gary_posterhey danilos & gmb, in case you didn't see my ping yesterday about this, you might be interested in this YUI 3.4/MVC presentation by a YUI dev, live todayin about 4 hours: https://wiki.canonical.com/KnowledgeSharing/YUI212:12
danilosgary_poster, I did see it, thanks12:19
danilosgary_poster, it's a bit late and I might be away from a computer at the time, but spreed can record stuff afaik12:19
gary_posterdanilos, yeah, I was thinking it was late for you, and yeah, the page says it will be recorded12:20
gmbgary_poster: I'm on a super low-bandwidth connection, so I might struggle. Also, skype isn't working, so I might have to stick with irc updates for the standup.12:21
gary_postergmb, yeah I saw your email, blech but understood :-)12:21
gary_postergmb I used lp2kanban with -b yellow, which the help file seems to be ok with.  I got this error:12:27
gary_poster  File "src/lp2kanban/bugs2cards.py", line 321, in update_card12:27
gary_poster    raise RuntimeError(response.ReplyText)12:27
gary_posterRuntimeError: Lane doesn't contain the card you're trying to remove.  Refresh the board to ensure the latest version.12:27
gary_posterShould I have run it with different options, or is -b yellow still sufficient?12:28
gary_poster(It could very well be what the message says--some kind of race condition--but I wanted to check to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong in the New Order)12:29
gary_posterbenji danilos, gmb: skype/irc in 1 minute or so12:29
gary_postergmb should I use -t yellow instead of -b yellow12:35
gary_postergmb why is 657004 not started yet on kanban board12:36
gmbgary_poster: IDK. I'll check. -b yellow should work though.12:36
gmbgary_poster: Interesting. We're getting the following error from the API: RuntimeError: Lane doesn't contain the card you're trying to remove.  Refresh the board to ensure the latest version12:44
gmbI'm going to do some digging.12:44
gary_posterok thanks gmb12:45
* danilos -> late lunch12:45
gmbgary_poster: So, I'm wondering if the API might have changed. We're not doing anything new and yet we're getting this error... I'm going to try it with a different bug, just to see.13:24
gary_posterack gmb13:24
gmbOh. That's weird. If I change the external card ID it works fine...13:28
gmbgary_poster: So, basically, we get that error if we try to move a card - any card - from one lane to another.13:32
gmbSo our lane syncing is broken.13:32
gmbI think something has changed server-side - maybe there's an API for moving stuff or something.13:33
gary_postergmb, ah, ok.  How do you want to work around it?  Disable lane syncing for now, and put in a new card for later, or actually look into it?13:33
gmbgary_poster: Well, I've got some spare cycles whilst my other branch is playing in EC2, so I'll take a look now. Might email the LKK folks and see if they can shed any light.13:34
gary_postercool gmb13:34
gmbgary_poster: Ah, it looks like they've closed a hole in their implementation. Basically, UpdateCard used to allow you to kludge the card into a new lane; it looks as though they now require you to use MoveCard to do the actual work, which is much better.13:42
gary_postergmb, great!  and, easy?13:43
gmbgary_poster: Should be. Working on it now.,13:43
gmbgary_poster: Also, a side effect of the fix is that we can no longer move cards between boards accidentally, since we're required to specify the board ID and the lane ID when we make the MoveCard call. If we specify something that mismatches, LKK will error.13:48
gmb(I guess that's why they stopped the kludge)13:48
gary_posterthank you gmb13:49
benjigary_poster: any idea what "(offial_seris, official_series)" means in https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/781600?14:07
_mup_Bug #781600: Need way to list and observe branch tips <branches> <escalated> <principia> <Launchpad itself:In Progress by benji> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/781600 >14:07
gary_posterlooking benji, but I am doubtful :-)14:07
gary_posterbenji, my guess is that it means something like "a branch can be a part of more than one official series."  However, I don't really know what that would even mean, really.  I'd recommend taking your question to flacoste, or to niemeyer if flacoste is unavailable.14:10
benjigary_poster: ok. so you think the first "word" is just a misspelling of the second?14:11
gary_posterbenji, in general, I suggest erring on the side of "being annoying" for this one, in terms of asking the stakeholders making sure you are on the right track.  That's certainly what I would have to do, since I feel I have so little knowledge of code & soyuz.  I'd even go so far as to have some kind of formal-ish implementation plan.14:14
gary_posterA pre-implementation call with Francis seems like a good start, for instance, and I'd even be tempted to schedule a pre-pre-implementation call.14:15
gary_posterI'm happy to help try to rassle people up for you to talk with, or do whatever else you think might help14:15
gary_posterbenji, for reference, flacoste was intending to do this himself14:15
gary_posterhe was telling me about how busy he was this week14:15
gary_posterand I suggested that maybe he ought to delegate :-)14:15
benjigary_poster: sounds like good advice; I'll see if I can get a pre-imp call with flacoste14:16
* gmb -> afk for a while in search of a connection that sucks less15:19
gary_posterbenji, 15 min of philosophy so far, eh? :-)16:15
benjigary_poster: really :\16:16
* benji just had a MixedMetaphoreStackOverflow.16:29
gary_postertopic apparently == prototyping, != mvc16:32
benjigary_poster: it might be rude, but I give up on this presentation; I'll be back after lunch16:44
gary_posterunderstood benji :-/16:45
benjiif I could only figure out how to get out16:45
gary_posterand he's back...16:45

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