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cineramapoolie says he'00:07
cineramawhoops, poolie says he'll be back in a little while -- just out running some errands00:08
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sagacihi, trying to push a branch to lp, getting the error "bzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending POST /bazaar/: [Errno 8] _ssl.c:499: EOF occurred in violation of protocol"... I'll admit that I'm on a kinda dodgy 3G connection but it was fine this morning, any ideas or just try to push it via a wired connection?02:53
lifelesslooks like an ssl problem02:56
lifelesse.g. yes your 3g connection ;)02:56
sagacirighteo then02:58
spivsagaci: the bzr 2.4 betas will avoid that problem (they don't use the XML-RPC interface to resolve lp: URLs)03:05
benonsoftwareQuestion: What does UDD mean?03:17
bob2ubuntu distributed development03:18
benonsoftwareBut what about UDD failures?03:19
bob2bzr import failures I assume03:20
benonsoftwareIs loggerhead a plugin?03:21
pooliebenonsoftware, hello, are you having trouble with udd packaging branches or something?03:22
poolieor just curious about the titles?03:22
benonsoftwareJust wondering :)03:22
benonsoftwareDo you know if loggerhead is a plugin poolie ?03:22
poolieit is03:23
benonsoftwareSo do I need to extract it and just place it in the plugins folder?03:25
benonsoftwareDo I need a web server for it poolie ?03:29
poolieyou can either run it stand alone or inside apache03:34
pooliethere are some docs in readme03:34
poolie(or any other wsgi web server)03:34
benonsoftwarepoolie: Can I just run it without any other software for it?03:35
spivbenonsoftware: it has a few dependencies apart from bzrlib:03:46
spivbenonsoftware: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/loggerhead/view/head:/docs/index.rst03:46
benonsoftwareThanks. Does bzrlib come with bzr windows?03:54
spivIt does, but I'm not sure if the windows installer provides it in a way that makes it readily accessible as a library for other projects.03:57
spivIIRC there's probably .zip file installed by the windows installer you can add to your PYTHONPATH that would make it available.03:58
vilahi all !06:00
pooliehi vila, jelmer, jam,06:03
vilajelmer is in vacations AIUI06:04
poolieoh he is too06:06
fullermdVacation?  How do I get me one of those?06:26
=== poolie changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control <http://bazaar.canonical.com> | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Patch pilot: jam | UDD failures: 400
vilafullermd: *you* can't :-p06:30
jammorning all06:42
jamfullermd: I believe the line is "no rest for the wicked"06:43
jamhi poolie, You scheduled the meeting for 6UTC, but I think we actually agreed on 7UTC06:43
pooliehi jam, want to join us?06:45
pooliemm when i scheduled it it wasn't super clear which time it was actually going to be06:45
jamsure. just 6UTC is before I take my son to school06:46
jamI thought we wanted to move it by 1hr, not 206:46
pooliei'm not sure if the calendar captured my intention06:48
fullermdWicked?  Me?  Why, I never...06:54
AfCjames_w: are you still interested in / working on bzr builddeb?07:09
AfC[or is someone else looking after it now?]07:09
spivQuite a few folks are poking at it regularly I think.07:09
spivI made a branch for it just yesterday :)07:10
AfCspiv: Ok, I'll ask generally, then :)07:10
AfCQuery 1: the docs for bzr import-upstream make it seem less suited that merge-upstream for starting a new package. Am I right about that?07:10
AfCQuery 2: the docs for bzr-builddeb's "normal mode" #creating a new package recommends using merge-upstream, which then talks about being able to import farious .tar formats, "or a directory". Should that work [when starting from scratch?]07:12
AfC(it doesn't)07:12
AfCQuery 3: would you have expected that07:12
AfC$ bzr merge-upstream ~/path/to/file.zip --version 1.0 --distribution debian --package name07:13
AfC(or ~path/to/unpacked/)07:13
AfCwould fail, whereas07:13
AfC$ bzr dh-make --bzr-only name 1.0 ~/path/to/file.zip07:13
AfCappears to work just fine? (creating a commit tagged 'upstream-1.0')07:14
AfCHm. That's just about a bug report, once someone tells me which the bug is.07:14
AfCs/fail/apparently do nothing including not committing anything/07:14
AfC[around here fail means stack trace]07:15
pooliehi afc07:16
* AfC advances his regards poolie's way07:17
pooliewhat's the context where you're running merge-upstream?07:23
pooliean empty branch?07:23
pooliethat seems like it should be reported as a bug anyhow07:23
poolieafc, to start a new package i would think you'd do import-upstream and then commit on top of that07:26
pooliei wonder if it's sufficiently documented07:26
* maxb lols at pkg-bazaar-maint receiving spam selling pipes and looms :-)07:35
pooliei get a lot of spam about pools and spas07:36
fullermdI don't get any spam about bleaching clothes   :(07:36
AfCpoolie: yes, an empty branch08:18
* AfC tries again08:18
AfCah. Well at least part of the problem is that `bzr dh_make --bzr-onle` groks a .zip upstream, whereas `bzr import-upstream does not.08:19
AfCSo I should report this, obviously. Any preference for a bug title?08:24
vilaAfC: No preference. Generally if/when I think the title is misleading, I just fix it once I get a better understanding of the bug. I don't necessarily have this understanding when I file one...08:40
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sagacihi, i'm wanting to branch ubuntu-docs, being bzr branch lp:ubuntu-docs... is there an argument to check how big the download will be without actually downloading the branch09:02
vilasagaci: no *precise* way (as in number of bytes), but 'bzr info -v lp:ubuntu-docs' should give you some hint09:11
sagacithanks vila09:12
vilasagaci: just did 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu-docs' and it's ~8M on disk so it should be roughly the same download size09:12
vilaerr, scratch that, actually it downloaded ~2M, the 8M includes the working tree09:13
AuroraBorealisbazaar explorer says "unable to obtain lock file: c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\bazaar\2.0\lock09:42
AuroraBorealisive deleted that file but it still keeps coming back and freezing the program09:43
spivGar, the branch for bug 248418 has caused bug 806425.11:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 248418 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "Should set append_revisions_only on branches it creates." [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24841811:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 806425 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "AppendRevisionsOnlyViolation in import_package" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80642511:15
spivIt's well past EOD for me, but if someone's interested it might be good to look into it and possibly revert the offending change.11:16
fullermdRrr.  The error on pull'ing from a non-branch-root is annoying.  Have I moaned about that before?11:34
Lo-lan-doHi all12:10
AuroraBorealiscan anyone please help me with this annoying bzr explorer bug =(12:15
AuroraBorealisi dont know what its doing with this lock file12:15
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JamesTaitHello people.15:07
JamesTaitCan anyone suggest how I might recover from "bzr: ERROR: The dirstate file (DirState(u'/home/jtait/[snipped]/.bzr/checkout/dirstate')) appears to be corrupt: Bad parse, we expected to end on \n, not: 1" ?15:07
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pooliehi all20:18
pooliehi abentley21:02
abentleypoolie: hi.21:03
poolieis your mp essentially saying "no, there are no reasons to want to take the other root?"21:03
abentleypoolie: no, I'm just accepting that it's a less-disruptive change and doesn't expose several of our UI issues.21:04
abentleypoolie: It's restoring the status quo.21:05
pooliei guess i just wonder if we should try again at making that switch, perhaps by a different course21:05
abentleypoolie: If a user really wants it, they can just merge in the opposite direction, so the priority is pretty low, and several changes would need to be made.21:06
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