DILthen what is it connecte to00:44
KM0201kellnola: check out "Lubuntu".. :)00:44
lost_soulguvnor: ok, will find my disc..  afk for a short00:44
dorktonytraductor: you are making this way more difficult than it should be00:44
KuwangerIs there a way to extract the meta data (file permissions, dates, times, and the file order) of a tar and later use it to construct an identical tar later with the same files?00:44
tonytraductorit' s not me, it' s the modem00:44
kellnolaI'll go back to window maker if need be :)00:44
guvnordork, lol. Learn him up on some dhcp leases00:44
tonytraductorthe modem lists 2 computer IPs, neither of which is this one.00:45
kellnolabut I do like a proper desktop00:45
tonytraductorit won' t let me assign this machine either or those IP address.00:45
DILwhat is this one connected to then00:45
vltKuwanger: Yes.00:45
usr13tonytraductor: Modem?00:45
guvnortonytraductor, no, it shouldn't either.00:45
Kuwangervlt: How?00:45
vltKuwanger: tar -t lists files.00:45
JokesOnYou77Does anyone here have any experience with building an x86 router?  Or using an old computer as a router?00:46
lost_soulJokesOnYou77: I use one00:46
=== kefir is now known as kefir_away
Nobgul-bncJokesOnYou77, Yes i use one.00:46
mrryanjohnstonJokesOnYou77: you'll need to start by looking at iptables00:46
ugly_ducki guess i'm invisible00:46
guvnorJokesOnYou77, probably most people that have used linux for a while00:46
tonytraductorhow do I assign this machine a static IP?00:46
sktn07would anyone tell me:what is fedora pastebin?00:46
pfifosktn07, fpaste.org00:46
Logan_sktn07: http://fpaste.org/00:46
guvnorJokesOnYou77, and mrryanjohnston was right. Start at iptables00:47
lost_soultonytraductor: /etc/network/interfaces file00:47
vltKuwanger: -T reads a list of files to archive later.00:47
sktn07Logan_ , how to use it?00:47
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Logan_sktn07: This is a Ubuntu help channel.  Is your question related to Ubuntu?00:47
tonytraductorI never had to do  this on my home network.  I just opened port 22, etc. told it to allow ssh to and http to, ftp to, I can ssh to my main box, and ftp to my server, etc.00:47
usr13JokesOnYou77: I use one too.00:47
Kuwangervlt: That doesn't seem to cover the permissions/time issue, though.00:47
dorkJokesOnYou77: yes00:48
dorkJokesOnYou77: every day00:48
sktn07Logan_, is there anything like that?00:48
vltKuwanger: What does "cover" mean? How should tar treat files where permissions have changed?00:48
tonytraductor/etc/network/interfaces just has auto lo iface lo intet loopback00:48
Logan_!details | sktn0700:48
ubottusktn07: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:48
CarbonChauvinisti need help installing grub2; note NOT *reinstalling* grub2, just actually installing it00:48
tonytraductorwhat does that have to do with the modem/router assigning it an IP address?00:49
tonytraductoror using dhcp00:49
CarbonChauvinisti installed win7 and hosed my MBR, now can't access my linux partitions without livedisk00:49
Zzzzzpfifo and guvnor: yes it work if we create user in another ubuntu and then just copy/paste its encrypted pass into another shadow file then it works as well..00:49
guvnortonytraductor, strangely that is how your computer and the router communicate - through those IP addresses00:49
vltCarbonChauvinist: Run grub-install from a live cd00:49
mrryanjohnstonWhen attempting to install virtualbox guest additions in 11.04, is there any reason why the resolution won't take my native res? The additional Drivers thing shows that the vbox module is activated00:49
Kuwangervlt: Ideally, it should ignore the file's permission/ownership/time and use the permission/ownership/time listed elsewhere or there should be a mechanism to change the permission/ownership/time of an extant tar.00:50
CarbonChauvinistvlt: problem is, the linux install i had previously did not have grub2, and is a different distro00:50
guvnortonytraductor, either the router gives the PC an address (dhcp) or you create a static address on the PC and the router accepts that00:50
dawnno is brasil00:50
soscrewedi made a pretty bonehead misstake, i was blindly following some instructions on how to install gentoo when i realized i formated the wrong device per its instructions, i formated 4 years worth of books and all sorts of work on a 1 TB.. i am reading about photorec and some other thing, some taskdisk or whatever it's called.. does anyone have any experience with retrieving info from a formated external usb drive00:50
tonytraductorI did find something about remote management, finally, and it' s turned on00:50
CarbonChauvinistvlt: still just run grub-install, even with those caveats?00:50
Gryllida!br | dawn00:51
ubottudawn: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:51
soscrewedi apologize for what may not be ubuntu related information but i'm desperate00:51
tonytraductoroh, okay. the thing is, the router assigned it one, and it sees that, it is the nly IP address in the devices list but when I tell it to open for certain applications, it doesn' t list it, it lists 2 others .64 and .66, no
billy2007hi if i use wine to run a program for my i-phone will it detect it00:51
tonytraductorso it makes no sense00:51
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110400:51
guvnorsoscrewed, just don't use the disk00:51
pfifoZzzzz, you still havent explained why your doing it manually, theres an easier way for sure00:51
guvnorsoscrewed, and you should be able to get back all the data00:52
neohashihello.. I need to recompress a few hundred jpeg's. how would I do this from CLI? I tired: convert -quality 90% *.jpg *.jpg .. but this outputs new files (and too many) I want to overwrite.00:52
soscrewedguvnor: can you message me00:52
sktn07Logan_, how can i work with Ubuntu Pastebin ?00:52
alex__what is a good video converter for ubuntu?00:52
Muellineohashi: for file in *.jpg; do echo $file;done. But read on bash scripting fist00:52
tonytraductorone one page of this router interface, it recognizes that there is only one machine connected to it, at, but when it comes to opening ports to allow applications access, it gives me two options for devices to point them to, and neither are this machine00:52
Kuwangerneohashi: mkdir 90percent; for f in *.jpg; do convert -quality 90% "$f" "90percent/$f"; done00:52
usr13tonytraductor: Does this machine have more than one NIC?00:52
guvnorsoscrewed, really sorry, I have to go to work. Someone here can help you00:52
alex__i want to convert .avi files into .mp4 files.00:52
Logan_!pastebin | sktn0700:52
ubottusktn07: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:52
guvnorsoscrewed, just don't use the disk at all00:52
Muelli!best | alex__00:52
ubottualex__: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:52
dee27or transmageddon00:52
pfifoalex__, ffmpeg00:52
Muellialex__: you could give transmageddona  try00:52
b0nghitteralex__: vlc maybe00:53
alex__handbrake wont work for my certain video dee2700:53
DILso your moms machine is not connect to the router00:53
lost_soulguvnor: unfortunately I didn't have an ubuntu live disc that is easy to test with.  Using a pclos live disc however both interfaces show up fine.  Reason I say it isn't easy to test with a ubuntu live disc is that system actually has xbmc live which is based on ubuntu 10.04 LTS, it isn't friendly for being able to test things quickly like that.00:53
JokesOnYou77IPtables?  I'm acutally wondering if I could just pick up DD-WRT for x86 or one of the other internet gateway distros from distro watch and put it on my old Pentium 4 machine to speed up my LAN transfer speed and decrease latency00:53
tonytraductoryes, the machine is connected to the router00:53
dee27than try transmageddon00:53
neohashinice.. thanks Kuwanger00:53
alex__where can i get transmageddon?00:53
usr13tonytraductor: What is it you are trying to do exactly?00:54
vltKuwanger: Sounds like some scripting is needed.  "tar -tv" lists owner, permissions and mtime (just minutes, hmmm).00:54
Muellialex__: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=transmageddon00:54
Zzzzzpfifo: i had two ubuntu 10.10 , which roots and normal user's password were forgotten, now i cant recover pass fro startup recovery mode, if lilo were installed still it was getting any key, i had ony kvm, i had run ubunt live cd and then create user with pass and went in shadow file of that live cd os and then paste in my geniune server's shadow file and paste it there and on reboot it start working00:54
DILwhat are the 2 devices that is being seen00:54
Kuwangervlt: Yes, and I don't know if that's creation, modification, or access time and how much precision is stored.00:54
pfifoZzzzz, boot a livecd and then mount the root filesystem, then chroot into the filesystem and run passwd00:55
alex__should i use VLC instead?00:55
alex__if so do i just google VLC?00:55
Kuwangervlt: If only I could just take an extant tar and replace files in-place. :/00:55
billy2007hi if i use wine to run a program for my i-phone will it detect it00:55
Gryllidabilly2007: What do you mean by `detect`?00:56
usr13alex__: If you are wanting to use VLC and need to install it, just use the package manager.00:56
alex__alright thanks00:56
billy2007that my phones connected to the pc?00:56
Muellibilly2007: probably not. Better go with KVM or VirtualBox.00:56
dee27aint gunna detect it00:56
alex__can VLC convert files?00:57
pfifoMuelli, kvm and vbox arent going todo any better than wine00:57
b0nghitteryes, it uses ffmpeg for alot of it00:57
b0nghitteralex__: ^00:57
Muellipfifo: O_o they surely will reg. USB connectivity00:57
alex__so it will be able to turn a .avi into a .mp4?00:57
pfifoMuelli, nope00:57
b0nghitteralex__: yes, h264 if you want also00:58
billy2007Muelli, is kvm just for ubuntu images?00:58
Muellibilly2007: no.00:58
alex__which is for ipods right?00:58
b0nghitteralex__: #videolan00:58
Muellipfifo: so how do you load your proprietary iphone or whatever driver into Linux with Wine?00:58
tonytraductorlook at this screenshot: http://blinguas.homelinux.net/more/moattcrap.jpg00:58
dee27for different type00:58
dee27hd blue-ray00:58
pfifoMuelli, afaik you dont, any iphone support is using reverse engineered stuff00:59
tonytraductorthen look at ifconfig: http://blinguas.homelinux.net/pnopaste/?1800:59
sharedee27: you want to play bluray?00:59
tonytraductorthis machine is
shareinstall lxBDplayer00:59
tonytraductornot listed in the interface in the screenshot. (although, from the router front page it IS, and is the onlymachine listed)00:59
tonytraductornot making sense.  the problem is this BS router01:00
shareyes tonytraductor01:00
sharetonytraductor: what's your problem01:00
tonytraductorcan' t open port to allow ssh to this machine01:00
billy2007pfifo, ive tried a range of jailbreaking tools i cant seem to get any to work on linux :( is there any ubuntu jailbreaking software01:00
tdignanah, I am freaking out ubuntu01:00
ikoniabilly2007: no, there is not01:00
b0nghitteralex__: h264 is a codec for mainly for HD .mp4/.f4v... vlc is just a good app for converting to many types of codecs. it's what i use01:00
tdignanwhy is there no progress bar when I resize a partition with your installer?01:00
usr13tonytraductor: So you are asking us how to configure a router?01:00
sharetonytraductor: login into the router01:01
alex__b0nghitter, can i use arista transcoder instead?01:01
pfifo!iphone | billy2007 this is the only stuff I know of01:01
ubottubilly2007 this is the only stuff I know of: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod01:01
b0nghitteralex__: never heard of it sorry01:01
tonytraductorI am in the router01:01
usr13share: He is apparently already logged into the router, but what does it have to do with Ubuntu?01:01
bazhangalex__, just use handbrake for that01:02
bazhang!handbrake | alex__01:02
ubottualex__: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr01:02
tonytraductorthis machine is runnign ubuntu, and I need to be able to admin it remotely over ssh01:02
DILhe needs to port forward to poert 2201:02
sharetonytraductor: now add 22 tcp to
Muellipfifo: I don't think Wine ships any reverse engineered USB drivers. Reading http://wiki.winehq.org/USB makes me indeed think that using KVM or VirtualBox is a lot easier to pass USB to a Window application than trying Wine.01:02
alex__bazhang, for some reason, one of the episodes in this tv show,make handbrake crash01:02
bazhangalex__, handbrake has special settings specifically for the ipod01:02
sharetonytraductor: it has nothing to do with ubuntu01:02
alex__like handbrake doesnt want to scan it or something01:02
ikoniaalex__: handbreak has it's own support channel that is very good01:02
tonytraductorwell there' s the problem the interface on this router makes no sense. can' t figure out how to oopen 22 to this machine01:02
pfifoMuelli, kvm/qemu dosent support USB at all, and vbox only supports a few different devices01:03
tonytraductorI can do it on my linksys router at home, no problem. this ATT Gateway router is making no sense, that' s the problem01:03
bazhangalex__, then its corrupt. not handbrake problem01:03
Muellipfifo: get your facts straight. QEmu supports USB for ages.01:03
ikoniatonytraductor: the router should have support resources, forum/email/irc etc, try them01:03
DILthe existing ip are to two other computers?01:03
tonytraductoryou know, this is why I use debian.  their channl isn01:03
tdignanas a serious question, I am resizing a partition with the ubuntu installer, and there is no progress bar. Just an animated cursor01:03
tonytraductorthe debian channel is helpful01:03
sharetonytraductor: find the model of your router and do a search on router model + port forward01:03
tdignanwhat is up with this?01:03
tdignanam I in trouble?01:03
pfifoMuelli, it better not, i switched to vbox cause of that issue01:04
ikoniatonytraductor: are you using ubuntu or debian ?01:04
tdignanguys stop feeding the troll01:04
alex__bazhang, it isnt corrupt arista transcoder fixed my problem :D01:04
tdignanhe's been at this for a good 2 hours or more01:04
shareikonia: it doesnt matter he wants to port forward.. it's in the router not linux distro01:04
alex__tdignan, what troll?01:04
illmortalWas there a new update that caused dual display to stop working?01:04
ikoniashare: I fully agree01:04
tdignanalex__: if you don't know, then, I'm sorry.01:04
illmortalI'm on Ubuntu 11.04.. restarted my PC and now can only get one display to work.01:04
usr13tonytraductor: You've shown us a screenshot of a configuration wizard page for a router. I think you need to refer to the router's user manual, (not us).01:05
tdignanfinally, I was scared there.01:05
tonytraductorI look at information on the router, and how to open the port, the problem is, the router doesn' t have this machine in the list of machines to forward ports to, which is making no sense, thus the screnshot and the ifconfig output iI sent to the channel01:05
tdignanthe partition resizer needs a progress bar.01:05
bazhangportforward.com tonytraductor01:05
ikoniatonytraductor: best thing to do is contact the support resource for the router, and they can walk you through it, over email/irc/forum whatever01:05
bazhangtonytraductor, lose the caps01:06
tdignantonytraductor: you might want to ask a psychiatrist about this01:06
tonytraductoryes portforward.com HERE: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/2wire/2701HG-B/Limewire.htm01:06
bazhangtdignan, uncalled for.01:06
tonytraductorthis shows the interface for this router01:06
usr13tonytraductor: Are you able to ping the router's IP from the Ubuntu machine?01:06
bazhangtonytraductor, but its not an ubuntu issue01:06
tonytraductorthe problem is the router is not offering THIS machine to forward stuff too01:06
ikoniatonytraductor: please stop asking about your router,01:06
pfifoMuelli, damn it, your right, well thats going to come in handy01:06
edbianI have an external hdd with a button on the front.  What the heck does this button do?  It has what looks like a file icon (little piece of paper) next to it.01:07
Muellipfifo: sure I am ;-) I developed some USB stuff in QEmu ;-)01:07
DouggleHi having some wbui issues getting the error No root file system is defined where am i supposed to define this in the grub.cfg or?01:07
ikoniaedbian: you know the deal, that's not an ubuntu thing01:07
lost_soulI found an ubuntu 10.04 live cd and that also shows both network interfaces fine btw guys, so it isn't a hardware issue01:07
edbianoh, yeah01:07
edbiansometimes I forget01:08
ikoniaedbian: easy done01:08
spacebug-lost_soul: same kernel version on the live cd as the installed os?01:09
b0nghitteri'm trying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX on ubuntu server 11.04, but there is no PPA repo for 11.04... can i get around this somehow without any problems?01:09
illmortalanyone know if there was a recent update with 11.04 that caused dual displays to stop working (with NVIDIA drivers)?01:09
Muelliillmortal: try without the proprietary drivers01:10
illmortaleh.. not sure how to do that...01:10
lost_soulspacebug-: I highly doubt the kernel versions are the same.  But still different kernel versions wouldn't explain why it worked fine the first day and then just stopped I don't think.01:10
tdignanHow do I select primary/logical in the ubuntu installer's partition editor?01:11
usr13lost_soul: Have you lost the use of one of your NICs?01:11
illmortalMeulli should I try apt-get remove nvidia driver?01:12
Muelliillmortal: rather try synaptic first01:12
lost_soulusr13: yes I have01:13
usr13lost_soul: ifconfig eth0 ; ifconfig eth101:13
illmortalWell here's the interesting part.. I clicked on, "additional drivers" under Administrator... and it reads, "This dirver is activated but not currently in use"01:13
newbletHi, I had a question and was wondering if someone could help01:13
illmortalI think that's the issue Muelli01:13
Muelli!ask | newblet01:13
ubottunewblet: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:13
lost_soulusr13: one moment, it's rebooting.  I had it booted into a live cd.01:13
usr13lost_soul: Is it eth1 or eth0 that you have lost?01:14
lost_soulusr13: eth101:14
Muelliillmortal: well. If it doesn't work with the free drivers, I'd file a bug.01:14
KM0201tdignan: you have to do manual partitioning to do that...01:14
usr13lost_soul: Are they both ethernet?01:14
Muelliillmortal: but have you check gnome-display-properties and selected a dual head setup?01:14
lost_soulusr13: yes01:14
newbletalright, well I am running Ubuntu 10.10 on an HP DM1Z (Which has many problems out of the box with ubuntu) and I have this AMD unsupported Hardware wtaermark on the bottom right of my screen, that I was wondering how do I remove it01:14
usr13lost_soul: Ok, well issue the above command and see what it says.01:15
illmortalwhere's gnome-display-properties, muelli?01:15
newbletit appeared here once I installed the additional drivers01:15
Pard_I'm having a problem installing Twin. I got it installed via aptitude (I think) but it doesn't appear anywhere. I also tried compiling it myself but it won't get past the make. Anyone have luck installing Twin on Natty?01:15
KM0201newblet: never heard of that01:15
truepurpleAn AV has found what it calls infected files on ubuntu, could they be real, but innert?01:15
tdignanKM0201: I selected manual partitioning. Are you saying I have to use fdisk/cfdisk?01:15
MuelliPard_: what's the exact error message? It's probably best if you pastebin the output of "make"01:16
newbletI looked it up on google, it seams to be a somewhat popular issue, and the weird thing is I cant capture it in a screen shot01:16
newbletit doesnt show up in it01:16
tdignanWell, I did not see the option. Where is it?01:16
KM0201if you selected manual partitioning, then once you assign your partitions, you'll be able to set them as logical/primary, etc01:16
Pard_Muelli: 10-4!01:16
MuelliPard_: but if you installed it, you can search for the package name, i.e. 'apt-cache search Twin' and then do a dpkg --listfiles $packagename01:16
lost_soulusr13: http://pastebin.com/tM4iYjkT01:16
=== DJ is now known as divam
usr13lost_soul: lspci01:17
usr13lost_soul: lspci |pastebinit01:17
lost_soulusr13: http://pastebin.com/VVTDYMKk01:18
lost_soulusr13: if you want a pastebin of the lspci output from a system that does see both cards I can do that..  will just take me a couple min to boot into a live cd and setup01:19
Pard_That's weird. Seems like ./configure isn't working because make isn't finding anything to make.01:19
tdignanKM0201: the only options the installer gives me are "install alongside windows 7, replace windows 7 with ubuntu, and 'Something else'" of which I chose, something else.01:19
KM0201tdignan: right, thats the manual partition tool01:19
tdignanI was not ever given an option to choose logical/primary, and I have sda1,sda2, and sda3 created. That leaves room for one more, sda4, right?01:19
tdignanor am I mistaken01:19
tdignanis sda4 gone when you use the logical ones/01:20
MuelliPard_: whenever you seek support, provide exact details. In this case, the exact output and your exact commands.01:20
usr13lost_soul: Is one of them on-board?01:20
lost_soulusr13: yes, the intel you see is onboard01:20
tdignanOh, I get an option, logical/primary, when I create 3.01:20
tdignanI guess the limit is sda1-3, if you have logical.01:21
lost_soulusr13: the second one that you don't see is now a via rhine III01:21
Pard_Muelli: Going to be hard since I'm not running X at the moment (hence why I'm trying to get twin.) But I'll see what I can do.01:21
lost_soulbefore it was a davicom card of some sort01:21
MuelliPard_: you can use "script" and "pastebinit" or "wgetpaste"01:21
Pard_Muelli: OK01:22
usr13lost_soul: lsmod |grep rhine01:24
lost_soulusr13: http://pastebin.com/Q40eeMSW01:25
lost_soulthat shows it01:25
usr13lost_soul: sudo ifconfig up eth101:26
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usr13lost_soul: sudo ifconfig eth1 up01:27
lost_soulusr13: http://pastebin.com/k8hSJ9xp01:27
velofilleifup eth101:27
Greta2Hi, all!01:28
GryllidaGreta2: Hi01:28
velofilleusually the correct way to do it i think, it parses the networking scripts etc01:28
lost_soulyea, sorry..  I was tempted to paste it in here due to being only three lines..  thus the delay01:28
lost_soulbut didn't wanna upset anyone01:28
usr13lost_soul: See my pm01:28
lost_soulusr13: ok, sorry..  didn't see it come in01:29
cedriczgHi there, anyone knows which would be the best channel to ask sth related to empathy chat client?01:30
illmortaljust a heads up.. if anyone updated their kernel and only one display out of multiple displays works.. do a sudo update-grub, then restart your machine -.-01:30
xrdodrxhi, I'm having a rather unusual problem, my power just went out then came back on and now ubuntu won't access my external HDD. It is on and is spinning, but it will not mount. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable, but to no avail :(01:31
BurzmaliDoes anyone know the correct place ot report an OpenJDK bug?01:32
spacebug-xrdodrx: is it a drive with external power to it, or does it get power through the usb cable?01:32
MuelliBurzmali: google knows, no?01:32
xrdodrxspacebug-, external power01:32
spacebug-xrdodrx: then it _might_ have gotten destroyd01:32
xrdodrxIt was connected to a laptop that was on battery power01:32
rww!bug | Burzmali01:33
ubottuBurzmali: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.01:33
xrdodrxspacebug-, don't say that :)01:33
xrdodrxspacebug-, anything I can do to revive it?01:33
rwwBurzmali: in your case, package probably equals openjdk-6-jre01:33
xrdodrxIt was hooked up to a surge protector01:33
billy2007if i install itunes through wine could i then transfer any downloads from itunes to my iphone through ubuntu ?01:33
spacebug-it does not have to be, just saying it could be01:33
Muellibilly2007: I'd guess no. I'd use Qemu/KVM.01:33
xrdodrxspacebug-, right, but is there anything I can do to make it mount/revive it01:34
spacebug-xrdodrx: tried it in another computer? put both the power and data cabel out for a minute? rebooted the laptop?01:34
Muellibilly2007: or you could use Banshee or Rhythmbox to move files to your proproetary Apple device01:34
cedriczgxrdodrx, when you connect your external HD, what happens if you try the command dmesg?01:34
xrdodrxspacebug-, I'll try all three01:34
spacebug-xrdodrx: ok01:34
cedriczgxrdodrx, is it recognized?01:35
xrdodrxcedriczg, let's see01:35
Greta2Gryllida: is it true that I can not receive support from ANYONE in this channel if I am running Ubuntu 8.04 just because the "support stopped on May 12, 2011"?01:35
billy2007Muelli, ive gone passed jailbreaking ill leave it as is i just want a way to download apps from my pc then transfer them to my iphone01:35
brewsterwhat's the max ram size supported by ubuntu?01:35
brewsteror doesn't it matter?01:35
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
rwwGreta2: Are you running a command-line only system or a graphical interface?01:35
Muellibrewster: close to infinity01:35
xrdodrxcedriczg, [1203176.197833] usb 1-3: USB disconnect, address 1601:35
cedriczganyone is using empathy here? I am using ubuntu natty and would like to tweak it01:35
Greta2rww: I am running a graphical interface atm, but I am working in the terminal.01:36
xangua!pae | if you mean 32bit brewster01:36
ubottuif you mean 32bit brewster: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info01:36
rwwGreta2: Then correct, your Ubuntu install is not supported.01:36
cedriczgxrdodrx, then it gets recognized but for some reason it then gets disconnected.01:36
Greta2rww, surely there must be SOMEONE who can help me wtih version 8.04 here... would there happen to be anyone who can help me please?01:36
billy2007why would you ever need more than 3.2 g of ram01:37
rwwGreta2: #ubuntu is for supported versions of Ubuntu01:37
xrdodrxcedriczg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/637703/01:37
xrdodrxIs more of dmesg01:37
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Nobgul-bncbilly2007, Lots of people use mreo then 3 gigs for video editing and gaming.01:37
Greta2rww: I think #ubuntu should support ALL verisons of Ubuntu and not just the most recent ones01:37
Greta2rww: not everyone has the most recent version.01:37
MuelliI think everybody should have ponies01:38
Nobgul-bncGreta2, what is your problem i missed it.01:38
rwwGreta2: Your version of Ubuntu stopped receiving security updates and support in May. This was publicized when Ubuntu 8.04 was released and when it went End of Life. It is not feasible for our security and support teams to continue supporting old versions of Ubuntu indefinately.01:38
Burzmalirww: Do you happen to know it the upstream cares about what is posted on our side?01:38
xanguaGreta2: it supports the Supported versions...01:38
GryllidaGreta2: Right01:38
spacebug-xrdodrx:  the "medium error" seems no good :(01:38
rwwBurzmali: Depends on the upstream. In a perfect world, the BugSquad forwards bugs to upstream if necessary.01:38
Greta2Nobgul-bnc: I am looking to understand what my error message means with regards to my partitioning process.01:39
xrdodrxspacebug-, so it's toast then?01:39
GryllidaGreta2: However if it's not version-specific, I suppose people would help01:39
xrdodrxReturn it?01:39
Nobgul-bncGreta2, Can you pastebin the error I will look, not sure I can help but we shall see01:39
Greta2rww, xangua and Gryllida, thank you for all of your input, but at this moment I find that your help is very constrained.01:39
xrdodrxI don't see how this could happen :(01:40
cedriczgxrdodrx, well from the dmesg error logs it seams your external HD has some issues after your power problems01:40
xrdodrxit was connected to a surge protector01:40
xrdodrxand formatted as ext401:40
cedriczgxrdodrx, you might need to run a scan for the disk. But not sure how if you even are not being able to connect to it...01:40
Greta2Nobgul-bnc: thank you for making yourself available to help me. I have to make a screenshot, as my linux system is on another machine entirely. Be right back! :)01:40
xrdodrxcedriczg, it appears in /dev01:40
Nobgul-bncGreta2, ok. No problem01:40
xrdodrxCouldn't I use fsck?01:41
spacebug-why not01:41
xrdodrxspacebug-, I'm not sure about the command :(01:41
xrdodrxI was just reading about that online ;)01:41
eduardo_Just reading01:41
spacebug-fsck /dev/sdc101:41
cedriczgxrdodrx, try what spacebug-  suggested then01:42
xrdodrxfsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.201:42
xrdodrxthen it pauses01:42
kwtm2I tried reinstalling MythTV after purging but looks like old settings are still there.  How do I rename a MySQL database, please?01:42
spacebug-xrdodrx: can't remember really what is should say but not just pause and no text01:43
rwwGreta2: If you want to use a system that has unpatched security vulnerabilities and is not supported by its creators, that's your problem. Please don't bring it into #ubuntu and make it ours ;(01:43
xrdodrxspacebug-, that's what it did...just paused01:44
spacebug-xrdodrx: probably because it cannot access the device01:44
xrdodrxspacebug-, the funny thing is that the access light is blinking01:44
xrdodrxa lot01:44
spacebug-hum ok01:45
xrdodrxspacebug-, should I kill it?01:46
spacebug-if it is a disk inside a box, you might be able to get the disk out and put it in a computer and get the data01:46
spacebug-xrdodrx: hum maybe01:46
xrdodrxit gave an error: fsck.ext2: Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sdc101:46
xrdodrxCould this be a zero-length partition?01:46
eduardo_It is complicated01:47
Jordan_Uxrdodrx: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -lu"?01:48
xrdodrxJordan_U, yes, one moment please01:48
Greta2rww: all I expect is patience and understanding. You are also not aware that I DO NOT have this machine online. As a result, this machine is NOT going to affect you in ANY way at this time.01:49
xrdodrxJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/637707/01:49
donpdonpim following the steps in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades but 'apt-get upgrade' is confusing. will it upgrade to 11.04? im trying to get 10.04 installed (from 9.04)01:49
donpdonpoh nevermind, its just an update of existing packages :)01:50
=== Greta2 is now known as Greta
wsr3193donp hit alt f2 you can upgrade from there01:50
Jordan_UGreta2: You are affecting us right now by asking us for support.01:50
xanguadonpdonp: from 9.04 you need to upgrade to 9.10 and then 10.0401:50
Nobgul-bncapt-get update will update the system01:50
JosesordoHow I install or set the Video(Webcam)/Audio in Pidgin?..01:50
Nobgul-bncerr nvm im tired01:50
rwwGreta: You're persistantly asking for help with it in channels that you've been told repeatedly do not support it. This is annoying and detracting from other people with supported systems getting help.01:50
xanguaand then to get 11.04 you need to go from 10.04 to 10.10 and finally 11.04.....i would just download and fresh install it from ubuntu.com01:51
xrdodrxJordan_U, any ideas? It looks like good news to me?01:51
GretaNobgul-bnc, may I pm you please?01:51
alex__is there any chance that republic commando will run in 11.04? it wont run for me in 10.10 :C01:52
Nobgul-bncaleX-xx, What error's does it give while running?01:52
KuwangerIt's a shame Ubuntu doesn't have something LTS but for a longer period, though. :/01:53
ubuntunoobie2903I installed OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime and its browser plugin for firefox, but I can't get java to work.01:53
ubuntunoobie2903Any suggestions?01:53
Nobgul-bnchrmm there is a bot command for that i thinks01:54
wsr3193Ubuntunoobie,  you also need to install icetea01:54
ubuntunoobie2903icetea is installed01:54
usr13ubuntunoobie2903: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin01:54
spacebug-Kuwanger: three years for desktop, five years for server is not enough?01:55
Jordan_Uxrdodrx: It looks like the partition is much smaller than the disk it's contained on, and possibly smaller than the filesystem (which would be consistent with the error message from fsck). Do you have any idea why the partition would be so small compared to the capacity of the disk?01:56
usr13!java  ubuntunoobie290301:56
usr13!java |  ubuntunoobie290301:56
ubottuubuntunoobie2903: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.01:56
mobodois it possible to launch something on display 0 while connected from tty through ssh?01:57
rwwmobodo: DISPLAY=:0 commandnamehere01:57
usr13mobodo: Yes01:57
Jordan_Umobodo: DISPLAY=:0.0 command01:57
billy2007i cant seem to run i tunes through wine any ideas?01:57
usr13export DISPLAY=:0.001:58
mobodoheh thanks :)01:58
Jordan_U!wine | billy200701:58
ubottubilly2007: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu01:58
Kuwangerspacebug-: Having to update the whole system three times a decade on the desktop just to be sure security bugs are still being fixed seems a bit much.01:58
Jordan_Ubilly2007: Why do you specifically want iTunes?01:58
xanguabilly2007: buy an android, a lot easied or use the apple cloud thing01:58
Nobgul-bncbilly2007, there is a itunes laternative. I think its called blackbird01:59
billy2007to download apps to my pc from the app centre01:59
spacebug-Kuwanger: ok if you think so.01:59
Nobgul-bncoh to downlaod apps just use the app manager on your phone?01:59
billy2007Nobgul-bnc, but would i still be able to download from apple app centre01:59
xrdodrxJordan_U, no, I don't02:00
xrdodrxI partitoned the drive using gparted as soon as I got it02:00
xrdodrxext4, one partition, using the entire disk02:00
xrdodrxit's okay because all of my computers use Ubuntu02:00
billy2007Nobgul-bnc, i dont think yo uu understand i want to save data on my phonby download on my pc02:00
Nobgul-bncbilly2007, not with any of the itunes alternatives. only transfer songs to or from the ipad pod phone02:00
Nobgul-bncbilly2007, you want to use the backup feature. I understand. You will have to install wine and run itunes in it.02:02
Jordan_Uxrdodrx: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sdc1"?02:02
Nobgul-bncbilly2007,  I will tell you it runs really bad in wine. You may be better off dual booting just to use itunes under windows.02:02
xrdodrxJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/637713/02:03
billy2007it  installs perfectly without a hitch then i get an error message when i try to enter the app store and it closes02:03
Jordan_Uxrdodrx: I need to leave for a few minutes but I will be back.02:03
xrdodrxJordan_U, okay :)02:03
Nobgul-bncAs i said. it doesnt run properly you do not need to enter the app store to backup02:04
ubuntunoobie2903ubottu: just followed the instructions at the tinyurl you gave me, it installs but it still won't run in the browser02:04
ubottuubuntunoobie2903: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:04
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa02:05
cedriczganyone using empathy on unity? It appears to me or clicking on the bar for the chat button is not working as expected?02:08
WiKhello all02:11
WiKim tring to explor the bootsplash setup...i have this file where the header is BOOTSPL3...could anyone point me to some info on how to create a replacement?02:12
duvelWhy is there no stable drivers for Logitech G19 Keyboard!!!=(02:13
woodyjlwhmmm I think 11.04 is a huge step backwards for ubuntu!  hope there is a way to install the gnome desktop like in 10.04... is there?02:18
mobodowoodyjlw: like, choosing it from the login menu?02:18
rww!classic | woodyjlw02:19
ubottuwoodyjlw: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".02:19
MedjaiIs there a way to get my bug on Launchpad accepted by a developer or how does the whole assignment process work?02:19
maxxistthis may be a dumb question...  would it be at all beneficial on my eee 1215p netbook to run ubuntu from an sd card?  I am looking to maximize the battery life by not running the hard drive in it02:19
woodyjlwthanks ....will definitely have to do that!02:19
DartmanXI'm getting the errno5 trying to install on a Dell laptop, even though I'm trying to install from USB, not CD. Can anyone help?02:20
=== ajf is now known as ajf|offline
woodyjlwnow on all previous versions of ubuntu I was able to use hardware additional drivers to install my broadcom wireless and now it dose not see my wireless to give me the option to install driver. is there a different way now?02:22
Nobgul-bncShould be the same way as before.02:23
roastedAnybody good with grub2? I'm trying to set up an ubuntu ISO (several, actually) to load on my flash drive, but it's tanking on me.02:24
froqcan I not share a photo on the ubuntu forums via flickr?02:25
Nobgul-bncroasted, what is the problem your having?02:25
DriversFixedShould onboard RAID 1 cause gparted to detect the 2 drives as two separate drives?02:27
xanguaroasted: multiboot ¿ i use multi sysmem http://liveusb.info/dotclear/02:27
george_i am trying ubuntu 11.04 and after booting cd, i get a black screen ... I have a DELL vostro 3500, any sugestions ?02:30
roastedNobgul-bnc, well I installed grub2 onto a 4gb flash drive, and I set up a grub config file with the menu entry to my ubuntu iso. But it tanks when I try to boot. I just get a grub> prompt02:30
kwtm2wow, installing mythtv fails to install a working mythtv installation.  Is there a more basic mythtv package than "mythtv"?  Maybe "mythtv-basic-EveryoneNeedsThis"?02:31
bazhangkwtm2, mythbuntu-desktop you mean02:32
DriversFixedCan anyone tell my gparted is reading onboard RAID as 2 different drives?02:33
DriversFixedOr is it supposed to do that02:33
kwtm2bazhang: Is that what I need?  I want to retain my kubuntu-desktop, but am trying to reinstall MythTV from scratch to get rid of old settings (copied inadvertently from a hard drive restore).  I tried "sudo apt-get purge mythtv" and also deleted the mythconverg database from MySQL, but then "sudo apt-get install mythtv" resulted in a complaint that it couldn't find the database (which I deleted) --shouldn't installation create the02:34
kwtm2database, or at least not assume that it should already exist?02:34
roastedNobgul-bnc, actually I may have just fixed it. I had the wrong menu entry in. I guess the youtube video I watched was old. Hey, if I use the same menu entry settings for linux mint, think I'd be able to multi boot it as well? I can't find the specific mint settings. :(02:35
woodyjlwhow do I install bcm43 wireless driver for ubuntu 11.04?02:35
thezankeanyone know why occasionally my ubuntu locks up, keyboard stops working and the top bar buttons stop working, but anything already open continues to work02:37
BluesKaj!broadcom | woodyjlw02:37
ubottuwoodyjlw: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:37
bazhangkwtm2, thats the metapackage to bring all the mythtv items; there is also #ubuntu-mythtv channel02:39
kwtm2bazhang: Oh, that channel is deader than my 80386 with smoke rising out of it.02:40
DartmanXI have the iso on my NAS... is it somehow possible to install from there?02:40
kwtm2I entered my question over 24 hours ago.  No response.02:40
kwtm2bazhang: So, would   apt-get purge mythbuntu-desktop   then make sure that everything gets purged, including old config files?02:40
DartmanXI cannot get around the errno5 during install, I'm getting desperate02:40
=== joao is now known as jaum
woodyjlwBluesKaj,  awesome! worked perfect I can now see all wireless connections now.  thanks02:41
bazhangkwtm2, its a metapackage so removing will not remove the things it installed, just mythbuntu-desktop02:41
dee27recommend to encode videos02:41
DriversFixedShould gparted detect onboard RAID arrays as separate disks?02:41
kwtm2bazhang: I was afraid of that ... this is really getting frustrating.  I know how to install from scratch.  It just won't let me, for some reason, no matter how hard I try.02:42
bazhangdee27, please clarify02:42
bazhangdee27, thats not clarifying. thats a single word02:43
kwtm2george_: Did you get your question answered yet?  If not: try Ctrl-Shift-F2 (or replace F2 with F3 or F4 etc.)  or was that Ctrl-Alt-F2?  Can't remember.  Anyway, that should bring you to a text screen where you can log in.  Hope you are familiar with the command line.02:43
DriversFixeddee27, please use proper english, but handbrake and arista are two programs I've heard of02:43
dee27thanks that all u have say02:43
bazhangdee27, explain exactly what you are trying to do.02:44
kwtm2dee27: mencoder02:44
dee27do people encode02:44
dee27to have better quality?02:44
DriversFixedbazhang, he wanted a program to transcode videos.  and he's a fan of the "less is more" approach in communication xD02:44
donpdonpany idea why ubuntu doesnt want to upgrade this 9.04 system? http://pastie.org/216075502:44
bazhangdee27, yes02:44
dee27i see02:44
DriversFixeddee27:  Now i can't understand what you mean now.02:44
dee27is transmageddon02:45
bazhangdee27, if you ask an actual question, you'll receive a proper response02:45
DriversFixedVideo has to be encoded, otherwise it would be really really large filesize02:45
DriversFixedbazhang:  Could you help me with my RAID issue?  Should gparted be detecting onboard RAID 1 as 2 different drives, even though the BIOS lists them as "1 drive" (On 1 line, calls it an array)02:47
DriversFixedCan anyone answer my question?02:53
wildbatDriversFixed: gparted don't work with my fakeRAID too in ubuntu ~ 10.04 -ASUS p5b02:53
DriversFixedwildbat:  Ugh, great.  How do I put an image on my array then...02:54
pretenderin ubuntu 10.10 handbrake does not have the xvid container.  How can i add it02:54
occupantHas anyone successfully used a radeon card and intel integrated graphics simultanously? can't seem to get them both working at once.02:55
nullQuestion:  How can I find out what resolutions are supported by my LCD monitor?  eg: what does xrandr use to display the available resolutions?  I guess I could just go read the source02:56
Shaba1anyway of finding out why ubuntu/wubi froze02:56
xrdodrxpretender, I'm pretty sure the handbrake developers gave up on XviD, considering it's such an old format02:56
OsmodivsHello. I always forget this one. How do you copy 20 files from a folder to another folder? I have been trying to do it like this. cp -r /home/me/folder /usr/lib but the folder and it's contents are copied, but I just want the contents without the folder to be copied to the new location, How do I do this?02:56
Shaba1I was in the channel about 10 minutes ago and xchat/ubuntu/wubi just froze. I had to power off an power back on02:56
Kuwangernull: The X server queries the LCD monitor, I think, then tries to validate which resolutions are sensible.  If you look at /var/log/Xorg.0.log, you're likely to see mention of many resolutions reported as invalid.02:57
twnznzOsmodivs: cp /home/me/folder/* /usr/lib/02:57
DriversFixedoccupant:  Why would you want to do that?02:57
Nobgul-bncOsmodivs, i think cp /folder/here/* to/here/*02:57
twnznzAlthough you might want to do something different02:57
twnznzlike EXPORT LD_LIBRARY_PATH02:57
Osmodivsoccupant, Thats imposible, one will ovwerride the other, " objects can't occupied the same place02:58
OsmodivsNobgul-bnc, With the "*" asteriks?02:58
nullKuwanger: I had overlooked xorg.0.log, thanks!02:58
Nobgul-bncYes the *02:58
Nobgul-bncI am almost 99% SURE02:58
Osmodivstwnznz, Thx02:58
twnznzOsmodivs: Go into /etc/ld.so.conf.d, make a new textfile containing '/home/me/folder/', then run ldconfig02:59
xanguaShaba1: try a real install better ;)02:59
occupantdriversfixed: I want three outputs. Possible in windows, but that's no fun.02:59
twnznzThis will tell ld to look in /home/me/folder for libraries, as well as in the other paths.02:59
Osmodivstwnznz,  ¿Ldconfig? What's that for?02:59
DriversFixedoccupant:  I'd say that's a no go on any OS02:59
DriversFixedoccupant:  Although it may be possible with a single amd card, which one is it?02:59
twnznzOsmodivs: straight from manpage: "       ldconfig  creates,  updates, and removes the necessary links and cache (for use by the run-time linker, ld.so)03:00
twnznz       to the most recent shared libraries found in the directories specified  on  the  command  line,  in  the  file03:00
occupantdriversfixed: Oh, it totally works in Windows. An old 365003:00
DriversFixeddoes anyone have an alternative to gparted that works with onboard raid, preferably with a gui?03:00
twnznz.../etc/ld.so.conf,  and  in  the  trusted  directories (/usr/lib and /lib)."03:00
DriversFixedoccupant:  using 3 outputs from an intel gma and an ati card together?03:00
DriversFixedoccupant:  extend desktop or clone?03:01
Cameron904how do i delete my old version of adobe flash so i can install the newest one?03:01
twnznzOsmodivs: Basically, ld.so.conf.d/* controls the folders the runtime linker looks for libraries.03:01
occupantdriversfixed: Well admittedly I had it running with a geforce before, but yes, three independent displays, discrete+integrated.03:02
occupantbut the geforce wasn't 2-DVI, this is03:02
pretenderxrdodrx thanks03:02
demonsporkCameron904, no need to, the new one should overwrite the old one03:02
DriversFixedoccupant:  That's really weird, I've never heard of such a thing being possible.  I imagine the cards would need to share framebuffer and everything03:03
Cameron904i tried that using the update center, i still cant get on pandora =/03:03
Osmodivstwnznz, Well, I want to copy some libBoost143 in there, altough I already instaled LibBoost142 via synaptic, I need the 143 version, I hope I do not break anything03:03
twnznzReally, can you not just make && make install?03:04
dragonflare921wobbly windows slows my window movement speed waaaay down, as in, framerate drops immensely. ive never had this problem before. any suggestions?03:04
dragonflare921im using the newest version of compiz03:05
Cameron904how should i download the newest flash then to see if i can try it again03:06
xanguaCameron904: you mean the 64bit plugin¿03:06
Cameron904i think i am, not sure.03:06
Cameron904still a big noob at buntu03:06
Cameron904xangua: still a big noob03:06
ubuntunoobie2903How can I get a window to minimize when I click on its icon?03:06
Cameron904blah, i dont like 11.04 or w/e it is.03:07
Cameron904i dont like the left side bar D:03:07
KM0201Cameron904: you can use gnome classic03:07
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".03:07
dragonflare921the whole unity thing throws me off a bit as well03:07
xrdodrxCameron904, you don't need to use it lol03:07
DriversFixedcameron:  want it to stay shown?  get compiz-config settings manager to do that03:07
DriversFixedwildbat:  I've been doing some research, it seems that dmraid may be a fix03:08
Cameron904no i want it back to gnome03:08
xanguaCameron904: do you use a 64bit OS¿03:08
shtcould anyone provide some general insight on as to why ubuntu may hang when doing apt-get install postfix? it sits at Unpacking postfix (from .../postfix_2.7.1-1ubuntu0.2_amd64.deb) ...03:08
Cameron904session box?03:08
VonhintenHOME`What's the story with XDMCP and Natty?03:08
KM0201Cameron904: but i'd start looking for an alternative, gnome 3 is gonna be in 11.10... I recommend yous witch to Lubuntu.. :) (clean and simple)03:08
maxxistthis may be a dumb question...  would it be at all beneficial on my eee 1215p netbook to run ubuntu from an sd card?  I am looking to maximize the battery life by not running the hard drive in it03:08
Pierrick584Greetings everyone, i'm trying to fix my HDMI sound output, found out a post that the dude change to the driver "alsa (1.7 - HDA Nvidia)" under smplayer, i tried that and it work, but someone know how i could fix globaly the sound?03:09
Cameron904i forget the command to see if im 64 bit or 32 bit, i know i have 4g ram, but im not sure if i installed 32 or 6403:09
rwwCameron904: uname -m, x86_64 is 64-bit03:09
Pierrick584maxx, if its slower to do everything, it might not be efficient, but you might want to try it by yourself to see the result03:09
w33dr0idI'm not a noob with Linux, but I am used to the Red Hat/Fedora distro....any tips on learning the new commands and tools, etc in ubuntu/debian?03:09
bazhang!manual | w33dr0id03:09
ubottuw33dr0id: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:09
rwwCameron904: is 32-bit03:10
DriversFixedwildbat:  Woot, I got it to work!!!!!03:10
bazhang!wiki | w33dr0id this may help too03:10
ubottuw33dr0id this may help too: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.03:10
Shaba1damn I scrolled up and did not realize it03:10
DriversFixedwildbat:  For proper fakeRAID support, do sudo apt-get install dmraid, then sudo dmraid -a yese03:10
dimas_what is that pacman thing for installations?03:10
maxxistPierrick584: I am going to try.  I just wanted to see if anyone had been through it.  I would think that sdcards are quick at reading. definately more power efficient.03:10
Shaba1ok my question again:03:10
Shaba1I was in the channel about 10 minutes ago and xchat/ubuntu/wubi just froze. I had to power off an power back on03:11
w33dr0idthanx bazhang!03:11
bazhangdimas_, pacman is archlinux not ubuntu03:11
Pierrick584Good luck with it maxx!03:11
Shaba1is there some way I can find out why?03:11
ubuntunoobie2903Does anyone know how to get a window to minimize when you click on an icon?03:11
bazhangdimas_, you want apt-get03:11
Pierrick584so, no one got an idea for my hdmi issue?03:11
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
bazhang!apt | dimas_03:12
ubottudimas_: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)03:12
HyperkillAnyone else think that Unity is a POS?03:12
DriversFixedhyperkill:  It needs a ton of work, but it's a step forward imo03:12
bazhangHyperkill, thats not  a support question03:12
Pierrick584uh, what is POS?03:12
xrdodrxHyperkill, I'm sure some people do, but no one is forcing you to use it03:12
maxxistpoint of sale?03:12
rwwHyperkill: #ubuntu is for actual support questions. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for opinions.03:12
DriversFixedpierrick584:  piece of S***03:12
Cameron904installed the new version of flash, still doesn't work03:12
duvelMay I ask the best mp3 player for ubuntu when using gnome? 10.04 LTS :) Thank you!03:12
sw0rdfishlawl indeed Pierrick58403:12
Cameron904pierick584: point of solitude03:13
xangua!best | duvel03:13
ubottuduvel: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:13
Pierrick584duvel, rythmbox witch is the default one is great03:13
bazhangduvel, no best. check the players factoid for suggestions though03:13
bazhang!players | duvel03:13
ubottuduvel: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs03:13
ubuntunoobie2903Anyone know how to minimize a window by clicking on an icon?03:13
xanguaPierrick584: the default now is banshe03:13
Pierrick584he said 10.04 though03:13
dimas_i belive there is a way to integrate pulseaudio with jack but because ubuntu only support pulseaudio the ability to integrate with jack had been dissable on the ubuntu package for what i had to work it out around myself...although i would like to ask here is someone had manake to get it to work?03:13
bazhangdimas_, the pulseaudio you installed with root in your home folder?03:14
DriversFixedubuntunoobie2903:  I'm not sure what is the issue.  Does the icon that looks like a minus sign not minimize windows?03:14
bazhangduvel, try some, see what you prefer03:15
Pierrick584how could i manualy change the audio driver setup?03:15
Pierrick584cant remember where it is03:15
dimas_bazhang i already installed it but i was creating modules for jack with a source package to intagrate jack with it03:15
ubuntunoobie2903I want to be able to click an icon to minimize it. I'd like to move the taskbar to the bottom and be able to minimize a window by clicking on it.03:15
=== tum is now known as Guest40119
dimas_althoug upon the instructions i had read none of them work but they are old03:16
bazhangdimas_, there is no reason to install a single .point difference as ubuntu already uses .9.2.203:16
DriversFixedubuntunoobie2903:  Are you using unity or classic?03:16
dimas_bazhang but the ubunto package dont have module-jack-sink or module-jack-source which are necessary to integrate jack03:17
hydesterdoes anybody know if suspend/hibernate problems can occur when NOT using the broadcom STA driver?  i used to use it in maverick but didn't need it for natty, but suspend/hibernate now crash (hibernate) or reboot (suspend) on resume03:17
DriversFixedubuntunoobie2903:  By taskbar, you mean the top bar or the left side bar?03:18
bluemakohi so i'm trying to install the flash plugin for firefox and i don't have sudo permission to copy it to plugins directory, so like what's the terminal procedure to do so?03:18
ubuntunoobie2903I mean the bar currently on the left that has icons for all the programs I have open03:18
VonhintenHOME`What's the story with XDMCP and Natty?03:18
bazhangdimas_, then you are installing an unsupported version.03:18
bluemakois it like sudo cp Desktop/file_name then...03:18
=== zorro is now known as Guest37990
ubuntunoobie2903I'd like to move that bar to the bottom03:18
bazhangVonhintenHOME`, please ask a clearer question03:18
ubuntunoobie2903and be able to min/max a window by clicking on the icon03:18
dimas_bazhang if you get to work IDJC having pulseaudio installed in your system then i kiss your ass...lol03:19
bazhangubuntunoobie2903, there is not ability to do that in unity at present03:19
bazhangdimas_, no need for that language03:19
VonhintenHOME`There doesn't seem to be a way to login to a remote X server03:19
duvelI remember trying an Ubuntu mp3 player that had the lyrics of songs in one of the box's, which mp3 player is that?03:19
ubuntunoobie2903bazhang: Really?03:19
bazhangubuntunoobie2903, yes03:20
bazhangduvel, amarok is one such. there may be others with the various plugins installed03:20
duvelAh, thank you. :)03:20
dimas_bazhang i have two pieces of softwares from ubuntu that i will like to have them working...would you be so kind to help me with them?03:20
bazhangduvel, although its a kde app, it works fine with gnome03:21
duvelDoes Amarok still run like crap though?03:21
duvelIt used to crash non-stop.03:21
xrdodrxduvel, Amarok is pretty buggy for me too, I use clementine instead03:21
xrdodrxit's a fork of an older version of amarok without all the KDE crap03:21
bazhangduvel, it has had a lot of upgrades/fixes try it and see03:21
duvelxrdodrx: thanks, and bazhang: I will.03:22
DriversFixedCan someone watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxNUK3U73SI for me and tell me whether the driver issue thingies is an effect the maker put in on purpose, or whether its actually my graphics card having issues03:22
DriversFixedBecause it's about overheating cpus, it might actually be intentional...03:22
ubuntunoobie2903Is Unity still in beta?03:22
dimas_had someone been able to have pulseaudio and jack working together?03:23
KM0201ubuntunoobie2903: no.. id on't think so.03:23
dusf_ i cannot get past my login screen, i select my username and enter my password, the login window disappears for a minute and just shows the background, the screen flickers black, and then it asks me for the password again - i have tried restarting a few times. how can i fix this?03:23
duvelDriversFixed: That video is effed. lol.03:23
KM0201dusf_: umm. i had that problem the other day and i had to reconfigure something, lemme find what i did.03:24
DriversFixedduvel:  tyvm lol03:24
xanguaxrdodrx duvel: clementine is not a fork, it just inspired from amarok 1.403:24
duvelDriversFixed: np, I'm gonna double check it on my iphone just in case it's ubuntu.03:24
uhohuhohHello! I am in trouble, and an Ubuntu newbie, when my computer starts up, I don't get the normal Grub screen, but I get "error unknown filesystem" and then a "grub rescue>" console thing03:24
Skeeter-i am unable to install grub with my ubuntu lvm03:24
uhohuhohCould anyone please help me out?03:24
ubuntunoobie2903Well it should be if you can't move the toolbar03:24
xrdodrxxangua, oh, they're so similar I must have been confused :)03:25
dusf_ i cannot get past my login screen, i select my username and enter my password, the login window disappears for a minute and just shows the background, the screen flickers black, and then it asks me for the password again - i have tried restarting a few times. how can i fix this? caps lock is off, password is correct - and i know how the window behaves when i misenter the password - this is03:25
dusf_not it03:25
DriversFixedubuntunoobie2903:  Although since playing around with ccsm will hang ubuntu, yeah... it isn't as mature as it should be03:25
duvelDriversFixed: Looks like it runs perfectly fine in my iphone.... I think it may be flash drivers. Are you running 64 bit by any chance?03:26
jaimekristenehi Ubuntuers.  In Unity, how do I get the left hand menu, with terminal icon, to open a new terminal, rather than keep opening my existing terminal?03:26
KM0201dusf_: listen carefully... control +alt +f1, that will take you to a console.. sign in w/ your account, then "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm"  let it do its thing, then when you're back at the prompt, sudo reboot -h now   when you restart, you should be able to sign in03:27
DriversFixedduvel:  Wait, it actually is Ubuntu?  Yah, 64 bit03:27
duvelYeah.. It looks perfectly fine in my iPhone. It's the flash drivers.03:27
jaimekristeneInfact I want all applications to always open a new one rather than to take me to the old one03:27
duvelI've never seen a youtube video do that before... Weird.03:27
kiichiroHey I got a few questions if no one minds03:28
DriversFixedduvel:  That was really ironic, a video about overheating - which can produce those exact errors - has those errors caused by flash on linux03:28
DriversFixedduvel:  Where would we report that03:28
duvelDriversFixed: No idea man.03:29
VonhintenHOME`Does 11.04 support running as an XDMCP server, and does it support logging in to a remote XDMCP server?03:29
duvelDriversFixed: yeah.. That video is DEFINITELY effed up.03:29
uhohuhohGuys, I'm in "grub rescue>" mode right now, I think my linux partition is messed, can I still load one of my windows partitions?03:29
roastedJust to rehash something, Ubuntu has no firewall by default, does it?03:29
KM0201VonhintenHOME`: xdmcp.. isn't that basically for remote desktop?.. if so, i don't see why it couldn't, if you install the right apps, etc03:29
bazhangroasted, iptables03:30
qinroasted: Have, iptables, but not configured03:30
bazhangroasted, gufw if you need a gui03:30
duvelDriversFixed: should find someone running ubuntu 32 bit and ask them to view it, and see if they have the same blocking/distortion that we do.03:30
VonhintenHOME`KM0201, well, apparently it was integrated before, now all the dialogs for configuring the system for remote access are gone, and I can't figure out what the story is03:31
roastedbazhang, just curious cause someone just told me their default install wouldn't let them on the internet due to the firewall blocking but I was like, uh what? I didn't think ubuntu had one by default so I wanted to double check.03:31
DriversFixedHey peeps, anyone running ubuntu 32-bit?  Please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxNUK3U73SI and see if there's an issue with the video03:31
uhohuhohCould anyone help me out? I'm trying to see if I can load a Windows partition of mine from Grub's rescue mode....03:31
DriversFixedThere's some distortion thingy going on03:31
bluemakook what comes before usr in filesystem structure?03:31
bluemakolike what would the path for it be03:31
VonhintenHOME`DriversFixed, looks like bad encoding03:32
qinbluemako: /usr ?03:32
DriversFixedVonhintenHOME':  duvel just watched it on his iphone, no issues03:32
bluemakoyeah as in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox03:33
DriversFixedmaybe I should pop over to a different distro's channel and ask them too03:33
VonhintenHOME`let me see on my iphone03:33
bazhangroasted, more like their ISP, though I'd need more particulars if you choose to share03:33
VonhintenHOME`I'm runnign 64bit firefox 503:33
uhohuhohSo no one can help me, yes?03:33
wildbatuhohuhoh: what you need?03:34
KM0201DriversFixed: video looks fine to me.03:34
uhohuhohwildbat: I'm stuck in Grub's rescue mode03:34
DriversFixedKM0201:  On ubuntu?  weird03:34
DriversFixedEh I'll report it and call it a day....03:35
uhohuhohwildbat: when I hit ls, all I can see is msdos partitions, no linux partitions03:35
KM0201why is that weird?03:35
uhohuhohwildbat: so I'm wondering if I can somehow still load into one of the msdos partitions?03:35
wildbatuhohuhoh: did you use WUBI?03:35
VonhintenHOME`DriversFixed, my iphone is showing the same kind of distortion, only not as bad03:35
uhohuhohwildbat: no, I was using ubuntu-minimal03:35
DriversFixedVonhintenhome:  Odd03:35
KM0201VonhintenHOME`: where is it distorted?.. there's a couple spots of the video that were distorted, but not the whole thing03:35
VonhintenHOME`it's an iphone 3g03:35
wildbatuhohuhoh: but you don't have any linux partition ....03:36
uhohuhohwildbat: yeah, which is the *really* messed up thing03:36
VonhintenHOME`The whole thing isn't distorted on my phone or ubuntu, the video is fine until the title screens show up, then it cycles through distortion, then it refreshes and fixes itself03:36
bluemakoi thought it would be an easy answer03:36
nit-wituhohuhoh, you can reload the mbr to load the MS it sounds like do you have a disc?03:36
VonhintenHOME`usually means the video encoding was set up wrong so it isn't expecting much movement03:37
Te3-BloodyIronwhere can i find the nfs logs? i can't find them at all03:37
uhohuhohnit-wit: The disk for the windows? No, not on me. I installed it from a USB (I got it free from university as an iso)03:37
nit-wituhohuhoh, which windows release is it?03:38
uhohuhohnit-wit: Windows 703:38
wildbatuhohuhoh:  so, you wanna load your windows back?03:38
uhohuhohThat would be good enough for now :/03:38
nit-wituhohuhoh, you can poad the mbr with lilo and you will boot to windows directly if every.thing s in order.03:38
uhohuhohI'm thinking of using that...Super Grub Disk?03:38
Te3-BloodyIroncan anyone point me to where nfs logs errors in ubuntu? please?03:39
uhohuhohnit-wit: lilo? Is that a piece of software?03:39
uhohuhohnit-wit: Do I have the right thing? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LILO_(boot_loader)03:39
wildbatuhohuhoh: unless you have grub installed in the ntfs ~ or you will have to bootCD to fix it ~ either supergrub , liveCD, or to revert back to M$ default with windows CD03:39
nit-wituhohuhoh, lilo is a older bootloader it is on a regular ubuntu live cd, but you used a minimal, do you have a regular live cd.03:40
uhohuhohnit-wit: Nope, don't have a regular one.03:40
uhohuhohnit-wit: could make one I suppose...03:40
roastedbazhang, I have nothing to share at the moment, as the user is doing a third shift right now. this was just some basic back-and-forth texting on the matter.03:40
nit-wituhohuhoh, actually the live is used to get lilo from a repo.03:40
bazhangnit-wit, grub203:41
uhohuhohnit-wit, wildbat: what about supergrub? Could that just do the trick?03:41
bazhanguhohuhoh, nit-wit grub2 is what we support here03:41
bluemakoqin/ hello?03:41
nit-witbazhang, not sure of how far they got with the minimal.03:41
qinbluemako: Yup?03:41
uhohuhohbazhang: it's great that you support grub2, I just kind of need to return my computer to working order though...03:42
uhohuhohbazhang: Does it matter which tool I use?03:42
nit-witbazhang, I would only suggest lilo when there seems to be no grub distro install and no MS disc to load the mbr.03:42
bluemakoi'm trying to copy the a plugin for firefox from my desktop to plugins folder, so i try sudo cp Desktop/file usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins03:42
bluemakobut than it tells me that's not right, so what am i missing?03:42
bluemakothat's all...ugh03:43
Te3-BloodyIroncan anyone point me to where nfs logs errors in ubuntu? please?03:43
Te3-BloodyIronor maybe help me with my nfs issue?03:43
bluemakothanks...it worked.03:44
dusf_i cannot login. after i select my username and enter my password with caps lock off the window disappears then the screen flickers black for an instant and ask me for my password again. it does not mention authentication failure, and using the same password i can login to the root shell using the recovery console. how can i fix this?03:45
qinTe3-BloodyIron: Either man nfs or ls /var/log or locate nfs03:45
DriversFixedBe back later.03:45
qindusf_: df -h form console03:45
usr13did you forget password?03:46
usr13or user name?03:46
qinRather his /tmp or /home is full03:46
dusf_qin: i will have to boot into ubuntu to do that03:47
dusf_writing it down03:47
KM0201dusf_: i told you above how to fix that03:47
dusf_usr13: no, as i said i select my username, and the password i use lets me into the root shell03:47
wildbatuhohuhoh: it depends what did you did.03:47
dusf_KM0201: i just logged in here, so i have no above03:47
KM0201dusf_: listen carefully... but normal mode on ubuntu, when you get to the login screen, control +alt +f1, that will take you to a console.. sign in w/ your account, then "sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm"  let it do its thing, then when you're back at the prompt, sudo reboot -h now   when you restart, you should be able to sign in03:48
coz_ok guys  I have a very odd problem,, after clean install;. copied directories into home from external drive/ flash drive.  on the system many of the files,, namely svg an png images icons,, are corrupt,, cannot be opened,,03:48
usr13qin: Was that about dusf_ ?03:48
uhohuhohwildbat: Sigh, I'm goign to give it a try.03:48
qinusr13: Yes03:48
uhohuhohwildbat: I don't think Ubuntu is for me.03:48
=== derp|gone is now known as derp
usr13dusf_: df03:48
coz_so  I deleted them and checked the files on the flash drive as well as an external HD  with the same files...they were ifne so  copied them back into home03:48
Te3-BloodyIronqin: i just read through the man for nfs, couldn't find the log location. i tried poking around /var/log and couldn't find the right folder03:48
usr13dusf_: and scroll up03:48
Te3-BloodyIronim sure its being logged, but i suspect im not getting the right name03:48
coz_however,, the same identical images are corrupt in home but not on external drives03:49
dusf_usr13: yes what i posted for qin was meant for you03:49
dusf_usr13: i read what you said03:49
duvelDriversFixed: I was using iPhone 4. Not sure that it matters. I had zero distortion. Oh well :\03:49
Te3-BloodyIronqin: the only /var/log/n* item is news, no nfs as far as it is telling me03:49
dusf_KM0201: thanks, writing that down03:49
wildbatuhohuhoh: it isn't like that ~ it is just it is your first time , i think ~03:49
qinTe3-BloodyIron: Ok, auth.log for sure, syslog maybe, let me see if its have native log03:49
duvelOh, he left.03:49
Te3-BloodyIronqin: i havn't dealt with syslog just yet03:51
qinTe3-BloodyIron: Try to grep also messages03:51
qinTe3-BloodyIron: nfs do not run own logs03:52
Te3-BloodyIronqin: so the problem is im trying to setup a nfs share, but it's not telling me why it wont mount03:52
Te3-BloodyIronthe only feedback i have is03:53
Te3-BloodyIronmount.nfs4: access denied by server while mounting
Scribbled2xI am not sure if I am coming to the right spot - here is the situation.  I made a disk using ext2 file system several (11) years ago.  Back when people actually liked using the whole command prompt thing :(?  Now - I tried to mount the disk, but it will not mount the disk.  I made several of them, so one of them should have mounted - they are well maintained and have no serious scratches.  dmesg states that the blocksize is too small?03:54
qinTe3-BloodyIron: sshfs is simpler, and based on ssh key03:55
Te3-BloodyIronqin: i'm trying to use nfs for a pxe boot server i'm trying to make03:55
Scribbled2xif someone has some / any ideas it would be greatly appreciated03:55
rwwScribbled2x: what's the exact error you're getting?03:56
dee27how much kbits would equal to 8 mbits03:56
Scribbled2xit says wrong filesystem type, so I used the -t ext2; but it still will not mount it.03:56
rwwdee27: 819203:56
Te3-BloodyIronqin: every howto i read makes it appear easy to use, but i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong03:56
bazhangdee27, thats hardly an ubuntu issue03:56
maujhsnI am looking for website data extraction tool in linux anybody know of ant packages!03:57
bazhangmaujhsn, data scraper?03:57
Scribbled2xI know it is ext2 - 3 hadn't been released and I was wondering if something had changed in the way that the filesystems are read by the kernel03:57
daftykins8192 dee2703:57
qinTe3-BloodyIron: nfs is not me03:57
maujhsnbazhang Thanks!03:58
Te3-BloodyIronqin: nuts, have you dealt with PXE boot with sshfs?03:58
soreauScribbled2x: You might need to set the blocksize with bs=value03:58
soreauScribbled2x: See man mount03:58
qinTe3-BloodyIron: Not really03:58
Te3-BloodyIronqin: alright, well thanks anyways03:58
Scribbled2xI actually tried that but I think I entered it wrong  - here is going to be the fun part - figuring out what block size to put in  -- was thinking 1024, but not sure now its been so long03:59
Scribbled2xthank you soreau03:59
soreauScribbled2x: Hope you get to access your time capsule ;)03:59
maujhsnbazhang why did you did you pose your comment as a question!03:59
Te3-BloodyIroncan someone help me with nfs? i'm getting an access denied when trying to mount a share04:00
bazhangmaujhsn, to clarify what you were asking about04:00
maujhsnbazhang email extraction, phone numbers etc04:01
fuzzeolyis there anyway to automatically boot into "failsafe graphics mode" without having to go into recovery?04:02
soreaufuzzeoly: Automatically? What are you trying to do exactly?04:02
Te3-BloodyIroncan someone help me with nfs? i'm getting an access denied when trying to mount a share04:03
fizyplanktonTe3-BloodyIron: use sudo before the command04:03
Te3-BloodyIroni did04:03
fizyplanktonare you a sudoer?04:03
fuzzeolysoreau: well, ubuntu won't boot up with my graphics adapter, i've tried everything, except in failsafe graphics mode. I'm wondering if i can edit the boot in some way, like "nomodeset" but so it boots into failsafe graphics mode04:04
fuzzeolysoreau: so i don't have to go "start recovery mode" than "boot in failsafe graphics mode"04:04
fizyplanktonare you the only user on your machine?04:04
soreaufuzzeoly: ah.. so it works with nomodeset?04:04
Te3-BloodyIronyes this system is an isolated VM04:04
Te3-BloodyIronim just logged in as root to test the nfs server is working04:04
fuzzeolysoreau: no, it doesn't work with nomodeset. I'm just wondering if there is a boot option like nomodeset but for failsafe graphics mode.04:05
Te3-BloodyIronim trying to setup a PXE boot server, and trying to use NFS for it04:05
soreaufuzzeoly: Is it intel?04:05
fizyplanktonTe3-BloodyIron: try something simple with sudo, like "gksudo nautilus"04:05
fuzzeolysoreau: matrox?04:05
Te3-BloodyIroni tried it, but i dont see how this has anything to do with my nfs issues04:06
fuzzeolysoreau: 2024W i think04:06
soreaufuzzeoly: Well you could create an xorg.conf with Driver "vesa", assuming it doesn't fail until it goes to start X04:06
fizyplanktonTe3-BloodyIron: if it works, that proves you are a sudoer. try "sudo -i" then type in your command then make SURE to type "logout" once your command is finished04:06
fuzzeolysoreau: yeah it fails, it never configured a xorg and i tried to do it manually but it won't work.04:07
soreaufuzzeoly: What did you try that isn't working?04:07
fizyplanktonTe3-BloodyIron: sudo -i logs you into the root account. that should clear up any access issues04:07
Te3-BloodyIronim already logged in as root04:07
fuzzeolysoreau: well i tried to manually install video drivers when i boot up in failsafe mode but i can't make a xorg.conf to tell the system to use the new drivers04:08
soreaufuzzeoly: Why not?04:08
fizyplanktonTe3-BloodyIron: there is no root account in ubuntu. type "echo $USER" and tell me what it says04:09
dusfKM0201: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm immediatley gave another bash prompt but i reboot -h anyway. it did not fix the problem04:10
Te3-BloodyIronyes there is04:10
Te3-BloodyIronsudo su puts me into root04:10
fuzzeolysoreau: couldn't connect to x server. I don't even think the install of the os completed properly because it failed on firstboot04:10
Te3-BloodyIronthen passwd lets me change the root password04:10
Te3-BloodyIronthen control d to log out04:10
fizyplanktonTe3-BloodyIron: dont use su. its a bad idea04:10
Te3-BloodyIronthen su to escallate again04:10
Te3-BloodyIronand i enter the password04:10
Te3-BloodyIronand im in root04:10
FloodBot1Te3-BloodyIron: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
dusfKM0201: i'm logged into a tty right now with the same password04:10
Te3-BloodyIronthis is _strictly for testing purposes_ not for long term use04:10
KM0201Te3-BloodyIron: thats pretty dumb, ubuntu uses sudo for a reason.04:10
soreaufuzzeoly: Well did you try creating an xorg.conf with a Device section and Driver "vesa"?04:10
Te3-BloodyIronlook, im trying to get help with nfs04:10
Te3-BloodyIronnot get lectured about security practices04:10
Te3-BloodyIroncan i please get some nfs help?04:11
soreaufuzzeoly: That should at least do what you originally asked for04:11
fizyplanktonTe3-BloodyIron: i know. and you need root access to install it04:11
Te3-BloodyIronnfs is already installed04:11
Te3-BloodyIroni have the server running04:11
dusfKM0201: should i be trying to reconfigure something other than gdm since i use xfce?04:11
fizyplanktonnot installed. mounted. my bad04:11
KM0201dusf: did you do anything to precipitate this?.. install graphics drivers, or whatever?04:11
bazhang!enter | Te3-BloodyIron04:11
ubottuTe3-BloodyIron: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:11
KM0201dusf: would have been helpful if you mentioned using gdm04:11
dusfKM0201: will i try the same with xfce instead of gdm?04:12
Te3-BloodyIronfrom what i can tell the access denied is on the server end, not because of the user i'm logged in as. the problem is i can't determine why it's denying me04:12
Te3-BloodyIronas in, the daemon04:12
KM0201dusf: probably, but i'm not 100%04:12
dusfKM0201: if  you were me you would tho, right? :)04:12
temptestHey guys I just downloaded polipo fresh, but when I try to run the daemon it fails, can anybody help me out?04:12
fizyplanktonwhat command are you using to mount the nfs?04:12
KM0201dusf: if i were you, i'd have told people i was using xfce from the beginning04:12
dusfKM0201: that ship has sailed, my bad04:13
Te3-BloodyIronmount ip:/var/log/tftboot test04:13
Te3-BloodyIronis one im using04:13
fuzzeolysoreau: i think i did but i couldn't even configure a new xorg.conf in terminal. Maybe i'll try again. I just thought maybe i could add something to the boot kernel. I installed an old ubuntu that works now but i hate it. Maybe i'll end up just getting a new cheap graphics card.04:13
dusfKM0201: trying it04:13
Te3-BloodyIronmount -t nfs4 -o proto=tcp,port=2049 ip:/var/lib/tftboot test04:13
Te3-BloodyIronis another04:13
soreaufuzzeoly: I will post an xorg.conf you can use04:14
fuzzeolysoreau: ok, thanks.04:14
fizyplanktonTe3-BloodyIron: log out of root, so that you are in your shell, and sudo that. logging in to root is only a last resort. su or sudo -i is like going after a fly with a bazooka04:14
OSXBenHoping some here has some experience booting ubuntu as a iso from a usb flash drive04:14
bazhangOSXBen, with unetbootin?04:15
dusfKM0201: it says xfce is not installed when i try that04:15
OSXBenno with grub-efi on a mac04:15
syntaxxhi.. i have quad monitor setup in my ubuntu 10.04 however it hangs once in awhile and had to reboot my machine. i am using nvidia nvs 295 any idea?04:15
KM0201dusf: what did you type?04:15
soreaufuzzeoly: Put this in /etc/X11/xorg.conf http://pastebin.com/VtPZVTRf04:16
OSXBenbazhang, no with grub-efi on a mac, pulling my hair out, having worked out all the GPT/MBR and EFI issues and now having grub being the last problem to solve04:16
dusfKM0201: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xfce04:17
KM0201dusf: thats not gonna do anything, i could have told you that04:17
fuzzeolysoreau: ok, thanks soreau. Here's hoping it will boot.04:17
soreaufuzzeoly: me too :)04:17
dusfKM0201: i thought you said probably when i asked if i should do it a minute ago :)04:18
Te3-BloodyIronokay well now that ive been thoroughly lectured about security and not actually been given help, im going to look elsewhere04:18
KM0201no.. you said "does it matter if i have xfce" and i said.. "probably"04:18
Te3-BloodyIronthanks for your time04:18
dusfKM0201: ah okay04:18
KM0201dusf: only other thing you could try (at least that i know of) is sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:18
dusfKM0201: so we can't just replace gdm with whatever xfce uses for the reconfigure command04:18
KM0201dusf: gdm is "Gnome Display Manager"...04:19
severusdasomebody speak spanish?????04:19
dusfKM0201: okay, and then reboot -h again?04:19
dusfokay ty brb04:19
bazhangdusf, is your home perhaps nearly full? per qin 's suggestion?04:19
Dan39is there place i can download files used for creating package in repos? like if i want to recompile something myself and install it as package...04:19
bazhangDan39, using checkinstall?04:19
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?04:19
computerwiz_222Does anyone here have experience with svgalib?04:19
severusdawho speak spanish, cause i need help with wifi driver04:20
bazhangseverusda, #ubuntu-es for spanish04:20
tsimpson!es | severusda04:20
ubottuseverusda: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:20
bullgard4!es | severusda04:20
Dan39bazhang: huh? no.. dont think so04:20
bazhangcomputerwiz_222, whats the real question04:20
bazhang!checkinstall | Dan39 have a read04:20
ubottuDan39 have a read: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!04:20
Dan39o awsome04:21
dusfKM0201: no change. could it be a disk space issue?04:21
computerwiz_222bazhang: I am trying to do some low level vga coding and my code executes on my server but not on my netbook04:21
bazhangdusf, is your home folder perhaps nearly full, per qin 's suggestion?04:21
KM0201dusf: i wouldn't think so.04:21
Dan39bazhang: that looks like itll do exactly what i want :D04:21
KM0201i guess it could be..04:22
computerwiz_222bazhang: my server has a TNT2 RIVA and my netbook has integrated intel04:22
dusfbazhang: i have my system directories split across different partitions04:22
KM0201but i never had that prob due to a full disk.04:22
Dan39thanks :D04:22
dusfbazhang: checking now with df -h04:22
bazhangno need to reboot dusf04:22
KM0201guy should just fire up nano in console...lol04:22
KM0201bazhang: i hink he's booting windows to talk to us.04:23
Dan39will checkinstall also like... upgrade a package? or should i uninstall a package doing it?04:23
bazhangKM0201, okay makes more sense04:23
fizyplanktonKM0201: irssi FTW!!!04:23
KM0201fizyplankton: i just cna't get used to it.04:23
computerwiz_222fizyplankton: yeah, i had some issues with fstab once, ran irssi as root for a couple minutes and these guys saved me :D04:23
bazhangDan39, you'd need to upgrade it yourself04:23
fizyplanktoncomputerwiz_222: i have xorg alll booted up and everything, but im still using irssi04:24
computerwiz_222fizyplankton: yeah, i usually have irssi running in a screen session, somewhere04:24
fizyplanktonit fist well in a screen session04:24
bazhangDan39, otherwise just use package management to handle everything04:24
dusfbazhang: dev/sd8/ 96% full - 1.4gb avail - /home04:25
computerwiz_222fizyplankton: there is nothing like looking super busy by having irssi open -- to the average idiot it looks like you're hardcore hacking04:25
dusfbazhang: /home/dusf/.Private 96% full - 1.5gb avail - /home/dusf04:25
computerwiz_222i take it that svgalib is probably a lost cause... it doesn't run on my laptop with geforce 8400M either04:25
bazhangdusf, time to back up and remove some of that then?04:25
Dan39let me read the article before i ask anything else haha...04:25
dusfbazhang: i store all my media etc on /media/dusf04:25
fizyplanktoncomputerwiz_222: wrong. three is nothing more hacking-looking than a split-screenes screen session wiith irssi running in one of like 10 panes04:26
computerwiz_222fizyplankton: god - i want that04:26
dusfbazhang: it's all system files, what can i safely remove jsut so i can log in and i will gparted extend it later?04:26
bazhangunknowndansai, ubuntu support question?04:26
unknowndansainot really im just dicking around04:27
fizyplanktoncomputerwiz_222: just type ^a S or ^a | in screen. to navigatre the panes, ^a tab. to remove a pane, ^a X04:27
bazhangunknowndansai, wrong place for that04:27
computerwiz_222fizyplankton: yeah, i really need to read the man pages04:27
dusfbazhang: also - how much free space do i need to be able to log in?04:27
KM0201bazhang: why would it not boot if he has 1.5gig remaining?04:27
computerwiz_222fizyplankton: when i discovered that you can name screen sessions i had a small party at my desk04:27
bazhangKM0201, the system reserves a certain amount, right?04:27
unknowndansaii am trying to run .exe from xubuntu04:28
computerwiz_222unknowndansai: get wine :P04:28
bazhangunknowndansai, then use wine04:28
dusfbazhang: if relevant i have a separate swap, opt, and some other system paritions04:28
KM0201bazhang: i dunno, when i've had this problem (including w/ lxde) i've always just reconfigured, and it all came back to life04:28
unknowndansaiim downloading niw04:28
bazhangunknowndansai, check the appdb and /join #winehq04:28
bazhang!appd | unknowndansai04:28
bazhang!appdb | unknowndansai04:29
ubottuunknowndansai: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help04:29
MicronXDHi all. I just finished an Ubuntu 11.04 install. everything went smoothly. I rebooted after the installation, and after logging in, an alert popped up saying something about unity not working. I installed the nVidia drivers and a compiz setting mgr. I unchecked Unity Plugin in the compiz settings mgr. "Reboot[ed] to finish update", and now I'm getting "mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth". any thoughts?04:29
computerwiz_222bazhang: that is a very nice bot, where can i  find docs about it?04:30
bazhang!factoids | computerwiz_22204:30
ubottucomputerwiz_222: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:30
dusfbazhang: i can stand to lose call of duty modern warfare from my .wine dir - is the command rmdir -r ?04:31
MicronXDalso, I'm not seeing the grub boot loader, so I'm not sure how to get into recovery mode o.004:31
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?04:32
glaksmonohow do you link the whole directories (contain files) into another folder?04:34
dusfglaksmono: i use symlink but don't have the exact command - google does tho04:36
dusfsorry i can't be more specific04:36
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:37
dusfrmdir --help doesn't show the option to remove everything in the dir, even non empty dirs within04:39
dusfcan anyone tell me the proper option?04:39
dusfi'm stuck in a tty and cannot access a web browser04:39
ChogyDan2dusf: rm -R04:40
dusfChogyDan2: tyvm04:40
MicronXDrm -R04:40
MicronXD(for recursive i believe)04:40
glaksmonodusf: i trued looking for it, it keeps saying that i'm trying to link a folder04:40
nexacekde sometimes stop responding correctly to my touchpad movements on my notebook... is there some way to fix this or reset it?04:40
dusfbazhang: KM0201: i have 8.1gb free now, rebooting04:41
dusfglaksmono: i'm sorry i cannot help you more, if you ask in here abotu symlinking i'm sure someone will04:41
Scribbled2xsoreau: I tried passing 1024 to mount, but it didn't want to take it.  Then I read the man 8 page and it didnt have anything stating something about tune2fs, so I read that and tried to get it to work, but tune2fs had nothing in it regarding the blocksize, so then I figured I would add a line to the fstab for the drive and as one of the options use bs=1024, this failed as well.  So I was thinkin maybe I had a bad disk, but debugfs has n04:41
sozietyhello, I am reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1619831, I need block internet access completly if vpn down, any idea?04:42
SamushkaHello #ubuntu, I am trying to load the e1000e kernel module for my Intel 82574L Ethernet cards on my Supermicro X7SPA-HF motherboard. When I use the 'lsmod' command, it shows the e1000e as having a 'used' value as 0 (ie: not being used)… I have entered e1000e in /etc/modules, and rebooted, but it's still showing used=0, any ideas? (Ubuntu Server 11.04)04:42
soreauScribbled2x: When you open the mount man page, use type /blocksize to search for this string and scroll down with pgdown. The bs entry tells you what the valid entries are for bs04:43
dusfqin, KM0201, bazhang:  freeing up 8.1gb of space did not fix the problem04:43
soreauScribbled2x: Other than the man page, I can't really offer any further help, sorry04:43
ChogyDan2glaksmono: it is something like ln -s04:43
BiggFREEIs UBUNTU 11.04 a stable version ?04:43
=== derp is now known as derp|gone
Logan_!11.04 | BiggFREE04:43
ubottuBiggFREE: Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110404:43
Logan_!zh | xch04:44
ubottuxch: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk04:44
BiggFREELogan_  ... Thanks04:44
raksasadear all. i had installed ubuntu natty04:44
raksasabut i got problem of running background job as root04:44
raksasait got an error04:45
xchwho help me lern English?  very thank04:45
dusfi am unable to login to xfce. when i enter my correct password with capslock of it appears to accept it, the window disappears showing only the background screen/login wallpaper, then it flickers black and asks for my password again. i have tried sudo dpkg reconfigure xserver-xorg and freeing up space in my home partition to 8gb but none of this worked. how can i fix this?04:45
xchwho help me lern English? very thank04:45
xchwho help me lern English? very thank04:45
ChogyDan2dusf: have you checked your Xorg.0.log?04:45
dusfxch: google04:45
qinxch: nciku.com04:46
dusfChogyDan2: can you give me a crash course how to please?04:46
raksasacan anyone help e04:46
Scribbled2xsoreau its ok, I already found out that the blocksize is 1024, I am good there, the only entry in the man page for blocksize is under affs and adfs (those are new to me).  For ext2, 3, and 4 fsystems it says to use tune2fs which has no reference to blocksize in the man page. Doesn't mean it doesn't accept the parameter, just that it is not listed in the man page --- Eitherway - thank you, I appreciate the help.  At least I know the disk04:46
xchdush:   you?04:46
glaksmonoi can't find from the internet zz04:46
kiichirois there someone that could help me? need to automate my xubuntu box for a few days04:46
ChogyDan2dusf: nano /var/log/Xorg.0.log     look towards the end04:46
dusfChogyDan2: okay brb04:46
soreauScribbled2x: I think you will figure it out :)04:46
solid_liqScribbled2x, blocksize for those defaults to 409604:46
dusfcan't remember whether i left irssi running in screen04:46
AlezzStigmaHElp me.04:46
wslayerdo you have to use sudo to restart gdm?04:46
AlezzStigmaSpeak spanish?04:47
=== BlackZ is now known as Guest89461
qinwslayer: Sudo service gdm restart04:47
AlezzStigmaHow do I go from version 9.04 to 11.04?04:47
Scribbled2xsolid_liq I was thinking something to that effect although I didn't know about 4096, the question is how do I pass 1024 to mount so that it will mount just that CD correctly04:47
AlezzStigmaHow do I go from version 9.04 to 11.04?04:48
kiichirodownload the update and burn to dvd04:48
wslayerqin: how do I make gdm start normally after boot?04:48
MicronXDHi all. I just finished an Ubuntu 11.04 install. everything went smoothly. I rebooted after the installation, and after logging in, an alert popped up saying something about unity not working. I installed the nVidia drivers and a compiz setting mgr. I unchecked Unity Plugin in the compiz settings mgr. "Reboot[ed] to finish update", and now I'm getting "mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth". any thoughts?04:48
xchwho help me lern English? very thank04:48
xchwho help me lern English? very thank04:48
ChogyDan2AlezzStigma: if backing up and doing a clean install is an option, do that04:48
MicronXDxch: what is your native language?04:48
solid_liqScribbled2x, I believe it's just   mount -o bs=1024   or something like that04:48
glaksmonoChogyDan2: yeah, that thing linked my folder but not the files :-/04:48
kiichiroI may be able to help04:48
solid_liqScribbled2x, man mount04:49
ChogyDan2glaksmono: what do you mean?04:49
SamushkaHello #ubuntu, I am trying to load the e1000e kernel module for my Intel 82574L Ethernet cards on my Supermicro X7SPA-HF motherboard. When I use the 'lsmod' command, it shows the e1000e as having a 'used' value as 0 (ie: not being used)… I have entered e1000e in /etc/modules, and rebooted, but it's still showing used=0, any ideas? (Ubuntu Server 11.04)04:49
ugly_duckupowerd sucks up resources man04:49
wslayeris gdm required to start as root?04:49
glaksmonoChogyDan2: i meant it linked the folder, but when i changed the file content on the other one, it doens't reflect with the source file04:49
wslayeryes or no?04:49
kiichiroguessing chinese?04:50
wslayerand does gdm start as root on your ubuntu?04:50
Scribbled2xsolid_liq - I have tried every variation of that and had no success.  I have read the manpages for mount 8, tune2fs, debugfs and still no luck -- thank you though for your input.  I will hang out for a few and see if I can figure this out.  I know there is a way and mount used to take -o bs=1024 because when I was creating the disks I had to enter it.04:50
kiichirocan someone help me make a way to automate my computer for a few days?04:50
ChogyDan2glaksmono: it is just a symlink, so it should be the same folder.  What you are saying shouldn't be possible.04:51
dusfChogyDan2: i don't see any errors, the only mention of the word fail is 'failed to load grail - no gesture support'04:51
tonyyarussokiichiro: You'll need to specify what you need to automate for someone to answer that.04:51
kiichiroI want to find a way to skip the auto login screen, start up a program and than shut off at midnight that same night. and I need it to run everytime the computer is turned on04:52
qinkiichiro: What program?04:52
MicronXDxch: darn... I only know Korean04:53
MicronXDxch: check out livemocha.com04:53
dusfChogyDan: wb04:53
tonyyarussokiichiro: You can use the login screen settings to automatically log in your user upon boot, then use the startup programs settings to run the program, and cron to shut it down at midnight.04:53
dusfChogyDan2: i don't see any errors in the xorg log, the only mention of the word fail is 'failed to load grail - no gesture support'04:53
tonyyarussoeasy peasy04:53
=== danopia__ is now known as danopia
wslayerqin: can you help me to uninstall nvidia driver that`s not from package?04:53
MicronXDxch: http://cn.livemocha.com/04:53
glaksmonoChogyDan: then what's the point of linking? :-/04:54
ChogyDandusf: yeah, sorry, I dunno04:54
kiichirothe thing is I need to automate a java -jar command in the terminal04:54
ChogyDanglaksmono: what are you trying to do?04:54
qinwslayer: I have not used nvidia since ages, maybe too rusty here.04:55
dusfi am unable to login to xfce. after entering my correct password with caps lock off it appears to take it and the login popup disappears showing only the login background/wallpaper, then the screen flickers black and the popup reappears askign for the password again but not mentioning an auth failure as it does when i type it incorrectly. i am using the same password to use this tty. i have tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, freeing up 8gb of space on 04:55
kiichiroI also need to get it to issue a stop using terminal, well just type stop and than wait 60 seconds than shut down04:55
wslayerqin: ok then04:55
qinkiichiro: Is it server?04:56
ugly_duckits funny that no one knows about  the upowerd cpu issue04:56
dusfChogyDan: nps ty for trying04:57
dusfChogyDan: nps, ty for trying04:57
wslayermy ubuntu install is naked lol04:57
qindusf: Can you login into tty1 and: xinit -- :1 vt8 ??04:57
wslayercanonical has to do a better job with netboot04:58
dusfqin: i'm in tty1 with irssi running in screen, do i just type 'xinit -- :1 vt8' in bash?04:58
qindusf: then form tty2, this will give you xterm04:58
dusfqin: kk brb04:58
=== V7|RTK is now known as van7hu
qindusf: There is chnace that you will see error from xserver, if not, in xterm: xfce4 (or something)05:00
dusfqin: entering that command after logging into tty2 gave me a strange white terminal taking up about an 8th of the screen in the top left, rest of the screen is black05:00
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?05:00
kiichirohow do I change it so I don't need to sign in?05:01
dusfqin: yes, seeing some errors here in tty1 now, but i can still read you05:01
qindusf: Did you get xterm (under Alt-Ctrl-F8)?05:01
dusfqin: when i go back to tty2 now there's now a gui login popup asking me for password, but saying i'm currently logged in05:01
wslayersome guy here said there`s a gtk app to configure nvidia drivers05:01
wslayerdoes anyone know the name of this app?05:02
dusfdusf: i didn't using alt-ctrl-f8 to enter the xinit command - i used ctrl+alt+f205:02
kiichirookay how do I start up a program, put in the word "stop" in the server terminal and turn it off at midnight05:02
qindusf: This command should puch you to vt805:02
dusfqin: can you clarify, i am unfamiliar with what were are doing, and your terminology05:03
qindusf: tty1-6 vt7- , text and gui05:03
qindusf: Can you try to login (that graphical window)?05:04
dusfqin: the one in ctrl+alt+f2?05:05
qindusf: Right now point is to run plain xserver, so we would know that problem is either from gdm or xfce05:05
qindusf: Yes05:05
dusfkk brb05:05
dusfqin: same thing is happening05:06
dusfblack screen flickers then back to login window05:06
kiichiroI am trying to automate my computer for a few days, have it auto login, open up a terminal in a specific folder, issue a command, open teamviewer, and at 11:30 type "stop" and hit enter in the terminal, Also to copy and paste files to a specific place.05:06
qindusf: Try again, but type your password in username box to see if is right.05:06
kiichirowilling to talk in private chat05:06
dusfqin: 'username box'?05:07
dusfthere i only one place i see to type my password...05:07
UberTr1kkfirst time ever on irc05:07
ninezerozeroпривет всем.05:07
kiichiroanyone able ot help?05:07
qindusf: OK, kill init, and: sudo service gdm restart, check password there05:08
ninezerozeroподскажите, вроде, появлялся какой-то драйвер, чтобы в vmware можно было наслаждаться чудесами графики? типа компиза и прочего, а?05:08
ninezerozerowrong away05:08
Wallyninezerozero: :)05:09
WallyI don't think many of us speak Russian.05:09
dusfqin: how do i kill init05:09
WallyВе доньт спеак Руссиан сорры05:09
dusfqin: killall -9 init?05:09
qindusf: No05:09
dusfqin: jsut log out of tty2?05:10
qindusf: In tty2: Ctrl-c05:10
wslayerqin: i just installed gnome how do I "link" it with gdm?05:10
pwnzorz271ninezerozero, zdorov05:10
dusfqin: done, and tty2 now asking for username again in normal text form05:10
ninezerozerono problem.05:10
dusfqin: that's what we want, yes?05:10
qinwslayer: If you installed gnome-session it shoud be already linked05:11
dusfqin: as an xfce user, do i use gdm?05:11
qindusf: Yes05:11
dusfqin: sudo service gdm restart took my password in text form, then brough up gui asking for password05:12
qindusf: From tty2, sudo service gdm stop and sudo service gdm start05:12
dusfsame thing05:12
dusfahh stop and start05:12
dusfkk brb05:12
dusfqin: no change05:12
qindusf: Wait... You right gdm do not have username field, unless you press other user... can you test password this way (so you will see it)05:14
AddyHi guys, I was wondering if I could install ubuntu 11.04 32 bit on my 64 bit computer05:14
bazhangAddy, sure you can05:14
dusfqin: what?05:14
dusfqin: oh i did that already05:15
dusfqin: i clicked other, typed my username, and then my password - which still comes up as dots05:15
Addybazhang: that's what I thought, but when I tried to run or install 11.04 it has a kernel panic and restarts05:15
dusfqin: i've tried something else now tho05:15
dusfqin: i sudo service stop gdm05:15
dusfqin: then startxfce405:15
dusfit does not load, but gives me some information05:15
bazhangAddy, corrupt iso perhaps. md5 it, then reburn slowly and do the disk integrity check05:16
wslayerqin: the restart button on gdm will reboot my system or only gdm?05:16
bazhang!md5 | Addy05:16
ubottuAddy: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:16
qinwslayer: System05:16
Addybazhang: I used the USB flasher tool to put it on my flash drive, but I will check the ISO, thanks05:16
dusfqin: failed to load module "noveau" module does not exist05:16
bazhangAddy, unetbootin? that may take more than once to "burn" it right05:16
wslayerqin: then i will do a sudo service gdm restart05:16
qindusf: oh...05:16
dusfqin: but that's nothing new, nouveau is blacklisted05:17
Addybazhang: no, I'm using Universal USB Installer05:17
dusffor months05:17
qinwslayer: This command restart xserver, or rather most of it.05:17
kiichiroanyone able to help?05:17
dusfqin: failed to load module "nv", module does not exist05:17
kiichirowilling to talk in private chat05:17
qindusf: My brain jammed (for a moment)05:18
wslayerrestart: unknown instance05:18
qinwslayer: stop05:18
bazhangAddy, same holds true. try unetbootin as well though05:18
qinwslayer: and start05:18
dusfqin: xfce4-sessions: Unable to access file /home/dusf/.ICEauthority: Input/Output error05:18
qindusf: That looks serious.05:19
dee27i have wine 1.2.3 when i try to install a program it gives me a error05:19
dusfqin: echo agent PID 4853 killed05:19
tdignananyone else find that the text run box in unity sporadically rejects input?05:20
bazhangdee27, check the appdb and /join #winehq05:20
tdignanI filed a bug about it today.05:20
wslayerqin:gdm is running from tty1 is there a problem if i close it with ctrl+c?05:20
bazhang!appdb | dee2705:20
ubottudee27: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:20
wildbatsaid if i am in terminal inside a sshfs mounted directory, and if the connected broken it will be hanged. is there a nice way out , instead of kill the terminal ?05:20
qinwslayer: That will kill xserver05:20
dusfxinit: connection to Xserver lost05:20
mikubuntumy niece installed ubuntu 1010 but is having issue that she cannot type into any textareas (including) address bar.  i searched for this issue on google can't find anything.  anybody familiar with this?05:20
dusfqin: can i reset my graphics drivers?05:21
BigAlim new to linux any bright ideas to give me that i can use05:21
bazhangBigAl, about what05:21
BigAlwell for starters i have ubuntu 10.1005:22
wslayerqin: i closed it05:22
bazhangBigAl, please ask a clear question, all on one line05:22
BigAli dont know what the hell im doing05:23
van7huhello, ubuntu using OSS?05:23
bazhang!manual | BigAl have a read05:23
ubottuBigAl have a read: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:23
dusfis there a way to reset xorg and my graphics drivers to revert to the default of a new install?05:23
bazhang!wiki | BigAl and this too may help05:23
ubottuBigAl and this too may help: http://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.05:23
bazhangvan7hu, whats the real question. please be clear05:24
wslayerqin: what`s the correct way to restart now?05:24
bazhangvan7hu, pulseaudio is what ubuntu  uses by default05:24
wslayerqin: the xserver and gdm05:24
qindusf: First move ~/.ICEauthority to _old and try to login05:25
qinwslayer: Correct?05:25
van7hubazhang, thanks for ingo05:25
dusfqin: so sudo mv ~/.ICEauthority ~/iICEauthority_old ?05:25
wslayerqin: i mean what should i do to restart x and gdm05:25
qindusf: Yes.05:25
dusfqin: brb05:26
dusfqin: do i need a reboot -h?05:26
qinwslayer: gdm takes care of xserver, so you can either start gdm, or just x05:26
BigAlnot like that i mean i know how to use it some what i knw how to use the terminal and all i just want to know fun stuff to do with all the new knowledge05:26
qindusf: Or start gdm05:27
BiggFREEHow can I config my kernel for ignoring UNITY gui ?  Any option to untick ?05:27
bazhangBigAl, thats a very broad question. try to refine it a bit please05:27
dusfqin: i will go with reboot for safe measure05:27
bazhangBiggFREE, use classic05:27
bazhang!classic | BiggFREE05:27
ubottuBiggFREE: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".05:27
BiggFREEbazhang ... Ok :)05:27
BigAlcant be more specific i want to kno fun things i can go with linux05:28
wslayerqin: the best way to start gdm is with sudo service gdm start?05:28
qinIs it good place to moun about ff...05:28
bazhangBigAl, thats more of a websearch question, not a tech support question. try #ubuntu-offtopic05:28
BiggFREEThanks a lot :) You solved my problem .... bazhang05:28
wslayeri would like to know what`s the difference to sudo gdm start and sudo service gdm start05:28
woodyjlwfollowed instructions on my bcm43 wireles , sudo apt-get update, and then , sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source, and my wireless worked perfect till I rebooted and now no wireless at all.  what could have happened and how do I get it back?05:28
qinwslayer: Yes, any other method is bad.05:28
wslayernow i have a working gui :D05:29
BigAlscrew it then05:29
dusfqin: i am now speaking to you from irssi running in a terminal emulator within x with my beautiful gui desktop :) tyvm for all your help, you have fixed my pc05:30
qindusf: To the next one!05:30
qindusf: Without X live is simpler, anyway.05:31
dusfqin: any idea what was causing the problem?05:31
argmonsterjoin #lurk05:31
dusfqin: i like to play world of warcraft, and watch movies :)05:31
bazhangargmonster, /join05:31
qindusf: Hard reboot, most likely05:31
dusfKM0201, bazhang: fix for my problem is above if you guys are interested.05:31
princessso aside from the massive info i have about getting my bluetooth to work who can give a idiots straight answer mean 'this is how u do it'05:31
dusfqin: i did do a hard reboot - my computer would not shut down05:32
dusfit would just goto the login screen05:32
timh____I want to install a second distro on a separate partition.  Will GRUB automatically probe for it?05:32
wslayeron gnome my keyboard is fine but on tty it`s fucked05:32
Addybazhang: where do I find the list of checksums on the ubuntu website?05:32
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup princess have a read05:32
bazhangwslayer, no cursing here05:32
afedshit cock nigger jew05:32
bazhang!hashes | Addy05:32
ubottuAddy: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.05:32
Addythanks :)05:32
qinwslayer: you need to run locale05:32
dusftimh____: i think it will, but confirm that first. tri booting ubuntu with two versions of windows i had to do some tinkering. there will be loads of guides on google, try googling for say: dual boot ubuntu and debian05:33
Addybazhang: the checksum is the same. Should I just try burning the flash drive again?05:33
qinOk, Have a nice day, off for bit....05:33
dusfqin: you too friend :)05:33
wslayerqin: you are cool05:33
bazhangAddy, I would. you may wish to try unetbootin as well. is this from a windows computer by chance? if so unetbootin.sourceforge.net has it05:34
wslayeri don`t know how you can be so patient with my noob questions lol05:34
timh____thx.  I did some looking on the ubuntu site last night.  I'll do some more tonight.05:34
Addybazhang: yes. I have 64 bit windows 7 ultimate running right now, and I'd like to dual boot that with 32 bit ubunti. I'll try unetbootin, thanks05:35
=== xeQt is now known as xeQted
wslayerbazhang: nvidia driver05:35
=== flametai1 is now known as flametai12
pie_How can I set the amount of idle time till the screen automatically locks?05:45
bazhangpie_, screensaver settings?05:45
IdleOnein the screen saver settings05:45
pie_ok well my stuff checks out...whats strange is it's not activatong the screensaver lately...05:46
jeeves_mossis there a good CLI only MP3 tagging tool that accesses the FreeCDDB to get the track info?  I have over 350Gb that I'd like updated05:51
kiichiroI am trying to automate my computer for a few days, have it auto login, open up a terminal in a specific folder, issue a command, open teamviewer, and at 11:30 type "stop" and hit enter in the terminal, Also to copy and paste files to a specific place.05:52
jeeves_mosskiichiro, why not script it, then call it from CRON?05:52
kiichiroanyone able to show me how to scipt in here05:53
jeeves_mosskiichiro, what program are you trying to run?05:54
wslayereven though linux configuration can sometimes be difficult it`s a much better OS than windows will ever be05:56
kiichiroterminal and teamviewer05:56
kiichiroand need to start a game server  with the terminal05:56
susundbergGood morning. Does anyone else use hard-disk spindown in /etc/hdparm.conf -- to me it seems like it is not working on boot, but it does work after suspend (udev rules are buggy?)05:57
susundbergOr another thing, what is the gnome-power managers 'spin down when possible' suppose to do -- at least it is not working ?05:57
onelinerhello there i was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me a hand in understanding jack sound server and how to make use of it properly05:58
mikubuntumy niece installed ubuntu 1010 but is having issue that she cannot type into any textareas (including) address bar.  i searched for this issue on google can't find anything.  anybody familiar with this?06:00
susundbergoneliner: You could also first try to read the availalble documentation and then ask specific question if there is something unclear06:00
susundbergoneliner: or do you have one question ready, i can try to answear it ..06:00
woodyjlwi need help with my wireless card. its hp laptop with bcm4318 card and ubuntu 11.04 . all past versions of ubuntu  always installed the wireless and worked fine. And I had it working on 11.04 till I restarted laptop no nothing06:01
susundbergwoodyjlw: what card to be precise?06:01
HabeebHello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with an audio syncing issue within VLC06:01
Habeebunder 11.0406:01
subminuentisch_mikubuntu had the same  problem with my usb keyboard wich doesent work with any linux ive tried06:02
onelinersusunberg does it make sense to try to run all audio through jack? if so how should i go about configuring, also the whole thing is muddled with audio device blindness06:02
susundbergwoodyjlw: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10757442 ?06:02
susundbergoneliner: i guess that depends what are you trying to do..06:03
susundbergoneliner: if your computer is 100% use as home studio recording box, then sure it makes sense. If you use it to watch flash videos, then probably not06:04
susundbergoneliner: about configuration i hope there is plenty of resources on the manuals06:04
shtcould anyone provide some general insight on as to why ubuntu may hang when doing apt-get install postfix? it sits at Unpacking postfix (from .../postfix_2.7.1-1ubuntu0.2_amd64.deb) ...06:04
shtit sits at Unpacking postfix (from .../postfix_2.7.1-1ubuntu0.2_amd64.deb) ...06:04
onelinersusundberg: whenever i start the jack server for audio work "common sounds" stop,06:05
onelineryou can say i want both audio work and flash streaming06:05
jeeves_mosswoodyjlw, does the card show up if you pull a "lspci", or "dmesg"?06:05
onelineralso i guess i want to learn more about how to manage sound hardware better06:06
susundbergoneliner: yes i guess that is becouse the jack requires control of the sound system as well as the 'common sounds'06:06
susundbergoneliner: Have you checked google, like: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToJACKConfiguration06:06
woodyjlwjeeves_moss, yes , 05:02.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)06:06
onelinersusundberg: yes, i guess am missing lots of background info to turn that into working solutions06:07
susundbergoneliner: hmm, it might be that 'common sounds' and jack are not working together at all, tough that would be little weird06:07
susundbergoneliner: http://jackaudio.org/documentation ?06:08
Jakman85welcome back, dimas_06:08
Jakman85dimas_, did you get your dj software working?06:09
jeeves_mosswoodyjlw, do you have the backports repo enabled in APT?06:09
woodyjlwjeeves_moss,  sudo apt-get update ,  sudo apt-get install firmware-b43legacy-installer , made it work till i restarted laptop06:10
woodyjlwjeeves_moss,  dont know how do I check06:10
susundbergoneliner: to be honest, i think there is not very good up-to-date documentation of the sound system in complite06:10
susundbergoneliner: the jack documentation would be my best guess, and there they say 2003 is the most recent ..06:11
susundbergoneliner: you might try to look for ubuntu studio documentation also, if there would be some more up-to-date. Or just ask your question here again, i cannot help more, sorry.06:12
RealOptywoodyjlw, whats the issue?06:12
dimas_Jakman85 i am trying to applications...i uninstaled pulseaudio cause it conflict with jack , but i am still having some issues i dont understand i had try another streaming software to see if it was the application..in this one i get the sound to play and connect to the server to strean but there is no data going out either06:12
ubuntunoobie2903Who is in charge of managing the standard ubuntu package repository? How does that work? i.e. there is a game that has had a new version out for awhile, but the old version is still what's in the repository.06:12
woodyjlwjeeves_moss, how do I enable in apt ?06:13
Jakman85dimas_, what did you have pulseaudio installed?06:13
woodyjlwRealOpty,  trying to get my bcm4318 wireless working in 11.0406:13
dimas_Jakman85 i did removed it06:13
RealOptymissing the firmware or the  b43legacy driver?06:14
RealOptywoodyjlw, ^06:14
Jakman85dimas_, I understand, but what was your reasoning in installing it in the first place? (just curious)06:14
dimas_Jakman85 i belive was installed when i upgrade to ubuntu studio06:15
woodyjlwRealOpty,  trying but no luck06:15
Jakman85dimas_, oh, I see. If you run the application from the terminal, do you get any error messages?06:16
jeeves_mosswoodyjlw, sorry, my fiance needed something.06:16
dimas_Jakman85 i dont quiet remember really...maybe was because i  found a good place where they were explaining how to get the idjc and skype to work simultaneously06:16
jeeves_mosswoodyjlw, edit /etc/apt/sources.list06:16
woodyjlwjeeves_moss,  lol np06:17
RealOptywoodyjlw, or06:17
RealOptyload up synaptic package manger06:17
jeeves_mosswoodyjlw, <zip>  yea, sorry, had to preform my "manly duity"06:17
ubuntunoobie2903Anyone understand how the package repository is maintained?06:17
Jakman85dimas_, is the idjc suppose to be a good program? or are you just checking it out?06:17
dimas_Jakman85 the applications are not the problem...i belive i am missing something in the audio06:17
jeeves_mossRealOpty, awwww, seriously?  package manager?  CLI!!06:17
RealOptywoodyjlw, then go to settings -> repo06:17
dimas_i used it 3 years ago...is very good06:17
Jakman85well, I made a package of it when I compiled it. If you want it you are welcome to PM me06:18
dimas_although i tryed another one and i am having the same problem to stream...i do connect to the server but there is not data going out as it doesnt register on the server as streaming06:18
RealOptyjeeves_moss, too bad ubuntu dosnt support UCI06:18
jeeves_mossRealOpty, that's half the fun!!06:19
Jakman85dimas_, that way, if you decide to start from scratch you dont have to try and compile it again06:19
dimas_Jakman85 the problem is not the application06:20
dimas_Jakman is the audio server...some how i am not really sending any data out06:21
Jakman85dimas_, I understand, I am just saying if you so happen to redo Ubuntu entirely, you can just use the package instead of trying to compile it again06:21
Peddyto upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 with a CD, do I use the Desktop CD or alternate install CD?06:21
Jakman85dimas_, I am not saying this will fix your current issue by any means06:21
dimas_Jakman85 i have a nice set up for my androids apps06:21
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal06:21
AbhijitPeddy, yes alternate06:22
Peddythanks Abhijit06:22
rwwPeddy: alternate, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NattyUpgrades#Upgrading Using the Alternate CD/DVD06:22
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?06:22
Peddythanks rww :-)06:22
dimas_Jakman85 just wonder...i am missing the volume control in the desktop and is not on the system either06:23
Jakman85have you ran dmesg to see if there was an error on the system level for your sound system?06:23
ibragimAssalamu alaykum06:23
Jakman85dimas_, please read the last message... i forgot to mention your name :-)06:24
dimas_Jakman85 i have audio but i dont know where it comes from...i mean alsa...but...does it need something to make able to send data out perhaps?06:24
TropolisI need to restart a frozen process via a web interface (which requires user authentication), what's the best way to do this?06:24
dimas_Jakman85 that sound like a good idea but i dont know how06:24
Jakman85dimas_, open a terminal, type in dmesg06:25
th^^any idea where unity saves the launcher layout? it always resets on relogin06:25
bsmith093im trying to use my offsite server as a proxy through putty, Ive set it up but firefox said its refusing connections?06:25
TropolisUsers go to a page hosted on the server, login, are presented with a "restart" (or other commands) button, and it runs the command, logging who ran what process06:25
TropolisI appreciate if anyone has any suggestions.06:26
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Jakman85Tropolis, I think php has a command to run system commands06:26
woodyjlwjeeves_moss,  is 11.04 just not compatable with this card anymore.  worked perfect with every other version of ubuntu .  11.04  has been a disaster for me. never had so much trouble from any other version of ubuntu.  only thing I like about 11.04 is opensource ati driver has much better performance 200m or r300 chip from what I can tell so far but sems like nothing ells works right. guess its back to 10.0406:27
Jakman85Tropolis, will phpMyAdmin not suite your needs?06:27
Tropolisi don't know, i haven't looked into it06:28
Tropolisi will now though, I'm just trying to gather suggestions06:28
dinphpmyadmin is a tool for managing mysql databases06:28
Tropolisthe website says it's just for sql db's06:29
Jakman85din, thank you for correcting me, i am mistaking it for another tool06:29
ray24What is a compatible wallpaper for my ubuntu06:29
woodyjlwjeeves_moss,  I really think ubuntu is headed in a direction with 11.04 that I dont want to follow. may just jump to debian and see how well it works for me06:29
dinTropolis: you will likely need to write something custom in php to do what you are talking about.06:29
dinwell, php, perl, cgi, etc... whatever language you choose.06:30
wildbatIf i am in terminal inside a sshfs mounted directory. If the connection broken, the terminal will be hanged. is there a nice way out , instead of killing the terminal ?06:30
dinTropolis: also, allowing users to run commands on server is probably not a good idea. :)06:30
TropolisYeah, ideally I just want a button that runs a script in the background06:31
Tropoliswhich will only restart the given process06:31
ray24How does one find a matching wallpaper for ubuntu?06:31
dimas_Jackman85 i post a little piece of my dmsg06:32
dinwildbat: ~.06:32
wildbatdin, that's for ssh ~  i am in sshfs06:33
chalcedonyafter i rebooted last time my alerts started making sounds (ubuntu 10.04), i LOVED it! but i wanted to see if i could get more than one sound, for different things - drum sound (default) .. so i messed with System > Sound > Sound Effects - and I don't know what i changed but now i can barely hear it? i moved the Output Volume up, because music and things were too quiet, and i moved Choose an alert sound to Drip and back to Default .. and now i06:33
chalcedony can't hear it? HELP?06:33
dinwildbat: ah, sorry. hmmm06:33
dinwildbat:  cd .. ?? :)06:34
wildbatthe terminal hanged :<  ~ can't type ;p06:34
dinhow about ctrl \06:35
wildbatdin, let me try06:35
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?06:35
kiichiroand need to start a game server  with the terminal can someone help me program that?06:36
haxorhello any on people here06:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:37
wildbatdin, nope~06:37
dattebayohey guys recently im having problem with usb-creator, when i add  file.iso it shows me nothing so i cant create flash bootable what should i do to it work?06:37
dinwildbat: if sshfs disconnects, it is like pulling the filesystem out from under a running process. it may respond at all unless you just kill the shell.06:37
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots06:37
dinmay not*06:37
wildbatdin, kk ~ just thought there may be a nicer way out ^^ ~ nvm then06:38
dinwildbat: when i use sshfs i always use -o reconnect06:39
wildbatdin, not always work ~06:39
dinin case it does disconnect06:39
dinyeah i understand, if your endpoint is unreachable.06:39
mikubuntumy niece installed ubuntu 1010 but is having issue that she cannot type into any textareas (including) address bar.  i searched for this issue on google can't find anything.  anybody familiar with this?06:39
wildbatdin, and if the connections dropped for too long ~06:40
chalcedonymikau, does her mouse move the pointer?06:40
mikubuntuits on a laptop, so itds not a usb keyboard06:40
dinwildbat: lately i have been using autofs + sshfs. you should check it out.06:40
dinwildbat: yes, such is the way of network filesystems. :)06:41
wildbatdin ~ autofs ~ hmm ~ used to use it when i am using with Windows shares~ have never use it with sshfs~ hmmm06:42
dinwildbat: it is quite handy. i have a netbook with limited storage, so i use it to mount my /home directory on my home "server".06:45
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brewsterdoes anyone here use the program tangerine?06:49
brewsterthey don't appear to have an irc channel06:50
wildbatdin, don't your system hang if the connection broken?06:50
brewsterand i was wondering how i could tell what port it used06:50
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?06:52
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delinquentmeexport $CROSSBOW_HOME='/home/unf-ubu/biohack/crossbow-1.1.2'  << does this look like a valid operation for setting the path in ubuntu?06:59
delinquentmebc its definitely not setting the path :P06:59
Gryllidadelinquentme: Without the $06:59
Flanneldelinquentme: Is your usernam unf-ubu?06:59
delinquentmeFlannel, it is06:59
b0nghitteri'm trying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX on ubuntu server 11.04, but there is no PPA repo for 11.04... can i get around this somehow without any problems?07:00
delinquentmeGryllida, thanks!07:00
jeeves_mossFlannel, hey man!!  long time no chat!!07:01
van7huanyone has experience with pulseaudio?07:02
Gryllidadelinquentme: :)07:02
Scribbled2xDoes the latest linux kernel support a blocksize of 1024 for ext2?  Is there a chance that this is something that it no longer supports07:03
Flannelhowdy jeeves_moss07:04
Jordan_Udelinquentme: You probably don't want to completely replace $PATH, rather you should add to it with 'PATH=$PATH:/path/to/new/directory/'. Is /home/unf-ubu/biohack/crossbow-1.1.2 a regular file or a directory?07:05
delinquentmeJordan_U, yeah its a directory07:05
delinquentmeso CROSSBOW_HOME=$CROSSBOW_HOME:/yadda/yar'07:06
delinquentmeand this is different just in the case where someone might already have that ENVVAR set?07:07
ubunIf i use LUBUNTU, what limitations does that come with vs ubuntu? can i still use terminal webcams? internet?07:08
Gryllidaubun: yes07:08
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.07:08
delinquentmeJordan_U, that above question was for you :D  .. no rush though07:11
DiddlebugI think I have a kidney stone07:13
CaptainkrtekDiddlebug, #ubuntu-offtopic please07:13
=== Diddlebug is now known as OogyPoogy
thinktank809Hi All... wanted a quick advise... we r trying to install 10.04LTS server 32bit  on PRIMERGY rx300 S6 , have 300GB * 4 HDD , The HDD are in RAID5 + 1HSP... when we install the OS the installation procedure is detecting only 300gb space...should i not get at least 500 to 600gb space07:14
noisewaterphdthinktank809, ubuntu may not be recognizing the raid07:14
noisewaterphdthinktank809, is it software?07:15
Captainkrtekwhat is the raid care?07:15
noisewaterphdonboard, card?07:15
GSF1200Sany troubleshooting ideas for figuring out why logout from the menu hangs?07:15
noisewaterphdwell post your mobo details and maybe someone has experience07:15
thinktank809the raid was configured using the serverview CD07:15
noisewaterphdare you sure the mobo supports booting from the onboard raid07:16
CaptainkrtekI have some server experience, not much with raid + ubuntu07:16
CaptainkrtekI can try to help though07:16
thinktank809ever help is welcome07:16
thinktank809im about to try the 64bit version07:16
noisewaterphdproblem with hardware raid is they are all different with different features and quirks07:16
Scribbled2xhahahah - success :) - the answer - simple: dd if=/dev/sr0 of=~/Crap_Pile_File bs=1024 ; mount Crap_Pile_File /Crap_Pile_File_Mountpoint -o loop07:17
noisewaterphdmanufacturer docs are prob the best place to start07:17
Captainkrtekthat's what i'd suggest07:17
thinktank809manufacturer has only certified as UBUNTU works on this server...but not any further help07:17
WXZhow do I open cmap files?07:17
noisewaterphdthinktank809, find out what onboard raid chip it is, find their docs07:18
noisewaterphdthinktank809, not the server manufacturer07:18
thinktank809hmm..thats a nice one07:18
thinktank809let me try that07:19
Captainkrtekcertified doesnt mean all features will work if I recall correctly07:19
noisewaterphdthey are just saying that out of all linux distros, they tried ubuntu and all hardware was supported07:19
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
noisewaterphdthinktank809, one thing to keep in mind, is that a lot of on board raid chips don't support the raid setup as a boot disk07:20
noisewaterphdthinktank809, in which case use 1 disk as the system disk, raid the rest of the drives raid5 or whatever and moun the raid as /home, or whatever suits you best07:21
thinktank809@noisewaterphd:  microsoft 2003/2008 got installed perfectly07:21
noisewaterphdthinktank809, I don't like running my entire system from raid anyway, that is a lot of uneeded overhead slowing things down07:21
thinktank809is there any limitations on HDD access between 32bit and 64bit07:22
noisewaterphdjust raid the critical data07:22
noisewaterphdjust my opinion07:22
WXZhow do I open cmap files?07:22
sendermousemovement is stuttering, only on ubuntu 11.04 classic mode. Having xorg problems as well, can this be related, and how to solve? thanks07:23
noisewaterphdthinktank809, if MS was able to use the exact same machine and boot from the raid then the bios and chip support it07:23
noisewaterphdso just start with chipmaker docs07:23
noisewaterphdbios docs might be of use as well07:23
senderabout xorg problems: installed nvidia latest, and having serious compiz performance problems (8600GT 512mb), is this video card too old?07:24
noisewaterphdor at least give us the mobo and raid controller details so we can guess07:24
wildbatsender, i have 7950GT ~ not a problem at all .07:24
Jakman85sender, no07:25
senderwildbat, Jakman85: thanks, kind of comforting ;) hope to solve this soon07:25
nkhAnyOne can help me with Lucid? It Does not recognize my ethernet, instead of eth0 i have eth1 in ifconfig -a !07:25
Jakman85sender, i have 8800gts and it runs silky smooth07:25
senderwildbat, Jakman85: scale plugin is no problem, switching workspaces using desktop wall is wonky :-\07:26
Jakman85sender, i found someone yester who had issues, and the nvidia installer added another DRI section in the xorg rather than replacing the old one. He restored his past xorg and everything worked fine after that07:26
babuhow to hear the sound from the remote desktop07:27
senderJakman85: sorry, cant fint a DRI section in xorg.conf (kind of new to this)07:27
Jakman85glxinfo in a terminal07:27
q0_0panyone here familiar with evolution?07:27
senderJakman85: but i have double Section "InputDevice"07:27
noisewaterphdthinktank809, the datasheet for that server you listed shows an optional raid card, not an on board controller07:27
q0_0pi removed evolution and figured all my settings were gone07:28
Jakman85sender, do a glxinfo in a terminal07:28
q0_0pafter reinstalling evolution settings are still there and mail07:28
q0_0pwas wondering if anyone knew the location07:28
q0_0pof this mail and settings07:28
senderJakman85: ok, what am i looking for?07:28
noisewaterphdthinktank809, with a raid card you have to use the card manufacturer software to interface it with the bios with as a bootable disk unless it came preconfigured that way07:28
Jakman85q0_0p, remove the hidden folder in your home directory?07:28
q0_0pJakman85, i did that prior to removing07:28
Jakman85sender, find your card listed07:29
senderJakman85: "server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation"07:29
orchataHI guys, I got the Ubuntu Ultimate edition 2.7 dvd -  It has some packages in it that I want to install on my Ubuntu 11.04.   Is there any way to extract the debs from the DVD?  As far as I understood it hold all the files in squashfs'ed format07:29
q0_0pjakeriver, .config/evolution07:29
senderJakman85: "server glx version string: 1.4"07:29
noisewaterphdq0_0p, sudo apt-get purge evolution07:29
senderJakman85: "OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE2"07:29
noisewaterphdq0_0p, or sudo apt-get remove --purge evolution if not uninstalled yet07:30
noisewaterphdq0_0p, for future reference07:30
senderJakman85: is there  a way to benchmark? phoronix wont start :(07:30
Jakman85sender, glxgears, but be warned, it didnt work too well with my nvidia card07:31
noisewaterphdorchata, never even heard of ubuntu ultimate edition07:31
senderJakman85: glxgears gives me:  OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 8600 GT/PCI/SSE207:31
senderJakman85: glxgears gives me: 25990 frames in 5.0 seconds = 5197.938 FPS07:31
orchatanoisewaterphd:  Well, it doesn't matter which version of ubuntu it is, the idea is that it is a livecd and I want to get some debs from it07:32
noisewaterphdorchata, but if they are on that disc then they are available in some repository somewhere, so you really don't need to get them off the DVD07:32
Jakman85sender, it appears your graphics driver is working07:32
orchatanoisewaterphd: Well, I need to get them from DVD because I don't have good internet connetion to download them07:32
Jakman85sender, what exactly are you doing that is causing poor perforance?07:32
noisewaterphdorchata, give an example of one of the packages you need off of it07:33
senderJakman85: hmmm, ok. Any idea where the stuttering might come from when switching workspaces? Also mouse stuttering.07:33
noisewaterphdorchata, oh07:33
noisewaterphdorchata, ok, so just put the disk in and use software center to install them from the disk07:33
thinktank809my bad....the RAID controller is not onboard...its RAID Ctrl SAS 6G 5/6 512 MB07:33
senderJakman85: it's switching workspaces using Desktop Wall and having more then 4 windows open (not a lot right)07:33
noisewaterphdthinktank809, read back a bit, I already mentioned that07:33
orchatanoisewaterphd: Well, I guess I am doing something wrong, because it does not work this way07:34
noisewaterphdorchata, ok, so just put in the disk, browse the disk, find the packages you want and copy them to your hard drive07:34
Jakman85sender, hmm... not experiencing it with my 8800gts, but it is more powerful than the 8600... I would still be very surprised if it is your hardware though07:34
orchatanoisewaterphd:  the "pool" directory is only 10 MB07:35
Jakman85sender, has this always done this or just recently?07:35
WXZhow do I open cmap files?07:35
alex__:( cant set up my wifi on my laptop07:36
orchatanoisewaterphd: But when I run the live cd it has over 100 different apps07:36
noisewaterphdorchata, https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-classic/add-applications/C/offline.html07:36
cyphaok, I seem to be having trouble with postgres, and I'm following http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.4/interactive/tutorial-createdb.html07:36
senderJakman85: ok, i've upgraded from 7600 which gave me the same problems. Actually on different OS'es there is no problem. It started with upgrading to 11.04. Jockey is giving me 'driver activated but not in use'. After that  I installed NVIDIA 175... and cant seem to go back.07:36
noisewaterphdcypha, great start but we need the error message or the description of the problem07:36
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?07:37
nkhhi My eth0 device is not recognized by lucid , instead , i've a eth1 in ifconfig -a , and this is not working , any idea!?07:37
cyphanoisewaterphd, lol, that would prolly help07:37
Jakman85sender, I would download the nvidia driver from nvidia.com, follow the instructions for uninstalling the current driver and installing that one07:37
alex__wifi wifi07:37
Jakman85sender, a simple good search should point you in the right direction07:37
alex__cant set it up07:37
senderJakman85: I think I did that already, I'm now on: 275.09.0707:37
Jakman85sender, I use to have the exact issue with an old ATI (not AMD, ATI ;-) ) card07:38
noisewaterphdcypha, also this is ubuntu help, not postgres. but post anyway and you might get lucky07:38
alex__i installed ubuntu just now07:38
nkhhi My eth0 device is not recognized by lucid , instead , i've a eth1 in ifconfig -a , and this is not working , any idea!?07:38
senderJakman85: aha ok ;) what was the solution? Do you think mouse stuttering can be related to desktop wall switching?07:38
noisewaterphdcypha,  #postgresql07:38
senderJakman85: I've already bitemarks in my mouse now ;)07:38
cyphanoisewaterphd, true, I think it's still an understanding linux thing right now07:38
Jakman85sender, it is probably using a GL extension that does not have GPU acceleration on it07:39
senderJakman85: is that something I can change?07:39
cyphai am at the postgres@cypha-ubuntu: prompt after "sudo -u postgres -i''ing in07:39
senderJakman85: non responsive mouse is kinda annoying.. :(07:40
nkhI even tried to add eth0 in /etc/network.interfaces , but i've get such error restarting network service : eth0 device not found07:40
alex__my wifi driver is instaled and activated but in network conections i dont see ant wifi conection07:40
Jakman85sender, if you open up system monitor, watch the cpu usage, and if it ramps up during the switching, then that is the issue07:40
cyphathen "createdb cyphadb" gives me an error07:40
cypha"no command create found07:40
alex__-_- u all are bad i hate u07:40
senderJakman85: spot on, up to 100% on both cores :(07:41
senderJakman85: performance is degrading really fast with additional windows open..07:41
senderJakman85: how to debug this? Never had a problem with ubuntu out of the box before07:41
noisewaterphdalex__, just for thought, my HP laptops have actual hardware buttons to enable and disable wireless, which makes the connection disappear when deactivated07:41
nkhMy eth0 device is not recognized by lucid , instead , i've a eth1 in ifconfig -a , and this is not working , any idea!?07:42
senderJakman85: feel like a downgrade to lucid might be the best option now07:42
noisewaterphdalex__, really, then leave...07:42
nkhI think I'm Spaming if I Copy Paste My Question AnyMore :D07:42
Jakman85sender, it might be. They probably changed some of the GL extensions in the new version that is not supported by your vid card at the moment07:42
=== [an]droidman is now known as froyo
senderJakman85: is there a way to downgrade without full reinstall that you know of?07:43
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.07:43
alex__noise dont be .... nd help me :@ i press the key and nuthing happens07:43
GSF1200Si have an issue with the logout button not logging me out immediately- it takes at least 20 seconds before im logged out07:44
GSF1200Sand it just started doing this07:44
Jakman85rww, do you know a way of finding out what GL extensions are being called at a given moment?07:44
GSF1200Sis there anyway I can troubleshoot this?07:44
alex__all heys work but the wifi key doesnt07:44
GSF1200Sive already tried dpkg-reconfigure gdm07:44
nkhMy eth0 device is not recognized by lucid , instead , i've a eth1 in ifconfig -a , and this is not working , any idea!?07:45
noisewaterphdGSF1200S, do you have a new background process that is taking a while to shut down?07:45
=== agus is now known as ppbm
senderJakman85: thanks a tonne, cheers07:45
Jakman85sender, sorry to not have all the answers, but i hope you figure a solution out for yourself :-)07:46
GSF1200Snoisewaterphd, thats a good point.. I figured that gdm would issue a sigkill to all processes running under X07:46
alex__if u dont help me it means u dont have balls07:46
senderJakman85: np, sure will do ;) thanks07:46
noisewaterphdalex__, if you have a wifi key that is doing nothing, then search online for the drivers for your notebook to enable the key so that you can push the key to enable wireless and then have a wireless connection. and in the future, don't be an impatient baby if you expect any help07:46
nkhthe more i google it , the less i get :| , how should I make Lucid recognize my ethernet !?07:47
gogetaalex__: sorry we cannt delver you new balls at this time07:47
gogetankh: plug it in07:47
alex__a driver for the key?07:47
alex__i ll try to find it07:47
Jakman85nkh, did you ask it to please work? ;-) do you have an IP address?07:47
noisewaterphdalex__, nobody is paid to be here, we come to help out in our free time, you can't expect someone to jump on your question in 20 seconds. And making the kind of comments you did will get you flat out ignored forever07:48
nkhgogeta: I know this , Man ! in ifconfig -a i've get an eth1 instead of eth0 !07:48
nkhJakman85: I know this , Man ! in ifconfig -a i've get an eth1 instead of eth0 !07:48
gogetankh: if its wifi it might be named wlan0 or ath007:48
noisewaterphdalex__, look for an ubuntu driver package for your entire laptop as well07:49
alex__noise k i apologize for my impatience07:49
nkhJakman85: gogeta : I've pluged it in and nothing happens even in dmesg there is no message shows that it recognoze the ethernet07:49
george__hey guys should i install ubuntu with ext4 or btrfs ?07:49
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?07:49
george__which one is better?07:49
Jakman85nkh, can you ping google? or do you truly have nothing?07:49
gogetankh: some new gigafast we dont have a driver for or somethin?07:49
alex__noise i have my laptop's cd drivers does it help??07:50
gogetankh: its rare for them to lack one07:50
noisewaterphdalex__, for example, my HP laptops are fully supported right out of the box on ubuntu, my Macbook pro took some additional download to get some of the pecial keys and the multitouch mouse working07:50
q0_0pJakman85, found it07:50
wladstonI can't do a2enmod mod-wsgi after installing libapache2-mod-wsgi. ( it says ERROR: Module mod-wsgi does not exist!) Already searched everywhere .... help ?07:50
noisewaterphdalex__, no, the cd is for windows I'm sure07:50
q0_0pjakeriver, ~/.local/share/evolution07:50
noisewaterphdalex__ what is your laptop make and model07:50
Jakman85q0_0p what and where was it?07:50
nkhJakman85: gogeta : it was working till yesterday! i was triyng to work with an ipCamera , after that i faced this problem ...07:51
q0_0pjakeriver, ~/.local/share/evolution07:51
gogetankh: im leaning tords a hardware isue eth0 being disabled for a reasion or broken07:51
alex__its inspiron 154507:51
gogetankh: i see07:51
nkhgogeta: So what is this eth1 in ifconfig ? :-?07:52
=== froyo is now known as droidman101
noisewaterphdnkh, I think just rewriting your network configs by hand might be your best bet from what I have been reading07:52
gogetankh: did you bridge them and its shbowing as eth1?07:52
gogetankh: thats probly eth0 renamed07:52
george__Is it true that BTFS is better than Ext4 ?07:52
Jakman85nkh, really... ipCamera would probably be an eth, since it is IP (or wlan if it is wireless)07:52
rwwgeorge__: no07:52
babuhow to hear the sound from the remote desktop07:52
nkhnoisewaterphd: How Should i do that !?07:52
=== chomping_ is now known as chomping
Jakman85george__, nothing beats fat1607:52
gogetarww: if he didnt have one before it is07:53
babuwith the remote desktop viewer, i can only view the remote desktop07:53
babupls someone help07:53
nkhgogeta: maybe , but it does not take an ip even connecting my modem or the camera :-??07:53
george__rww , jackman85 should i install ext4 or btrfs ?07:53
rwwgeorge__: ext407:53
Jakman85george__, i would install ext407:53
gogetankh: have you set it to auto if the program messed with your settigs you might need to restore them threw the network mamanger07:54
george__jakman85  , fat16 only supports files with 2gb space07:54
nkhJakman85: sorry I did'nt get you , yes it's an eth , the matter is that nothing is working now , i even installed a debian and there is the same problem there !07:54
noisewaterphdhey alex__, did you install the proprietary broadcom drivers for your wireless card?07:54
hellhammerhow do i view my installed drivers in ubuntu 10.04?07:55
Jakman85george__, i was kidding and being a bit of a troll ;-)07:55
noisewaterphdalex__, the 1545 is supposed to be fully supported07:55
noisewaterphdalex__, no additional downloads07:55
hellhammerhow do i view my installed drivers in ubuntu 10.04?07:55
nkhgogeta: actually I didn't change anything and let it all to be done automatically , how Should I reset my network configurations?! may be it works ... :-??07:55
atul_can i install grub2 over grub07:55
gogetankh: i dont deal with unity so i cant say where they buryed the settings07:56
noisewaterphdalex__, System > Administration > Additional Drivers07:56
nkhgogeta: I'm on Lucid , there is no unity ;)07:56
[CBH]EdwardHello everyone!07:56
alex__nose it automaticaly installed it07:56
gogetankh: should be system adimin network manager07:56
noisewaterphdalex__, no07:56
Jakman85nkh, go to the power button on the top right, go to System Settings on the bottom07:56
noisewaterphdalex__, you have to install proprietary ones07:57
[CBH]EdwardInstalling java, DLJ license terms need to be accepted07:57
gogetaJakman85: hes not unity hehe07:57
[CBH]Edwardis there a way to automatically accept it?07:57
nkhJakman85: and So !?07:57
[CBH]Edwardapt-get install "-y" parameter isn't automatically accepting the java license agreement in shell07:57
alex__oh mm i installed updates07:57
Jakman85gogeta, lol, oh, i thought you said YOU werent in unity07:57
noisewaterphdalex__, they are included, but you have to follow the menu I just told you about and manually install the non open source proprietary drivers07:57
nkhJakman85: network manager is now open , what shoul i do !?07:57
foolishuserhellhammer, in system /admin/hardware drivers07:57
gogetaJakman85: im not never will be07:57
noisewaterphdalex__ and after installing the proprietary driver you need to reboot07:58
foolishuserGood morning all !07:58
gogetaJakman85: i built my own off the min cd a lxde custom build07:58
noisewaterphdalex__, so in the menu at the top of your screen: System > Administration > Additional Drivers07:58
Jakman85nkh, i really dont know, ask gogeta?07:58
alex__noise ok wait07:59
Jakman85gogeta, sounds nice, i just drank the kool-aide ;-)07:59
=== root is now known as Guest31600
gogetaJakman85: i tryed to but it was like driking 190 moonshine. nearly killed me07:59
nkhJakman85: ok Sorry to boring you :D , I'm really in stress of this because i should present the work in 2 days and i've lots of work to do , now should i come up with this :|07:59
alex__nose it the new ubuntu it doesnt have sistem on the top08:00
WXZhow do I open a cmap file?08:00
noisewaterphdalex__, oh, Unity08:00
noisewaterphdalex__, ya I don't know man, I hate unity, it's still there somewhere08:00
Jakman85gogeta, LOL, i came from windows 7 and compiz'd SuSE with beryl... talk about overdose of moonshine when you write in flames, the desktop is on a cube, and every window is like jello08:01
gogetanoisewaterphd: i hated it so i built without it08:01
alex__no it ubuntu 11.0408:01
gogetaJakman85: i always turned that off but then unity and gnome 3 said nope your stuck with it and i said time to change my beer08:02
fairuzalex__ the menu is still there08:02
noisewaterphdalex__, ya 11.04 uses unity for the desktop rather than gnome08:02
noisewaterphdalex__, hit the ubuntu button and just type: Additional Drivers08:03
fairuzTry click on the Application and choose sub menu System08:03
noisewaterphdshould find it08:03
alex__well i try to find it08:03
nkhgogeta: how can i remove this eth1 and setup my ethernet card from scratch, or just reset it's configs?!08:03
fairuzApplication (on the launcher)08:03
Jakman85gogeta, i understand, i will say that "normal" (aka, not technical people) find unity to be a life saver... i got my girlfriend to use ubuntu on her laptop as her main OS and she knows 0 about computers08:03
[CBH]EdwardGuys, JAVA question08:03
gogetankh: look in your network amanger you should be able to delete any settings08:03
[CBH]EdwardHow can I automatically accept the DLJ license for java08:03
noisewaterphd[CBH]Edward, in #ubuntu, seriously?08:03
[CBH]EdwardIt's a ubuntu question08:03
alex__found it08:03
[CBH]EdwardOn ubuntu noisewaterphd08:03
noisewaterphdjava is java man08:04
[CBH]EdwardBash scripting for ubuntu08:04
nkhgogeta: from there i cannot remove this eth1 device !08:04
noisewaterphdbash is bash man08:04
[CBH]EdwardIs it not a parameter for apt-get?08:04
gogetankh: it should say in  wired eth 1 and its settings08:04
alex__broadcom sta wireless driver08:04
fairuz[CBH]Edward: #bash08:04
Jakman85good night everyone08:04
alex__this driver is activated and currently in use08:04
gogetankh: and delete08:05
safejav[CBH]Edward: i dont know how to accept it automatically, but if u only need to accept that, hit the arrow keys08:05
nkhgogeta: the problem is not with connections , is with the device driver , there i have nothing named eth1 , is just a Autho Ethernet which is my Current connection Using USB of my Adsl modem !08:05
LigHHow do I separate several alternative DNS servers in the IPv4 configuration? Comma / semicolon / space?08:05
noisewaterphd[CBH]Edward, what do you mean automatically accept? just accept it and move on08:05
gogetankh: so its working?08:06
gogetankh: your modem may be showing up as eth 108:06
safejavnoisewaterphd: i think he is doing several installations08:06
gogetankh: being its usb08:06
bullgard4LigH: "the IPv4 configuration" is an ambiguous term. Please refine your question.08:06
GSF1200Snoisewaterphd: know anything about conky? conky is hanging my logout because I have it cat'ing the contents of a file. The file is in a RAM tmpfs..08:06
alex__mm i think i should delete it and find on google the right driver08:07
noisewaterphdsafejav, I usually just install java once08:07
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?08:07
noisewaterphdGSF1200S, nope, sorry man08:07
GSF1200Snoisewaterphd, k, thanks :)08:07
nkhgogeta: The USB0 is available in ifconfig and has ip , i'm connecting with that now, but the networkmanager says it is an Auto Ethernet , While it was Auto USB before :-??08:07
noisewaterphdalex__, no, just reboot08:08
gogetankh: humm08:08
LigHbullgard4: Ubuntu 11.04 Classic (Gnome); upper right bar: Network symbol; Configure connection (or whatever it is called in english, I have a german system); eth0; IPv408:08
alex__noise but i did it08:08
alex__i think so08:08
alex__well im gonna reboot08:08
gogetankh: so your onbord lan isnt working?08:08
noisewaterphdalex__, great, now reboot08:08
nkhgogeta: Yes , exactly08:09
gogetankh: try sudo lspci08:09
LigHbullgard4: Static setup.08:09
gogetankh: see if its in the list08:09
nkhgogeta: Yes it's in there , i tried08:09
gogetankh: sudi ifup eth008:09
=== tum is now known as Guest54766
noisewaterphdgogeta, eth0 used to work for him, installed something, networking is screwed now08:09
gogetankh: see if it turns on08:09
noisewaterphdgogeta, is the summary so far if i remember correctly08:10
nkhgogeta: ifup says : Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.08:10
gogetanoisewaterphd: yep but his usb nic is fine only the onbord died08:10
gogetankh: you might wanna check to see if the card just hasent died08:11
gogetankh: start off the live cd or something08:11
nkhgogeta: :(08:11
alex__i just needed to reboot -_-08:12
nkhgogeta: ok i'll try this , So what is that eth1 device? ifup eth1 says it's configured ! :-??08:12
nkhgogeta: sudo ifup eth1 : ifup: interface eth1 already configured08:12
gogetankh: i think eth1 is relly 0 and some odd config has renamed it08:12
nkhgogeta: how can i remove this eth1 devoce?!08:13
jpdsgogeta: That would be /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules08:13
nkhgogeta: device*08:13
LigHbullgard4: http://frupic.frubar.net/20556 -- how to add a second DNS server here, how to separate the second address from the first?08:14
nkhgogeta: in /etc/network/interfaces i just hav this auto lo iface lo inet loopback08:14
gogetankh: he gave ya the answer08:14
jpdsnkh: You could try deleting the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file, and rebooting.08:14
nkhjpds: Owk Thanks! I'll try this now08:14
krambiorixhi guys, in ubuntu 10.04 LTS , i can't modify /etc/network/interfaces... (E45: 'readonly' option is set (add ! to override) ) what can i do??08:14
nkhgogeta: cheers08:14
gogetakrambiorix: sudo08:15
bullgard4LigH: Vielleicht hilft Dir das weiter: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/interfaces08:15
jpdskrambiorix: Open it as root?08:15
nkhgogeta: i'll try this and be back , Thanks08:15
krambiorixgogeta , i am root08:15
gogetankh:  hope heh08:15
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ikoniakrambiorix: then add ! as it says wq!08:15
alex__where is nose?08:15
alex__mm thx nose wherever u are :)08:16
nkhgogeta: :D heh i know I may never be back with this :D08:16
krambiorixikonia, then it still has not been saved08:16
gogetakrambiorix: oh vi !save08:16
gogetakrambiorix: just as it said08:16
jpdsnkh: The file gets autogenerated on reboot.08:16
LigHbullgard4: Ja - wenn da in der config ein Leerzeichen üblich ist, dann im Dialog wohl auch...08:16
ikoniakrambiorix: yes it has08:16
=== casey is now known as k_cook
nkhjpds: ok Thanks :)08:16
=== charlie is now known as Guest93595
gogetajpds: whatever he played with i think it tryed to bind and borked his configs08:17
jpdsgogeta: Nice.08:17
gogetajpds: bridge rather08:17
LigHThanks. Bye. \o08:17
gogetajpds: its like if you use aircrack it will givbe your interfaces odd anmes08:18
noisewaterphdalex__, no problem08:19
LigHbullgard4: http://ww1.4hf.de/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/ubuntu-netzwerk05-244x300.png - da gehts auch mit Komma ... vielleicht ist das relativ flexibel.08:19
eroomdeHello. I am about to give up and install windows unless anyone can provide me with any hope of non-useless flash implimentation for 64-bit. It's made the internet basically unusable for me08:19
P-G-Manyone want to talk about wave partical duality?08:20
rww!ot | P-G-M08:20
ubottuP-G-M: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:20
mrdeberoomde: there is a working flash file08:20
P-G-Mthis is ubuntu08:20
ikoniaeroomde: the package flashplugin-nonfree should provide a 32bit flashplayer with a 64bit wrapper that is normally quite effective.08:20
gogetaeroomde: flash 64 is still beta i beleve08:20
noisewaterphderoomde, flash 10.3 64bit for linux works fine08:20
mrdeberoomde: hold on, i will find you the 64 bit version08:20
ikoniaP-G-M: ou wave partcial discussion has nothing to do with ubuntu08:20
noisewaterphderoomde, what is your issue exactly08:21
P-G-Mit does if you have it installed08:21
ikoniaP-G-M: what is your ubuntu question then ?08:21
mrdebnoise i am gonig to link it for him08:21
noisewaterphdmrdeb, cool08:22
alex__mm now that i have ubuntu what should i install??08:22
P-G-Mwhy would i have questions08:22
AddyHey guys. I tried booting up an 11.04 live CD, but when it reaches the desktop it hangs08:22
fairuzalex__: codecs?08:22
ikoniaP-G-M: because this is an ubuntu support channel,08:22
gogetanoisewaterphd: alex__apps08:22
gogetalots of apps08:22
P-G-Mthats becuase its rubbigsh Addy08:22
P-G-Mget a mac08:22
noisewaterphdgogeta, wha?08:22
fairuzP-G-M: -108:23
alex__i think i will get apps with time when i need them08:23
noisewaterphdgogeta, oh, ya alex__, just whatever you need man08:23
alex__i have a question :)08:23
gogetanoisewaterphd: the ops be vengfull today08:23
WisienWhat program is for running windows programs on ubuntu?08:23
fairuzalex__: Maybe at first you need some codecs, flash, java08:23
rww!wine | Wisien08:24
ubottuWisien: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:24
alex__does ams make videocalls with hotmail contacts?08:24
fairuzsomething to get the daily tasks done08:24
bullgard4Addy: It probably writes someething on the screen. Please report what you see on the screen.08:24
Addyso anyways, does anyone know why my liveCD is hanging before it boots up properly?08:24
alex__tell me hot to get them fairuz08:24
Addybullgard4: I see the cursor, I can move it for a few seconds. There's a purplish desktop background08:24
Addyotherwise blank08:24
thinktank809thank you all... found out that if i use the 64bit version the full capacity of RAID is available08:25
bullgard4Addy: What is then the effect of pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1?08:25
Addydidn't try that08:25
Addywhat would that do?08:25
noisewaterphdalex__, just looking through the ubuntu software center you should find some cool stuff08:25
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bullgard4Addy: This will normally open a virtutual terminal. There you can input command-line commands.08:26
bullgard4Addy: This will normally open a virtual terminal. There you can input command-line commands.08:26
mustafahello for all08:26
charlie_i am in the Natty Narwhal support group. so if you have Natty Narwhal and questions tell me.08:26
mustafai want ask about what is new in ubuntu 11.0408:27
Addywell, I'm fairly sure it was frozen, not accepting input08:27
bullgard4!ask | mustafa08:27
ubottumustafa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:27
AddyI'd have to restart and boot it up again to try that out08:27
fairuzAddy: Maybe your CD is corrupted?08:27
bullgard4Addy: You better make that sure08:27
mustafawhat is new in 11.0408:27
Addyfairuz: perhaps, should I check the checksum?08:27
noisewaterphdmustafa, Unity08:28
alex__wtf what ctrl alt f1??08:28
gogetanoisewaterphd: lol are frends with the funky network didnt come back bet it did fix such a thankless job08:28
alex__it turned off my laptop 0.O08:28
fairuzAddy: Burn with the slowest speed.08:28
gogetaalex__: lol that drops you to a bash term ctrl alt f7 brings the ui back08:28
bullgard4!language | alex__08:28
ubottualex__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:28
ZykoticK9alex__, virtual terminal - use alt+f7 to get back to GUI08:28
mustafaits good inter face08:28
alex__sorry :(08:28
noisewaterphdmustafa, I hate it08:29
noisewaterphdmustafa, I prefer gnome08:29
Addyfairuz: I did. It took like half an hour to burn. The cd is a very old CD-RW though so maybe that's why08:29
gogetaalex__: or accersys termnel08:29
ZykoticK9!classic | noisewaterphd08:29
ubottunoisewaterphd: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".08:29
alex__oh alt f7 i got it08:29
noisewaterphdmustafa, but to each his own, try it out08:29
noisewaterphdZykoticK9, ya man, done deal long ago08:29
alex__it asked me for a password nd i used mine and it didnt work08:29
mustafanoisewaterphd i try it but its not use full08:30
mustafaits to bad08:30
gogetaalex__: heh will you dont need to spend any time there unless something is wrong08:30
mustafaand hard to use it08:30
alex__i wont do it again08:30
noisewaterphdmustafa, well as ZykoticK9 just botted, it's simple to just use gnome208:30
gogetaalex__: lol alt f7 brings you back to the gui08:31
lindi-is there some common way to tile windows in gnome? I googled around and found all sorts of unofficial solutions that are not in ubuntu. Most promising seems to be http://www.giuspen.com/x-tile/08:31
dinkyd00dumb question: can I make ubuntu NOT require sudo?08:31
alex__i like to learn ubuntu :D08:31
mustafa<noisewaterphd> what is new think in 11.4 or just new interface08:31
gogetaalex__: thats just linux in genrel08:31
Totem-Schaltertry sudo -i08:31
Totem-Schalteri think08:31
alex__how do i get codects nd jaba nd stuff?08:31
bullgard4dinkyd00: You should not!08:31
noisewaterphdmustafa, all kinds of stuff man, hit the website and check it out08:31
dinkyd00sudo make me a sandwich08:32
fairuzalex__: Open synaptics08:32
fairuzyou know that right>08:32
gogetaalex__: the quick way apt-get install jre08:32
mustafanoisewaterphd thanks for help08:32
alex__uhmm yeah wait08:32
dinkyd00my name is alex.  you guys are wierding me out08:32
noisewaterphdalex__, I prefer apt-get from the cli, but ubuntu software center is a nice gui08:32
gogetaalex__: or search java threw softwhere store08:32
fairuzyou can install all the things you want from there08:32
ZykoticK9!java | alex__08:32
ubottualex__: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.08:32
alex__ok ill search java first08:33
alex__is easier if i click that link?08:33
ZykoticK9alex__, be sure to add the partner repo if you want Sun-java6-*08:33
noisewaterphdalex__, I recommend you install java6-sun, not the open jdk. sun version is in the partner repo I believe08:33
dinkyd00hmph no really tho .. I don't mind using sudo, I know it keeps things in user space, but what would I have to do to make ubuntu NOT require sudo?08:33
gogetaalex__: no lol08:33
noisewaterphddinkyd00, sudo bash08:34
noisewaterphdmakes the rest of the session root08:34
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MikeMurdockwhats up fools08:34
dinkyd00noise: haha quick fix, eh?  thanx!!08:34
alex__-_- ill write java in the software finder thing08:34
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, that's not really correct!  use "sudo -i" to get a root terminal.  dinkyd0008:34
gogetaalex__: i always use sysanpitc witch is also installed to enable all the repos and just search java from there its a little more powerfull then softwhere store08:35
dinkyd00zy: cool08:35
alex__gogeta ok wait08:35
gogetaalex__: or click the link lol08:36
dinkyd00cool cool08:36
dinkyd00thanks everyone08:36
jpdsMikeMurdock: Hi.08:36
dinkyd00gnite (it's 230 in mid-america)08:36
alex__no no no i want sysanpitc08:36
alex__but i dont know how to do it08:36
noisewaterphdZykoticK9, sudo bash works just as well08:36
gogetaalex__: ok that think was over complex08:37
jpdsnoisewaterphd: Err.08:37
jpdsnoisewaterphd: Use: sudo -i08:37
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, actually, it probably doesn't08:37
StarminnI am having problems with the notifications on Ubuntu 10.10. Instead of the bubbles, I get a pop-up window now. http://imagebin.org/161346 Any assistance is of course appreciated.08:37
alex__teach me!!!08:37
fairuzalex__: Open synaptics, then just search the thing that you want on the search field08:37
noisewaterphdZykoticK9, I'd love to hear why08:37
bullgard4[Natty] In addition to a German keyboard layout I installed a Russian keyboard layout. I can switch between them using Indicator Applet Complete 0.4.12. How can I switch between them  using a keyboard shortcut?08:37
fairuzalex__: Do you managed to find synaptics?08:37
gogetaalex__: it didnt have any sort of guide heh just info abought changes08:37
StarminnThey're allegedly getting rid of Synaptic anyway in the next few versions08:37
jpdsbullgard4: Yes.08:37
alex__i dont know where is synaptics08:38
gogetaStarminn: yea but it will still be in the repo so simple apt-get its back08:38
dr_willisStarminn,  just not being installed by default. from what i hear. that was also planned in the last release.08:38
fairuzSystem -> Administration -> Synaptic08:38
bullgard4jpds: What do you refer to?08:38
jpdsbullgard4: Under "Optionen", go to "Taste(n) zum Wechseln der Belegung".08:39
alex__fairuz i have the new ubuntu08:39
alex__clear thing08:39
noisewaterphdso nobody knows why sudo -i is so much better than sudo bash08:39
jpdsnoisewaterphd: Because it sets the user environment properly.08:39
fairuzClick on top left corner08:39
fairuzthen type synaptic08:39
dr_willisone of these days theya re going to have to just bite the bullet and go to a dvd.iso by default and get over the 700mb cd size.08:39
sakohey guys, i have a minor annoyance, i can't figure out why the plymouth splash screen wont run?08:39
dr_willissako,  whats your video chipset?08:39
noisewaterphdthe guy didn't want to be root08:40
noisewaterphdhe wanted to not type sudo08:40
thedude1my external dvd drive won't mount or anything, although it does show up in dmesg as "scsi 34:0:0:0: CD-ROM            QSI      DVD/CDRW SBW-081 NE02 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0". it is powered externally and there is a disc in the drive.08:40
sakoGeForce GT42008:40
gogetaalex__: from there slect repos and enable em all08:40
dr_willissako,  theres known issues with plmouth and the nvidia drivers.. personally i disable plymouth.08:40
jpdsbullgard4: "Optionen" under "Tastatureinschtellungen" → "Belegungen", that is.08:40
sakodr_willis: i see08:40
gogetaalex__: should be 4 checkboxes in total08:40
noisewaterphdso lets ponder why we care if the user environment was "set properly"08:40
dr_willissako,  theres literally dozens of pages with 'fix nvidia and plymouth' guides.. some of them can break the system.08:40
sakodr_willis: ah not worth it ;)08:41
ZykoticK9sako, if you REALLY want, there is a script linked on webupd8 that fixes nvidia/ati plymouth08:41
jpdsnoisewaterphd: Well, there's no other way, "not to type sudo" without being rootl.08:41
alex__gogeta in package there are like a lot o.O08:41
sakoZykoticK9: wheres that at?08:41
gogetaalex__: the repo menu08:41
noisewaterphdwe are talking 'environment' here08:42
ZykoticK9sako, http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/script-to-fix-ubuntu-plymouth-for.html08:42
gogetaalex__: you should see manage repos from that08:42
noisewaterphdhe didn't care about being root08:42
gogetaalex__: from there you can enable partner08:42
dr_willisZykoticK9,  and some times it even works.     :)08:42
frymanHi guys; I'm trying to get the internal mic working on the original macbook air in natty. Following the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir1-1/Hardy doesn't seem to work. So, I suppose my question is which kernel module should I be using?08:42
thedude1my external dvd drive won't mount or anything, although it does show up in dmesg as "scsi 34:0:0:0: CD-ROM            QSI      DVD/CDRW SBW-081 NE02 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0". it is powered externally and there is a disc in the drive.08:42
Flannelnoisewaterphd: I'm not sure what you're going on about, but 'sudo bash' wouldn't make him not root either.08:42
noisewaterphdhe wanted to not type sudo for a session, sudo bash works just fine for purposes asked08:42
ZykoticK9dr_willis, ya - I too have had mixed results08:42
noisewaterphdFlannel, no kidding, not the point08:43
alex__the only menus are 208:43
dr_willisZykoticK9,  ive had 4 out of 4 fail. :)08:43
athnamthe channel seems to have stopped working.08:43
alex__all and package08:43
ZykoticK9dr_willis, that's not good - I certainly have had it work08:43
gogetaalex__: hua08:43
dr_willisZykoticK9,  one reason im always comming down on plymouth.  eyecandy that makes trouble shooting harder.08:43
Flannelnoisewaterphd: You don't seem to have a clear understanding of what you're talking about.  So lets just drop it, and in the future, please suggest sudo -i instead of sudo bash.  Thanks.08:43
noisewaterphdthe point is people jump up and down with Err!, when in reality it would have worked out for him just fine. He did not say 'how do I become root from the cli'08:44
droidman101dr_willis: yes, i agree that theyll have to use dvds...but i use a usb stick anyways so i could care less08:44
gogetaalex__: doesent unity hide the menus08:44
noisewaterphdFlannel, no I have a very clear understanding of what I am talking about08:44
dr_willisdroidman101,  yea. or they may have to even get rid of 'wubi' :)08:44
ZykoticK9dr_willis, "get rid of wubi" +108:44
gogetaalex__: so it would be like on the top right menu08:44
Flannelnoisewaterphd: If you'd like to continue this, I invite you to join me in #ubuntu-offtopic.  Lets keep this channel clear of the noise.08:45
fairuzalex__: In synaptic, you have the Quick Filter at the top.08:45
alex__mm cant i take screen shots here?08:45
gogetaalex__: top left rather08:45
fairuzFor example, if you want to install amsn, just type amsn in the field08:46
thedude1my external dvd drive won't mount or anything, although it does show up in dmesg as "scsi 34:0:0:0: CD-ROM            QSI      DVD/CDRW SBW-081 NE02 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0". it is powered externally and there is a disc in the drive.08:46
alex__top right08:46
noisewaterphdFlannel, tell Ubuntu to recommend sudo -i instead of sudo bash all over in the docs, and I'll do the same.08:46
alex__the quick filter08:46
jpdsnoisewaterphd: It does.08:46
gogetaalex__: i dunnoi how unity has your ,layout cant help there08:46
dr_willisive filed many a bug/report correcting  incorrect 'sudo to root' ussage.08:46
noisewaterphdjpds, and it doesn't08:46
Flannelnoisewaterphd: Lets take this to #ubuntu-offtopic, tanks.08:46
gogetaalex__: i guess you can screen and image shack it or somnethin08:47
droidman101dr_willis: yah, i thought wubi was a bad idea, i mean, ubuntu is a very easy-to-use OS but if you cant figure out how to install it properly you probably wont have tons of patience08:47
fairuzgogeta: What's alex__ searching?08:48
gogetafairuz: to enable all the repos threw synaptic08:48
droidman101which leads to infinitely more "my internet isnt working" "what is your wifi card" "its called bcm4318 or something" "did you install ndiswrapper" "whats ndiswrapper?"08:48
gogetafairuz: i avoide unity like a very bad plage so i cant give him the exact locations of stuff08:49
VectorXfrom the repos in /etc/apt/sources.list , where can i find the files that would have the individual package info ?08:49
alex__thats the code of the pic online thing08:50
fairuzgogeta: Did you mean to enable Canonical Partners repo?08:50
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.08:50
gogetafairuz: yea08:50
fairuzalex__: Try this08:50
fairuzTop menu, Settings -> Repositories08:50
fairuzThen go Other software08:50
gogeta< kills self08:50
ZykoticK9fairuz, it's been moved to Ubuntu Software Center08:51
fairuzgogeta: That one?08:51
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »08:51
gogetathey made its own thing now did they08:51
fairuzZykoticK9: Oh ok08:51
alex__thats the pic08:51
ZykoticK9fairuz, oh sorry, those where synaptic direction (it MAY still be there)08:51
gogetaalex__: its in setting repos i think08:51
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fairuzalex__: try setting -> repo -> other software08:52
gogetafairuz: i think they made it part of the main he just checks the box08:52
balooohey, I'm trying to install ubuntu over the network08:53
alex__where is setthings?08:53
balooobut I do not have control of the dhcp server08:53
balooois this still possible?08:53
gogetaalex__: lol08:53
benplauthow much of a gigantic hassle is it going to be to get gtk-1.2 on maverick?08:53
LuxeI'm so happy ^.^08:53
gogetabalooo: if you can set a static ip yes08:54
alex__:P i went to settings but i couldnt find it08:54
mynoteshow to restore panel on ubuntu to their default setting?08:54
fairuzgogeta: If you want to help him/her with ease, I suggest you ask him/her to relog in Ubuntu classic08:54
ZykoticK9!panels | mynotes08:54
ubottumynotes: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »08:54
balooogogeta: so set a static IP on the machine serving ubuntu?  or the machine i'm installing it on?08:54
dr_willismynotes,  unity --replace, or unity --reset  or unity --reset-icons08:54
dr_willismynotes,  if using unity. Then theres a command to reset compiz to defaults.08:55
gogetabalooo: i dont knoe your netowork setup but if its dhcp it should just work08:55
ZykoticK9dr_willis, nice!  I guess !panels should be updated08:55
alex__in synaptic settings there is no repo08:55
noisewaterphdalex__, the confusion is a change between < 10.10 and 1108:56
gogetaalex__: lol lemmie turn my linux box on08:56
ZykoticK9alex__, use USC or the cli command !partner gave above08:56
aspirinhi, why i cant make work my vpn in ubuntu and in windows i havent problems?08:56
noisewaterphdalex__, you should be able to enable the partner repos and everything from within ubuntu software center regardless of what tab it is now under08:56
dr_willisZykoticK9,  lots of things need updated.. but the LTS is still supported for some time.. so its a bit of a hassle for doc writers :)08:57
alex__i can change to the old ubuntu thing08:57
alex__i saw it in the page08:57
gogetaalex__: yes ubuntu classic08:57
alex__yes that08:57
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".08:57
alex__should i do it?08:57
bullgard4jpds: I pressed System > Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Preferences > Layouts > Russioan > Options (Keyboard Layout Options) > Key(s) tochange layout > Both Alt keys together asserted > Close > Close. I rebooted. Why does the keyboad shortcut Alt+AltGr have no effect?08:57
dr_willisalex__,  if you want a more classic-like-the-old-gnome desktop,. yes08:58
gogetaalex__: you shure thers no repo in settings08:58
dr_willisbut even that is going away in the next release i hear.08:58
gogetaalex in the sysanpic menu08:58
alex__i swear ill send u a pic08:58
gogetai looked in mine its there08:58
aspirinwhy is so difficult to make work a vpn in ubuntu and in windows is so easy?08:58
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gogetaalex__: well you can do the partner diections08:59
alex__nooo i found it08:59
ZykoticK9aspirin, windows is better/easier - is that the answer you are looking for?08:59
gogetaalex__: lol08:59
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alex__:( sorry09:00
jpdsbullgard4: One second.09:00
StarminnI am having problems with the notifications on Ubuntu 10.10. Instead of the bubbles, I get a pop-up window now. http://imagebin.org/161346 Any assistance is of course appreciated.09:00
gogetaalex__: the working is still diffrent but just make shure there all checked09:00
alex__just source code is not cheked :)09:00
ZykoticK9Starminn, what is "notify-sharp"?09:01
aspirinzykotick9, sorry but i have an ubuntu so full like in my windows  but i want to have a vpn client too09:01
gogetaalex__: nice you relise if you check install 3rd party at install they are aruldy insateed09:01
ZykoticK9Starminn, http://www.ndesk.org/NotifySharp - barf, good luck.09:01
StarminnZykoticK9: It's the window that pops up now whenever I get a new message (like in IRC now) or change tracks on my media player09:01
StarminnZykoticK9: Bleh. Could I just uninstall it?09:02
dr_willisStarminn,  you mean the notify-osd thing  top right corner. black, if you get more then 1 message they sort of stack up...09:02
alex__mm ye09:02
Starminndr_willis: That's what used to happen. Now that screenshot appears. Nothing at the top-right now09:02
ZykoticK9Starminn, ? --- sorry I'm a very anti-Mono person, thus the "barf"09:02
gogetaalex__: lol if you go to youtube or soemthing and videos play you probly aruldy setup09:02
StarminnZykoticK9: I agree.09:02
dr_willisStarminn,  i havwe to wonder what 'notify-sharp' is in that title of that screenshot.09:03
ill0gici get this message when i try to reproduce youtube on totem unde xubuntu 10.04 : gstreamer encountered a general supporting library error . Can anyone tell me what's the problem ?09:03
StarminnIt's apparently the notification daemon09:03
dr_willisStarminn,  could be somthing you installed replaced the notify-osd system09:03
alex__gogeta u mean to download the codecs?09:03
jpdsbullgard4: So I have "Taste(n) zum Wechseln der Belegnung" set to "Linke Windows-Taste" and "Verhalten der Feststelltaste" set to "Feststelltaste als zuzaetzliche Super-Taste verwenden". And pressing the "Windows" key sets the layout between UK/RU layouts.09:03
ZykoticK9dr_willis, it's a 3rd party mono-app that i linked too above09:03
alex__or i got them already? o.O09:03
Starminndr_willis: I still have notify-osd09:03
dr_willisI dont recall the notify osd thing ever having dialog buttons like that. :) but im in KDE at the moment.09:03
gogetaalex__: if you checked the box at install you should if not it will simply ask09:03
dr_willisZykoticK9,  mono... argh.. :) heh..09:03
StarminnI'm going to try just uninstalling it09:04
alex__ye then i got the codecs already09:04
gogetaalex__: just make shure you slect the right flash adobe09:04
Starminndr_willis ZykoticK9: It's coming up as libnotify0.4-cil for the package name. Should that be alright to uninstall..?09:06
bullgard4jpds: Hm. So I conclude that I will need to tamper a little bit with these key combinations yet. I cannot use a Windows key because my Thinkpad computer doen't have one. -- Thank you.09:06
alex__thx :D09:06
alex__ima go to sleep09:06
dr_willisStarminn,  You can always reinstall it later i guess.09:06
gogetaalex__: ubuntu is pretty good abought codecs even if you =dont have them it will say hey i need to install these codecs for this video to play and ask to do it09:06
jpdsbullgard4: That's how I made it work.09:06
bullgard4jpds: Yes.09:07
alex__gogeta it kind of ask cuz i pluged in my iphone nd i played music videos nd stuff09:07
gogetaalex__: hehe09:08
ill0gichello channel ... anyone to help with totem problem in xubuntu ?09:08
alex__illogic  whats wrong09:08
noisewaterphdalex__, also there was a bug in a recent firefox (64 bit) where flash was pretty sketchy, I have no idea if it was fixed yet, but just FYI it works fine in Chrome idea if i09:08
ZykoticK9!tab > alex__09:09
ubottualex__, please see my private message09:09
ill0gicalex__, i get this error message when i try to playback from youtbe : GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error.09:09
alex__noise i use 64 bit nd firifos is working fine09:09
noisewaterphdalex__, good to know, must have been fixed09:10
Starminndr_willis: Alright, what the heck. It's still there after being removed. Should I purge and log out or just log out/in?09:10
alex__noise nd gogeta lets help illogic :)09:10
alex__yes nose i can play videos in youtube09:10
noisewaterphdill0gic, ok09:10
dr_willisStarminn,  may as well try.09:10
Starminnnoisewaterphd: Chrome ships with its own Flash version. It ignores the system.09:10
noisewaterphdwhat browser09:10
Starminndr_willis: Fair enough09:10
noisewaterphdStarminn, ya09:11
alex__ima go to sleep bye all nd thx :)09:11
DICTATORShi i need a vpn client very easy for install in ubuntu and i wont open ports in my router for use a vpn in ubuntu09:11
nkhjpds: Hi , I did that , eth1 corrected to eth0 but still there were no connections, i'm with a live disk now, the problem is continuing , eth0 is avail but does not recognize connection when i plug it in , and the USB of my modem is recognized by netw*manager as BroadCom USB network Interface09:11
noisewaterphdStarminn, which currently works great09:11
noisewaterphdill0gic, 64bit?09:11
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noisewaterphdill0gic, do you have all the gstreamer stuff installed09:12
Starminndr_willis: Could you highlight my name in a message real quick?09:13
ill0gici don't really know ... when i tried to playback from youtube he asked to install some gstreamer stuff ... i installed just that . There is more sutff to install ?09:13
dr_willisStarminn,  moo!09:13
noisewaterphdill0gic, you probably just need to install the restricted drivers package, have you done that09:13
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, FYI ill0gic is trying to use Totem not a browser to play YouTube09:13
Starminndr_willis: Oh, I forgot, no bubbles appear when it's the active window anyway. My fault. Alright once more!! :)09:13
noisewaterphdZykoticK9, thanks, ya I caught up just now09:14
ill0gicnoisewaterphd, no .. should i look for it in the ubuntu software center ?09:14
noisewaterphdill0gic, ya, I think it is even called restricted drivers09:14
ill0gicZykoticK9, is right ... i am trying to playback from totem09:14
DICTATORShi i need a vpn client very easy for install in ubuntu and i wont open ports in my router for use a vpn in ubuntu09:14
noisewaterphdill0gic, codecs not drivers09:15
noisewaterphdill0gic, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras09:15
noisewaterphdinstall that09:15
noisewaterphdprobably the issue09:15
ill0gicjust a minute09:15
Kane`quick question: /boot/grub/menu.lst doesn't exist. how do i add kernel commands?09:15
=== jthomas_ is now known as jLoth
noisewaterphdKane`, Grub2 doesnt use menu.lst anymore09:16
ZykoticK9Kane`, /etc/default/grub09:16
ZykoticK9Kane`, after any changes to that file run "sudo update-grub2"09:16
Kane`ZykoticK9, i was looking at /etc/default/grub. do i use GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT or GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX?09:17
ZykoticK9Kane`, DEFAULT09:17
Kane`ZykoticK9, that is currently set to: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet". is this a comma separated list?09:17
* Kane` needs to add "pci=msi"09:18
DICTATORS hi i need a vpn client very easy for install in ubuntu and i wont open ports in my router for use a vpn in ubuntu09:18
ZykoticK9Kane`, i believe it's just a space to separate (but I'm not 100% as in only have one entry as well, but not quiet)09:18
LAvalancheKane: it is just a space09:19
Kane`ZykoticK9, will update-grub2 alert me of errors? or can i expect a broken system if i enter this in wrong? :P09:19
Kane`two votes for space09:19
Kane`i'll try that09:19
dr_willis'noquiet nosplash nomodeset foo=bar'09:19
ZykoticK9Kane`, i'm not sure if update-grub2 can detect error?09:19
Kane`i'll try it out and see what happens09:19
Kane`thanks for the help ;)09:19
ZykoticK9dr_willis, foo=bar?09:20
=== ben_ir_ is now known as ben_ir
dr_willisYou are passing options that grub then passes to the kernel.  grub2 has no idea what those options do.09:20
dr_willisso cant give you any errors if they are incorrect09:20
dr_willisunless you are doing some major typo in the config files. :)09:20
Kane`dr_willis, i was thinking 'errors' in terms of syntax errors09:20
Kane`computer booted back up09:21
Kane`i guess i'm in the clear09:21
dr_willisin /etc/default/grub --> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="noquiet nosplash"09:21
dr_willisfor example09:21
dr-lee_i am having problems with remastersys, the selfmade ubuntu live iso doesnt show a graphical log in, in stucks in a console terminal and says something with nauveau driver and pll error09:21
dr_willisdr-lee_,  you using a nvidia chipset based system?09:22
dr-lee_in general, what do you suggest concerning system stability: the opensource nauveau driver or the nvidia one09:22
dr-lee_no i am using olde intel p35 chipset09:22
ZykoticK9dr-lee_, it's nouveau BTW09:22
nkhjpds: Coul you please take a look at this?! http://www.pic.iran-forum.ir/images/yis9m4vql3lr73wq424u.png09:22
dr_willisthe Nouveau driver is for Nvidia chipsets.. not intel.. i can never get nouveau to work for my nvidia systems09:22
dr_willisI have remastered my own ubuntu cds to include the nvidia driver inteh past.09:23
=== derp|gone is now known as ^
george__why my livecd starts with unity, but the installed version don't ?09:23
nkhjpds: this is what I have now in the live Ubuntu, it still Cant connect to eth009:23
dr_willisgeorge__,  driver issues perhaps.09:23
baloooi'm not sure how to configure static ip addresses when trying to do a network installation of ubuntu?09:23
george__dr_willis: but all worktd with livecd09:23
baloooI basically can't use dhcp, because I'm behind a dhcp router i don't controll09:24
dr-lee_nauveau is for gpu not for the chipset of the mobo or?09:24
unterschirm /msg NickServ identify sugarbunny09:24
baloooare their any guide I could follow?09:24
dr_willisgeorge__,  so...  Unity not starting, and defaulting to ubuntu-classic - is commonly due to driver issues.09:24
dr_willisdr-lee_,  its a driver for the nvidia video chipsets.09:24
george__dr_willis: how do i fix it ?09:24
Starminndr_willis: Alright, ti worked. Only problem, it uninstalled Banshee with it. I'm going to try reinstalling it. Ihad a bunch of plugins for Banshee and I think that's what did it (since I hear it's in Mono too). One of the Banshee plugins may have a dependncy for that package09:24
dr_willisgeorge__,  whats your video card/chipset?09:24
royale1223how can i list all dirs using find?09:25
dr-lee_ok, you prefer the nvidia driver09:25
dr_willisdr-lee_,  if using nvidia video cards.. i use the nvidia driver. yes..09:25
george__dr_willis: i am using a dell vostro 350009:25
dr-lee_i heardt that the nvidia driver can make problems in the remastersys live iso09:25
bullgard4What package contains the file /usr/bin/X? package.ubuntu.com: "keyword too short (keywords need to have at leastr two characters)."09:25
dr_willisdr-lee_,  if you are not installing to a nvidia system. then it shouldent matter.09:25
dr-lee_but here it seems my problem is the nouveau driver09:25
dr_willisdr-lee_,  you are not installing to one of those dual-video card laptops are you? Optmius chipset>? that has intel and nvidia both?09:26
dr-lee_i am using an old 8400 nvidia gfx card09:26
dr-lee_no, but i have dual minitor here09:26
dr-lee_one dvi, one vga09:26
dr-lee_compiz is not working either, so i have to install the nauveau driver09:27
dr_willisive only worked on  a live-usb-with-persistant save - to get nvidia going on them. I do recall issues whith making a nvidia-enabled live cd ages ago.09:27
dr-lee_i can install compiz, but all the effects like wobbling windows and the cube arent working09:27
frymanRunning natty 64-bit, how do I get my internal mic working? I'm on an intel 82801h chipset.09:27
ZykoticK9bullgard4, how do you have a system without X(org)?  did you install from mini?09:27
george__the idea of using a livecd is to know if the system will run on your computer ... but than you install and discover that it will run differently than the live09:27
dr-lee_there is an option for nvidia drivers in the remastersys menu09:28
dr-lee_i tried with opensource drivers and it isnt working, now i have to try the nvidia ones09:28
george__how do i get broadcom menu in ubuntu? i got no wireless too09:28
dr-lee_thank you all again!09:28
dr-lee_i asked a question in the debian irc and no one asnwered, these guys have their noses up in the air09:29
royale1223whats wrong with "find . -type d -exec chmod 744"09:29
dr-lee_doing a  distroupdate from 11.04 to 11.10 with kernel 3.o generic....works like a charm09:30
kbrown90is this the room for Ubuntu server?09:31
netsnailwhy do i install e1000 module in centos? I found it in kernel modules..09:31
ikonianetsnail: ask the guys in #centos09:31
Starminnkbrown90: For all flavors of Linux, yes09:31
ZykoticK9bullgard4, FYI "dpkg -S /usr/bin/X" shows xserver-xorg on my system - yours is possibly different!!!09:31
GirafferWhen I was 11 years old I visited Neverland Ranch for 3 days and had a ball with Michael Jackson.   We would go gokarting around sipping jesus juice and cuddling.     My favorite moment was when we climbed a tree, and he pulled off my shorts and underoos to stick his nice hot nigger dick into my ass while I grabbed a giraffe's head by the horns to felate me!09:31
dr-lee_and it great to see how a distrio upgrade happens09:31
Starminnkbrown90: I mean Ubuntu09:31
ZykoticK9kbrown90, #ubuntu-server09:32
dr-lee_c u all laters09:32
kbrown90thats good... can someone give me opinions on which mail server i should run on my Ubuntu Server 10.1009:32
ikoniakbrown90: it's personal taste, research them based on your reqruirements09:33
kbrown90google has failed me in that area... me and my father are starting a non profit company and we are wanting to run it all on our own server... got the webserver all ready but we need a mailserver... and don't know which one to go with for a small company.09:34
ill0gicnoisewaterphd, are you here ?09:35
ikoniakbrown90: the size of the company has nothing to do with it - your reqruirements do, if you can't research a mail server, I suggest you hire someone to manage it for you, as you have no / little chance of running a secure mail service09:35
leagriskbrown90, if Ubuntu server is in your requirements like pointed by ikonia, then you may have advantages with the packaged and ubuntu supported postfix or exim as any other non packaged will be non-ubuntu specific and require tougher maintenance cycles.09:35
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SenjaiSo guys09:36
SenjaiLast night I started a discussion on  good programming language to learn for ubuntu09:36
SenjaiHad some good responses09:36
SenjaiBut i'd like more opinions on books and sites09:36
Senjaifor learning various languages09:36
ikoniaSenjai: that's not what this channel is here for09:36
ikoniaSenjai: join the channel of the language you want to learn, and ask for advice09:36
Nobgul-bncSenjai, you may want to try #ubuntu-offtopic this is a help and support channel09:36
SenjaiFor ubuntu?09:36
LasersSenjai: There are plenty of great programming books and tutorials on the Internet. You have to start somewhere. Try Python.09:37
ikoniaSenjai: it's nothing to do with ubuntu - the programming languages are languages in their own right09:37
SenjaiYes will do, sorry ikonia, thought this was the offtopic section. Just switched to irssi not used to it09:37
Nobgul-bncSenjai, imho lua =)09:37
SenjaiLasers: I've programmed in C++/Win32 before. Ill continue however in #ubuntu-offtopic09:37
kbrown90hummm... We are wanting to run everything via Ubuntu Server so yes that would be a requirement, but under webmin i have several different options for mailservers, and the postfix isn't allowing me to configure it at the moment.09:38
ZykoticK9!webmin | kbrown9009:39
ubottukbrown90: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.09:39
ikoniakbrown90: webmin is not supported at all, do not use it09:39
Nobgul-bnckbrown90, I use EHCP and have no problems with it.09:40
noisewaterphdSenjai, Lasers, I'd second Python, I'm a C and Java developer by profession, and I've been loving Python09:40
kbrown90ok, that is news... i can run everything via command line from our server, it's in house and all.09:40
kbrown90i'm at a lost at what that is09:40
Nobgul-bncjust google EHCP should be the top hit. Its a web based control panel like webmin09:40
dddbmtwhat is the "byobu terminal" I see under "Accessories" in 11.04 ?09:41
dddbmtA new shell?09:41
jack04hello, any idea how to check a pid's connection port? i have tried ps -ux but that doesn't display what i want09:41
kbrown90ah i see. i haven't had any problems with webmin as of yet. but then again i'm not running the newest version of Ubuntu server either.09:41
Nobgul-bncbring your own back up?09:41
noisewaterphddddbmt, it 'pimps' your terminal09:42
ZykoticK9dddbmt, byobu is like screen (or a re-write/shell of screen perhaps)09:42
dddbmtSo it's just another layout for my terminal?09:42
unomiHi, how can I go about increasing the amount of ram that can be allocated to /dev/shm?09:42
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:43
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ZykoticK9!es | jesus09:43
ubottujesus: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:43
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=== xubuntu is now known as ill0gic
ill0gichi again09:44
=== Tm_K is now known as Tm_T
=== frantk_ is now known as frantk
krambiorixi'm sorry i ask tihs again cause i had a phone call ...: in ubuntu 10.04 LTS , i can't modify /etc/network/interfaces... (E45: 'readonly' option is set (add ! to override) ) what can i do??09:44
brainwave92try modifying it from terminal09:44
szalkrambiorix: try with privileges09:44
brainwave92thats what i meant09:45
ikoniakrambiorix: !wq as I told you earlier09:45
ill0gicnoisewaterphd, are you here ?09:45
DICTATORShelp me i cant make work openvpn neither fppt in ubuntu and i wont open the ports in my router for do it09:45
krambiorixikonia, no that didn't work09:45
george__i don't get it ... why the drivers work in livecd, but doesn't work after installed ?09:45
ikoniakrambiorix: what did it say09:45
krambiorixikonia, "interfaces" E212: Can't open file for writing -> after :wq! in vi09:46
ikoniakrambiorix: what command are you using to edit it (exact command pleasE)09:46
ZykoticK9krambiorix, "sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces" then try09:46
dattebayohey guys im having problem with my printer Cannon LBP300009:46
brainwave92You have a 32 bit linux or 64 bit?09:47
krambiorixZykoticK9, i do sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces  and then :wq!  -> doesn't work09:47
krambiorixikonia, i tried sudo vi .... and vi ....09:47
ikoniakrambiorix: the only option then is your file system is read only and can't be change09:47
ikoniakrambiorix: is this on a livecd or something like that ?09:48
ZykoticK9krambiorix, to take a step back - why are you modifying this file?09:48
brainwave92dattebayo, answer my question....what is your linux? 32 bit or 64 bit09:48
krambiorixZykoticK9, to add a network interface09:49
DICTATORSnow i have my ubuntu so full like my windows but i havent an vpn for ubuntu yet, help me help me...09:49
ZykoticK9krambiorix, can you answer ikonia's questions as well?09:49
brainwave92dattebayo, then you can use a script to install the printer, thats the easiest way09:50
=== B-r00t_ is now known as B-r00t
krambiorixikonia, nope it's a running server09:50
ZykoticK9krambiorix, to "add a network interface" what do you mean?  to configure one?09:50
krambiorixZykoticK9, yes09:50
skilzwhats the terminal command if I want to connect my wifi with no password? I tried 'sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid NETGEAR' but done nothing09:50
=== denny- is now known as denny
ZykoticK9krambiorix, could you pastebin the output from "mount"?09:51
skilzwhats the terminal command if I want to connect my wifi with no  password? I tried 'sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid NETGEAR' but done  nothing09:51
ikoniakrambiorix: please pastebin the output of the command "mount"09:51
brainwave92skilz, you can try the gui maybe?09:51
krambiorixZykoticK9, http://pastebin.com/FbF7mWc209:52
ZykoticK9ikonia, ^09:52
krambiorixikonia, http://pastebin.com/FbF7mWc209:52
brainwave92the network configuration? it displays all the available networks, and allows you to select one09:52
skilzIm using Fluxbox and Window Maker09:52
brainwave92dattebayo, whats the problem exactly?09:52
skilzso I need to do it manually09:52
DICTATORSnow i have my ubuntu so full like my windows but i havent a vpn for ubuntu yet, help me help me... i want a vpn for ubuntu, please09:53
brainwave92Oh i see....i havent still felt the need to configure any network interface manually, i dont know. Others can help.09:53
brainwave92so full as in?09:53
szal!repeat | DICTATORS09:53
ubottuDICTATORS: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:53
ZykoticK9krambiorix, sorry i've never played with quotas before, nor do i know what /dev/xvda1 is - so good luck, i'm no help09:53
ikoniakrambiorix: what device is xvda ? that's not a normal scsi device id ?09:53
krambiorixikonia, ZykoticK9 it's a vps i rent09:54
krambiorixikonia, ZykoticK9 i don't know what xvda1 is09:54
ikoniakrambiorix: ahhhh show me the output of the command "uname -a" please.09:54
ikoniakrambiorix: I think I do, uname will tell me09:54
DICTATORSszal, the hope is the last...09:54
skilzwlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:"NETGEAR"   Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.437 GHz  Access Point: E0:91:F5:ED:D5:1409:54
=== Abnormal is now known as Milossh
skilzI can connect to it in xfce but I can't in the console09:55
krambiorixikonia, Linux test.test.eu 2.6.32-28-server #55-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jan 10 23:57:16 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:55
=== gianni is now known as Guest6244
ikoniakrambiorix: that's a surprisingly normal out put.09:55
roseyposeyubuntu is a live CD?09:56
brainwave92roseyposey, yes09:56
dr_willisroseyposey,  yes. Most disrtos come as live cds thease days09:56
brainwave92except few....does debian have a live cd yet?09:56
ariosPlease someone to help me to start my Skype  web camera09:56
krambiorixikonia, i can create files on the filesystem btw09:56
ikoniakrambiorix: good to know,09:56
dr_willisbrainwave92,  ive seen them.. may not be official.. but ive seen debian-live-cds yes.09:56
ZykoticK9brainwave92, a quasi-official one yes DebianLive09:56
krambiorixikonia, it's just the interfaces file09:56
DICTATORSok but ubuntu is an os very bad if you want to have a vpn09:57
ikoniakrambiorix: well, it looks like you're running on a xen host, so there is a possability that the host has locked that file09:57
jpdsDICTATORS: No.09:57
roseyposeythanks brainwave92 and dr_willis I thought so, but haven't experimented in a while.  Pclos user09:57
brainwave92DICTATORS, now that cant be true!09:57
krambiorixikonia, could it be because of ispconfig?09:57
DICTATORSjpds, no why why why?09:57
ZykoticK9DICTATORS, if you refuse to open the required ports - how can you expect it to work?09:57
jpdsDICTATORS: Works fine for me.09:57
dr_willisssh tunnel perhaps.09:57
AlexDevilLXHi All!:)09:57
ZykoticK9dr_willis, i think ssh tunnelling a VPN is rather redundant, isn't it?09:58
ikoniakrambiorix: ahhh very possible, that tool is the devil, it could be looking the file.09:58
noisewaterphdDICTATORS, vpn is simpleon ubuntu09:59
noisewaterphdI connect to work through vpn everyday with ubuntu09:59
brainwave92ZykoticK9, as far as i understand, if a network is already private, like a vpn is, then ssh is redundant09:59
orchatahi guys, I have a live CD with a lot of apps in there. I don't have a good internet connection right now, so dowloading apps is not an option for me. So I thought if I could extract the deb's from that live cd, but don't know how to do it. The "pool" is only 10 MB, So I guess everything is stored in filesystem.squashfs.  I extracted it, but don't know how to get debs from it.09:59
dr_willisZykoticK9,  no idea. I find this channel ofted gets way too many vpn/vps questions that are sort of skirting the 'ubuntu support' area. :)09:59
DICTATORSzykotick9 in windows  i have 7 vpn and in windows without open ports10:00
noisewaterphdbrainwave92, private meanng it puts you on the private network of where you connect to10:00
dr_willisI need to read up on vpn some day and see if i can set one up so i can get to  my homepc from work. :) someday10:00
ill0gicnoisewaterphd, i installed the extras but still doesn't work :(10:00
noisewaterphdbrainwave92, ssh as in encrypted traffic, so no, not redundant at all10:00
noisewaterphdill0gic, tell me the error again10:00
ZykoticK9dr_willis, ya, i've never played with vpn either.  with ssh i don't see the need ;)10:00
=== _Dave2_ is now known as Dave2
brainwave92noisewaterphd, ok....thanks...i'm just a beginner on networking.....thanks10:01
Starminnorchata: There's a CD you can get that has many apps. Lemme find the name...10:01
ikoniakrambiorix: would you be able to do a test for me please ?10:01
noisewaterphdbrainwave92, no problem10:01
krambiorixikonia, sure10:01
ikoniakrambiorix: ok, do the following, each time feeding back the results if possible10:01
ikoniakrambiorix: sudo -i10:01
dr_willisZykoticK9,  yep. same here. I did use some free vpn once ages ago.. but just as a test10:01
Starminn!aptoncd | orchata10:02
ubottuorchata: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline10:02
orchataStarminn: I have the CD  (Ubuntu ultimate edition. It has all the deb's but I don't know how to extract them. Plus I don't want to install it)10:02
noisewaterphdZykoticK9, VPN lets your machine act as though you are on the same private network that you are connecting to, not the same thing as ssh at all10:02
szal!ultimate | orchata10:02
ubottuorchata: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition10:02
krambiorixikonia, i'm already root so no feedback10:03
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
brainwave92orchata, u got any leads on it yet?10:03
ikoniakrambiorix: how did you become root ?10:03
orchatabrainwave92:  nope10:03
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, oh i know what a VPN does, I just don't see the need ;)  I'm able to do anything "I" need, remotely using SSH10:03
thebombsudo su -10:03
krambiorixikonia, i logged in as root10:03
ikoniathebomb: no - that is not correct10:03
krambiorixikonia, no other users yet10:03
ikoniakrambiorix: how the ubuntu system should have no root password10:03
orchatabrainwave92:  I just want to know how can I get debs from filesytem.squashfs10:03
thebombikonia, ok sorry10:03
ikoniakrambiorix: ughhh, I guess your ISP has made a "custom" build10:03
ikoniakrambiorix: ok - now do "ls -la /etc/network/interfaces"10:04
noisewaterphdZykoticK9, well you said that ssh tunneling a vpn was redundant, when it isn't at all, so I was trying to help out by explaining what vpn is10:04
krambiorixikonia, -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 340 2011-04-28 10:50 /etc/network/interfaces10:04
ill0gicnoisewaterphd, when i try to playback from youtube in totem under xubuntu 10.04 it tells me this : GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error.10:04
ikoniakrambiorix: ok - now "touch /etc/network/interfaces"10:04
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, i was under the impression the VPN was already encrypted?  Isn't it?10:05
DICTATORSin windows i have 7 vpn againts the censure but in ubuntu ?? what can i do?10:05
ikoniakrambiorix: that should do nothing, then redo (and post) ls -la /etc/network/interfaces10:05
brainwave92@all:anyone knows about a 'squashfs' , module?10:05
noisewaterphdZykoticK9, no, well, yes, with ssh10:05
ikoniabrainwave92: what about it ?10:05
brainwave92orchata: http://cufts2.lib.sfu.ca:8033/trac/dbwiz/wiki/LiveCDCustomization read that link, while i do the same10:05
llutzDICTATORS: are you using networkmanager? install those vpn-plugins, configure it, use it, done10:05
krambiorixikonia, touch: cannot touch `/etc/network/interfaces': Permission denied10:06
brainwave92ikonia, orchata needs to extract a squashfs file, and for doing that, as i understand, you need a module for reading that10:06
jpdsnoisewaterphd: wut?10:06
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, i think you should read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_network10:06
ikoniakrambiorix: ok - your ISP has locked it at the Xen host, that confirms it10:06
faLUCE HI. Is it possible to  launch one instance of myprogram displayed at position 100, 100 , another instance of the same myprogram at position 150, 300 and so on?10:06
ikoniakrambiorix: can you show me one last thing the output of the command "id"10:06
dr_willisThe original version of SquashFS used gzip compression, although Linux kernel 2.6.34 added support for LZMA[1] and LZO compression[2], and Linux kernel 2.6.38 added support for xz compression.[3]10:06
ikoniabrainwave92:  it's just a file system, you just mount it10:06
orchatabrainwave92:   I have extracted the squashfs and it looks just the same as my root. I guess it is already installed on the livecd.10:07
krambiorixikonia, uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)10:07
thebombnever knew about the sudo -i and -s thanks!10:07
ikoniakrambiorix: confirmed then, your ISP has locked it on the xen hypervisor10:07
DICTATORSllutz yes i have installed openvpn  and fppt network but dont connet dont work in windows my 7 vpn yes connet yes work10:07
brainwave92ikonia, so mounting it we can see all the packages stored there?10:07
Nobgul-bncwhat does sudo -s do?10:08
dr_willisNobgul-bnc,   check out    http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/05/09/a-root-shell-on-ubuntu-the-right-way/10:08
krambiorixikonia, so it's not ISPConfig's fault?10:08
brainwave92orchata, http://book.opensourceproject.org.cn/distrib/ubuntu/hacks/opensource/0596527209/i-0596527209-chp-1-sect-4.html10:08
dr_willisNobgul-bnc,  gives you a root 'shell'10:08
jpdsDICTATORS: Well, check the logs in /var/log/syslog10:08
brainwave92you'll find all  you need...lunchtym...bye!10:08
ikoniabrainwave92: correct, squashfs is just a compressed file system, so if you mount it, you'll just see the file system that the livecd would present if it was booted10:08
llutzDICTATORS: then check your logs and your configs. what errors do you get etc.pp. vpn works fine here, though10:09
brainwave92ikonia, thanks...thats what orchata needs to do10:09
thebombNobgul-bnc, also the man page of sudo will tell u10:09
ikoniakrambiorix: it looks like it's not, it's more likley it's been locked at the hypervisor level10:09
noisewaterphdill0gic, do you have the ffmpeg plugin for totem installed?10:09
Nobgul-bncAh ok thanks i use sudo -i all the time but never used -s =)10:09
ikoniabrainwave92: not really, as it won't contain any debs for him to use elsewhere10:09
dr_willisNobgul-bnc,  ive never noticed the differance tween -i and -s - there IS a differance.. but it may not be noticeabel in your setup10:09
DICTATORSin the page web of vpn client dont say me : you must open ports nubers xxxxx  and xxxx tcp, udp10:09
dr_willisNobgul-bnc,  one runs the root users init scripts , other dosent.. I think is the main diff.10:10
jpdsDICTATORS: You don't have to open any ports on the VPN client.10:10
llutzDICTATORS: to use a vpn-client you don't need to "open" any port atall10:10
krambiorixikonia, okay i'll call my provider then10:10
orchatabrainwave92:  thanks10:10
noisewaterphdjpds, ZykoticK9, yes? great link, what is your point10:11
llutzDICTATORS: exception: you're blocking all outgoing stuff on your own10:11
ZykoticK9noisewaterphd, VPN is already encrypted10:11
noisewaterphdZykoticK9, no, it is not10:11
glontucan someone tell me how to make a little script get ran when my computer starts up ?10:12
krambiorixikonia, thx!10:12
noobie25is there a way to reset my wireless connection?   My wireless adapter is not showing any connections10:12
lejackuse a cron job10:12
glontui need to run some network card configurations and management script10:12
DICTATORSlluz ok in ubuntu -es they say me you must open ports if you want a vpn for ubuntu10:12
jpdsDICTATORS: Well, they're wrong.10:12
llutzDICTATORS: only if you want to run vpn-server, you have to.10:13
DICTATORSok i think the same10:13
ill0gicnoisewaterphd, yes i have it installed10:13
dydhi all10:14
Gryllidaill0gic: noisewaterphd left this channel.10:14
DICTATORSnot i only want a vpn client for ubuntu10:14
ill0giccan anyone help with totem error under xubuntu ?10:14
lejackdictators solution: openvpn10:14
wildbat!upstart | glontu10:15
ubottuglontu: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/10:15
dydi've installed Guake Terminal, and i'd like to let the program start automatically, i'm in system -> preferences -> startup applications but i can't locate the program... where do ubuntu install programs?10:15
llutzdyd: /usr/bin/guake10:15
ZykoticK9ill0gic, can you watch YouTube with your browser?  Why do you want to use Totem?10:15
dydllutz: thank you!10:16
DICTATORSlejack ok but with open vpn i have it installed but dont connet dont work in ubuntu in windows no problem with openvpn and i have 7 vpn in windows10:16
ill0gicZykoticK9, because it's really slow with the browser ... i thought maybe in totem will be more faster10:16
dr_willisdyd,  use 'which quke' to discover the path is another way to find out.10:16
glontuthanks wildbat10:16
szal!list | Guest624410:17
ubottuGuest6244: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:17
llutzDICTATORS: then check your logs and your configs. what errors do you get etc.pp. stop repeating your 7 win-vpns, that won't help you here in any case10:17
ZykoticK9ill0gic, FYI i get the same error on my Debian system -- Gstreamer encountered a general supporting library error10:17
ill0gicyea ... and google doesn't seem to know much about it10:17
dr_willisseneral supporting error.. somtning crashed so bad they dont know what to report. :)10:18
Starminndyd: By the way, most programs tend ot be under /usr/bin for me )if I remember correctly)10:18
dyddr_willis: thank you for the hint10:18
unomibtw - anyone experiencing google chrome crashes after the recent update?10:19
dydStarminn: yea seems like it's default directory10:19
dr_willisdyd,  you can also copy (for example) the quake.desktop file to  /home/yourusername/.config/autostart/   and it should also autorun10:19
DICTATORSlluzt the logs eith with the errors are they in the network vpn of ubuntu?10:19
Starminnill0gic: In Firefox you can use the system apps for things like PDFs and ODFs. Not sure about audio though10:19
unomiSeeing some browser crashes with 12.0.742.112 - it even manages to take the X session with it now and then10:20
llutzDICTATORS: [11:08:52] <jpds> DICTATORS: Well, check the logs in /var/log/syslog10:20
ZykoticK9ill0gic, try installing gnome-python10:20
unomi99% sure it is the browser - haven't changed much else10:20
DICTATORSok llutz ok your instruction is in my list thank you very much and i hope to found the solution for vpn in ubuntu.10:22
ZykoticK9ill0gic, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/336597 seems that this error has been around for a while :(10:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 336597 in totem (Ubuntu) "GStreamer encountered a general supporting library error. (dup-of: 459423)" [Low,Confirmed]10:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 459423 in Totem "Unable to play video from "Youtube plugin" results" [High,Fix released]10:22
DaHaizhey guys! following problem: got natty and at first with unity. unity crashed somehow when installing samba. i could repair the system with recovery console. now i'm using gnome. but gnome doesnt recognize my wlan although it works  (as you see, im in here) as i have it configured manually in /etc/network/interfaces. the problem is that i cant install anything within the software center. does anyone know i can tell gnome that my internet work10:23
DaHaiz(before unity crashed it had recognized it)10:23
dr_willisDaHaiz,  normal apt-get install XXXXXX   works?10:23
brainwave92orchata, u did it?10:24
DaHaizi've no example right now, but apt-get update works10:24
DaHaizso it has to have a connection10:24
dsathewats the output of ifconfig ?10:25
dsatheyeah i guess u do10:25
DaHaizwlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:15:af:5f:3b:e410:26
DaHaiz          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
DaHaiz          inet6 addr: fe80::215:afff:fe5f:3be4/64 Scope:Link10:26
DaHaiz          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:110:26
DaHaiz          RX packets:5442 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:010:26
FloodBot1DaHaiz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:26
DaHaiz          TX packets:5324 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:010:26
dsatheDaHaiz: u r connected10:27
glaksmonoanyone is here?10:28
szalwrong question10:28
glaksmonohow do you link files & folders, so that the changes in 1 folder is reflected on the other?10:28
brainwave92better question!10:28
glaksmono= ="..10:28
dsathemake a link10:29
orchatabrainwave92:  not really. The both links show how to create/modify the livecd and no info on taking all debs from the squashfs. I guess there is no debs in there. It looks like they are already installed. So I would need to some how build new debs from that DVD10:29
glaksmonoyeah, but i couldn't make it recursive to files and folders10:29
glaksmonodsathe: how do you do that? can you give me the command?10:29
dsatheu in gnome ?10:29
glaksmonodsathe: i tried ln -s source destination10:29
dsatheln -s10:29
glaksmonodsathe: but it doesn't reflect the changes on the files10:29
DaHaizdsathe how do i tell gnome that it has a connection? the software center says that something's wrong with my connection. but it works as you see10:29
glaksmonodsathe: when you do ls -al on the destination folder, it doesn't seem that the type is a link :-/10:30
yorgosi'm a noob but have you ever heard of something called rsync10:30
brainwave92orchata, oh i see.....u need to 'install' the debs...but the question is, are they as debs on the squashfs?10:30
dr_willisglaksmono,   you did a link wrong then..  what filesystem is this on?10:30
DaHaizdsathe: i've just seen that the status bar menu says that my wlan device is not managed10:30
dr_willisif you set up a link properly, the destination, (or source) are  identical    You are not syncing 2 files.. its one file with 2 names.10:31
orchatabrainwave92:  no, when I mounted the squashfs it looks just the same as my root directory in my laptom. So I guess there is no debs. I wonder how the live cd install the system then? Just copy paste?10:31
ZykoticK9glaksmono, a symbolic link is a pointer to another location/file10:31
dr_willisglaksmono,  give details of exactly what you are trying to do.10:31
glaksmonodr_willis: i'm on Mac10:32
glaksmonodr_willis: haha10:32
dr_willisorchata,  there would be no .debs on the squashfs...10:32
brainwave92orchata, you can package them as deb cant you? that might be possible10:32
dr_willisglaksmono,  os-x uses bsd. so it can proberly do links also.10:32
orchatabrainwave92:  Not sure how to do that10:32
=== Senjai is now known as Senjai|Busy
szalglaksmono: anyhoo, that doesn't answer the question..  what exactly are you trying to do?10:33
DaHaizdsathe: i've just seen that the status bar menu says that my wlan device is not managed? (how does this flood-auto-mute work?)10:36
ZykoticK9DaHaiz, if you are using /etc/network/interfaces network-manager will say "not managed"10:37
dsathedid u play aroud in /etc/network10:37
glaksmonoszal: i'm trying to create a link to the files and folder of Source, so that when I make changes on Destination, the changes on the files inside Destinatoin is reflected on Source... does that make sense?10:37
dr_willisYou are manageing it by hand. :)10:37
dsatheexactly as dr_willis said10:38
glaksmonodr_willis: currently, yes :(10:38
szalglaksmono: and where are Source and Destination located respectively?10:38
glaksmonodr_willis: looking for more efficient way...10:38
dr_willisglaksmono,  You can make a link from directory 'foo1' and give it a new name  foo2     if you access stuff in foo2. you are actually alering things in foo1. youa re not syncing.. the data files are the same.10:38
dr_willisglaksmono,  if you have 2 differnt folders and want the contents to be identical,. then you do need to do some sort of rsync then.10:38
DaHaizyes i did. /etc/network/interfaces. otherwise my network didnt work. how can i tell the network manager to manage it? i've just configured it myself because the network-manager didnt want to.. ;)10:38
glaksmonothat's the thing!!10:39
glaksmonoi need rsync10:39
FloodBot1glaksmono: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:39
dr_willisglaksmono,  theres also various 'fuse' tools that can make it more transparent.10:39
brainwave92orchata, you can install the os inside virtualbox10:39
ZykoticK9DaHaiz, you need to remove your settings from /etc/network/interfaces to allow Network Manager to use/configure them10:40
orchatabrainwave92: I could, but I don't really need the os. I need some apps from it10:40
brainwave92and use apt in cd to generate .debs of all, paste that in a pendrive, and install that in the host os10:40
* szal thinks that orchata could've long been done downloading what he wants instead of following an idea that just turned out useless10:40
kodapaI'm using virtualbox to run windows 7 to run vmware vcenter client10:40
kodapayo dawg10:40
DaHaizall of my settings regarding wlan0? as its the device the network manager should manage?10:40
DaHaiz(including the auto wlan0 inet static line?)10:41
brainwave92szal, maybe if there IS a way, we must find it10:41
Senjai|BusyHowcome npviewer.bin (assuming flash for online radio) uses 33% of my CPU?10:41
orchataszal:  fully agree with you, but the machine I should work right now, does very low internet10:41
Senjai|BusyAlso how can i tell if Ubuntu recognizees that i have two cores?10:41
szalorchata: as long as you don't pay by the megabyte, that shouldn't be an issue..  other than time, that is10:41
brainwave92Senjai|Busy, (funny name) you can see system recourses10:42
leagrisSenjai|Busy, cat /proc/cpuinfo10:42
orchataszal:  Time is an issue!10:42
StarminnSenjai|Busy: Go to "System Monitor" and look in the "System": tab10:42
szalbrainwave92: if the DVD doesn't contain actual packages, there is no way I know of10:42
Senjai|BusyStarminn: leagris thank you guys10:42
brainwave92szal, but the live cd actually installs them doesnt it? so there MUST be a way!10:42
dr_willisthe alternative cd. has some debs on it - i think. because it can be used to upgrade an existing system. Live cd. dose not  i belive10:44
glaksmonohow do you create alias of a command?10:44
dr_willisglaksmono,  via the 'alias' command... for bash. or link iot to a differnt name10:44
dr_willis ln -s /use/bin/foo /usr/bin/foo210:44
dr_willisoops a typo. :) and sudo would be needed in that case10:44
szalbrainwave92, orchata: other than that, Ultimate Edition is NOT Ubuntu, it's a derivative we don't support here10:44
glaksmonohmm.. afai remember it wasn't like this :-/10:45
glaksmonoi just wanna create a script10:45
brainwave92szal, but he wants to install them in ubuntu....so whats wrong?10:45
ZykoticK9dr_willis, careful MAC uses a different file system layout (i think).  glaksmono10:45
glaksmonoand then i can add to environment variable10:45
dr_willisglaksmono,  i dont know  what you are rembering.. but the alias command and ln -s are ways...10:45
dr_willisglaksmono,  you can make a 2 line script that just runs a command ...10:45
brainwave92alias attrib='chmod'10:45
glaksmonoshell script10:45
dr_willisand copy it somewhere in your path.10:45
brainwave92for a script, you can type alias10:46
dr_willis#!/bin/bash        /the/command/to/run  (2 lines)10:46
claviusmondhow do I add tv streaming addresses to vlc? All I have tried, with information found on the net, has failed10:46
dr_willisan alias is not a script. :)10:46
brainwave92dr_willis, i thought he wanted to create an alias for a command, in a script10:46
dr_willisso theres at least 3 ways to do what he wants.. dependiong on the details.10:46
BarryBCan anyone tell me, what runlevel is Xorg / X11?10:46
dr_willisglaksmono,  so be a bit more clear in what you want to do.10:46
dr_willis!runlevel | BarryB10:47
ubottuBarryB: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.10:47
dr_willisBarryB,  none of them. its started by the gdm service.10:47
dr_williswhich runs on all runlevels except 0 1 and 610:47
BarryBok, how can i determine if x11 is runnign before another process on start up?10:47
glaksmonodr_willis: i'm trying to add something into environment variable, so that instead of doing liek rsync -r bla bla10:48
glaksmonoi can just do rsync10:48
glaksmonoand it automatically grab that command10:48
glaksmonoor something like that10:48
dr_willisglaksmono,  put an alias in your .bashrc or .bash_profile10:48
dr_willisdont name it 'rsync' however.. :)10:48
dr_willisa name like 'myrsync' may be better.10:48
dr_willisalias lm="ls -l | more"10:50
bullgard4ZykoticK9: packages.ubuntu.com: "keyword too short (keywords need to have at least two characters)." This is no sufficient reason to argue that "you have a system without X(org)?" The search function in packages.ubuntu.com simply does not accept a very short filename such as "X".10:51
glaksmonodr_willis: what should i put on .bash_profile?10:52
Viking667There are precious few commands that have one letter.10:52
ZykoticK9bullgard4, so search for xorg10:52
glaksmonoalias <command> ?10:52
ZykoticK9bullgard4, FYI "dpkg -S /usr/bin/X" shows xserver-xorg on my system - yours is possibly different!!!10:52
dr_willisglaksmono,  an alias that does what you want....  i juat showed an example above...10:52
Viking667actually, search for Xorg, if the searcher is case-sensitive10:52
LoreleyHallo, is it possibly dangerous to use a Proxy on port 8080? I want websites to see me as US computer.10:53
dr_willisalias somefancyname="command --with --whateverarguments -you want"10:53
LoreleyI have found this IP on http://newipnow.com/10:53
dr_willisLoreley,  you are just connecting to some proxy you found online? thats not really a great idea.10:53
dr_willisi definatly wouldent do any banking, or other personal work that way.10:54
bullgard4ZykoticK9: On my system "dpkg -S /usr/bin/X" shows xserver-xorg  as well. Thank you very much for your help. --  But this is no sufficient reason to infer that "your system is possibly different".10:54
DasEiLoreley: not if sys is properly configured; you can use tor and tell him which adressblocks to use on ipv410:54
BarryBwhat runlevel is the gdm service?10:54
ZykoticK9bullgard4, i'm not running Ubuntu - so i need YOU to check10:54
bullgard4ZykoticK9: Ah! I did not know.  --  Thank you for explaining.10:55
blarggI'm considering deleting the ubuntu-docs package. For one, the help viewer literally takes a minute of disk thrashing to open. Is the same help content available on the ubuntu website? (I can't even open the help viewer now to see what it shows, as it segfaults)10:55
dr_willismost people dont even notice there  are docs :)10:56
Calinoumost people dont even notice they arent understandable :)10:57
jpdsblargg: help.ubuntu.com10:57
blarggOccasionally I accidentally hit F1 or something and then my machine grinds to a halt for a minute and I don't realize what has happened until that awful thing opens.10:57
blarggjpds, but is that the same content as ubuntu-docs? I just want a positive confirmation.10:57
ZykoticK9bullgard4, can you imagine the number of packages that contain the letter "x"?  searching for a single letter is to common!10:57
dimaswhat is wrong with this command? sudo ./configure --with-kernel=/usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r) --with-cards=hda-codec-realtek --with-oss=yes10:59
dr_willisubuntu help docs.. use yelp.. and yelp started almost instantly here for me.10:59
Loreleydr_willis, DasEi I want to use it only, when I want to see content on youtube not beeing shown to german adresses.10:59
szaldimas: well, what is wrong w/ it?10:59
blarggdr_willis, I'm on a 2003-era machine, maybe that's the cause10:59
Viking667Is there any way I can get apt-get to cough up exactly which version of a package will be installed with "apt-get install pkgname"?10:59
ZykoticK9dimas, you don't typically need sudo for either ./configure or make - just the last part (doesn't explain your error - just a heads up)10:59
dimasszal says command not found10:59
noobie25Ubuntu GUI slightly glitchy (example:  resizing window at the corner is very hard ) ... how can i fix this?11:00
Loreleydr_willis, DasEi and I do not want to use tor. That is way too much for my wishes.11:00
DasEiLoreley: ic, google free proxy servers and use on located in us, might try a few to find sufficient bandwith/flash11:00
szaldimas: that means that there is no configure script in your current directory11:00
ZykoticK9Viking667, "apt-cache policy foo"11:00
Viking667dimas: il there a configure script?11:00
Viking667err, right.11:00
faLUCEis there a way to retrieve automatically the windowid of an application after launching it?11:00
blarggViking667, there's also a dry-run/simulate mode for apt-get, to see what it would do without actually doing it.11:00
szalDasEi: either that, or it's not executable (which would be quite rare)11:00
dr_willisnoobie25,  people have mentioned how the default theme makes that a bit hard to grab. You could try a different theme/window decoration that uses bigger  frame/handels.11:00
jab_doacan i somehome disable pam_motd for certain users? Its eating a lot of disk io for nagios checks. Any ideas?11:00
DasEiszal: nickmiss ?11:01
dimasi did decompress....tar xjvf alsa-driver.tar.bz2 cd modules/alsa-driver11:01
szaldimas: yes, sorry11:01
Viking667blargg: hm. It says fglrx-2:8.840-0ubuntu411:01
szalDasEi: damn, I can't nick-complete today..11:01
Viking667... yet I know a later version exists11:01
DasEiszal: lol, nvm , di mas11:01
MyWaytoday I powered on my notebook and I can't unlock empathy's password anymore, it says it's wrong, but I didn't change anything11:02
MyWaywhat can I do?11:02
dimasszal you saw that last line i posted?...tar xjvf alsa-driver.tar.bz2 cd modules/alsa-driver11:03
dimaswhy they put the cd modules/alsa driver after?11:03
LasersMyWay: Use old password (if you did use something else).11:04
LasersMyWay: Or just kill it -- Nuke the configuraitons.11:04
manuvais a /boot partition an actual, labelled partition or is it just a partition used for installing the bootloader on?11:05
MyWayLasers: I never changed it, but it says it's wrong now! How can I kill it?11:05
blarggMyWay, be sure you've not got someone else's machine, and if so, be suspicious of unauthorized access for one.11:05
LasersMyWay: I'm not sure. You'd have to look for it in your ~/ -- Maybe in ~/.gnome* or ~/.config -- Look for empathy directory.11:05
MyWayblargg: no, I'm the only who have access11:05
MyWayLasers: it's not only for empathy, probably this password unlock all network software of gnome, I don't know11:06
dr_willisMyWay,  you mean the Keyring password?11:06
Senjai|BusyIs there any way I can have Ubuntu "eat up" unallocated space on my harddrive into its partition?11:06
noobie25i'd like to say 'right click' in a folder and access the terminal for that folder ... how would i go about doing this?11:06
LasersMyWay: Oh.. Keyring.11:06
dr_willisSenjai|Busy,  you can resize filesystmes with gparted. I normally use a live cd to do that.11:07
dr_willisstill no factoid on that one. :(11:07
faLUCE is it possible to run "gedit" at screen position 100,200 ?11:07
MyWaycan't understand how this can happen11:08
faLUCEwith command line11:08
Senjai|Busydr_willis, I have ubuntu on my flashdrive, that I used to install it alongside windows, would that work?11:08
dr_willisfaLUCE,  compiz has a feature to force it there. or theres the devilspie application.11:08
DaHaizi just wanted to setup my thunderbird. but a window pops up to create a profile. if I'm choosing the default one it fails with a warning that it has no permission to write. any ideas? i mean.. the default should work out of the box, shouldnt it?11:08
dr_willisSenjai|Busy,  i install from a live-flashdrive setup all the time.11:08
Senjai|Busydr_willis: so i boot off the flashdrive, then what? Maintenance?11:09
Senjai|Busydr_willis: I dont want to reinstall, just change the size of the partitions11:09
dr_willisSenjai|Busy, just boot to desktop run gparted.11:09
MyWayI deleted the file ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring, I'll try to reboot now, thank you11:09
* Senjai|Busy wonders why there is a random 14 GB extended partition for logical drives..11:09
Senjai|Busydr_willis, off the flashdrive right?11:09
dr_willisSenjai|Busy,  yes...11:09
Senjai|Busydr_willis, thank you11:10
AlexDevilLXelements from folder to dock ubuntu?11:10
blarggSenjai|Busy, if the free space is just after the partition, you can expand it quite easily11:10
babuhow to hear the sound from the remote desktop..with the remote desktop viewer, i can only view the remote desktop.....11:10
dr_williswindows 7  and system makers like to make all sorts of fancy recovery/restore/partitions11:10
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dr_willisbabu,  you could set up pulse audio on both pc's and get it routed to the local pc.11:10
AlexDevilLXMay i put icons of mounted disks to panel?11:11
babuhow to set pulse audio11:11
claviusmondcan anybody recommedn a streaming url finder? mainly for tv11:11
AlexDevilLXDo you have a skype problem?11:11
Senjai|Busyblargg: I free up hte space in windows, then I need to expand it in linux.11:12
dr_willis install paprefs and pavucontrol, and use those tools to route the sound from pc1 to pc211:12
Senjai|Busyblargg: would that work with gparted?11:12
dr_willisgparted can shrink windows partitions, and enlarge linux ones.11:12
faLUCEdr_willis: devilspie works on windowids, not with pids11:12
blarggSenjai|Busy, like I said, if the free space is just after the Ubuntu partition, then it's easy to expand the Ubuntu partition11:12
dr_willisfaLUCE,  i never use it.. so no idea.11:12
Senjai|Busydr_willis, but i have to boot off the live disk right? as it is right now gparted wont do anything11:13
dr_willisSenjai|Busy,  yes.. you do not resize filesystems that are in use..11:13
Tyrnisplop all11:13
dr_willisyou could resize the windows partition now.. but you cant enlarge your linux if its in use11:13
abuanonameam need help,11:13
DaHaizanyone know why the thunderbird profiles dir in my home dir is just accessible by root and therefore my thunderbird cant create a profile there?11:13
Senjai|Busydr_willis, blargg I'll brb, booting into live.11:14
abuanonamecouse my vga on ubuntu 10.10 not good11:14
abuanonameany body can respont for my probelm,11:14
abuanonameam used ubuntu 10.10 installed on lenovo g46011:14
AlexDevilLXMounted volumes to panel11:14
dr_willisDaHaiz,  check ownershop and permissions of the dirs and files in it.. if you accidently ran thunderbird as root.. it may have created settings files there11:14
dr_willisAlexDevilLX,  the unity panel shows  mounted disks here.. or at least it did. till i removed them11:14
AlexDevilLXI hate unityh11:15
dr_willisAlexDevilLX,  ive seen usb indicator-applets also at the webupd8 and mentioned on the askubuntu.com site as well11:15
AlexDevilLXClassic Gnome11:15
tixo5hey, is it possible to install newer kernels on older ubuntu versions? or are they compiled for that version only?11:15
AlexDevilLXthx for website11:15
dr_willistixo5,   in theory you could compile your own for them. there are  kernel ppa's also.11:15
tixo5dr_willis: i used the kernel ppas, i was just wondering if i installed say 2.6.35 or something on lucid would it fail ?11:16
blarggtixo5, they sometimes backport them. For example, I've found 2.6.35 and 2.6.37 (if I remember correctly) for Lucid, though 2.6.37 had some issues with the nvidia driver11:16
dr_willistixo5,  i would make sure you had backups made... :)11:16
blarggtixo5, 2.6.35 worked without issue when I tried it for a couple of days, didn't even break the nvidia driver11:16
dr_willisand hopefully worse case.. you select the older kenel from the grub menu..11:16
tixo5do you have any idea of the latest one for 9.04? i installed 2.6.31 but it doesnt seem to be new enough still and fix my issue11:16
tixo5ok guys, sounds like its worth a shot! :)11:17
tixo5its on another partition so reinstalling isnt an issue11:17
AlexDevilLXRhythmbox vs Banshee11:18
tixo5blargg: are there any other steps i need to do but run the .deb package?11:18
blarggtixo5, see if you can find a ppa with it specifically built for 9.0411:18
tixo5well, the folders are named accoridingly, and the last one before lucid naming of folders, is 2.6.3111:19
AlexDevilLXterminal in notify11:19
AlexDevilLXand new panel only on desktop11:19
tixo5i know the driver works on 2.6.3511:19
tixo5so i want to eliminate the possibility of it being something else by using that kernel ideally11:20
AFDI'm using icewm on ubuntu server 10.04 and would like to enable remote desktop sharing - can I do this via command line?11:20
tixo5im not 100% what kernel the bug was fixed in,11:20
AlexDevilLXHow to make new gnome panel, and make it visible only on desktop11:20
* Senjai is resizing partitions11:26
SenjaiThank you blargg and dr_willis11:26
blarggWhat package do I remove to get rid of openoffice? I'm thiking either -gnome or -gtk, but not sure.11:26
SenjaiHandy tool, takes a long time though.11:26
blarggSenjai, yeah, if it has to move partitions, lot of copying and disk activity11:27
Senjaiblargg: hope i dont lose any data on the windows side. Though i read gparted is pretty good.11:27
dr_willisAFD,  You would need to install some vnc server. you can then decide ifyou want to share the current visible desktop (xvncserver, I think) or have a hidden vnc server/session , tightvnc, or vnc4server11:27
skilzhow do I stop to graphical login screen coming yp11:28
AFD@dr_willis I have installed vnc4server - I think there may be an issue with the setup but I am looking at the config file/s now11:28
dr_willisskilz,  disable the gdm service. to keep gdm from loading.  rename /etc/init/gdm.conf to be somthign else like gdm.DONTRUN11:28
Hazukihas anyone gotten sound working on the x120e? I've tried everything google has on ubuntu and debian for this and no luck11:28
unomiHazuki: how is it? besides the sound?11:29
dr_willisAFD,  normally you would ssh in, run vncserver,. then connect with a client. the .vnc/??? dir has configs as to what desktop to run.11:29
dr_willisAFD,  i use icewm in vnc all the time in the past11:29
Hazukiunomi: nice machine11:29
unomiHazuki: I was looking at getting me one11:29
unomibit keen to try out the E-35011:29
AFDdr_willis ok... and you never ad to config ubuntu outside of the app itself? In gnome there is a tickbox to allow remote connections11:29
NarcHello everyone. I guess it must have been asked a hundred times but what's the status of Gnome Shell under Natty ? Is it still unstable ? Thanks.11:30
dr_willisAFD,  thats a GNOME feature  (vino is built into gnome) you are using a totally differnt vnc server.11:30
LBoI think my install is corrupted11:30
AFDdr_willis AAaah - I understand. thanks for the help :D11:30
dr_willisAFD,  you could start a dozen vncservers each with their own desktop if you wanted11:30
LBoEven with the simplest .c file, gcc fails11:30
louis_hi is anybody has problem with unity not showing default desktop menu on top panel? at first start it is ok than i open a program and the last used programs name stays there11:30
AFDdr_willis I'm not that sadistic11:30
LBoerror: 'return' undeclared (first use in this function)11:30
LBoI already did a: sudo aptitude reinstall libc6 libc-dev-bin libc-bin libc6-dev11:31
SenjaiWhat does the linux swap do exactly?11:31
blarggLBo, what's the line and file extension?11:31
LBoBut that didn't help11:31
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info11:31
unomiHazuki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/X120e seems to indicate that it should 'just work' :/11:31
Hazukiyeah ><;11:31
LBoblargg: this is what's in the file (nothing more): int f(void) { return 0; })11:32
* Hazuki pokes her lappy11:32
unomihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10527986&postcount=8 seen this?11:32
blarggLBo, oh, and it's a .c file? yeah, looks like something's messed up11:32
Hazukiunomi, single post...?11:32
LBoYeah I know :p11:32
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
louis_where can i report problems about unity?11:33
unomiHazuki: yes, with the link to the ATI binary driver11:33
SenjaiThank you dr_willis, blargg when you said right next to eachother, the partition moving to the left to absorb the unallocated space is that what you meant?11:33
Hazukiunomi, what does fglrx have to do with sound?11:34
blarggSenjai, no, I meant free space *after* the partition being expanded. If the free space is before, it has to move the partition to the left before it expands it, thus it takes a long time :)11:34
dr_willis(part 1) (part2) (part3) (unallocated) --->  (part1)(part2)(part3     bigger)11:34
unomiHazuki: its a long-shot, but since he states that HDMI audio worked - explicitly - that there could be some wider tie-in11:34
unomiwell, if no one else knows, probably add your query on that thread, no?11:35
Hazukiwhoa, i fixed it11:35
Hazukii don't know how, but... ^^;11:35
unomiYou are da Man11:35
Hazukiwoman, but thanks :)11:35
* Hazuki hugs and bounces off~11:36
rosstayloris there a command for finding out how many watts the machines uses?11:36
wslayerthanks for this awesome system Ubuntu devs11:36
Senjaiblargg: Oh, well now im adding the unallocated space preceding /dev/sda5,11:36
unomiDa Woman then - sorry if I offended your sexist sensibilities by calling you a man :p11:36
dr_willisrosstaylor,  command? not seen one. a Kill-a-watt device runs about $20 and can tell11:36
jattrosstaylor: powertop11:37
blarggrosstaylor, kill-a-watt meter that you plug in between the PC and the wall outlet11:37
wslayeri will never go back to sh*t windows again11:37
jattACPI power usage estimate available11:37
jatt 11:37
jattcan be read with it11:37
Senjaiblargg: Oh i get it, disk space has actual ... position.. lol11:37
LBoblargg: Any idea how to fix it?11:37
LBoWhat package I should reinstall11:37
Senjaiblargg, to grow into free if its directly adjacent is easy, because it just extends the boundary of the partition right?11:38
dr_willisSenjai,  you got it.11:38
jab_doais there a way to get the old behavior of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UpdateMotd? looks like its pam only which costs a lot of performance11:38
blarggSenjai, yeah, and unless you're using something like LVM, partitions must be contiguous and their data in linear order.11:38
Senjaiblargg, LVM?11:38
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto11:38
rosstaylorjatt: what?11:38
SenjaiOh, specific types of hard disk configurations11:39
rosstaylorjatt: i tried powertop but it doesn't work11:39
louis_anyone has issue with unity menu on top panel? 11.0411:39
blarggSenjai, LVM basically does for partitions what a normal filesystem does for files: they can be fragmented (and even be spread across multiple disks)11:39
dr_willisive had so many graphical glitzes with unity. its not even useable here.11:39
Senjaiblargg, I only know of RAID.11:39
Senjaiblargg, ones performance, and ones... mirrored?11:39
Senjaiblargg no idea how hard disk storage works though, perhaps ill look into it.11:40
louis_its mainly works fine but there is annoying things around :)11:40
blarggLBo, maybe you can figure out what language gcc is trying to compile the file as, in case it's using the wrong one for some odd reason11:40
=== roe_ is now known as Guest77233
tinga90ciao nessuno sa come configurare irc su emphaty?11:44
SenjaiI hope I can boot, GParted says i might not be able to.11:44
tinga90sto usando xchat sennò ciao11:44
sktn07would anyone tell me :  how to set busy in xchat-gnome?11:45
geirha!it | tinga9011:45
ubottutinga90: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:45
mustafaI HAVE ONE PROBLEM11:47
Senjai!ask | mustafa11:47
ubottumustafa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:47
dr_willissktn07,  irc clients dont work the same way as IM programs.11:48
StevethepirateRandom situation: my eth1 network card cannot ping the gateway (on a local subnet) unless wireshark is running. Wtf.11:48
dr_willissktn07,  you can set yoruself away if you wanted to.11:48
dr_willismustafa,  turn off the caps lock. and clarify the problem to the channel11:48
Senjaisktn07, most users in irc change their nicknames to indicate their status, you can do this with /nick sktn07|Busy11:48
ubottuPlease do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»11:49
mustafaevery time if i open video on firefox the pc come hang11:49
mustafaand if copying some file from drive to drive it come hang11:49
Gryllidamustafa: Flash and Firefox version please11:49
mustafaflash 10.4 and firefox 511:49
GryllidaOh, wait, maybe i/o issue.11:49
mustafaand it was 4 also same problem11:50
mustafathe pc speed core2due 2.1011:50
tronic211Maybe a driver controller problem11:50
B-r00tmustafa: flash 10.4?11:50
mustafalatest one11:50
B-r00tlatest is
Laserssktn07: "/away I'm busy with my sheep" is more preferred than "/nick sktn07|Busy"11:51
mustafa turn off the caps lock.11:51
sktn07dr_willis, how to get again available...i mean online?11:52
B-r00tsktn07: /back11:52
dr_willisnever noticed.. i never use the 2 commands. :)11:52
blarggArgh, it seems that ubuntu-docs is depended on by other packages11:53
dr_willisblargg,  its proberly pulling in other doc packages.11:53
sktn07Senjai, how to get again available...i mean online?11:53
dr_willissktn07,   the /back command11:53
Senjaisktn07, you might find http://www.linux.com/archive/articles/61439 a useful resource if you wish to learn more about IRC.11:53
dr_willissktn07,  but its not really that imporntant to use such commands.11:53
Utopiahhi #ubuntu , Im a bit lost, by defaut should I use init.d/initcl or even.d/upstart? (here to add lighttpd)11:54
mustafaand also if i do some multiple thinks it come hung11:54
Laserssktn07: dr_willis is right -- However, just use "/away" without any message -- It'll be undone.11:54
blarggmustafa, you definitely need to run some hardware tests11:54
sktn07B-r00t, just /back?11:55
mustafahow i can do it11:55
mustafai have 3GB ram11:55
B-r00tsktn07: just /back11:55
DasEiUtopiah: which purpose ?11:55
UtopiahDasEi: just to start lighttpd at boot11:56
SenjaiB-r00t, /back isn't supported by all irc clients. sktn07, look at the link i sent you, when you /away, when you type again it'll automatically set you as back.11:56
LBoblargg: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libc-dev-bin libc-bin libc6-dev cpp g++ gcc cpp-4.5 g++-4.5 gcc-4.5 worked fixed it11:56
DasEiUtopiah: ah lightppd, oversaw that, can ad it to rc.local11:56
B-r00tsktn07: he ask for xchat11:56
* Senjai will brb, booting to hard disk.11:56
SenjaiB-r00t: you're right, sorry about that.11:57
=== sktn07 is now known as sktn07|
DasEiUtopiah: /etc/rc.local is executed last at bootup and commands in there run with root privilegs, so just start the service there11:58
UtopiahDasEi: ok, thanks, Im not used to the "Fake initcl called" thing11:59
DasEiUtopiah: might also look :11:59
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto11:59
kesorcan someone point me to what linux-virtual is for?11:59
mustafai did the test11:59
mustafaso what is next11:59
DasEiUtopiah: yes, upstart could also be used, but an overkill and hassle in this case12:00
blarggkesor, optimized for running under on a virtualized machine12:00
kesorso it would be a good choice for a vmware guest?12:00
kesormost forums say the opposite for some reason12:00
callaghanHello, I have a quick question: Is it possible to set up a Ubuntu Server install, connect via "ssh -X" to it and launch e.g. Firefox this way? What do I have to install to do that?12:00
sftrabbitin ubuntu 11.04, when I change my monitor settings so that I'm using my TV instead of my laptop screen, I get this problem: http://i.imgur.com/8lPW4.jpg . The large area that works fine is the same resolution as my laptop display, but the other areas don't seem to be refreshing.12:00
DasEicallaghan: it is, no further install, but the server must allow x by default (think' it does)12:01
vivekimsithii ! can anyone tell me how to install new plugin in openoffice?12:01
tixo5hey how can i boot again without using graphics drivers?12:01
callaghanDasEi: Thank you, that is all I needed to hear :)12:02
tixo5like failsafe thing?12:02
blarggtixo5, use the recovery variant in grub12:02
UtopiahDasEi: another boot related question, iirc there is an hybernate option to shutdown, is there a way to call that from the CLI?12:03
tixo5hey blargg, i installed 2.6.35 kernel, but it freezes, however i think its a nvidia bug lol, so i recon if i can boot without the noveau driver it may work, and fi my ethernet bug12:03
=== sktn07| is now known as sktn07
tixo5there is no recovery entry12:03
tixo5is it noapi ??12:03
tixo5acpi=off ?12:04
tomekhhi. i have installed ubuntu minimal and then lxde and my apps. one thing is not working correctly is auto-mounting of usb devices. if i plug pendrive, i get "Not authorized." message. how can i fix this?12:04
usr13tixo5: What exactly are you trying to do?12:04
yes456my default route not working12:04
DasEiUtopiah: I think so, should be either acpi or pm-utils, but in detail I'm overasked there12:04
usr13tixo5: Are you simply wanting console mode?12:04
tixo5usr13: i have a bug with my ethernet card in older kernels (i think) so ive installed a newer kernel, now this one has a bug with my nvidia card (i think) lol so i want to boot with most basic graphics12:05
usr13tixo5: Ctrl-Alt-F612:05
DasEiUtopiah: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81338712:05
tixo5but i see a flash of high res graphics on boot, so im sure it will work12:05
blarggUtkarsh, apropos hibernate turns up some useful possibilities12:05
tixo5i just need to boot it up in poor graphics and update nvidia card, hopefully internet will work straight away on this kernel12:05
ramblingjordanhey guys/gals I have a bash scripting question. How does a user move a file into another users directory? Obviously it gets 'permission denied' when I use mv $1 /destination/ any ideas?12:06
tixo5i think i used acpi=off before12:06
tixo5on another machine12:06
usr13tixo5: Oh, so you have trouble with the Nvidia driver?12:06
UtopiahDasEi: thank you12:06
blarggkesor, here is an explanation of the kernel flavors: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/Flavours12:06
tixo5i guess the driver they added into the kernel (2.6.35) has issues yes12:06
usr13tixo5: You want to do away with the Nvidia driver and revert to the open-source one?12:07
tixo5i want to use the onboard graphics i guess?12:07
tixo5only until i boot it up and see if the kernel works ?12:07
tixo5then i can install the latest nvidia drivers12:07
vivekimsithow to install The OpenOffice.org Plug-in12:07
yes456my networking is  not working please help me my confgi file http://pastebin.com/ZAFanM4212:07
vivekimsithow to install The OpenOffice.org Plug-in12:08
tixo5ive installed 2.6.35 kernel on ubuntu 9.04 so it might be something else! i just want that GRUB command to use most basic graphics12:08
usr13tixo5: do you have to display adapters?  (One on-board and one add-on card.)12:08
tixo5usr13: your looking too much into it, im sure its just something like noacpi12:08
tixo5xfailesafe or something12:09
usr13tixo5: You can just turn off the GUI12:09
tajaselokay, I just downloaded an iso for my USB stick and tried to boot from it; it failed, and when I looked at the files I'd downloaded an iso for a Windows machine. I don't recall telling the download page that I have a Windows machine (because, er, I don't) and I need to find the iso that will boot from a Linux machine. can anyone help?12:09
sftrabbitgetting this problem in ubuntu 11.04 when i change from my laptop display to my TV - anything outside the original resolution isn't updating: http://i.imgur.com/8lPW4.jpg12:09
sftrabbitanyone know why?12:09
tixo5usr13 how i do that at GRUB?12:09
tixo5i think before i had to remove the --splash thing also12:10
vivekimsithow to install The OpenOffice.org Plug-in12:10
callaghanvivekimsit: Plugin for what?12:11
usr13Ctrl-Alt-F6  and then issue command:  service gdm stop12:11
tixo5clt alt f6 from where?? grub manu ?12:11
usr13from a terminal window12:11
tixo5ive told you the fkin pc dont boot ....12:11
vivekimsitcallaghan:for openoffice..?12:11
tixo5give up lol12:11
tixo5cant kill the Xserver if it aint even started12:12
tixo5ill try myself again12:12
Utopiahwell pm-hibernate made me crash, guess Ill try pm-suspend or pm-suspend-hybrid12:12
usr13tixo5: You don't have to reboot to do it.  Just go to console mode and do it. And you can do: sudo gdm start  to turn it back on12:12
callaghanvivekimsit: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/ there is a link "Installing Extensions". Is that what you wanted?12:13
vivekimsityaa okk..thnkx :)12:13
callaghanvivekimsit: no problem ;)12:14
KolakCCvivekimsit: You could have found that yourself..12:15
KolakCCDidn't need to abuse poor callaghan12:15
BehiIs there a command that can be used like time that shows the maximum amount of memory a program has used during its lifetime? e.g. $ memory my_program ?12:15
vivekimsitkolakCC:actually i wanted to install the openerp's extension ...and it was as a package..12:15
vivekimsitbut i found solution from openerp12:16
usr13Behi: top  will give you real time memory usage. But I don't know what will tell you passed history.12:16
Behiusr13: yes, top wont work for me...12:16
tajaselokay, I just downloaded an iso for my USB stick and tried to boot from it; it failed, and when I looked at the files I'd downloaded an iso for a Windows machine. I don't recall telling the download page that I have a Windows machine (because, er, I don't) and I need to find the iso that will boot from a Linux machine. can anyone help?12:17
usr13tajasel: I don't think you are explaining your problem correctly.  Try again.12:18
blarggusr13, he's saying that the download page apparently only offers the Windows version, and he wants the Linux version12:19
kevinm2khey, wondering if someone can help12:19
usr13blargg: of what?12:19
Muellitajasel: well, how did you put the .iso on the USB pendrive? You need to use "dd" or smth equivalent12:20
blarggtajasel, perhaps you have your browser set to claim that it's Internet Explorer? That would fool the download page.12:20
kevinm2kI have ubuntu installation my system has 4 partitions, 1=pq service, 2= system reserved (windows recovery) 3=ubuntu, 4=unpartitioned, I want to load windows back on to system, but loading in to windows recovery doesn't see any drive to load the recovery on to12:20
kevinm2ki have tried making 4 to ntfs and fat32 but no joy12:20
usr13blargg: I think you are on the wrong track.12:20
blarggBehi, google turns up memmon12:21
tajaselOK, the problem is, I downloaded Ubuntu from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download using Download options Ubuntu 11.04 32-biot, and the iso that downloaded has exe files in it and won't boot from my machine, I want one that will install from my Linux mmachine12:21
usr13kevinm2k: MS Windows will only boot from partition #112:22
DasEitajasel: natty 32 bit ?12:22
kevinm2kusr13 - does that mean, I need my windows partition to be /dev/sda3 ?12:22
blarggtajasel, the presence of .exe files doesn't necessarily mean that it's *only* bootable in Windows12:22
kevinm2kusr13 - if thats the case, I'll need to remove ubuntu partition... which will delete grub and I wont be able to boot the windows recovery partition12:22
DasEitajasel: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download12:22
Behiblargg: looks like it works like top12:22
usr13tajasel: The exe files are more than likely compressed files.  WHat ever you download will need to be decompressed and burned to the USB stick.12:23
blarggBehi, according to one page, "memmon provides a convenient mechanism to report the maximum amount of memory that a process uses."12:23
tajaselMuelli: by following the instructions for an Ubuntu machine on the download page (my installation is fucked and I'm bored trying to fix it, just wiping over and starting afresh)12:23
tajaselblargg: nope, that was my first thought and I've tried it with two different browsers, neither of which are claiming to be IE12:23
Behiblargg will have a look at it, but I think that process needs to run long enough... otherwise it won't be able to gather stats about it12:24
=== roe is now known as Guest21487
usr13kevinm2k: /dev/sda1  As I said, MS Windows will only boot from first partition on the primary drive.  I know that linux is not that way, but MS Windows is.12:24
tajaselblargg: nope, but the machine's refusal to boot from the stick (which is what prompted me to look at the files) does...12:24
blarggBehi, https://software.sandia.gov/trac/utilib/wiki/Documentation/memmon12:24
tajaselDasEi: yes, I said that's where I downloaded from...12:24
kevinm2kusr13: My system has always had /dev/sda1 as pqservice which is the recovery, /dev/sda2 as system reserved and /dev/sda3 used to be the windows partition, that was all fine, it only went wrong when i made /dev/sda3 the ubuntu partition12:25
wildbatusr13: really ?~ how come my windows boot from 3 partition XD12:25
DasEitajasel: did you verify the d/l ?12:25
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:25
tajaselusr13: I literally followed all the instructions on the download page, and it said nothing about decompressing anything...12:25
usr13tajasel: I don't think it's the browser.12:25
Behiblargg, hmmm I was looking at this http://readthedocs.org/docs/superlance/en/latest/memmon.html looks like we  have too many memmons :D12:25
usr13tajasel: Give me the URL12:25
DasEitajasel: and it says ~Desktop~.iso and not wubi installer ?12:26
vivekimsithow to add a template in openoffice?12:26
tajaselDasEi: that's right, desktop iso12:26
manuvadoes it matter if your /boot partition is the last primary partion (sda4)?12:26
Behiblargg thnx12:26
tajaselusr13: URL of what? the iso?12:26
kevinm2kusr13: I was thinking that maybe the recovery console was hard coded to put the OS back on to /dev/sda3 and because that is EXT4 it wasn't working, but the prob is if I format sda3 to ntfs, I will lose grub, hence lose the boot up options and cant access the recovery console, if there was a grub on flash drive that may solve it though12:27
usr13kevinm2k: You don't have the grub bootloader installed into the MBR of sda?12:27
usr13manuva: no12:28
manuvausr13: thanks :)12:28
kevinm2kusr13: to be honest I couldn't tell you, I went with default isntallation12:28
usr13kevinm2k: Did you have MS Windows on the PC when you started out?12:29
kevinm2kusr13: I did yes12:29
usr13kevinm2k: So when you boot, what happens?12:29
manuvafunny quirk though, in the process of moving /boot to it's on partition on a win7/ubuntu 10.10 on a hp mini5103, on windows 7, the 5103's ethernet controller is seen as a removable usb device12:29
tajaselusr13: you said "Give me the URL" - the URL of what?12:29
usr13tajasel: The instructions12:30
kevinm2kusr13: At one point I removed winodws and put ubuntu on /dev/sda3, when I boot up my machine now it gives me the option of loading in to ubuntu, and in to my recovery console which is on /dev/sda112:30
kevinm2kand in to a windows 7 loader on /dev/sda2 (which is useless)12:30
tajaselusr13: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download12:30
usr13kevinm2k: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit12:30
tajasel(and to clarify, the iso I downloaded was http://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/ubuntu-releases//natty/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso )12:31
dr_williskevinm2k,  if theres no other os's you want to boot  to on the system. you can make the /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober non executable. :)   but most likely its seeing some windows partitons or filesysmtes that it thinks are bootable os's12:31
usr13tajasel: Did you download  ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso  ?12:32
tixo5how can i boot to terminal from GRUB ??12:33
tajaselusr13: yes, URL to iso was http://mirror.bytemark.co.uk/ubuntu-releases//natty/ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso12:33
tixo5dr_willis: whats the command to boot to terminal not gdm or Xserver from GRUB12:33
quaisiHi,  I have 11.04 on my computer. I have / on a separate partition with my home directory on another.  I want to reinstall 10.10 which I found a lot better and more stable. Is it simply a case of putting in the 10.10 cd and installing over the root partition or will I have stuff in my home partition that will conflict with the older files?12:34
manuvatixo5, i don't think you can boot to terminal in grub12:34
tixo5manuva: how can i diagnose issues?12:35
manuvatixo5 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub12:35
tixo5its hanging on startup12:35
manuvahave a geeze at that, or http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527512:35
manuvai'm having the same trouble as well :)12:35
fairuzquaisi: You don't like 11.04 because of the Unity desktop?12:36
tixo5im trying a kernel thats wayyyyy beyond my ubuntu version lol12:36
tixo5but i think its a graphics issue12:36
tixo5i might try an even newer one12:36
tixo52.6.38 :S12:36
manuvaquaisi: I believe you are correct, there might be some conflicting config files on your /home partition though12:36
kevinm2kusr13: Well I just cancelled a gparted operation by accident... and I now have only 3 partitions, my ubuntu one has now gone... i'm guessing grub will be gone too?12:37
quaisiwell - I use classic desktop.  More to do with no xbmc support, no simple compiz manager12:37
dorkyah natty sucks12:37
tixo52.6.38 kernel on ubuntu 9.04?? lol12:37
kevinm2kusr13: I now have a grub rescue> prompt, can i boot to a partition from that?12:37
usr13tajasel: Did you scroll down and click  "USB stick" where is asks you if you "would like to create a:"  "USB stick"?  and then "To create it using"   * Ubuntu ?  (If so, the instructions look pretty clear.)12:37
tajaselyes, I did12:38
tajaselthe instructions were very clear, and I followed them to the letter12:38
tajaselthe problem seems to be with the file that was actually downloaded though? i.e. it won't run on a non-Windows machine. I also tried booting my Mac with it and that didn't work either.12:39
usr13tajasel: Then you should have a bootable USB drive.  Check to see if your computer is set up to boot to USB.12:39
tajaselusr13: it is.12:39
usr13kevinm2k: You probably only had 3 partitions to begin with.12:40
usr13kevinm2k: (You said that the forth portion of the drive was "unpartitioned"12:41
kevinm2kwell i have 3 now, 1: system reserved, 2: pq service, 3: ntfs empty partition.... When I boot my machine its going to 'Grub Rescue', is there anyway I can force it too boot from /dev/sda1 at this point?12:41
tajaselusr13: righto. I'll try again later, have to go out now. thanks anyway.12:41
usr13kevinm2k: Which I would take that to mean that it is "free space"12:41
kevinm2kusr13: I did yes, but I did try making it ntfs at one point12:41
kevinm2kusr13: thats right yes12:41
kevinm2kusr13: its all in /dev/sda3 now though12:41
usr13kevinm2k: What do you need a NTFS partition for?12:41
katai mounted an image in gmount iso at desktop now how do i unmount it p.s :- the unmount button is disabled12:42
kevinm2kI want to install windows from the recovery console which is on /dev/sda112:42
krobieJemand Anwesend, der zeit und lust hat zu helfen? xD12:42
usr13kevinm2k: Installing MS Windows on any other partition other than the first one is not gonna happen.12:43
quaisiHi regarding the downgrade, is it worth perhaps deleting all the hidden (.) files and directoriesin home or is that crazy talk?12:43
kevinm2kusr13: ok, but is there a way I can get grub rescue to boot /dev/sda112:43
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dr_willisive seen grub setups on live cd's that 'boot first drive'12:44
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usr13!grub2 | kevinm2k12:44
ubottukevinm2k: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:44
damascenoWhen I try to mount a partition (/dev/sda1) using mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /mnt the system shows that message: get root inode failed.12:45
kevinm2kusr13: I know what grub is... but I just dont know how to get it to boot a partition12:45
damascenoI need to recover the data of this partition. :S12:45
dr_willisdamasceno,  you are sure its ext3? what does sudo fdisk -l   say about the disk?12:45
damascenoYes, is ext3.12:46
esingis microsoft office for linux for free?12:46
akelsHello I have ubuntu 11.04 installed on half broken hp Compaq 6715b. To boot it I need to use boot parameters - nosmp noacpi. Fortunately I am able to suspend my laptop but it does not happen instantly. After I choose option suspend my laptop turns off wifi and display, but then it keeps cooling my PC approximately 10 minutes. I understand that it is motherboards fault but I have noticed that when I log out and then suspend from GDM it happens noticeably faster12:46
akelsor even instantly. So I am asking why my laptop keeps cooling longer when I suspend from desktop environment(Unity)? I hope that I have used some correct grammar :)12:46
damascenodr_willis, Do you know what can I do to access this partition?12:47
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gab_como usar amule con los enlaces12:49
aeon-ltdgab_: espanol?12:49
aeon-ltd!es | gab_12:49
ubottugab_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:49
usr13kevinm2k: The bottom line is that if you don't have a bootable OS on that partition, you are not going to be able to boot it.  The chainloader is what is used to boot the MS Windows partition.  If you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2  you will see what needs to be done to boot a partition with MS Windows on it.12:49
aeon-ltd!portuguese | gab_12:50
ubottugab_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:50
aeon-ltdsorry about the first time12:50
gab_unbuntu -es12:50
usr13kevinm2k: YOu can also read    man grub12:51
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Chillanceso, I got 2 computers running Ubuntu... I've logged in local on both... how can I ssh to one of them and attach myself to the current X session running? I want to avoid using vnc...12:52
HoloCsmI join in the ubuntu-it?12:53
quaisissh - X program name ?12:53
usr13damasceno: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit12:54
manuvaHolocsm: "/join #ubuntu-it"12:54
Chillance-X will just forward X.. I'm not really attached to the one running12:54
DasEi!it | HoloCsm12:54
ubottuHoloCsm: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:54
Chillanceif that makes sense :)12:54
andrew_hey guys my bluetooth wasnt working andi found the solution to fix it (https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-bluetooth/2009-March/003897.html) but i dont understand the explanation of why it didnt work to begin with - any explanation would be appreciated12:54
SwedeMikeChillance: I'd say it can't be done that way.12:55
DasEiquaisi: no, you ssh -X in and then are on the remote host, there progName + Enter12:55
Chillanceyea, was afraid of that12:55
quaisisorry Chill - I normally vnc with remmina... :)12:55
SwedeMikeChillance: ssh -X is the other way around, you run the program on the other machine and display it on your local one.12:55
Chillanceyea, I love ssh -X :)12:56
DasEiChillance: depend on bandwith12:56
Chillanceyea, but again.. local LAN..  not really a problem12:56
usr13SwedeMike: It can be done.  He needs to enable X forwarding in sshd.conf12:57
SwedeMikeusr13: that's not what he wanted.12:57
usr13It's /etc/ssh/sshd_config12:58
SwedeMikeusr13: he wanted to connect to the other SESSION.12:58
SwedeMikeX-forwarding doesn't do that.12:58
usr13X11Forwarding yes12:58
usr13SwedeMike: Then what is it he is wanting to do?12:58
usr13ssh -X   #To enable X forwarding13:00
Chillanceyea, like vnc, but through ssh, and then like if it was ssh -X, attaching what is seen local on the other machine forwarded to me..13:00
Chillancewell, say I do ssh -X13:00
Chillancehow can I get what is seen over there locally over to me?13:00
icerootChillance: vnc is the only way to see what is going on there13:01
icerootChillance: nx is a way to start a NEW session13:01
quaisichillance: why don't you want to use vnc?13:01
icerootChillance: ssh -X is starting a new program and is not attaching to a running session13:01
usr13Chillance: Edit /etc/ssh/ssh_conf  (on the server end) and add line X11Forwarding no  to X11Forwarding yes  (or just add X11Forwarding yes to it).  And then, from client, do  ssh -X13:02
Chillancevnc feels slower..13:02
SwedeMikeusr13: he already knows about ssh -X, it's not what he wants to do.13:02
Chillanceoh well, no biggie..13:02
usr13Chillance: Edit /etc/ssh/ssh_conf  (on the server end) and CHANGE line X11Forwarding no  to X11Forwarding yes  (or just add X11Forwarding yes to it).  And then, from client, do  ssh -X13:02
quaisiremmina is pretty fast13:02
quaisifaster than the gnome default13:02
usr13Chillance: Maybe you want x11vnc13:02
icerootChillance: have a look at nx13:03
icerootChillance: but it is not attaching to a running session its starting a new session but its fast as hell13:03
iceroot!nx | Chillance13:03
ubottuChillance: FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX13:03
usr13Chillance: Install x11vnc on the server and use vncviewer on th client.13:03
Chillanceok, cool. gonna check it out13:03
usr13ChaosSaber: There is also  teamviewer13:04
quaisianyone got any ideas on downgrading ubuntu to 10.1013:04
icerootquaisi: not possible13:04
icerootquaisi: only with a new installation13:04
usr13quaisi: no13:05
quaisii have / on a separate partition - if I just reinstall  maverick to that is the plan, I'm worried about config files mismatching13:05
gbilihello, does someone know how to edit the unity dock so it wont hide13:05
Skeeter-I need some help with LVM and GRUB13:06
usr13SwedeMike: If he wants "connect to the other SESSION"  x11vnc will do it.13:06
icerootquaisi: you want to install 10.10 into an existing /?13:06
aeon-ltdgbili: With Compiz Config installed, go to the Ubuntu Unity Plugin, now you will see a drop-down menu next to the words Hide Launcher, click on the drop down menu and select Never and that is it, Unity launcher will no longer hide.13:06
quaisiiceroot: weel overwrite the partition13:07
icerootquaisi: format the partiton and do a fresh install you mean?13:07
quaisiiceroot: yes13:07
prowerhello :> does anyone else have issues with flash causing their system to freeze up completely on occasion? when watching youtube videos in firefox or chrome for example, if i full-screen the video everything comes to a halt and i have to reset the computer, no way for me to switch to a console or kill xorg :<13:08
usr13iceroot: quaisi   /  is not a partition.  (Not sure what you guys are talking about.)13:08
quaisiiceroot: just a bit concerned about conflicting configs - ppa's etc13:08
gbiliaeon-ltd, thanks alot+13:08
quaisiusr13: forgive me I have / on a separate partition13:08
usr13quaisi: Oh ok.13:08
icerootquaisi: i dont get what you want to do exactly but if you are using conf-files from 11.04 in 10.10 there is a good chance to mess up something13:09
usr13quaisi: Well,  you can not install another OS on it unless you move /  to another partition first.13:09
quaisiusr13: I plan to format it13:09
usr13quaisi: And then you'd have to re-configure the system to use / on that other partition.13:10
=== mrnotproper_ is now known as mrnotproper
quaisiusr13: The plan is to put in live cd of 10.10, format partition housing /, overwrite that  partition with 10.10 /13:11
usr13quaisi: Can you just add another HD?   (That would be easier.)13:11
usr13quaisi: Oh.  Reinstall 10.10 and leave /home as it is?13:11
quaisiusr13: That's correct13:12
usr13quaisi: If you have /home on a separate partition, that will be doable.  But otherwise, no.13:12
usr13quaisi: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit   #And send resulting URL. Let us see.13:12
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ocshi. Is it possible to activate some keyboard shortcuts only in visible workspace?13:13
usr13quaisi: pastebinit /etc/fstab13:13
quaisiusr13: What does that do :)13:13
usr13quaisi: It will show is what you have on your HD13:13
usr13quaisi: ... and we can give you specific advise.13:14
usr13quaisi: pastebinit /etc/fstab   #And send resulting URL13:14
quaisithat is incredible13:14
usr13quaisi: pastebinit /etc/fstab   #And send resulting URL13:15
usr13quaisi: Ok, good.  You have  /dev/sdb5       /home13:16
usr13quaisi: Since you have /home on a seperate partition, you CAN install and leave home un-touched.  Just be sure and tell it to leave /home alone, and set up same  user name and you'll be good to go.13:17
quaisicool - thank you very much for your help!13:18
usr13quaisi: Do not let the installer mess with  /dev/sdb5  and it will be in-tact when  you're done.13:18
quaisiThis pastebin program needs more press - It's astounding13:19
usr13quaisi: Yea, it's nice13:20
stephanmgis there something like the lightweight gmusicbrowser in xfce4 which can be configured with shortcuts by xbindkeys?13:20
usr13Linux is free, life is good.13:20
gbilihello, i am trying to set ubuntu natty to autologin, but when in "system settings->logins screen" i dont have the option to choose the user i want to automatically login13:21
usr13quaisi: But are you just wanting to switch to gnome?  Is that your goal.13:22
usr13quaisi: Because you can do that without re-installing.13:22
quaisiusr13: No. I use classic desktop - I miss simple ccsm and xbmc13:22
abuanonamemy vga on lenovo g460 error, and compiz not ready13:22
usr13quaisi: Ok, just wanted to make sure.  Carry on....13:23
quaisiusr13: no worries13:23
abuanonamehallo brotha... need support for my desktop effect13:24
rafzhow to increase desktop numbers from 4 to 6 in ubuntu 11.40?13:25
=== abuanoname is now known as cupu
alphacatfriends, if you could help a noob it would be appreciated. problem: wubi installer fails - 'can't find metalink', both usb and cd installs fail - freezes after syslinux/isolinux load screen13:25
bazhangcupu, /join #compiz13:25
alphacatany thoughts?13:25
bazhang!ccsm | cupu13:25
ubottucupu: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz13:25
cupubazhang, thanks am have do, but not yet for respont13:25
quaisiubottu: simple-ccsm is broken in 11.0413:26
stethoHi, I've got a really stupid problem that I can't get to the bottom of. I have a machine with an ATI video card in it and two monitors. I have install natty on the machine and set up the monitors so the left monitor is on the left and the right monitor is on the right. This is confirmed by the fact that if I move the mouse off the right of the left screen it appears on the left of the right screen. However, if I tap the left of the left screen, the launch13:26
stethoer appears on the left of the right screen. Which is stupid.13:26
sam_alphacat: idk is ubiquity the same as wubi (obvious noob is obvious)13:26
HansimatI am just searching for an unattended installation. preseed might not fulfull our requirements. FAI looks very interesting. Are there any reasons not to test FAI? Google does not show many results for FAI with Ubuntu.13:26
bazhangquaisi, hardly. unless you have a bug report13:26
dr_willisrafz,  the ccsm tool - under the general tab i belive13:26
cupubazhang, am have done install simple-ccsm and stil not work, am used ubuntu 10.10 installed on lenovo g460 (intel)13:26
thebombquaisi, why is that is there a fix for simple-ccrm?13:26
dr_willissam_ no its not.13:26
quaisiit's a dependency problem - googling now13:27
rafzdr_willis, I'm a little lost with the new interface. where is the ccsm tool? where is the general tab?13:27
cupuquaisi, what dependency problemo13:27
dr_willisrafz,  you insall it..13:27
dr_willis!ccsm | rafz13:27
ubotturafz: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz13:27
thebombwith simple-ccrm in 11.413:27
alphacatyou guys think i might have better luck with an ubiquity installer? will that install dualboot on top of xp?13:28
dr_willisI never use simple ccsm. :)13:28
cupusome probelm ha...13:28
cupu:) dr_willis what up bro....13:28
bazhangalphacat, thats the live cd installer13:28
alphacatthought so13:28
cupudr_willis, am need you back for support,...13:28
dr_willisalphacat,   it will install  to its own partitions.. you will then dual boot to linuix or windows.13:28
bazhangalphacat, wubi is the install from within windows one13:28
dr_williswubi = installs on a windows partition. (not reccomended)   ubiquity  - the way most people install.13:28
cupumy grafick or my vga not good, couse the grafick so hard for see13:28
dachahello, when i try to install "pulseaudio-utils" (which I need for padsp) I get the error saying it has unmet depedencies (libpulse-browse0, which depends on an older version of libpulse0), please help13:29
bazhangalphacat, for more granular control the alternate (aka debian-installer) is a text based install cd13:29
alphacatokay, do you have any idea why wubi is failing to grab the iso metalink, or is it a relatively simple process to go for ubiquity? i really don't want to burn more cds or go into command line hackery13:29
quaisicompiz bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/simple-ccsm/+bug/73843113:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 738431 in simple-ccsm (Ubuntu) "simple-ccsm is not installable cause dependency conflicts (dup-of: 738168)" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 738168 in simple-ccsm (Ubuntu) "simple-ccsm install wants the remove compiz and unity" [Low,Confirmed]13:29
dr_willisalphacat,  i hate wubi. You could download the iso directly and put it in the same dir as wubi.exe13:29
dr_willisalphacat,  but i reccomend doing a normal install. and forget wubi even exists.13:30
MagicJI am getting the message: Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0" - how do I get rid of this?13:30
cupubazhang, how command on terimal for see the probel of vga, because b 4 am have done for fix the vga on my notebook and am not make archive13:30
bazhangalphacat, if its a newer computer you could use a flash stick with unetbootin13:30
alphacatdr_willis both USB and CD installs freeze at the 'isolinux/syslinux' load screen13:30
dr_willisalphacat, i always install from a bootable flash drive13:30
Skeeter-How can i kill the ubuntu insaller, it is stuck at BOOTLOADER INSTALL FAILED13:30
bazhangalphacat, sounds like you need to md5 the iso then13:30
dr_willisalphacat,  and your chipset is what? you did check the md5 of the iso file? how did you burn the cd or make the falsh drive?13:30
bazhang!md5 | alphacat13:30
ubottualphacat: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:30
ikoniaSkeeter-: power off the machine13:30
cupuSkeeter-, used xkill on alt + f213:31
alphacatmd5 check is clean, my chipset is...hang on13:31
rafzdr_willis, thanks it worked13:31
ikoniaSkeeter-: reboot the machine, this will make sure the whole process is stopped and reset13:31
cupuikonia, what up, can u help me for fix my vga drive13:31
ikoniacupu: no13:31
bazhangalphacat, this was for the wubi, correct?13:32
cupuikonia, thanks13:32
Skeeter-i dont wanna reboot, since it boots of a usb drive and ssh it not installed by default13:32
dr_williscupu,  tell the channel your video chipset. and the exact issues you are having.13:32
BluesKajMagicJ, is that after the grub bootloader?13:32
Skeeter-xkill worked..13:32
cupudr_willis, how to see13:32
cupuSkeeter-, nice brotha, welcome13:32
MagicJBluesKaj:  the system is loaded and running fine .  I only have the problem when it tries to load the screen saver13:32
Skeeter-cupu,  high five13:32
alphacatbazhang yes, but i also tried manual iso & burnt to cd and put on usb, no luck13:32
dr_williscupu,  lspci  command mentions your chipset.. or i  look on the stickers on my pc's case. :)13:32
dr_willisalphacat,  how did you put it on usb? the Pendrivelinux site has several differnt tools. one of which should work.13:33
cupudr_willis, my lspci http://paste.ubuntu.com/637916/13:34
bazhangalphacat, by manual iso you mean what? extracting the iso yourself?13:34
dr_williscupu,  line 2 = you got an intel video chipset13:34
alphacatdr_willis i used the universal usb maker provided on ubuntu.com13:34
amanthakurhi guys is there any channel for html database connection or database conection?13:35
alphacatbazhang i mean i burnt the iso to cd and i made a usb stick using universal usb maker13:35
yeshellotherehey guys, i'm trying to automatically install and configure X, but ubuntu seems to have no debconf entries for the xserver? what the heck is going on there?13:35
dr_willisalphacat,  that tool has been problematic in the past. I tend to use tools from pendrivelinux site.13:35
cupudr_willis, yes13:35
Skeeter-cupu, got any clue how to manual install grub13:35
dr_willisalphacat,  i perfer the tools that use grub2 to boot the ISO files.13:35
alphacatdr_willis okay thats fine but the iso on cd has the same problem so its probably not the usb maker imo13:35
cupudr_willis, how need do ?13:35
dr_willisalphacat,  hard to tell..13:35
cupuSkeeter-, what you mean ?13:36
Skeeter-grub-install /dev/sda fails, getcwd and aufs error13:36
dr_williscupu,  tell the channel exactly what the issue is.. so far.. its  'intel chipset not working......' which is a little vague.13:36
bazhang!alis | amanthakur13:36
ubottuamanthakur: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*13:36
ikoniayeshellothere: could you please join #ubuntu-ops for a minute13:36
cupudr_willis, but be for that probel can be solve for 'intel chipset not working......' which is a little vague13:36
dachai had to downgrade libpulse0, apparently nobody here wanted to help...13:37
dr_willisdacha,  or no one else has ever had to do that befor...13:37
dr_willisfirst ive heard of having to downgrade pulse.13:37
Sidewinder1dacha, Or didn't have the answer.13:38
=== ozior is now known as ozior_away
BluesKajMagicJ, install a screensaver app , that might bring in the proper libs13:38
alphacatdr_willis my chipset is Mobile Intel(R) 82915GM by the way, is that blacklisted?13:38
dr_willisalphacat,  no idea. i cant imagine why. Most intel chipsets should work out of the box.13:38
cupualphacat, that fine, compiz still work fine...13:39
cupuand dr_willis am still not fix my problem13:39
dr_williscupu,  and so far.. we dont know what your problem is exactly.13:39
dachais there a way to force padsp to be used for all applications system-wide?13:39
=== ok1234 is now known as vwwvvw
stephenhhello, has anyone come across a 0x80070021 error when copying files from a windows 7 pc to a samba share?13:40
MagicJBluesKaj: give me an example of what to install please13:40
alphacatdr_willis, i don't mind going for a grub loader tool, but this isn't my machine so i'd rather not deviate from standard practices too much13:40
aeon-ltdstephenh: should be in #windows if the problem is from win to linux not from linux to win13:40
cupudr_willis, may be, my driver is conflik with nvidia ?13:40
MagicJBluesKaj: I believe that I have the gltext screen saver installed you see13:40
dr_willisalphacat,  its the flash installer thats differnt.. the installed system will be identical.13:40
stephenhaeon-ltd it's a samba issue13:40
stephenhnot a windows issue13:41
stephenhwell, the cause is windows i guess13:41
dachaalternatively what's a clean way to do system-wide LD_PRELOAD?13:41
BluesKajMagicJ, look in your software sources fore a screensaver package13:41
stephenhbut it doesn't occur on other windows file servers13:41
dr_williscupu,  you never mentioned nvidia. and your system, has an intel video card. so nvidia dosent even figure into the system. Unless its one of those dual video card laptops.13:41
alphacatdr_willis okay, is there a page that could walk me through it? cheers13:41
AFDdr_willis I'm back for more knowhow ;) I'm trying to start vnc4server  on boot and have added this line to /etc/rc.local13:41
AFD/usr/bin/vncserver -geometry 1280x1024 -depth 2413:41
AFDdr_willis Any idea why it isn't working?13:41
MagicJBluesKaj: I still do not understand what you mean - I know how to install something if I know what I want - what do I want13:41
dr_willisAFD,  rc.local is runnign it as root for starters...13:42
dr_willisAFD,  which is not a good thing.13:42
dr_willisAFD,  i always just ssh in, and start it as the user i need it to run as.13:42
cupuso can't solve that problem ya....13:42
dr_williscupu,  you havent even stated the problem.. so no one can solve the problem...13:42
bazhangcupu, you have intel. how could that conflict with nvidia. that makes zero sense13:43
AFDdr_willis I'm trying to set this up for managers in a company - I'd like for them not to be ssh'ing in if possible...13:43
scotch_83Where can I get support for configuring Ubuntu 10.10 correctly for my hardware?13:43
dr_willisAFD,  there are some tricks to make vncserver spawn on connection via inted/xinted. but its been years sice ive last done that.13:43
AFDthey will use a VPN to access vnc which is ok13:43
bazhangscotch_83, please clarify configuring13:43
Sidewinder1dacha, Since no one here seems to know the answers to your questions, have you searched the forums for your key terms (padsp, LD_PRELOAD)?13:43
dr_willisAFD,  i would test via the ssh method. to make sure its working first. then if you start it from rc.local you need to use su or sudo,. to switch to the proper user to run the vncserver13:44
AFDdr_willis when you said it's being run as root is that because of the /usr/bin/....13:44
scotch_83correct installation of drivers, specially for Ati x2100 HD :P13:44
dr_willisAFD,  rc.local runs as root...13:44
AFDdr_willis I'm able to ssh in (just testing on the LAN atm)13:44
AFDdr_willis and can access vnc ok13:44
dr_willisAFD,  every command in there . runs as root.. unless you set it up otherwise via su or sudo13:44
alphacatdr_willis or if you could clarify what grub2 tools you mentioned13:44
AFDdr_willis thanks for explaining tha13:44
dr_willisalphacat,  one at  pendirvelinux. universal iso booter. or similer named.13:45
alphacatdr_willis many thanks for your assistance13:45
alphacatand others13:45
cupuso ?13:45
cupuso bazhang how to fix my vga13:45
dr_willisalphacat,  seems to be called 'YUMI' now.13:45
dachaSidewinder1: i am trying something even crazier now, stracing a running process to determine how it launches the subprocess which needs OSS, so i can launch it myself with padsp ;-)13:46
BluesKajMagicJ, System > Administration > "Synaptic Package Manager"13:47
MagicJBluesKaj: and I want to stick with the gnome screen saver and this is installed13:47
dachaanyway thanks guys13:47
RenaKunisakidoes apport retracing service really have to send me three separate emails every time I report a bug >.>13:48
dr_willisAFD,  if they are using vpn to get to the linux box. you could use xming to run specific linux apps..  depending on their needs. and have just the single app appear locally13:48
BluesKajyes MagicJ in synaptic search for a gtk based screensaver13:48
AFDdr_willis I'll try that - thanks13:48
dr_willisAFD,  it all depends on your needs. :)13:49
AFDdr_willis so xming is for windows so they can run linux apps?13:49
dr_willisxming + xdmcp  is a little old school it can work.13:49
MagicJBluesKaj: there are no matches13:49
dr_willisxming is a X server for windows that can thus display 'X applications'13:49
dr_willisyou can ssh to remote box. set up x forwearding, run an app.. and it appears locally via Xming.13:50
scotch_83configuring drivers13:50
dr_willisxming has wizard tools to set up speciifc icons for specific apps.13:50
dr_willisfor a mixed ubuntu+windows systems.. xming is very handy to know about.13:50
AFDdr_willis wow13:50
AFDdr_willis you're a bit of guru aren't you!13:50
dr_willisJust used this stuff for years...13:51
dr_willisI have windows box upstairs with a 'gnome-terminal' icon that gives me a gnome-terminal on the basment linux machine.   so i  can then run whatever app i need.13:51
bazhangcupu, you have given very conflicting and/or incomplete info about your issue.13:52
bazhangscotch_83, drivers for what? wifi? 3d video card? something other?13:52
bazhangscotch_83, please preface your responses with the nick of the person you are addressing13:53
alphacati tried YUMI but it's freezing at the same point, just pauses the line after the 'syslinux' launcher13:53
scotch_83bazhang, drivers for Ati Mobility Radeon X2100 HD13:53
bazhangscotch_83, what version of ubuntu13:53
scotch_83bazhang, Ubuntu 10.1013:54
dr_willisalphacat,  that is weird..  what is your video chipset?13:54
bazhangscotch_83, check additional drivers in system administration13:54
scotch_83bazhang, Nothing displays13:54
bazhangcupu, whats the pastebin about , please give us some details; just saying "fix my vga?" wont get many responses13:54
scotch_83bazhang, no other additional drivers than the modem (smartlink)13:55
alphacatdr_willis i have no idea, this version of xp is running without the official video driver13:55
bazhangscotch_83, are those cards still supported by the ati proprietary drivers?13:55
alphacatall devmgr says is 'video controller (vga compatible)'13:55
dr_willisalphacat,  Hmm.. id be curious if you  put some other disrtos on that pendrive you made with  YUMI. (like tiny corelinux) if they would boot proeprly or not.13:57
dr_willisalphacat,  i would also say test that pendrive on other machines.. it may be some quirk of that XP box making it fill to boot right.13:57
mankeletorhi all13:57
alphacatdr_willis okay i'll try that. if there's a way of checking the video chipset i'll do it, although i suspect it's an integrated intel graphics chipset13:57
dr_willisalphacat,  lspci | grep vga (or was it VGA) will show13:57
dr_willisif ya got a linux going that is.. :)13:58
=== ksinkar_ is now known as ksinkar
dr_willisno idea from xp.13:58
alphacatheh, i've tried every method everyone has offered but so far, no linux13:58
mankeletorwhat is the best fs for / ?13:58
scotch_83bazhang, I think they're not. The point is that I've been trying a bit of everything, so I don't know if now I have the right configuration. I used this...than uninstalled the x-server and reinstalled it.13:58
bazhangmankeletor, ext4 is standard13:58
dr_willisalphacat,  put the HD in a usb enclosuer. :) install linux to it from a differnt box.13:58
blarggI removed several older kernel versions with Synaptic, but I've just found that there are still builds of the nvidia and virtualbox modules in /var/lib/dkms. Can I have the package manager remove these, or do I need to run dkms remove ?13:59
dr_willisalphacat,  ive also  used a tinycorelinux live cd. to 'dd' a ubuntu isntalled fully to a 8gb flash drive. to a hard drive to 'clone' it to a hard drive.13:59
alphacatgood idea but it's a 2.5 incher stuck inside a cheap philips laptop13:59
mankeletorbazhang: thx, finally i get tired about hdd error {DRDY err} :(13:59
mankeletorbazhang: im using ext4 in /13:59
Sidewinder1scotch_83, Make sure that you've enabled "Restricted, Proprietary drivers" in Synaptic Pkg. Mgr., under Sources.13:59
dr_willisalphacat,  i got a iniversial usb-hd adaptor. does 2.5  3.25 ide and sata :)13:59
scotch_83bazhang, done14:00
BluesKajwhat's the concensus on aptitude vs apt-get on ubuntu 11.04 ..there still seem to be some confliting opinions out there , but what are the real facts ?14:00
dr_willismankeletor,  ive see similer messages as the drive speeds. up.. never ntoced any real issues with them.14:00
dr_willisBluesKaj,  i dont see much need to use aptitude unless you like it better.14:00
alphacatdr_willis i can try tinycorelinux, i only have a 2gb pen drive though14:00
dr_willistheres no 'real facts'14:00
ocsI'm searching for an applications which does the following job: it displays a virtual limited buttons keyboard (with a configurable number of buttons), with a configurable icon for each key and launches a specific command when I press each button. any idea?14:00
dr_willisalphacat,  tincorelinux = 10mb. :)14:01
scotch_83bazhang, I used this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/FglrxInteferesWithRadeonDriver#Problem:%20%20Need%20to%20fully%20remove%20-fglrx%20and%20reinstall%20-ati%20from%20scratch14:01
dr_willisalphacat,  so that tool you used i think can put both on the same flash drive.14:01
blarggBluesKaj, man apt-get says that aptitude is a front-end that uses apt-get etc. internally14:01
binayin shell script how do i assign the output of a command to a variable14:01
dydguys, i've made an image of my 40gb hd containing my so (using dd), now i want to put that image on another bigger hd (ie 80gb), how can i do that?14:01
gaurav_nattywhat does cpu1 and cpu 2 mean in system monitor14:01
alphacatdr_willis okay the 8gb you mentioned confused me, what do you mean by cloning with dd14:01
mankeletordr_willis: after that messages my OS get down... and I have to repair the hd using hdd regenerator.. and the most of the times i have to reinstall the OS14:02
dr_willisalphacat,  i got a 'master' ubuntu install on a 8gb pendrive. I imzage to hard drives as needed.14:02
usr13dyd: yes14:02
dr_willisalphacat,  faster then redoing the installer.14:02
mankeletordr_willis: that sucks14:02
blarggbinay, foo=$(ls)14:02
wowotohi anyone here can give me an idea about the ATI driver14:02
wowotofor ubuntu 10.0414:02
ParkourCrewwest !!!14:02
dr_willismankeletor,  sounds like you are having hard drive failing. and are due for a replacement.14:02
dydusr13: how can i do that? :)14:02
alphacatdr_willis but i need more than 2gb for that?14:03
Sidewinder1!ati wowoto14:03
BluesKajblargg, true but there still seems to be opnion that if you use one then use the other ..I find that strange14:03
bazhangscotch_83, no idea about ati and fglrx , except the numerous issues people have with it. apologies14:03
Sidewinder1!ati > wowoto14:03
ubottuwowoto, please see my private message14:03
dr_willisalphacat,  you dont 'dd' a live install to the hd. it wont work very well. :)14:03
BluesKajdon't use the other14:03
usr13dyd: Same way you did it before.14:03
scotch_83bazhang, do you know other channels where I can look for it?14:03
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:03
gaurav_nattycpu1 and cpu 2 in system monitor means14:03
dr_willisgaurav_natty,  the speeds of your 2 cpus...14:04
cupuhow to remove all nvidia packed with command ?14:04
cupuhow to remove all nvidia packed with command ?14:04
dydusr13: ehm, i just made the image of my hd, now i want to put that image on another hd... how can it work the same way?14:04
alphacatdr_willis nothing is working very well at the moment ;p i'm considering giving up, it seems the hardware is resisting me14:04
mankeletorit seems like i have to left my hdd in the trash :(14:04
bazhangcupu, you have intel, correct?14:04
dr_willisalphacat,  try a tiny core linux live cd,   get the 35mb version.. its a handy tool to have.. and to test out boxs with.14:04
bazhangcupu, why would you care about nvidia then14:04
cupubazhang, am have install nvidia to... that it's conplick14:04
cupubazhang, am need remove all nvidia packed cause that cras with my intel drive14:05
gaurav_nattydr_willis, i don't have 2 cpus14:05
dr_williscupu,  that last line made no sence what so ever.14:05
dr_willisgaurav_natty,  you got a dual core cpu perhaps.14:05
bazhangcupu, there's nothing complicated abou t it, intel cards do no t use nvidia drivers14:05
alphacatdr_willis will that run from usb? i've burnt 3 cd's in the last 24 hours and i thought we had left the days of optical media behind so i don't have many spares left14:05
cupusorry bazhang so how to remove all packed nvidia drivers on my notebook14:06
usr13dyd: It will end up as a smaller partition, but you can use gprted to enlarge it.  Or you can use g4u  See: http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/14:06
bazhangcupu, why would you need to14:06
gaurav_nattydr_willis, yes i  have daul core can u explain me more14:06
dr_willisalphacat,  the tool you used to make the ubuntu usb. can also add a tinycore iso to it.. from what i am reading at the pendrivelinxu sute..  so fire it up and get the 10mb tinycorelinux iso and try it14:06
dr_willisgaurav_natty,  dual core = seen as 2 cpus... whats to explain...14:06
dr_willisgaurav_natty,  quad core = 4 cpus...14:06
alphacatdr_willis alright i'll try that14:06
PromilleHey dudes and dudettes. How can i change which plugins firefox will choose from a stream on a website. Now it automaticly chooses the totem plugin instead of vlc. Any good suggestions?14:07
dr_willisand a  octacore...   :)14:07
cupuam have discus on compiz chanel and him talk to remove nvida packed install on my note book14:07
blarggtinycore is great as an emergency boot that takes minimal space on a USB thumb drive14:07
cupubazhang, am have discus on compiz chanel and him talk to remove nvida packed install on my note book14:07