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didrocksgood morning06:46
oSoMoNgood morning07:03
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MacSlowgreetings everyone07:18
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andyrocknjpatel, ping09:44
njpatelandyrock, hey09:44
njpatelandyrock, dude, I recompiled your branch yesterday and none of my branches were showing up!09:44
andyrocknjpatel, in ccsm the device option is Only Mounted right?09:45
njpatelandyrock, yes, i tried all the device options09:45
andyrocknjpatel, how do you start unity?09:46
njpatelandyrock, also, you connect to GSettings automatically, but we have FavouriteStore to hide the implementation (and provide a nicer interface)09:46
njpatelandyrock, compiz --replace09:46
andyrocknjpatel, from tty?09:46
njpatelandyrock, from gnome-terminal09:46
andyrocknjpatel, this is weird...09:47
andyrocknjpatel, sometimes if i start unity (and compiz) form tty (alt+ctrl+f1) gio stuff doesn't work09:49
njpatelandyrock, yeah, I'll try the branch again with clean compile in a couple of hours (in the office and have some meetings)09:49
njpatelandyrock, interestin09:49
njpatelandyrock, could you take a look at the favoritestore thing and i'll ping you once I've had a chance to rebuild?09:50
andyrocknjpatel, i think the problem is in gio/glib... but i start unity from gnome-terminal it should work...09:50
njpatelandyrock, I'll also try logging out and logging in09:50
andyrocknjpatel, of course...09:50
njpatelandyrock, I always start from gnome-terminal, that's why I was a bit worried09:50
andyrocknjpatel, so DevicesSettings should be derived from favoritestore right?09:51
andyrocknjpatel, i will look it this afternoon... i have to go to gym now :)09:52
njpatelandyrock, I think use the FavoritesStore instance (I think it's a singleton)09:53
njpatelandyrock, okay, have fun! :)09:53
andyrocknjpatel, you too (meetings etc. :P )09:53
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andyrocknjpatel, do you have a moment?13:27
njpatelandyrock, somewhat, what's up?13:28
andyrocknjpatel, about FavoriteStore...13:29
andyrocknjpatel, FavoriteStoreGSettings derive from FavoriteStore13:29
andyrockDeviceSettings could derive from FavoriteStore...13:29
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andyrockbut in FavoriteStore.cpp we have:13:30
andyrockFavoriteStore& FavoriteStore::GetDefault()13:30
andyrock  static internal::FavoriteStoreGSettings instance;13:30
andyrock  return instance;13:30
njpatelandyrock, yeah13:30
andyrocknjpatel, it'a a bit weird as a super class :)13:31
andyrocknjpatel, maybe i can join DeiviceSettings in FavoriteStoreGSettings...13:32
njpatelandyrock, agreed :)13:33
njpatelandyrock, it's thumper's doing ;)13:33
njpatelandyrock, it's nice to have them sepeaate to be able to test them separately13:34
andyrocknjpatel, i don't understand.... can you make an example?13:35
andyrocknjpatel, please :)13:35
njpatelandyrock, I just mean that, in devices settings, when you change the gsettings stuff, you should just be using FavoriteStore instead13:38
njpatelandyrock, i.e. there should be no "GSettings" in DeviceSettings, just FavoriteStore13:38
andyrocknjpatel, but FavoriteStore is an abstract/virtual class...13:42
njpatelandyrock, FavoriteStore::GetDefault () gives you the singleton that you need to work on13:43
njpatelwork with *13:43
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andyrockseb128, around?14:05
andyrockseb128, about this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/80648514:06
ubot5Ubuntu bug 806485 in unity (Ubuntu) "[oneiric] unity::PanelIndicatorObjectEntryView::Refresh() is leaking" [High,New]14:06
andyrockseb128, a g_object_unref(stream) in make_pixbuf should be good...14:07
seb128we discussed it with thumper earlier and that's what he suggested as well14:07
andyrockseb128, but i have a question for you :) can you give me the right valgrind command to collect information? :)14:08
seb128but feel free to do a merge request to fix it ;-)14:08
seb128andyrock, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valgrind14:08
seb128use the command from there on "compiz --replace"14:09
andyrockseb128, g_input_stream_close doesn't unref the stream...14:09
andyrockseb128, ok thx14:09
seb128right, the api documentation is not really clear, it could suggest that it needs to be freed14:10
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jcastroanyone here for the unity contributor meeting?19:06
jcastrook, looks like no one has pending issues, so I'll just stand by if people have questions19:10
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