holsteinlwizardl: o/03:02
holsteinlwizardl: im actually just here for a second03:03
lwizardlI was wondering if anyone knew of a alternative to AfterEffects for my linux desktop install of studio03:04
holsteinif you need somthing, and no one is here... try #opensourcemusicians03:04
holsteinlwizardl: i dont konw what aftereffects is or does03:04
holsteinlinux is an open format03:04
lwizardlholstein, video effects03:04
holsteinwhoever the vendor is can easily port it to linux03:04
holsteinlwizardl: you can still as in opensourcemusicians03:05
lwizardlholstein, yeah I know been a linux user for years, and doubt Adobe will release it on linux03:05
holsteinBUT, AFAIK, there are some new blender plugs that openshot can use03:05
holsteinlwizardl: then you know what im getting at... you dont look for an 'alternative'03:05
holsteinyou look for something that does the task you need03:05
holsteini do very little video03:06
holsteinpitivi is coming along though03:06
holsteinand i really like kdenlive03:06
holsteinbut, i recently read about some things that made me want to try openshot again03:06
holsteinanyhow.. gotta run.. BBL03:07
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dahlberghi guys. have just installed Ubuntu Studio 11.04. having issues with firefox. cant play flash movies. im running on a amd 64 phenom 2 with a Intel HDA internal soundcard on the motherboard conneted with in and out to a 8 channel mixer. im preparing my livingroom for a recording saturday ;)22:47
holsteinin what way?22:48
holsteinyou cant do flash out of the box in ubuntu22:48
dahlbergwell sorry, to be precise: i can play the movies but dont get any sound.22:49
holsteini would try some other browsers22:49
holsteinconfirm that its flash or not22:49
holsteinand start going one way or the other with flash versions22:49
dahlberggood thinking il try install chrome...22:50
holsteinACTUALLY, to be precise, i dont care if my studio box plays flash22:50
holsteinthat being said, you should be able to...22:50
* holstein needs to try and catch a nap... BBL22:52
dahlberginstalling both chrome and epiphany, thanks for taking your time mate ;)22:52
holsteindahlberg: #opensourcemusicians if its too slow here22:52
dahlbergthanks mate ;)22:53
holsteindahlberg: make sure you are up to date as well...22:53
dahlbergholstein: thanks22:54
dahlbergwell well, what do you know..  installing epiphany and chrome resolved the issue by itself... *facepalm*23:00
dahlbergnow all browsers play flash with sound ;)23:00

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