wimpunkhi, I'm just wondering, is desktopcouch synchronisation broken?  I'm getting a 503 Server Error since almost a month.09:36
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ralsinagood morning!11:05
fagan morning ralsina your up a bit early11:05
ralsinafagan: yep, need to EOD early too, so making up for it11:06
faganahh ok11:06
faganI think I might spread my day well today and see if its better11:07
ralsinafagan: ok11:12
Chipacaralsina: morning!11:31
* Chipaca looks around for news from DiegoSarmentero11:31
ralsinamorning chipaca11:32
ralsinaAnyone feel like giving me a dozen reviews/ ;-)11:32
Chipacaralsina: sure11:33
faganralsina: I can if you want11:33
Chipacaralsina: where should I start?11:33
ralsinaChipaca, fagan, gathering the links11:33
* ralsina had a kinda productive friday night11:33
ralsinaChipaca: this one can probably pass with just your review: https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix_804271/+merge/6659511:34
ralsinafagan: this one already has a code review from eric, so it needs a test in real life: https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix_804352/+merge/6666311:35
Chipacaralsina: why not str_bytes = str_bytes[1:].rstrip('0.')?11:35
ralsinaChipaca: because I had no idea rstrip could take arguments!11:36
faganralsina: ill give it a poke11:36
* ralsina fixes accordingly11:36
Chipacaralsina: however11:36
ralsinaOh, and because if it's 0.0 it's not the same11:36
Chipacaralsina: why?11:36
Chipacaralsina: also, please add a test for 10240011:37
ralsinaOh, it's the same and it fails in both cases ;-)11:37
ralsinaChipaca: ok, adding11:37
ChipacaI *think* it won't DWYM11:37
Chipaca'0.0' will be left as '0' in both cases11:38
Chipaca'100.0' will be left as '1', however, which is probably not what you want11:38
Chipacaalso in both cases11:38
ralsina"0.0".rstrip('0.') gives me ''11:38
Chipacathe [1:] was important11:38
ralsinaok, then it fails for 100.0 ;-)11:39
Chipacaso does yours :)11:39
ralsinaIndeed, since they are equivalent ;-)11:39
Chipacaexactly my point11:39
ralsinaHave to do two strips11:39
ChipacaI *think* what you mean is11:40
Chipacaif str_bytes[-1] == '0': str_bytes = str_bytes[:-2]11:40
Chipacai.e. that '100.0' goes to '100', but '100.3' is left alone11:40
Chipacamore tests, dude :)11:42
Chipacathis is a bit of code that is actually *fun* to do TDD-ly11:42
Chipacain the YAGNI sense11:42
ralsinaCan you believe this is nessita's code and it had NO tests! ;-)11:42
Chipaca1. test that humanize (1k) gives 1k.  1b. def humanize(number): return '1k'11:43
Chipacatruly, these are desperate times11:43
ralsinait's not meant to handle already humanized values11:43
Chipacayour pseudocodeish parser sucks11:44
Chipacabut it's probably not tdd so whatever11:44
Chipaca(including the hand gesture aquarius showed me for that)11:44
ralsinaoh, got it11:44
ralsinagrmbl, tests don't run on windows for u1cp11:45
ralsinaChipaca: ok, this branch is going to be updated in 5' or so, after I start the natty VM11:46
Chipacaralsina: ok. sorry to piss on your parade11:46
ralsinaChipaca: nah, I treated that as a throwaway, got what I deserved11:47
Chipacamore reviews!11:47
* Chipaca has tasted blood11:47
ralsinaChipaca: then you can try bugs #804569 and #804562 which, together, make the TOS page look pretty ;-)11:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 804569 in ubuntu-sso-client "Cleanup TOS page in the Qt UI (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80456911:48
ubot4Launchpad bug 804562 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "The TOS page is not up to spec (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80456211:48
ralsinaAnd by "try bugs" I mean try the attached and proposed branches to fix them11:49
* fagan break for a little bit11:50
ralsinamandel: I gave you a needs_fixing because of a typo in fix-80398411:51
mandelralsina: ok, will look in a second, fighting right now with a diff bug..11:52
ralsinaChipaca: humanize 2.0 ready for your perusal. Now with floating point division!11:58
Chipacaralsina: afraid i'm off to meetings, now12:01
Chipacaoh ok just a quick peek12:02
ralsinaChipaca: ok, have fun ;-)12:02
jo-erlendany news about the couch service?12:02
* ralsina is doing DDT: Debug Driven Testing12:02
ralsinait's about as good as it souds12:02
faganralsina: welcome to the devel practice that I do12:03
Chipacaralsina: you realize test_trailing_zero didn't actually test_trailing_zero ?12:03
Chipacaralsina: because you used 12400 instead of 10240012:03
* fagan now hates how he was thought to approach development 12:03
ralsinaChipaca: yes it does.. The extra 0 in 102400 is not trailing :-)12:03
* ralsina adds test_mistrerious_nmber_from_chipaca12:04
Chipacaralsina: but you %.1f !12:04
Chipacaralsina: there'd never be a trailing zero there!12:04
ralsinaMy point exactly12:04
ralsinaThat's why I don't [1:] the strips12:04
ralsina"zeros at the end"? naming is *hard*12:04
ralsinatest_12400 :-)12:05
ralsina102400 gives "100 KiB" so it works12:06
mandelralsina: typo fixed12:16
mandelChipaca: can you review: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-client/fix-803984/+merge/6675812:16
mandelChipaca, ralsina: can I get reviews for: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-client/fix-805372/+merge/6677112:21
ralsinamandel: queuing!12:23
Chipacamandel: what encoding is 's' in?12:27
Chipacamandel: in the latter branch i mean12:27
Chipacamandel: in the former branch, have you run that code? self.mocke.replace is probably a typo12:28
mandelChipaca: did run it, I did not catch the typo.. scary12:29
mandelChipaca: ecoding was ascii12:29
Chipacamandel: ascii is already utf8, so why the ascii -> unicode -> utf8 thing?12:29
Chipacamandel: something awry there12:29
Chipacabig whopping red flags going off12:29
mandelChipaca: I was getting some error regarding the path from a song I have… and this comes from the filesystem… maybe is mbcs or waht ever that thing is, I'm going to look closer12:31
Chipacamandel: I'd bet it's mbcs, yes, and not just ascii12:31
Chipacamandel: unicode(s) is almost always wrong12:31
mandelI'm preaty sur I dont understand this correctly… I hate encodings…12:32
Chipacamandel: you want it to be, always, unicode(s, "expected encoding", "what to do if it's not")12:32
Chipacae.g. unicode(s, "mbcs", "error")12:32
mandelok, will see if that does the expected thing12:33
Chipacamandel: note that's also true for the unicode() call in 'simple()'12:35
mandelChipaca: yes, I already thugh about simple12:36
Chipacayou thugh a lot.12:37
mandeltypo :P12:43
* mandel walks dog + lunch12:46
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ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: and hello over here. Got a branch for us?13:34
* Chipaca is trying hard not to salivate13:34
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, jeje yes, I've my vm with me... now I'm going to try to submit the code13:35
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: awesome.13:35
DiegoSarmenterothere are only very few things missing, do you want me to tell you now, or later in the scrum?13:35
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, ^13:36
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: i'm sure we'll find a lot of things needing more work ... :)13:36
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: this is the first time we'll be seeing it getting closer, though13:37
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, yeah, pretty sure, the eye of a designer probably will find some details, but I really try to make look exact as the psd13:37
Chipacaok. I'm going to go have lunch, so I don't drive you crazy with "can i see it now? and now? and now?"13:38
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, jeje oka, i will start working on submit the branch now13:38
ralsinalaunchpad is sloooooooow to scan branches today13:44
ralsinamandel: quick review for almost-trivial branch https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_805405/+merge/66784 ?13:45
jo-erlendIs there somewhere I can read about progress? I'm really anxious to know about the couchdb sync service because that's a major part of an application I'm writing.13:50
faganralsina: I got some things to pass on from my college, for reviews and all that jazz for the internship ill forward them to you.13:50
ralsinafagan: cool, go ahead13:51
ralsinafagan, mandel alecu, DiegoSarmentero, standup in 9'13:51
faganralsina: nothing too taxing anyway and its not due till the end so its all good13:51
ralsinadobey and thisfred are on natl holiday13:51
faganoh 4th of july I forgot about that one13:52
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, ok13:52
faganralsina: I have an idea for standup for something I can do that would be helpful13:55
ralsinafagan: cool13:55
ralsinafagan: did you try my branch?13:56
faganralsina: doing it now13:56
* ralsina has never has as many proposed branches anywhere, ever13:57
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ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: say me :-)14:00
ralsinaok, alecu seems to be late, so let's start. Fagan, go14:01
fagan* 90% of the rst port of the wiki14:01
fagan* test branch for ralsina14:01
fagan* finish off the rst branch14:01
fagan* college admin (boring stuff and 2 blog posts)14:01
fagan* nope14:01
faganNOTE: I really should get more organised about that stuff so im going to set aside monday afternoons for admin and other stuff unless something comes up that I should be looking into. I was thinking of doing better posts and maybe get into the api stuff and do some tutorials..etc maybe.14:01
faganralsina: go14:01
ralsinaDONE: proposed branches for bugs #804352, #804271, #804562, #804569, #804600, #805290, #805405, windows call, support call, reviews14:01
ralsinaTODO: bugs #804610, #805461, #805460, #80529614:01
ralsinaBLOCKED: nope14:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 804352 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "The "Sign Up" page is not up to spec (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80435214:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 804271 in ubuntuone-control-panel "humanize returns things like "1.0 Bytes" (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80427114:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 804562 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "The TOS page is not up to spec (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80456214:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 804569 in ubuntu-sso-client "Cleanup TOS page in the Qt UI (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80456914:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 804600 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "The Choose Sign In page is not up to spec (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80460014:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 804610 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Missing page: No network detected (affects: 1) (heat: 104)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80461014:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 805461 in ubuntu-sso-client "In the Qt "Enter verification code" page, you can see %(email) and %(app_name) instead of the values (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80546114:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 805460 in ubuntu-sso-client "Entering the wrong verification code should give error (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80546014:01
ubot4Launchpad bug 805296 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "Missing bandwidth settings page (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80529614:01
ralsinanext, DiegoSarmentero14:02
DiegoSarmenteroStyling UI almost complete, just some minor details on devices and folders missing. Loading animation created, but it is not connected to the loading progress yet. Creating the branch right now.14:02
DiegoSarmenteroBLOCKED: nope14:02
* ralsina forgot mandel! Sorry!14:02
ralsinamandel, go14:02
mandelDONE: worked on bug 805372 and bug 803984 and bug 80359114:02
mandelTODO: Fix branches for above bugs due to reviews. Pack and take a ferry to the islands.14:02
mandelBlOCKED: no, yet I'll off as 6:00 o'clock here (I usually stay 'til 8:00)14:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 805372 in ubuntuone-client "Windows pyinotify implementation cannot deal with utf8 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80537214:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 803984 in ubuntuone-client "Windows: Inifite loop between upload started -> upload error (TRY_AGAIN) (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80398414:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 803591 in ubuntuone-client "Windows: Logs shoul not be stored under "Temporary Internet Files" (affects: 1) (heat: 92)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80359114:03
mandelralsina: is there a mumble today?14:03
ralsinamandel: yes14:03
ralsinaChipaca, mandel, is a mumble in 57 minutes instead of 27 ok?14:04
mandelso at next o'clock, right?14:04
faganralsina: so what do you think should I do some more detailed blog posts and have some set aside time for that14:04
ralsinafagan: howare you doing with the rst stuff?14:05
faganralsina: like examples of how to do stuff with the api..etc14:05
ralsinamandel: exactly14:05
faganralsina: well I finished off the majority of it on friday14:05
ralsinafagan: "finished" and "majority" are contradictory. ENOPARSE!14:05
faganralsina: I just need to fix the links since they are all over the place and the pictures14:05
ralsinafagan: then I think you should do that :-()14:05
ralsinaThat was meant to be a :-)14:06
faganralsina: yep doing that first14:06
ralsinaok, after you finish that ping me14:06
faganralsina: cool testing that branch first since it wont take too long14:06
ralsinafagan: cool14:06
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, I'm creating the branch right now to propose a merge14:06
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: coooooool :-)14:07
faganralsina: to test that branch you need cp and client trunk?14:10
ralsinafagan: yes14:10
fagancool was just making sure14:10
faganralsina: after doing the testing instructions im getting no module ubuntuone-installer14:16
alecuhello all, sorry I missed the standup.14:17
alecuDONE: worked finding and fixing signals not being removed bug (# 805471)14:17
alecuTODO: finish above branch, find and fix more sd->sso errors14:17
alecuBLOCKED: no14:17
alecuralsina, mandel: what time are we mumbling?14:17
faganalecu: 41 minutes from now14:19
* fagan read the scrollback 14:19
ralsinafagan: then you are not following the instructions. Specifically the PYTHONPATH setting14:22
faganralsina: hmmmm must have screwed it up14:22
ralsinafagan: you must have missed the final period at the set PYTHONPATH14:23
faganahhhh correct14:24
ralsinaAlso, run the tests before trying to run the program, or it will fail because of not running "python setup.py build"14:24
ralsinafagan: it also may need trunk ubuntu-sso-client and adding it to PYTHONPATH (not sure about that one)14:25
faganralsina: yeah its missing credentials thats in sso right?14:26
ralsinafagan: yes.14:26
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, I'm trying to push the code, but bazaar is throwing me an error in subprocess.py regarding unicode characters... i'm trying to fix it :S14:27
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, "subprocess.py" is a bazaar file, not related to the project14:27
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: no idea whatsoever what that may be :-(14:29
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, ok, I will try to fix it to push the code :S14:29
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: cool14:29
* ralsina only knows enough bzr to push branches14:29
faganralsina: still not finding credentials with client cp and sso in the python path14:33
ralsinafagan: pastebin the error, please14:33
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63793514:34
ralsinafagan: that means controlpanel is not on your pythonpath14:35
faganralsina: well its set like the others, ill check for a typo14:35
ralsinafagan: wait, wait, give me 1'14:35
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ralsinafagan: sorry, that is from ubuntuone-client not control panel14:37
ralsinafagan: can you type "set" in your cmd, and paste your PYTHONPATH here?14:37
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/63793914:40
faganoh you mean just set itself14:40
ralsinafagan: spaces between .. and \ everywhere...14:40
ralsinafagan: yes, type set, look for pythonpath and paste it right here14:41
* ralsina twiddles thumbs14:44
faganralsina: sorry was just trying a few things http://paste.ubuntu.com/63794514:45
ralsinafagan: see my message at 10:40:45 or so14:45
ralsinaAnd why are there no \s in that???14:46
ralsinafagan: go to the merge proposal, I corrected the PYTHONPATH there, so you should be able to just copy that and paste it into your cmd14:46
ralsinabut what you just pasted, that's nuts14:47
faganralsina: Ill give it a go14:47
faganralsina: well thats me trying a bit of everything to see if I could get it working14:47
ralsinafagan: let's not talk about you and not following instructions, please14:48
faganralsina: ok just copied it in and still the same but I found something weird14:49
faganill paste it14:50
faganralsina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/637952 when I run python setup.py build on the branch14:51
ralsinafagan: that's ok14:51
faganah ok14:51
ralsinafagan: so, run-tests? Does it do anything?14:53
faganralsina: clientdefs just a sec I know how to fix that one :)14:54
faganralsina: ok up and running was a typo14:55
faganralsina: im not seeing the captcha other than that looks ok14:56
ralsinafagan: did you start the sso client on another terminal like the merge proposal says?14:56
faganralsina: yep14:57
ralsinacan you pastebin the output from the insteller's terminal?14:57
faganoh screwed up14:58
faganfixed just started it wrong15:01
faganralsina: perfect approved15:03
mandelralsina: , Chipaca, alecumumcble?15:03
ralsinafagan: did you try what happens when you fill the different fields?15:03
mandelalecu: ^15:03
ralsinamandel, alecu Chipaca: mumble indeed!15:03
faganralsina: well its comparing values fine and detects when the fields are empty and all that15:05
faganralsina: oh one bug with the captcha there isnt any visual to say its wrong for me15:06
ralsinafaga: I Don't get what you mean15:07
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: if you can't do a 'push', maybe you can do a 'send'?15:07
faganralsina: well if the captcha is wrong it doesnt say anything15:08
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, i'm trying to push from linux now... but i'm receiving a timeout15:08
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, i will keep tryinh15:08
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: bzr send! bzr send! :)15:08
faganralsina: like I typed it wrong and click on the set up account button and it doesnt give any info about whats wrong15:09
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, ok, i'll try that now15:09
ralsinafagan: ok, that's another bug :-)15:09
faganralsina: want me to file one?15:09
ralsinalaunchpad is crazy slow today for me15:09
ralsinafagan, filed it earlier  today already, I think, don't worry15:10
faganralsina: cool the rest of it is working fine so its still approved anyway and I checked it pretty well15:10
ralsinafagan: ok15:12
faganok break then back to the rst thing15:12
ralsinafagan: thanks!15:12
fagansorry bout messing up there15:13
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, where do i send the e-mail from bzr send?15:13
faganhadnt been on the windows stuff for a while15:13
ralsinafagan: do NOT set branches to approved, please :-)15:13
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: john.lenton@canonical.com :-D15:13
faganoh ok15:13
ralsinafagan: usually the  owner does it, unless there is a very god reason (like, he wn't be arund for 12 hours)15:13
faganralsina: ah ok thats actually the first time I did it. Was thinking it would save you doing it since lp is slow for you15:14
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, sending... i'll let you know when it ends15:20
ralsinaAlecu, mandel: It's pretty obvious I hate phone calls, right?15:22
alecuralsina, :-)15:22
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: thanks15:23
mandelChipaca: I found the unicone problem: http://i.imgur.com/LqbiT.jpg15:23
Chipacamandel: I'm at millbank. Darest I open that file?15:23
mandelChipaca: yes :)15:24
beunoChipaca, it's in a public channel15:24
beunoyou can claim ignorance15:24
Chipacabeuno: I can *always* claim that15:24
ralsinamandel: I saw a horsicorn once! http://definitious.com/words/horsicorn15:24
Chipacathat's why I became a manager, so I could clame ignorance15:24
ralsinaChipaca: it's SFW15:24
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, please let me know if you receive the e-mail and it's ok (my first time using bzr send)... I just send it!15:25
ralsinanot safe for keyboard, though. Spit a liiiiitle bit of coffee through my nose.15:25
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: checking...15:26
faganralsina: ok sent on that form. Obviously appropriate dress is off the list of things to fill in :)15:27
ralsinafagan: nahhhh... we just have a very relaxed desscode15:27
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: not got i tyet15:27
faganralsina: sure I turn up to work in a suit15:28
faganyou guys just dont get the pleasure15:28
ralsinafagan: me too! A Zoot Suit!15:28
faganralsina: the best kind15:28
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: ... still not here15:30
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: can you try jlenton@gmail.com also just in case ?15:30
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, nope, still in outbox... i'll send it manually :S15:30
Chipacaok :)15:30
ChipacaI'd forgotten people had outboxes15:30
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, evolution is slowwwwwwwww15:30
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, i'll send it directly from gmail15:31
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: isn't that the origin of its name?15:31
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, jjeje15:31
ralsinaalecu, mandel: for your next review slot: https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix_804600/+merge/6673115:32
faganoh my college only need a 1 line summary of what im doing each day. Ill continue doing the blog posts but will do a watered down version for the college15:32
ralsinaChipaca: I can use your re-review of https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-control-panel/fix_804271/+merge/6659515:32
ralsinafagan: Report for 7/4/2011: Working15:32
faganralsina: hah well it would be more like fixed a bug in X or ported wiki Y15:33
ralsinafagan: at least it isn't "Shoveled coal"15:33
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, now should be ready!15:34
faganralsina: but I suppose it would be helpful since they do a hour long interview at the end where they decide if you actually did anything15:34
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, please let me know if you receive it15:34
faganralsina: shoveling coal yes sir point me to it15:34
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: got it15:34
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, the changes are only being applied on windows, but it you want, this should work in Linux too... I don't know what are the plans for that15:35
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, I did it only on windows, because I understand thats the only UI needing styling15:35
Chipaca/home/john/canonical/ubuntuone-control-panel/ubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/folders.py:124: GtkWarning: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed15:35
Chipacasomething seems wrong with that warning15:36
ralsinafagan: did you know that Coal Services International, in Dublin, produces the " Internatiional Coal Encyclopedia (ICE on CD-ROM).", with 1600+ coal related companies and each listing has contact details, key personnel, production figures, mine/plant details, coal grades and coal quality analysis? Now you do!15:36
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: got it, applies ok, need to test it on windows some now15:36
tntcis there a beta version of the Android client that I can test out for youse guys?15:36
Chipacatntc: of which android client?15:36
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, please let me know of any issues or something that you found15:36
Chipacaralsina: any trick to launch ubuntuone-control-panel-qt on ubuntu?15:37
tntcthe ubuntuone music android client. sorry, should've been more specific15:37
ralsinaChipaca: nope, just run it15:37
ralsinaChipaca: as in, no trick needed15:37
Chipacaralsina: it seems to pick up a mix of gtk and qt15:37
ralsinaChipaca: worked for me a few days ago. Let me try...15:37
Chipacaralsina: oh, a window comes up, but you get those warnings (like what i pasted above)15:38
ralsinaChipaca: well, no idea about the warnings, really.15:38
ralsinawhat's on line 124 of folders.py, I wonder15:38
faganralsina: didnt know that and im sure it will come in handy on who wants to be a millionare15:40
ralsinaChipaca: that line has absolutely nothing to do with gtk, so I am really confused15:40
Chipacaralsina: me too15:40
Chipaca/home/john/canonical/ubuntuone-control-panel/ubuntuone/controlpanel/gui/qt/ui/folders_ui.py:25: GtkWarning: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed15:41
Chipaca  self.folders = QtGui.QTreeWidget(Form)15:41
ralsinaMaybe it's something from the gtk+-qt style bridge!15:41
Chipacaah! maybe :)15:41
ralsinayou can verify by using qtconfig to change the default style to something else15:41
ralsinalike, motif, if you miss Netscape 2 :-)15:41
* fagan has only used ie, firefox, chrome and safari15:45
faganand motif if I remember right was made before I was born15:45
Chipacaoh my god15:45
* Chipaca runs around dancing15:46
* Chipaca gives DiegoSarmentero a big, wet, politically correct smooch15:46
ralsinaChipaca: pictures15:46
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, jejej did you like it?15:46
ralsinanot of the smoch, if at all possible15:46
fagandamn mixed up motif and mosaic and I was 515:49
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, that style can also be applied in Linux with no changes... i don't know if you plan to make the UI in linux looks exactly as in windows or not15:49
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: my ubuntu, it's buggy right now15:50
Chipacaalthough my ubuntu is always ubuntu+1, that's a bit of an oxi-moron15:50
Chipacaralsina: ^15:52
ralsinaOhm the cute!15:52
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: that is *awesome*. I can push this into the project now, or would you rather I wait ... for ... i dunno, you mentioned there were things you wanted to tweak still?15:53
Chipacathe designers have seen it, but won't get round to reviewing it until tomorrow15:53
* ralsina pushes for pushing so he can steal^w reuse it15:53
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, push... I can work in the thinks that are missing and send that to you later15:53
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: ok!15:54
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, ahhh one really important thing... it's that the application it's not using ubuntu font as in the psd, this font maybe should be included in the application... what do you think?15:56
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: it will ne included15:58
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, ok16:01
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: in the diff at https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/ubuntuone-control-panel/diego-sarmentero-delivers/+merge/66803, line 984 ...16:04
* DiegoSarmentero looking...16:05
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: where is the "Hi" coming from now? The label in the .ui file?16:05
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, yes16:05
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: that breaks translations :-(16:05
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, and I'm change the LABEL in the code16:06
DiegoSarmenteroI changed*16:06
ralsinaSo "Hi pepe" is now on two labels?16:06
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, yes, "Hi" is a label in the .ui, and the name is another label, with another orientation and size that is changed dinamically..... do you want me to change and try to include both in the same label?16:07
DiegoSarmenterochange it* (not very well today :P)16:07
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: yes, it's usually a bad idea to break a message into two widgets because then translations are much harder16:07
ralsinaNot that we are doing any translations now, but anyway16:08
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, ok, I will try to include both in the same label16:08
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, a little of html inside the qlabel and should be ready16:09
ralsinaCool. Other than that, +1 :-)16:09
Chipacadid you know you could +1 your own branches? i didn't16:10
ralsinaChipaca: oh, interesting :-)16:11
ralsinaAsk the voices in your head, you can probably get two reviews :-)16:11
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: I am approving as-is, you cna do that on the next branch16:20
* mandel starts requiring just a single +116:20
ralsinamandel: can that +1 be from mandel? :-)16:21
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, ok, I'll do that and some other minor changes...16:21
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, i have a question16:21
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, actually you have a progress bar in every panel in the qtabwidget, that progress bar should be replace with the overlay widget with the five dots, isn't it?16:22
ralsinaI think so, yes16:22
DiegoSarmenteroI've already made the widget with the animation, but i should replace it in the code to allow the panels to use that16:22
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, ok, i'll do that too16:22
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: hmmmm.... I would ask lisette16:23
alecumandel, ralsina: can I have a few reviews? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/removable-signals/+merge/6680716:23
ralsinalisette: ping16:23
ralsinaalecu: sure!16:23
lisetteralsina: hi16:23
mandelralsina: this https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-client/fix-803984/+merge/66758 was updated, take a look if you want16:23
ralsinahi lisette, DiegoSarmenterohas a question for you16:23
Chipacalisette: DiegoSarmentero is god16:23
ralsinamandel: on it!16:23
ralsinaAnd still, he has a question for you, so be proud ;-)16:24
lisetteralsina, chipaca, DiegoSarmentero, god: shoot :)16:24
ChipacaI'm just happy to see the control panel styled at last :)16:24
ralsinamandel: that branch has a +1 from me already, you need facundobatista's16:25
mandelralsina: yes, but in case you anted to change your mind :P16:25
DiegoSarmenterolisette, jeje sould I replace the progress bar that it is in every panel inside the tab widget with the overlay panel with the animated dots?16:25
mandelralsina: is a completely diff merge hhe16:25
ralsinamandel: nah, it's ok16:25
lisetteDiegoSarmentero: could you pop me an email with the image you are working from?16:28
lisetteDiegoSarmentero: lisette.slegers@canonical.com16:28
DiegoSarmenterolisette, ok16:28
ralsinaok, lunchtime!16:31
=== ralsina is now known as ralsina_lunch
kristianpaulThere is a Ubuntu One client for non-ubuntu systems?16:33
kristianpaulAlso, does ubuntu one encrypt files on the fly, i mean not that i have to do it my self16:33
fagankristianpaul: well you can run Ubuntu one on linux, windows beta and android phone16:34
fagankristianpaul: we dont encrypt files except during transport16:35
fagankristianpaul: but the files are secure server side and they are secured during transport so it is safe and secure16:35
fagankristianpaul: if you have questions have a look at our FAQ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/FAQ16:38
kristianpaulbye then16:38
DiegoSarmenterolisette, e-mail sent16:38
lisetteDiegoSarmentero: and replied; let me know if you want to mumble16:46
DiegoSarmenterolisette, ok, I let you know16:47
=== DiegoSarmentero is now known as DiegoSarmentero_
=== DiegoSarmentero_ is now known as DiegoSarmentero
* DiegoSarmentero lunch16:49
mandelguys I need to pack or I'l loose the ferry, will see you tom at the same time16:53
* mandel EOD16:53
=== ralsina_lunch is now known as ralsina
Chipacaralsina: DiegoSarmentero's branch failed with some line-to-long errors17:28
ChipacaDiegoSarmentero: ^ not sure why i went via ralsina, there17:29
ralsinaalecu: +1 on removable-signals.17:37
ralsinaSince the windows team is now you and I, we are going to have trouble with reviews for the rest of the day :-(17:38
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
ralsinaalecu, chipaca,  a trivial review? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntu-sso-client/fix_805461/+merge/6682017:57
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, i'm here18:04
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, do you have the log? which files has line-to-long?18:06
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: if you can install pep8.py  just use that :-)18:07
DiegoSarmenteroyes, i was using pep8... and i thought i didn't exceed the 80 chars... i'll check that18:08
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, sorry, found it18:12
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, i've made the changes, should i send the code to you?? or try to make a push and request a merge?18:15
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: only chipaca can push to chipaca's branch, so I suppose a send?18:17
DiegoSarmenteroChipaca, i've just send you an e-mail with the new changes... cc: ralsina18:23
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
fagan /win 218:55
ralsinafagan: ?19:17
faganralsina: was on irssi and the page I was looking for was on window 219:17
faganmust have hit spacebar19:17
alecuralsina, regarding the trival review above: the "email" appears empty19:25
ralsinaalecu: ?19:25
ralsinaalecu: did you put an email on the previous page?19:25
alecuralsina, that is: I typed an email twice in the "register" screen, yes. But the subtitle in the "type secrit code" page has no email19:26
ralsinaalecu: weird19:28
* ralsina re-checks19:28
alecuI'm trying again too19:28
alecuralsina, tried again, and the email is blank too. The text says "Check  for an email from..." (two spaces between Check and for)19:29
alecuralsina, and no errors show up on stdout, I'll check the logs.19:30
ralsinaEso es el app_name19:30
ralsinaLo estas llamando con show_gui?19:30
alecuralsina, yup. But the app_name is shown right.19:30
alecuralsina, tried again, and the email is blank too. The text says "Check  for an email from Ubuntu One" (two spaces between Check and for)19:30
ralsinaOh, ok19:30
alecuthe Ubuntu One is shown right.19:30
ralsinaalecu: http://screencast.com/t/L1HE5EFk19:31
alecuralsina, it says "from Ubuntu Single Sign On", sorry. "Ubuntu One" is shown below, as expected.19:31
ralsinaSo it's ok?19:31
alecuralsina, no.19:32
ralsinaOh, right, no email19:32
* ralsina is kinda numb already19:32
ralsinaI think this is because of the duplicated field error :-(19:33
alecuralsina, I'm getting something to eat; please send me some other branches for review when I return.19:34
ralsinaalecu: I have only 7! ;-)19:34
alecuone or two will do :-)19:34
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, sorry to botter you... do you know if the merge is working now?19:38
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: I can check!19:38
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, ok19:39
ralsinaDiegoSarmentero: no, it's stuck until chipaca applies the latest patch19:39
DiegoSarmenteroralsina, ok, thanks19:39
ralsinaalecu: the last one you reviewed, I fixed it, but the fix is kinda creepy, in that it calls a _method in one of the classes, but I could think of no other way. The problem is that we have to _set_titles in  the email verif. page AFTER the previous page is filled.20:01
ralsinaAnd for review requests: that one, and these two branches that together fix the TOS page, bug #804562 and bug #804569 (look for the merge proposals in the bugs)20:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 804562 in ubuntuone-windows-installer "The TOS page is not up to spec (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80456220:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 804569 in ubuntu-sso-client "Cleanup TOS page in the Qt UI (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80456920:03
alecuralsina, cool, looking.20:32
ralsinaalecu: if you have any reviews you need throw them this way, too20:33
alecuralsina, I have not done large branches for the past week or more; mostly chasing bugs, and then fixing them with some small branch.20:34
ralsinaalecu: I review small branches too ;-)20:35
alecuralsina, you have reviewed them already :-)20:35
ralsinaI would love to merge a few of mine today, but if I do them on one review, I will suffer the wrath of the nessita20:36
alecuralsina, what about renaming it to "set_titles" in EmailVerificationController?20:43
ralsinaalecu: could be. I don't expect it to be called from anywhere20:44
ralsinaYeah, let's20:44
alecuralsina, well, it will be only called from within that module... so I'm not sure what the rules for this are.20:44
alecuralsina, so, I'm approving anyway, change it if you feel it improves the readability.20:44
alecuoh, I better test it on windows too.20:45
ralsinaYou have SSO+qt working on Linux?20:45
ralsinaAlecu, I am adding a set_titles() that calls _set_titles() because lots of other controllers have a _set_titles and don't want to break symmetry20:47
ralsinaThat sounds good?20:47
alecuralsina, sounds very good.20:48
alecuralsina, approved.20:48
ralsinaalecu: cool, thx20:48
alecuralsina, btw: I think we should move forward with one review on u1-control-panel and u1-windows-installer branches20:49
ralsinaalecu: yeah, me too20:49
alecuralsina, and keep two for sso and u1-client. (since those are more "delicate" and are used by other projects)20:49
ralsinaI have way too many open things and it's going to conflict like crazy if I don't start merging20:49
ralsinaAt least for branches with decent testing, 1 review it is20:50
alecuralsina, also, we should discuss tomorrow some kind of policy, because having more than two unlanded branches leads to trouble.20:50
ralsinaalecu: yes.20:51
ralsinaalecu: the thing is, if I had limited myself to two branches, I would have been idle since friday afternoon20:51
alecuralsina, I think we should all stop and land your branches before we keep developing or fixing.20:51
ralsinaalecu: ok then20:51
ralsinago on with the two I sent you, I will land this one20:51
alecuralsina, this is -sso20:51
alecuralsina, oh, but the qt stuff.20:52
ralsinaalecu: yes, but the qt side of SSO is only used by the wizard20:52
alecuralsina, I guess we can go ahead.20:52
alecucool then.20:52
Crates... buh... Hi.20:53
CratesI'm hoping to switch to UbuntuOne from Dropbox because I looked at your pricing model and it's... you know... um, better.20:53
ralsinaCrates: cool :-)20:54
CratesI needed more than 100GB from Dropbox, and they said no problem, just give us $800, which lead me to a flat... "no".20:54
ralsina800? Yikes.20:54
Crates... because I don't need 350GB with five users... I need 120GB with one user. But that's the only option they offered above 100GB.20:54
CratesSo, here's the thing... I signed up for Ubuntu One... and I had to use a symbolic link to point to my old Dropbox folder20:55
CratesWhich I was hoping wouldn't be a problem20:55
CratesExcept... maybe it is.20:55
beuno-lunchwell, we don't do symlinks20:55
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
CratesYeah, you do though20:56
beunobut, you can just right-click on the folder and sync the Dropbox folder directly20:56
CratesThe "Shared With Me" folder is a symlink20:56
CratesI'm going to try it your way though =)20:56
beunoit's a secret internal symlink  :)20:56
ralsinaCrates: but we don't sync that symlink, it's only there so you can find the things. The actual folders are synced.20:56
alecuralsina, there's a merge conflict in the first one: https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix_804562/+merge/6667220:58
ralsinaCrates: one caveat, don't sync the same folder with ubuntu one and dropbox at the same time. Things will break.20:58
ralsinaalecu: ok, fixing!20:58
CratesNo, I've got the Dropbox service offline20:58
CratesThat's what you mean, right?20:59
CratesDon't r/w the same folder at once?20:59
CratesI might have other problems though20:59
CratesLots of my Dropbox files were set up via symlinks20:59
ralsinaalecu: fix pushed21:01
ralsinaCrates: right21:01
CratesSo here's another question21:01
CratesIt looks like the Dropbox folders were set up to be the "real" folders21:01
ralsinaCrates: you can sync as many folders as you want wth Ubuntu one, so not as much need to do symlinks21:01
CratesThe symlinks I set up were replacements for the other folders in my home directory21:01
CratesDocuments, Music, etc21:02
CratesCan I still right-click sync?21:02
ralsinaCrates: exactly. Just sync each folder separately.21:02
Crates... but... hang on21:02
ralsinaBut you have to sync the "real" folders, not the symlinks21:02
CratesI deleted, for instance, my ~/Documents folder and symlinked that location to ~/Dropbox/Documents21:03
CratesSo I should be all set to just share the Dropbox folder21:03
ralsinaCrates: ok, then remove the symlink, move the real folder out, and sync it. Or just sync the dropbox folder.21:03
ralsinaSyncing each folder separately gives you a way to sync selectively to other devices (example, phone)21:03
ralsinaok,not phone, but, say, netbook ;-)21:04
CratesWhen do I start seeing any of my files?21:06
CratesIt's disconnected again21:07
CratesKeeps doing that21:07
CratesAlso it won't save my value for "Maximum Download Speed"21:07
CratesAlthough the minimum speed field is retained21:07
ralsinaCrates: could you check if a "syncdaemon" process is running?21:07
alecuralsina, in the latest branch there's a dangling print "PRINT"21:08
ralsinaalecu: gack21:08
ralsinaalecu: on which one?21:08
alecuralsina, I'm guessing that's not the way to print from qt, right? :-)21:08
alecuralsina, the one you've just pushed.21:08
ralsinaalecu: no, that's me being old fashioned about debugging, and then my alzheimer kicking in ;-)21:08
mans25Whats up with the notes contact and bookmarks section of ubuntu one it is broken21:09
CratesOk... it says "Synchronization complete" now that I reconnected...21:09
CratesStill no joy21:09
CratesNo files in the online interface... 0.0 KB used21:09
* alecu is very old fashioned about debugging too.21:09
CratesI told it to share a bunch of those physical files and the icon status just changed them all to "Not Synchronized"21:09
ralsinaCrates: usually it takes a little while to start uploading21:10
ralsinaCrates: specially with many files21:10
ralsinaCrates: try "u1sdtool -s" on a terminal for geekier status21:11
CratesQueues idle21:12
CratesDoesn't look good21:12
CratesWait, stand by21:12
CratesProcessing queues21:12
CratesI probably gave it too much to do21:12
ralsinaCrates: then give it a few minutes. 10 should be enough21:14
CratesI feel uber-productive21:15
ralsinaalecu: pushed without the print, sorry!21:16
alecuralsina, your branch was approved already :-)21:16
ralsinaalecu: oh, right :-)21:16
CratesHoly crap, you guys work fast21:16
alecuralsina, should I set it to approved?21:16
ralsinaalecu: with or without the print? ;-)21:16
alecuralsina, I mean, as the "branch status", with only one review.21:17
ralsinaalecu: ok21:17
alecuralsina, I'll move to the sso one now.21:17
ralsinaalecu: cool21:17
alecuand I need to do it in 8 minutes, cause I need to go to the kinder to pick up amelia :-)21:18
CratesIt's definitely not retaining my bandwidth limiting settings21:18
ralsinaCrates: weird, we fixed a bug about that a while ago21:19
beunoCrates, what version of Ubuntu are you on?21:19
Crates10.04 LTS21:19
beunoright, it has a pretty old client21:19
beunoCrates, you can install the latest and greatest ^21:20
beunoralsina, is that right?21:20
ralsinaI think so, yes21:20
* ralsina is scared to put a paying customer in nightlies though :-)21:20
CratesWell, I'm looking at that page and I'm super confused anyhow21:21
alecuralsina, one small comment for your branch: it makes i18n people life easier if we use " %(app_name)s" formatting instead of plain "%s" formatting.21:21
CratesOkay, I see now21:21
alecu(not that I always do it that way :P)21:21
CratesI'd have to add it as an apt repo21:21
ralsinaalecu: ok, I can change that21:21
alecuralsina, cool21:21
CratesI'll just upgrade to the latest stable release then21:22
alecuthat's me!21:23
ralsinaalecu: sso is full of %s21:23
Crates"The following packages have been kept back:   libubuntuone-1.0-1 python-ubuntuone python-ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-gnome"21:24
ralsinaSo, I will file a bug "make i18n easier on sso" instead21:24
CratesHmm... wonder why21:24
alecuralsina, yes, probably. Because i18n people started complaining *after* we did most of it.21:24
ralsinaand if we change now, we screw them again :-(21:25
ralsinaok, will change the new ones21:25
CratesI should be able to force these package updates through, right?21:26
CratesWell we're about to find out :)21:26
alecuralsina, another comment: I see that the line at the bottom with "You can also find this terms at..." has the same background color as the webkit with the t&c21:27
ralsinaalecu: that's styling21:28
alecuralsina, perhaps there should be a small boder line...21:28
alecuralsina, oh, we'll change that background.21:28
ralsinastyling ;-)21:28
alecuralsina, I see.21:28
ralsinaPushed with %(key) style now21:28
CratesOnce I have updated the packages, should I just restart the sync service?21:30
ralsinaCrates: it's probably a good idea to logout and login21:30
CratesHmm... I'd like to avoid that if possible21:30
alecuralsina, I think you forgot the s after %(key)21:30
CratesIt takes like 15 to 20 minutes to get all of my windows back up21:31
ralsinaalecu: argh it's late for me it seems21:31
Crates3 virtual machines, each with their own browsers and browser tabs, etc.21:31
alecuralsina, anyway, please test before pushing :-)21:31
Crates9 workspaces21:31
alecuralsina, I'm approving and I'm gone.21:31
ralsinaalecu: ok, promise to double-test before pushing again ;-)21:31
alecuralsina, I may review another branch this evening, please mail me about it.21:32
ralsinaalecu, ok, will do on the daily report21:32
Cratesok, thanks for your help guys21:42
CratesI'll try to get everything working21:42
amurciacDo you known something about notes function on "ubunto one" ?22:06
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
lalejandHi, I have seen that the server side evo contact sync problem is still there since the 8th of june, and that for some people the problem is solved. I still can't use my couchDB contacts in evo :/ Does someone have  some news ?23:47
lalejandit says that the server is not reachable23:48

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