raevinquestion...does the RAM monitor widget give out the correct usage of RAM?  Because when I run "free -m" command it says I have under 500 MB of free RAM while the RAM widget tool says I have > 6 GB, and this is when I first start up00:21
raevindefault Kubuntu install00:21
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valorieraevin: probably more correct to say that they are looking at slightly different ways of reporting00:29
valorie"man free" might tell you more00:29
ubottuIf you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html00:30
valorieand that might shed light as well00:30
raevinalright, thanks valorie :)00:32
raevinis there one i should pay more attention to than another?00:32
valorieI guess it depends on your purpose00:32
valorieI don't know much about it, so I'd rely on the man pages and links00:33
valorierather than my ignorant opinion00:33
raevinalright, thanks :)  i've just been trying to make sure that the new RAM i got isn't faulty (even though memtest returned back no problems), so got freaked out lol00:34
ironfroggy__when i resume my laptop from sleep, the battery monitor in KDE is often reporting 10% or less, even when its fully charged01:32
ironfroggy__and then it sleeps itself when it thinks the battery is going to die, and i can then resume it and it reports correctly01:33
ironfroggy__*also* when this happens it fails to enter the correct power profile, so if i dont set it myself it wont dim the screen or sleep when i close the lid.01:33
ironfroggy__is there something i might do to fix this?01:33
LinkmasterSo, I guess there was an update of sorts, but now knetworkmanager does this really cool thing that displays internet connection and stuff. This is fine and dandy, except that I'm at the edge of my wireless zone. How do I turn off the notification things, because it tells me every 30 seconds or so I have low connectivity02:20
jordan_linkmaster, which notify application runs the messages?02:31
LinkmasterI use knotify if that helps any02:32
jordan_well if so02:32
jordan_you can right click on it from the panel and disable all from poping up i think02:33
LinkmasterI know about that, but I use notifications all the time. Its just this specific one I want to turn off, and this is the first time its done it, since I logged out and back in02:33
jordan_i just dont know02:33
LinkmasterIts fine02:34
jordan_im just a noob02:34
LinkmasterI got tired of the notifcations, so I turned them off, and now it is spamming the 'low signal' in the middle of my display. How do I turn this feature off?????03:08
ubuntu___good evening04:33
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MHz128\msg nickserv identify 4862hex04:33
MHz128When trying to install from a livecd, using Entire Disk partition option, the install fails with an error "unable to mount swap".. what is causing this?04:34
Unit193MHz128: I'm starting to think you may want to change your password, but I'm not sure...04:34
MHz128I've tried with different ubuntu remixes... all all reporting the same error04:35
MHz128Unit193: do u know the PW change command?04:35
Unit193Do you have a current swap partition? You may want to kill it and make it all unformatted04:35
Unit193 /msg nickserv help04:37
MHz128Unit193: I've tried formatting and removing all partitions04:37
MHz128Unit193: I04:37
MHz128ive also tried making one large root ext4 and a smaller swap partition04:37
MHz128obviously the disc passed the chksum04:38
geoff__Running Kubuntu 11.04. I have a dual monitor setup, and made the secondary monitor my main display. Dual monitor settings didnt hold on restart, and now I don't see any windows opened.06:18
geoff__What should I do? I can't even get into a settings panel to change the display06:19
geoff__Anyone? I'm willing to try anything at this point, so any advice at all would be helpful06:24
nguyenvansonco ai o vn k ?06:40
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Guest52096There is anyebody?07:48
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Peace-BluesKaj: fine11:15
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BluesKajhowdy just means hi , Peace- , but I'm fine too :)11:17
Peace-BluesKaj: oooops :D11:19
Peace-BluesKaj: 30 degree :S11:20
ValerieIs anybody here?11:25
ValerieOh that's great.11:25
ValerieI have a few problems.   I wonder if anybody can help11:26
BluesKajwell, just spell them out and we'll see if we can , Valerie11:27
ValerieFirst of all I am not technically minded and have asked and paid so many so called experts to help and they got me in more trouble.11:28
ValerieI could write a book.11:28
ValerieThe first is they managed to take all the settings off my printer.  Have sorted that out and it works on the main computer.11:29
BluesKajno need for a book , just tell us what's not working11:29
ValerieBecause of all the changes I cannot get on line on my laptop.     Everything is fine on the main computer.11:30
ValerieI just need to be able to set that up.11:30
ValerieFirstly lols.11:30
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BluesKajrun,  sudo lshw -C network , in a terminal to find your wifi chip , so we can determine what driver is needed11:33
ValerieIt has a driver.   It is basic.    It is just disconnected11:33
ValerieI need to reconnect.11:34
BluesKajthe driver may be wrong11:34
ValerieDo you know anybody in London that will come out to sort out my computer.11:35
ValerieWhen you speak about going into the terminal and drivers.   I panic.11:36
BluesKajdon't panic ..it's very simple really ..just copy and paste command into the terminal and click enter , you'll be asked for your pw and then the result will come up , it's just a package manager  that doesn't use a gui. amongst other things11:39
ValerieI think I should let you know.   I am a Granny who loves Linux and has used everything from Slackware to kubunta.11:40
ValerieI know everything is okay on the laptop except that it is not connecting to the net.11:41
BluesKajwell, I'm a grandfather , who's been on linux for 6 or 7 yrs now11:41
ValerieOh hahahahaha.11:41
ValerieYou are obviously more clever than I.11:41
Peace-BluesKaj: :P granfather linux geek11:41
BluesKajwe need to know what the wifi chipis, ...you are connecting the laptop thru wifi, correct ?11:42
ValerieSince my computer went to the shop to be updated.   Nothing worked.   Printer, downloading pictures etc.11:42
ValerieEtho I think11:42
BluesKajis it connected with a wire /cable to a router11:42
ValerieNo it is wireless.   I am looking at it now and it says Wlan111:43
ValerieAnd Etho is ticked at well11:43
BluesKajin networkmanager ?11:44
ValerieI have brought up Confiture KDE control Module11:44
ValerieIt says network interaces.  Route Domaommame system and Network Profiles at the top11:45
ValerieDomain I mean11:45
ValerieNow I am disappointed I can't use Granny as an excuse11:46
BluesKajValerie, which kubuntu version are you running ? ...you should have an icon in the panel showing network connection11:46
ValerieLatest on the main and an older one on the laptop11:47
ValerieYes that I have11:47
Delta_my wireless card is not stable. whenever I download for a long period of time at 1MB/s it kind of get stuck and I have to disable and reenable my wireless card to get it working again. I am using a PAE kernel. Can this be the cause?11:47
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ValerieThe icon says disconnected11:48
BluesKajValerie, click on the network icon , and check the settings11:48
ValerieDone that.   Up comes Connection Status.    No active device.11:50
ValerieI am sure it is because the password for the router has been changed in order for the printer to work11:50
ValerieI just don't know how to change it.11:51
BluesKajValerie, no, it should still see the router11:52
ValerieIf I right click on the icon.   It looks more promising.11:52
ValerieI wish someblody round here used Linux.   I need a Linux friend.11:53
Delta_kded4 is using 100% of my cpu11:53
BluesKajok, Valerie find the pw or passphrase whatever name the router calls it ... it will be either near the wep or wpa setting11:54
BluesKajDelta_, open system montitor / process table , right click on the process and choose your options to stop it11:56
skidzoi just made an distupgrade11:57
Delta_BluesKaj: killed it and it comes back and use 100% of 1 of the 4 cores again11:57
BluesKajDelta_, don't kill, terminate11:58
skidzobut it now hangs because i cannot reach the window bottom11:58
ValerieI give up.   Thank you for trying to help.11:58
skidzoi disabled the restricted drivers before11:59
BluesKajValerie, we have other ways to help, but that's up to you11:59
ValeriePerhaps a more simple question.    I have Skype.    Why can I hear people and they can't hear me.  Must be something to do with the mic.11:59
ValerieYes and I thank for for trying but I have no idea what a wep or a wpa is and I can't find it.12:00
BluesKajValerie, open a terminal , can you do that ?12:00
skidzoso the screen size is now at poor 800x60012:00
ValerieOn the laptop or main12:00
skidzobut the distupgrade window is larger12:01
ValerieOkay I will try12:01
skidzohow can i change the screen size?12:01
skidzochange must take effect immediately12:01
skidzoi already tried everything from the window itself12:02
ValerieI think I have opened it.  Black screen used to call it Bash12:02
ValerieOH dear do you want me to type in there lols.12:03
BluesKajskidzo, kmenu/apps/settings/system settings/display and monitor12:03
skidzoand now?12:05
BluesKajValerie, just type ifconfig , then look for inet address12:05
ValerieGosh a lot of things came up there12:06
BluesKajlook for the options to change the resolution, skidzo12:06
skidzoi am at 93 % of the distribution upgrade, as I said, my maximum screen resolution is 800x60012:06
skidzobecause i disabled the restricted drivers12:07
skidzochanging the screen size is not an option12:07
BluesKajValerie, is there a number beside bcast ?12:09
BluesKajskidzo, then i guess you know what your problem is12:10
skidzoyes I am pretty ****** up12:10
ValerieIf it id Broadcast Multicast Yes  HTU.1500   Metric112:11
skidzothis cannot be real !!! this is now my last try to upgrade to natty12:13
BluesKajValerie, ok copy and paste this into the terminal , sudo dhclient wlan012:13
BluesKajskidzo, why did you not use the recommended driver ?12:13
Valeriehahaha  I am speaking to you on the main computer.   Can't get on with the laptop.12:14
ValerieBut I will type it in12:14
BluesKajnot on the main pc , on the laptop12:14
BluesKajno point in doing it on the main pc , Valerie , I thought we were tryng to fis the wifi connect on the laptop...if you don't have laptop access then we're done12:16
ValerieNo lol12:17
ValerieI am typing it on the laptop.    It is right beside me.   It is just I can't get on the net with the laptop12:17
ValerieLot more things have come up12:17
ValerieIt says error while getting interface flags No such device etc.12:18
BluesKaj is the network manager icon spinning or moving in any manner Valerie12:18
ValerieEverything says no such device and at the top it says type 80112:20
BluesKajbummer , then we need to reinstall the driver , Valerie , in the termianl , sudo lshw -C network ..what is the output?12:20
ValerieYou have been so kind in trying to help.    I think I will leave this now.    It looks to complicated.   I thought I would just have to reconfigure the connectiion.12:22
ValerieCan I come back and speak to you again another time.12:23
ValerieWish you lived next door lol.12:23
BluesKajanytime Valerie , it's not real complicated but it can be somewwhat time consuming12:23
ValerieYes.    Perhaps I could aim the Skype camera at the laptop next time and you can really see what is going on.12:24
ValerieThanks you so much.    byeeeeee12:24
BluesKajbye Valerie12:25
BluesKajgranny with no patience  :)12:26
* BluesKaj wonders why the terminal is so scary to some ...that damn bill gates OS is the cause , I'm sure.12:27
skidzohow can i finish a broken dist-upgrade?12:28
skidzoin the terminal12:28
BluesKajskidzo, sudo dpkg --configure -a , or sudo apt-get -f install12:28
BluesKajone will quit the the depends the other will force an install if possible12:29
BluesKajskidzo, then update and dist-upgrade again12:32
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skidzosorry i was disconnected12:34
skidzolast thing was : scare me off12:34
BluesKajskidzo, sudo dpkg --configure -a , or sudo apt-get -f install12:37
BluesKajskidzo, the first will quit the the depends the other will force an install if possible12:37
skidzook i did that12:37
BluesKajskidzo, then update and dist-upgrade again12:38
skidzoit sais that it cannot finish correctly12:39
skidzoso I think I have to copy the last state back to the ssd12:40
skidzowill take some minutes...12:40
skidzobut then I can start again12:41
skidzothis time last try I hope12:41
BluesKajskidzo, sudo dpkg --clear-avail12:42
skidzosorry I am to fast, already restoring...12:46
BluesKajskidzo, well, restoring is good12:49
skidzoany other idea?12:52
skidzofixing my broken dist upgrade12:52
BluesKajskidzo, sudo dpkg --clear-avail12:52
skidzobut how when i restarted?12:53
BluesKajskidzo, what's the error ?12:53
skidzoi can not boot into the broken system12:54
BluesKajskidzo, hold down the shift key at the bios page til grub menu appears, choose recovery kernel , choos "repair broken packages" in the dialog , reboot12:55
skidzoit says now: fail at blcr...12:58
skidzobut its reconfiguring rebuilding...13:00
skidzonow restarting13:03
skidzoi see a blue screen, not the windows blue screen of course...13:03
mathAgentineHello  I get the error  libkdecore5 (>= 4:4.5)  and I've found 4:4.6 and 4:4.4 ¿What does those numvers means and What librery do I need?13:04
BluesKajskidzo, no need for running commentary13:04
mathAgentineI'm tryng to install kbruch on a PC with no internet13:05
mathAgentineIs here the wright  place to ask?13:06
mathAgentinemy so is ubuntu 10.10 Lynx13:07
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BluesKajmathAgentine, 10.10 is kubuntu maverick13:20
BluesKajmathAgentine, 10.04 is lucid13:21
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PythonBluesKaj: do you prefer 10.04 or 11.04 ?13:23
UbuntNetArgok 10.0413:24
BluesKajPython, I'm usually onj the bleeding edge , 11.10 right now13:24
Python11.10 is out ?13:24
BluesKajas alpha  , a development version13:25
BluesKajlcheckout #ubuntu+113:25
BluesKajUbuntNetArg, what did you change your nick in thre middle of asking for help...that's annoying13:28
BluesKajUbuntNetArg, http://pkgs.org/download/ubuntu-10.04/kubuntu-backports-amd64/kbruch_4.5.3-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa3_amd64.deb.html13:31
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UbuntNetArgBluesKaj:  Sorry13:33
UbuntNetArgBluesKaj:  Sure that I can install amd64, I'm asking this because I thought that I'vei386 despite, as13:43
UbuntNetArgI'm a nebie , don't konw the difference betwen those archtectures13:43
BluesKajUbuntNetArg, uname -a,  in a terminal will show your arch13:55
UbuntNetArgBluesKaj:  thnaks14:02
UbuntNetArgit seems tha my arch is i68614:04
James147UbuntNetArg: thats basically the same as i386 (ie 32bit)14:05
UbuntNetArgJames thanks14:08
UbuntNetArgI've already downloaded the package bruch_4.4.2-0ubuntu2_i386.deb and I get the error  libkdecore5 (>= 4:4.5) and then  I've downloaded  libkdecore5 4:4.614:11
UbuntNetArgbut I don't know how install it14:11
BluesKajJames147, what's the proper permissions for /usr/share..seems I need to extract a plugin but i keep getting permission error, should I chmod +x /usr/share ?14:12
UbuntNetArgdo i ned to copy the lib with the .deb14:12
James147BluesKaj: I wouldnt14:12
James147BluesKaj: ^^ wait... if its jsut the share dir then yes... all directorie need to be executable to be read :S14:13
BluesKajUbuntNetArg, right click on the deb file and choose deb installer14:13
BluesKajyeah James147 , that's what i thought14:13
BluesKajJames147, what about /usr/local ?14:14
James147same ^^ needs to be executable to be read...14:15
UbuntNetArgBluesKaj:  i'wll do14:15
UbuntNetArgBluesKaj:  whay you told me is what I've already done and I get the error mentioned above14:17
BluesKajJames147, there's something with my uuid I think ..its not giving permission'14:18
James147BluesKaj: ... by default thouse directories are readable and executable by every one so I dont see how a uuid error could cause a problem14:19
UbuntNetArgahh BluesKaj  your advice was about the library instalation Thanks14:20
UbuntNetArgnow I get a new error libdlrestrictions1 (>= 0.14) ¡It would  never end!14:21
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bigjoolshi, any phonon experts around please? when I have a headset plugged in the sound still all goes via the laptop speakers14:31
BluesKajbigjools, do you have a headphon ctrl in alsamixer14:39
bigjoolsBluesKaj: it appears not14:40
bigjoolsthe device appears in the control module for phonon14:42
bigjoolsnever gets used14:42
BluesKajbigjools, intelhda ?14:46
bigjoolsusb headset, but yeah intel HDA otherwise14:46
BluesKajahh usb ..14:50
ironfroggyare there any known issues install openvpn and resolvconf, and the generated /etc/resolv.conf changing back and forth every minute?14:53
ironfroggypossibly some conflict between resolvconf and networkmanager?14:53
BluesKajbigjools, pulseaudio installed ? if so install  padevchooser and pavucontrol14:54
bigjoolsBluesKaj: yeah PA is installed, this is natty14:54
bigjoolsBluesKaj: I thought that the phonon config for device prefs was supposed to handle this though14:55
UbuntNetArgthanks everybody se you later14:56
BluesKajbigjools, perhaps it does , I don't use PA ... i have pr of wifiheadphones running off the line out14:57
bigjoolsPA is a disaster14:57
BluesKajusb hps can be a pita as well14:58
Peace-bigjools: install veromix14:59
Peace-bigjools: add widget download14:59
Peace-if you don't use gtalk video14:59
Peace-you can remove pulse14:59
bigjoolsis that a replacement for pulse?15:00
Peace-bigjools: veromix is a mixer15:00
Peace-instead of kmix15:00
bigjoolsok I'll try it out, thanks15:01
Peace-btw i have to use pulse or i can' t use video google talks15:01
BluesKajveromix is PA mixer , not a replacement for PA15:01
bigjoolsyeah I was wondering15:01
BluesKajPeace-, does it see usb headphones as a device ?15:02
Peace-BluesKaj: generally veromix help you with pulse15:02
Peace-it's just a try15:02
Peace-to try15:03
Peace-if doesn't ==> remove pulse and use only alsa15:03
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BluesKajbigjools, for whati'ts worth ..this might work  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=178494915:06
* bigjools checks it out15:06
bigjoolswill try that shortly, thanks, need to finish this phone call I'm multitasking with :)15:07
BluesKajbigjools, when you're finished , this might help as well http://alsa.opensrc.org/Usb-audio15:11
bigjoolsthank you15:11
James147bigjools: you have made sure its the prefered device in phonon right?15:20
bigjoolsJames147: I have yes, it makes no difference (at least in Skype)15:21
bigjoolsI put it at the top of the lists for everything except "notifications" but even moving that doesn't help it seems15:22
bigjoolsI'm starting to wonder if this is a skype bug, but I've not updated it in months15:22
BluesKajbigjools, do you have it chosen in skype > options > sound devices ?15:24
bigjoolsBluesKaj: yes, that's all it offers when PA is running15:24
James147bigjools: I dont think skype for linux has updated in months15:25
* BluesKaj curses the day PA became the default for skype as well as ubuntu15:25
James147bigjools: I would check another audio application just to make sure its not jsut skype15:25
bigjoolsme too BluesKaj15:25
bigjoolsMumble seems ok15:25
BluesKajbigjools, I use the static version of skype , but dunno if that will help ..I don't use heaphones on it15:26
sbalmosmorning. Currently running Natty in a VM. I threw on FreeNX from the PPA like most all sites describe. I'm getting the infamous black-screen-then-disconnect issue when trying to launch a remote unix-kde NX session. I can successfully launch a custom session launching just an xterm, so I know it's not firewall or anything like that. Session logging, even at the highest level, isn't really giving15:31
sbalmosme any ideas. Possibly one mention about DBus not running. Ideas?15:31
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=== PythonSnake is now known as Python
bigjoolsBluesKaj: that forum post did the trick - I deleted the PA config dir and hey presto it's all behaving again15:55
bigjoolsthanks for the pointer!15:55
BluesKajbigjools, cool ..I'll have to keep that url for future reference16:00
bigjoolsBluesKaj: of course nothing is that rosy, I lost my headset mic now!16:00
Pythonwhere can i get drivers for gma hd ?16:04
szalPython: Intel drivers are in the kernel16:11
BluesKajbigjools, http://alsa.opensrc.org/Usb-audio#Devices_using_snd-usb-audio_driver16:19
bigjoolsBluesKaj: got the mic working but now sound back through the speakers instead of headset.  I'm doomed16:19
BluesKajis there a setting for the mic on headset in phonon?16:20
BluesKajor the headphones?16:21
bigjoolsinsofar as a massive list of devices? yeah16:21
bigjoolsI reckon mumble has nobbled it16:22
bigjoolsI changed stuff in mumble recently, and just did it again and it screwed skype up right away16:22
BluesKajwhat's mumble an IM ?16:23
bigjoolsvoice-chat thing16:23
bigjoolshas channels like IRC16:23
Ceno3xhi guys. anyone know can I get kernel 2.6.39 running in 11.04? the kernel-team ppa is empty for reasons unknown...16:29
=== paolo_ is now known as faLUCE
rockprincesshi there, are there any plans for a kubuntu client for ubuntu one? i'd rather have a native kubuntu client with kontact/kaddressbook and knotes integration before i start purchasing a premium package. any ideas?16:40
bigjoolsas far as I know, no16:40
rockprincessbig shame :(16:41
rockprincessi'd rather store my stuff on an ubuntu cloud than on a google cloud....16:42
LINKSWORD2I would seriously agree with that....16:43
BluesKajrockprincess, ubuntu one for kde was worked on  for a while by apachelogger , but I don't see anything new since aug 2010 http://apachelog.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/ubuntu-one-the-kde-way/16:58
rockprincessBluesKaj: yeah i know, i even tried to install it, but failed epically due to missing dependencies.....i tried to install the dependencies as well, but not all packages were available.hmmm16:59
apacheloggerall it takes is someone to make it build17:01
* apachelogger tried it like a month back and just about everything seems to work, except for some minor API changes that need to be adopted17:02
rockprincessif you build it, he will come ;)17:02
BluesKajapachelogger, does it integrate with kontact and kmail etc ?17:03
rockprincessyeah, good question ;)17:04
BluesKajI don't use them myself ,, just a home user so gmail/google docs fits my needs17:05
rockprincessgoogle is evil though - you have no control what they do with your data :(17:07
BluesKajkmail doesn't like the pop hotmail account that my original ISP mailserver migrated to a few yrs ago17:07
BluesKajwhat data ...I have nothing to hide .... any spam is filtered immediately by me17:09
rockprincesswhat about contacts though? phone numbers etc....if you combine ubuntu one with an android phone....17:11
BluesKajevil as far caring about demographics is concerned , maybe17:11
BluesKajdunno , I just use a cell phone for simple calls to wife and kids ..pay as we go ..not a gadget hound17:12
devilchaosjust tried dist upgrade from 10.04 to 11.04 and after upgrade am stuck at login screen any suggestions ? been through the update process again aswell and there is only one pckge failinf to install which is processorcore if that make any diff? and am using 64bit edition17:18
Picidevilchaos: You shouldn't be upgrading from 10.04 directly to 11.0417:21
Picidevilchaos: You should be using do-release-upgrade (or update-manager) and going from one release to the next, not skipping over a release.17:23
yofeldevilchaos: listen to Pici, but if you already upgraded make sure 'kubuntu-desktop' is installed17:28
yofeldevilchaos: and i can't find a package called processorconf in the archive - PPA?17:29
devilchaoshi sorry my dinner beconed been afk bk now though17:30
devilchaoshold on ill check17:30
devilchaosppa launchpad17:31
devilchaosand pkge name is libprocesscore4b17:31
devilchaoschecking other commands mentioned now17:31
yofelah, that does exist17:31
devilchaoswhat is the latest release of kubuntu desktop please i have meta pckges listed17:33
devilchaosnamely plasma desktop 4:4.6.2a?17:34
devilchaosdone command do-release-upgrade and it echos no new release found17:38
devilchaosi added natty in apt-sources list17:38
macoyou cant go from 10.04 to 11.0417:38
macoyou have to go to 10.10 in between17:39
=== bandi is now known as Guest4670
devilchaosand upgraded from there which i have always done if i were using debian in the past17:39
macoby default 10.04 will only recognise other LTS releases as available new versions, so you have to change that setting in the Software Sources preferences to make it allow non-LTS upgrades17:39
macoick, using apt-get dist-upgrade debian-style instead of do-release-upgrade is really not recommended in ubuntu17:40
macodo-release-upgrade has lots of extra hints that apt's not aware of for resolving changes in the available list of packages from version to version17:40
maco(and as i said before, skipping releases, other than for LTS->LTS, isn't something you're supposed to do)17:40
devilchaosi thought im superseeding the software sources manager by editing the file manually17:40
devilchaosyeah im learning this now lol17:41
devilchaosmight be able to recover if kde goes in and well17:42
yofeldevilchaos: the largest problem is we don't support skipping releases17:42
yofeleven less than dist-upgrading17:42
ValerieA message for BluesKj from Valerie.     I got the internet to work on the laptop.   I am a happy bunny now.  It wasn't the driver it was the configuration.     See you another time.   Thank you for your help17:42
yofelBluesKaj: ^17:43
yofeldevilchaos: ok, what errors out currently? dpkg --configure -a passes fine?17:43
BluesKajyup,ok Valerie  ladto hear that17:43
devilchaoshold on checking now17:43
BluesKajerr glad too  Valerie :)17:44
devilchaosnope doesnt pass errors with the kde plasma desktop i just installed and a few other packages think im F.U.B.A.R17:46
yofeldevilchaos: ok, pastebin the errors you get17:46
yofel!pastebin | devilchaos17:46
ubottudevilchaos: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:46
yofeluse pastebinit if you have no GUI17:46
yofelif it's just package errors the system is recoverable ^^17:47
devilchaosyes defo package errors only cant pastebin as am on laptop and its my desktop thats in strife sorry17:47
yofelok, can you describe the error you're getting? file overwrites?17:48
devilchaosprocessing to configure errors17:49
yofelok, but what's the exact error message, there are tons of configure errors17:49
LINKSWORD2valorie: ?17:50
devilchaosdpkg: error processing kdebase-workspace (--configure):dependacy problems -leaving unconfigured17:51
yofelok, that means another package obove had an error, check for the topmost error17:51
devilchaossorry im slow at typing17:51
yofelnp, I'll be here for a while17:52
LINKSWORD2I think I would HATE to have dpkg as a username on this chat. lol17:52
PiciLINKSWORD2: dpkg is actually the nick of the bot on #debian17:52
LINKSWORD2It's also the name of one of the package systems in the background of Ubuntu/Kubuntu17:53
devilchaostop most error is dpkg:dependancy problems prevent configuration of libprocessui4a:libprocessui4a depends on libprocesscore 4b17:55
LINKSWORD2Will OpenOffice / LibOffice supoort .DOCX files?17:56
devilchaosalso to note it states errors were encountered while processing : libprocessui4a,ksysguard,kdebase-workspace-bin, kde-window-manager, kdebase-workspace17:57
devilchaosyes they do support doc files17:57
devilchaosat leaset i think so17:57
LINKSWORD2devilchaos: I know I can open older .doc files.... But I don't know if I'd be able to open .docx, or dox files.17:58
devilchaoswhich are all packages that i get errors from above that note17:58
devilchaosonly ways prob to try it and find out ? :)17:59
canu-qummoh hey guys, its my first time at irc17:59
devilchaosbe polite and dont annoy anyone17:59
canu-qummi'm not that kind of person, thank you.18:00
devilchaosthats the 2 rules ive stuck to and gone far with not trying to say u are a bad person just friendly advise for first time user18:00
canu-qummno no, i meant this is my first time running an irc client, not chatting on the internet18:00
devilchaosoh oops18:01
canu-qummisnt there a way to run an irc client on terminal?18:01
canu-qummit'd be definitely fun.18:01
BluesKajcanu-qumm, yes irssi18:01
ubottuirssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen18:01
devilchaosyes agree18:01
canu-qummhow do you run it on terminal?18:01
devilchaosbrb afk18:02
canu-qummkay thanks.18:02
macowell, first you have to get it installed, then jsut type "irssi"18:02
LINKSWORD2Hehe. When all else fails, listen to ubottu....18:02
macoitll use your username for the computer as your username on irc. you can set that with -nick username    too18:02
macoand then /connect irc.freenode.net18:02
canu-qummbut this also works for kubuntu?18:03
canu-qummkay, im opening konsole now.18:03
canu-qummit says it's looking up irc.freenode.net18:06
canu-qumm:D it worked, thanks guys18:06
canu-qummoops lol it didnt18:06
canu-qummunable to connect server irc.freenode.net port 6667 [no route to host].18:06
canu-qummthis is depressing.18:06
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cameri-nick canu-qumm18:09
devilchaosany further suggestion to recover my system before i do and overhaul and just download the new install cd?18:10
camerihow do i change my username again? i dont know how my brother's username appeared here18:10
Picicanu-qumm: /nick newnick18:12
Picicameri: ^18:12
=== cameri is now known as cani-qumm
cani-qummoh. wait18:13
cani-qummmy name was already taken because Quassel remained opened18:13
=== cani-qumm is now known as canu-qumm
canu-qummthere we go.18:13
canu-qummis it possible to change the color of one's nickname?18:14
devilchaosoops maco?18:14
Picicanu-qumm: No.18:16
devilchaosaw hey got further than the login that time im in18:16
canu-qummkay then.18:16
* canu-qumm does nothing18:17
devilchaosis there a list of sources for natty somewhere and someone point me to the url please?18:21
macolist of sources? you mean what sources.list should look like by default?18:21
macoor the list of source packages?18:21
devilchaosyes with natty18:21
macothat was an either/or not a yes/no...18:22
devilchaoslol ok no18:22
canu-qummyo people, any channels you recommend?18:22
macocanu-qumm: uh...depends what you want to talk/learn about?18:23
macoif you need help with C programming, ##C18:24
macoif you want to set up your own Diaspora pod, #diaspora18:24
Ddpbfcanu-qumm: what kind of help you want?18:24
Pici#kubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-offtopic are nice for general chatter.18:25
Ddpbfi think he asked how to change colour of nicks in irssi18:27
canu-qummoh, is it possible to join multiple chann-- nevermind.18:27
canu-qummwait, no tab opened, as if you were only able to connect to one channel.18:27
Ddpbfof cours18:28
macocanu-qumm: you're on irssi right?18:28
macocanu-qumm: /join #otherchannel18:28
macocanu-qumm: then alt+number changes between them18:28
macowhen a number at the bottom highlights purple, someone's talking to you18:28
macowhite bold is just people talking in general, if i remember right18:28
canu-qummoh, i see..18:28
Ddpbfcanu-qumm: alt+1, alt+2 etc18:28
devilchaos ok folks thanks for the help bye for now if a dont see threw week al see you through the  window18:28
Ddpbfif you want to navigate channels18:28
maconumbers 11+ are on Q W E etc18:29
macoor whatever your top row is i guess18:29
macon and p for next and previous18:29
macoa for active18:29
macoand if you have more than 20 channels, you can do   /win 3218:29
Ddpbfto quit channel /part #foo18:31
PiciThere are docs on irssi.org and their support channel here is #irssi18:32
canu-qummok thanks18:34
Ddpbfsomebod tried aki?18:37
PythonSnakeare you sure that intel drivers are built-in ?18:38
DdpbfPythonSnake: yes i am18:38
Ddpbfunless you have gma 50018:39
PythonSnakecuz intel just eleased a new one..18:39
PythonSnakehow to get it ?18:39
Ddpbfadd that ppa18:39
Ddpbfhm they also packaged kde-base workspace18:41
Ddpbfwhy they did it18:41
DdpbfPythonSnake: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa18:42
PythonSnakesudo apt-get update ?18:43
Ddpbfof course18:44
Ddpbfand sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:44
canu-qummthis is sort of confused18:50
canu-qummheh, i've been getting a lot of help at #irssi recently18:53
* LINKSWORD2 quits18:53
PythonSnakeok thanks Dd19:04
PythonSnaketoo late19:04
canu-qummhello again19:17
canu-qummman, this theme looks amazingly minimalistic.19:18
canu-qummalthough i guess irssi in general is already minimal19:18
BluesKajcanu-qumm, irssi is a terminal/cli application , not big on graphics19:20
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andeeeuk_anyone here know any goo webcam apps for kubuntu?19:37
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
rhoxhello, is there a special reason why the 32bit version is the recommended version of Kubuntu 11.04? I am just curious. (http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download#download-block)19:47
=== girault is now known as moi
=== moi is now known as moi1971
canu-qummim using weechat now19:54
canu-qummyep, totally looks like it.19:54
canu-qummit runs on terminal though.19:55
=== evil is now known as Guest49602
phulshofEvening. :) Anyone willing and able to help me out with a Kubuntu 11.4 issue regarding tripple monitor setup?20:10
phulshofSystem settings - Size & Orientation somehow doesn't appear to be fully saved. It switched me from tripple clone to dual clone and a monitor to the right of it, but the tripple monitor setup (which works fine if I change it) doesn't want to survive a reboot.20:12
asfyxia@rhox, considering your question, I think that 32-bits is recommended because it's just a little more solid than 64-bits. E.g. Flash can be a problem in 64-bits. Depending on what you demand from your system ;-)21:21
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olskolirchow can i change my desktop wallpaper to be different on each side please on natty23:00
PythonSnakeolskolirc: each side ?23:06
olskolircyes PythonSnake23:07
PythonSnakeeach side of what23:07
* claydoh_ guesses virtual desktops - the sides of the cube23:10
CammyIt would be nice to have different wallpapers, GUI/Window themes, resolution and colour depth for each desktop23:12
* claydoh_ can't remember how, as it isn't 100% obvious - involves mapping Desktop Activities to Virtual desktops23:12
claydoh_lol  and I blogged about it, but couldn't remeber23:13
=== D3Mc4- is now known as D3Mc4
dsheedywhen I do a $which wine  it says /usr/bin/wine, but when I try and run wine it says /usr/local/bin/wine no such fire or directory23:57
dsheedypath looks okay23:57

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