JeZ-l-LeeKDE and now Gnome are terrible - only viable desktop environment left is XFCE00:11
JeZ-l-Leeguess I missed the meeting00:27
charlie-tcaIt was about 1-1/2 hours ago00:28
JeZ-l-Leesorry, was at work00:29
* micahg -> back01:00
knomecharlie-tca, still on?01:12
knomeanybody interested in testing the imgcapt wordpress-plugin? pm me01:13
Unit193knome: WOuld that just be going to a website? :P05:25
knomeUnit193, yes11:53
charlie-tcamr_pouit: I don't show any changes to the 64bit alternate image since july 1, is that a mistake? Do we need to have the server kicked again or something?14:59
charlie-tcahttp://cdimages.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily/ shows it updating every day, but reality is that it has not changed.15:00
mr_pouitit failed today again15:03
mr_pouitah, alternate?15:04
mr_pouitI don't know15:04
charlie-tcaOkay, I will go to #ubuntu-release and see if I can find out what is happening. It might need something on the server end15:05
charlie-tcaNo images to test today. Take the day and rest up. 15:14
charlie-tcaastraljava, Unit193 : images are broken today. Should be working tomorrow15:41
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knomesent email to the developer ML21:50
knomethose who are interested, reply me in the next minutes and you'll get the account created right away21:50
astraljavaknome: I'd love to, but I don't have my test machines with me yet. Nor do I have a decent network connection in this apartment either. Will keep you posted about how things develop, might get the machines for next week, but no idea about the connection yet.22:07
knomeastraljava, you only need a web browser to test it :)22:08
knomeastraljava, but yeah, the offer is valid for as long as we test it22:08
astraljavaknome: Oh. I thought you meant the gmusic-thingie (that would run in Xubuntu). Sorry, I accidentally deleted the email already.22:08
astraljavaknome: Then sure, please create me one!22:08
knomeirc nick i suppose and irc real name, but which email addy?22:09
astraljavanick at kapsi and you know which country, I presume. :)22:09
knomeyup ;)22:10
knomeok, you should have email now22:10
knomei wonder where charlie-tca is hiding :)22:14
astraljavaYep, I'm in.22:14
astraljavaWondered about that too.22:14
astraljavaOkay, now what? Like I said, I apologize but I deleted the email with instructions in a rush. :-/22:15
knomeheh, well, there was not much instructions in the mail itself22:15
astraljavaOh okay.22:15
knomethat should tell you all you need to know22:15
astraljavaOkay, thanks! I am finding it confusing after I uploaded an image. It asks me to "select a radiobutton", but I'm not seeing any.22:18
knomeyeah, because you don't have any captions! :)22:19
knomebut yeah, i suppose that can be confusing...22:19
knomeadded that to the bugs list22:19
astraljavaAhh... right, I should add one before. Gotcha. But yeah, that should be more informative.22:20
knomemaybe something like "After adding a caption..."22:21
astraljavaThat should do it.22:21
knomei'm also going to replace the dull question mark with an icon, that would try to be somewhat informative as well22:21
astraljavaSure, sure.22:22
knomeat least no serious bugs about how it works, yet (huh :D)22:23
astraljavaMaybe also change the wording on "...and click the preview image...", maybe point somewhere on the preview image and click to place the position field... or something. I'm not really good at this kind of English. :D22:23
astraljavaNo, not really. :)22:23
astraljavaOkay, now that I saved and published it, how can I actually see the caption?22:24
knomego edit the page "Playground for ImgCapt"22:25
knomeactually, i think it's a valid point to tell on the main imgcapt page how to add it to a post/page22:25
astraljavaYeah the problem from my point of view is that you see all the Images with Captions on them. But you cannot click on the thumbnails to get to see the captions in action.22:27
knomebut you can see them in action in the edit-view22:27
knomeso would a link from the image to the edit-view be a solution?22:27
astraljavaTrue, but Edit usually implies something else than just plain Viewing.22:28
knomethen again, a plain preview-view doesn't make much sense, since the preview is on the edit page as well22:28
astraljavaSo would it be possible to just see the captions on the images, and maybe have the link for editing there as well?22:28
knomemaybe change the link title to "Edit and preview" ?22:28
astraljavaOkay, that would make much more sense.22:28
knomehaving the captions in the thumbnail images would require more jQuery, and i don't actually see how that would make sense22:29
astraljavaWell, what's the purpose? Is there no "slideshow"-kinda thingie? I am not very familiar with the concept. :)22:30
knomeyeah, there is no slideshow22:30
knomedid you try hovering over the caption you added?22:30
astraljavaOkay, then I understand. It's just for the people who upload these. Then no need for changing the link. Edit will do just fine.22:30
knomeyeah, this is just for people managing the website22:31
astraljavaSure, sure. It does everything that's needed, then.22:31
knomeyup :)22:31
knomei still think the "Edit and preview" -wording could be better22:31
knomedoesn't hurt to be more precies22:32
knomeat least when you have that much space..22:32
astraljavaSo how tricky will it be for the end-user to hover over the caption? About the same as the uploader in the Edit screen?22:32
knomethere's one imgcapt image in action, with multiple notes22:33
astraljavaOkay. Are they shown all the time, though? I don't know whether I really like that... ;) But then again, I'm weird like that. :)22:33
knomehmm, what do you mean shown all the time?22:34
astraljavaLike the blue spots are visible all the time?22:34
knomeif the text notes are shown all the time, that's a bug22:34
knomeyeah, they are22:34
knomewhat do you suggest then22:34
knomeshow them when hovering over the image?22:34
astraljavaYeah. For an informative page, it shouldn't matter. But what about someone who presents beautiful pictures, but wants to deliver some details somewhere?22:35
knomei suppose that could be an option22:35
astraljavaIt would be great, but then again the user should know somehow that it's got those, but they're not plainly visible.22:35
astraljavaI have no idea how to deliver that.22:36
knomethat shouldn't be too hard reallly22:36
knomemaybe then you'd have to have a description22:36
knome"hover over the image to see notes"22:36
knomebut then again, that should not be the worry of the plugin22:36
astraljavaWell, yeah. That's true. Okay, sounds like something I'd have no beef with! :D22:36
astraljavaYeah I agree, the plugin doesn't need to care whether or not the uploader adds a description or not.22:37
knomethat also leaves more possibilities on how to style/position the description22:39
astraljavaBut yeah, great work on that one!22:55
knomethanks :)22:56
knomesome of the bugs are already fixed, btw22:56
knomewell, mostly the wording issues22:56
knomemore bugs splatted: http://knome.fi/demo/wp/?page_id=4623:43
astraljavaknome: Excellent. I do wish though that you won't implement the "captions under the image" wishlist bug, though.23:46
knomethat would be an option, not obligatory :)23:46
knomeand that wishlish item is from me ;)23:46
knomebecause i just figured some uses where it makes more sense23:47
astraljavaOkay, yeah maybe it has some uses. I really like the bubble, though. :)23:49
knomethe bubble is actually themable with css23:49
knomethis is just the default23:49
astraljavaRight, it's still kinda cute. :)23:50
knomeheh, thanks, and good23:50
knomegood defaults++23:51
astraljavaYou know, there's one big problem living in Oulu during the summer.23:51
astraljavaI can't get to sleep.23:51
astraljavaToo much light.23:52
astraljavaPerhaps the curtains will bring some relief to that when I actually really move in. :)23:52
Unit193I should read that email :P23:53
knome_weboh crap.23:59

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