=== falktx is now known as falk-work
astraljavaHi falk-work!09:56
falk-workhey astraljava09:56
falk-workScottL: ping09:56
astraljavaProbably won't be online for another 3 hours or so.10:00
astraljava...or should I say, awake. :)10:01
falk-workhehe, no hurry10:05
holsteini 'stacked the new' a bit for the ubuntu weekly newsletter18:59
holsteinstacked the news*18:59
ScottLah, missed falk19:48
ScottLsorry i've been out, re-injured my back again and been on some medicine :/   kind of a waste of a holiday19:49
astraljavaScottL: Oh crap! Take care of yourself!19:49
astraljavaI can imagine that. Well, HID anyway! :)19:49
holsteinScottL: d00d... that sux21:27
ScottLi'm doing okay, just really restricts how i move at this point...it's much better than it was two days ago  :)21:28

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