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DoyleHi Folks. I just ran some updates and one of them rearranged my grub.conf file. Does anyone know if it backed up the old one somewhere?01:57
DoyleBetter question. Is there a way to impose a custom grub.conf file that won't be overwritten by updates in the future?02:05
DoyleI'll brb02:08
Doyleany suggestions?02:50
sozietyhello, I am reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1619831, I need block internet access completly if vpn down, any idea?04:45
dusfi am unable to login to xfce. when i enter my correct password with capslock of it appears to accept it, the window disappears showing only the background screen/login wallpaper, then it flickers black and asks for my password again. i have tried sudo dpkg reconfigure xserver-xorg and freeing up space in my home partition to 8gb but none of this worked. how can i fix this?04:45
dusfi am unable to login to xfce. after entering my correct password with caps lock off it appears to take it and the login popup disappears showing only the login background/wallpaper, then the screen flickers black and the popup reappears askign for the password again but not mentioning an auth failure as it does when i type it incorrectly. i am using the same password to use this tty. i have tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, freeing up 8gb of space on04:55
mikubuntumy niece installed ubuntu 1010 but is having issue that she cannot type into any textareas (including) address bar.  i searched for this issue on google can't find anything.  anybody familiar with this?05:23
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ill0gicanyone here ?09:04
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xubuntu249someone has an idea of webservers?16:17
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JeZ-l-Lee_I signed up for the mailing list but never received a confirmation email19:37
JeZ-l-Lee_is the mailing list working ?19:37
cantusfirst time on xubuntu; am trying to do sth with contrast on an old laptop; my hardware controls for brightness work, yet i need to change contrast; tried to look for some knobs in settings (didnt find anything); tried gxvattr (cant use it), tried display calibrator (gui to xgamma - doesnt work for me); any other options?19:47
orngjce223I know /nothing/ about displays. Try #xfce or #ubuntu19:48
Sysior wait for a while and see if somebody knows19:48
cantussure... thx19:49
JeZ-l-Lee_on two separate computer Xubuntu 11.04 shows two volume meters in panel - any ideas?19:50
orngjce223Is it the "mixer" applet? You can just right-click and remove those, not sure about the other one though19:51
Sysisettings → sessions and startup → autostart → take off tap from sound/pulseaudio/something19:51
JeZ-l-Lee_that works, thanks19:53
JeZ-l-Lee_XFCE works much better than Gnome on my 800MHz NetBook19:53
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JeZ-l-Lee_any top secret plans for Xubuntu 11.10 ?20:24
JeZ-l-Lee_will XFCE be updated for this release?20:24
knomeprobably not, since we only just got 4.8 for 11.0420:24
JeZ-l-Lee_my only complaint about current XFCE 4.8 is that items on panels can't be placed anywhere on the panel20:25
TheSheepthey can't?20:28
lefthandmanreally? on my previous distro (which ran xfce) items could be moved around on panels20:28
lefthandmanI mean, unless you're talking about "floaters"20:28
lefthandmanin which case, it makes sense. The ends do not meet the required means20:28
lefthandmanalso, if you tell me more about what you want20:29
lefthandmanI could try and hack it together20:29
JeZ-l-Lee_well for example: I like the clock to be in center of a panel - but when I add clock to panel it defaults to the left side and can't be moved to center20:29
JeZ-l-Lee_have to use spacers to get clock to center20:30
TheSheepyou can move it just fine20:30
TheSheepJeZ-l-Lee_: hmm, ok, soryr, that was in 4.620:32
JeZ-l-Lee_4.6 allowed items on panel to be moved anywhere on panel ? - why was this feature taken away in 4.8 ?20:33
TheSheepJeZ-l-Lee_: I remember that I could do it as some point and that it was very annoying20:34
JeZ-l-Lee_I think allowing panel items to be placed anywhere on the panel is a good feature20:37
JeZ-l-Lee_allows for more flexible customization20:37
TheSheepyou can still do it, with spacers20:37
sparkiezhappy fourth everyone!20:42
elrosxfce 4.10 is scheduled for release in january 2012, so we can expect it to arrive in the new LTS20:53
knomei don't want to be killjoy or too negative, but that schedule might very well be postponed :)20:54
elrosI have faith in every wiki article I have edited20:56
JeZ-l-Lee_is it too early to upgrade to 4.10 beta on Xubuntu 11.04 ?20:57
elrosis there a PPA for it?20:57
JeZ-l-Lee_I did upgrade xfce-panel on my 11.04 to the xfce-panel on 11.10 alpha20:58
JeZ-l-Lee_which allows for window buttons to be rearranged20:59
JeZ-l-Lee_I like XFCE - it works mostly like classic Gnome - and it does not take much resources21:05
TheSheepyeah, "no surprises" should be the motto21:06
TheSheepexcept that sometimes there are some surprises leaking from gnome :(21:06
JeZ-l-Lee_anyway to make window titlebars semi-transparent ?21:36
JeZ-l-Lee_I miss this feature in Gnome21:36
Sysisee window manager tweaks, compositing21:40
Mandrewhello is there anyway for me to save all the PPAs i have in the software sources? im going to delete this distro that im running and wipe the hdd21:54
knomeMandrew, they should be listed in /etc/apt/sources.list afaik21:55
Mandrewso its just to copy past that back into my new install?21:55
knomeyup, and after that 'sudo apt-get update' :)21:56
knome(or update from synaptic)21:56
knomeplease check first if the PPA's really are at that file though :)21:56
Sysithey can also be in files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/21:56
knomewherever they are, it is just a matter of copy+paste21:57
knomeSysi, are you on the devel ML?21:57
Mandrewok thanks21:58
knomeSysi, oki21:58
SysiI'm not very good with mail21:58
knomewell you can check my latest msg in the archives and tell me if you are interested anyway :)21:59
elrosMandrew: you have to copy the lines from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ AND add the keys again after the install22:02
Mandrewelros, how do i do that?22:03
knomeor just use 'sudo apt-add-repository REPOSITORY_URL'22:03
elrosyou can do it by sudo apt-key add ssh_key.key, where ssh_key.key contains the signing key for the repo22:03
knomeelros, ^ that should do it as well22:03
Sysijust adding lines should works, at least apt just asks next time you're using it22:03
* Sysi always done PPAs manually22:04
Mandrewelros, i got like 30+ repos that i want to reinstall again so i was thinking of going a as easy way as possible22:04
elrosyou can save them manually by going to launchpad PPA, click "technical details" and save the signing key file22:05
elrosthe easiest is to add them with that apt-add-repo command22:05
elrosthen you have a separate file for every repo you add22:06
elrosI like to have them in a single file22:06
elrosyou can install packages from unsigned repos, but ubuntu wants to confirm every package install22:07
Mandrewa lot to wrap my head around :D im just a newbie ;)22:09
elrosok, then learn sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa and forget about what I said :)22:10
SysiI don't really know about gui client but adding lines to sources.list and then apt-get update ; install has always just worked22:10
elrosin synaptic you can use the software sources22:11
JeZ-l-Lee_I'm probably not the only person here who left Gnome and regular Ubuntu for XFCE on Xubuntu22:35
JeZ-l-Lee_Gnome 2.x was great, but Gnome 3/Unity are just terrible22:37
SysiI actually like gnome3 quite much, I hated old gnome22:37
Sysisomething mixing unity/gnome3 would be perfect22:38
SysiI'm propably still going back to xfce on my desktop22:38
JeZ-l-Lee_XFCE is very similar to classic Gnome 2.x22:39
Sysinot in the parts I like in xfce22:39
JeZ-l-Lee_I just hope XFCE does not become another KDE22:45
JeZ-l-Lee_tried KDE, made me feel ill22:46
PhosphenesHow is xubuntu pronounced?22:47
Phosphenessubuntu, zubuntu?22:47
PhosphenesOkay, thanks.22:48
JeZ-l-Lee_just a guess22:48
JeZ-l-Lee_perhaps someone else here knows22:48
JeZ-l-Lee_I make open-source cross-platform games for Windows and Linux:  www.16BitSoft.com22:50
knome"zoobuntu" tends to be the most used22:51
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Phospheneslol there's a program called gigolo on here.23:32
PhosphenesThat is funny.23:36
JeZ-l-Lee_what does Gigolo do ?23:38
knomeconnect/mount to networks23:38
JeZ-l-Lee_sounds sexy23:39
PhosphenesThat's why it's called gigolo.23:39
JeZ-l-Lee_on on my NetBook now - here is photo of my Xubuntu 11.04 desktop:  http://16bitsoft.com/images/MyXubuntuDesktop-NetBook01.png23:40
JeZ-l-Lee_top of screen is actually 3 panels23:41
JeZ-l-Lee_I figured out how to make window titlebars transparent, but am wondering how to make them fuzzy like Windows(R) Aero style23:49
maxtorlol, ls... bleh23:58
maxtorguys, wanna change gdm background on xubuntu.. information on the site seems not working23:59
maxtorit says link /usr/share/applications/gnome-appearahce stuff to somewhere in gdm things. but the file earlier is non existent23:59

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