Capsoanyone up?04:14
Tm_Trdepending what you are looking for04:32
Capsohey, just trying to pxe boot edubuntu04:39
CapsoI figured out that I need pxelinux.0 from the syslinux distribution04:39
Capsoor is it available in the CD itself, perhaps?04:39
Capsoin the iso I mean04:40
CapsoTm_Tr: also, there is a /initrd.lz file in the iso. is that the same as initrd.gz, just compressed differently?04:52
Tm_Tsorry, I have no idea04:56
Capsodo you know what nfs version the /dev/nfs client is?04:58
Capsomy server only can serve nfs version 204:58
CapsoTm_T: is it possible to install edubuntu from USB?05:02
benonsoftwareHi all10:12
highvoltageI seem to be in the wrong timezone :)12:25
highvoltagebon matin12:25
stgraberhey highvoltage12:27
stgraberhighvoltage: detailed package selection step in Ubiquity wasn't working because live-build no longer puts deb-src entries in /etc/apt/sources.list. Live LTSP kind of works now if you wait 5 minutes and post-install LTSP just doesn't work.12:28
stgraberoh, and if you are subscribed to ltsp's bugs then sorry for flooding you ;)12:30
highvoltagestgraber: hehe. yes I got quite a bit of spam this morning but it's fine :)12:32
highvoltagestgraber: I see i386 is already tested (sorry I only got to this now), but I'm going to run through it anyway just so that I can see where things are17:03
stgrabersure. I tested both i386 and amd64 with two installs each. I think I found and fixed the worst bugs.17:04
highvoltageah I see jockey pops up on the live system again17:06
highvoltagehah! you used a fedora screenshot in the installer!17:07
highvoltagestgraber: how about calling it "Legacy Interface" instead?17:08
highvoltagestgraber: this alpha 2 is certainly in *way* better shape than the last alpha2 was!17:11
stgraberlegacy sounds good17:13
stgrabergot to run, talk to you later!17:13
highvoltagek ciao17:14

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