linuxman410lubuntu rules loaded on almost every machine i have01:30
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lubunis it possible to copy all files and folders and settings from another machine (ubuntu10.10) to this machine lubuntu 10.04???04:14
KM0201lubun: you can copy /home... i would think.04:14
KM0201wy would you want to do that though?04:14
lubuni want to switch machines.. but dont want to lose data04:15
KM0201back up your home.04:15
KM0201that'll save your configurations, etc04:15
lubundo you think that would also transfer data from games? mainly what im concerned about. (zsnes) and starcraft. wine programs that took FOREVER to get installed04:17
lubunKM0201: on another note, im trying to install lubuntu restricted extras... and its stuck on truetype fonts and keeps flashing on the taskbar... it may be doing something but i cant tell.04:18
KM0201lubun: it should finish eventually04:19
lubuni like this lubuntu so far, are there any limitations on what i can? for example programs, wine, video editing, mp3 devices?04:21
KM0201lubun: not that i've found, if you can do it w/ Ubuntu, you can do it w/ Lubuntu.. only faster... :)04:21
lubunahh... hmmm... then why did i use ubuntu? is it possible to switch and still keep data? from ubuntu 10.10 to lubuntu 11?04:23
KM0201lubun: you could upgrade to 11.04 (w/ gnome).. then strip gnome out of the system completely04:23
KM0201then install lubuntu-desktop04:23
KM0201i believe that would have the desired result04:23
lubunKM0201: ill try that and backup first. thats a good idea04:24
KM0201lubun: yep.. just to be safe....04:25
KM0201well, do you have another PC?.. so if something goes truly haywire, you can burn another cd(or make another USB) so you can reinstall if necessary04:25
KM0201it should'nt go that bad.. but.. you know04:25
lubunyeah... couldnt i just do that with the version im in already?04:28
KM0201what do you mean?04:28
lubunuse lubuntu-desktop04:28
lubunon ubuntu10.1004:28
KM0201but if you're gonna upgrade to 11.0404:29
KM0201i'd do that first04:29
KM0201i dunno why, i just would.. :)04:29
lubunwell i know with the pc at my store i tried to upgrade and i got a bunch of errors and didnt complete. with the pc1 at home i can do what your saying. this pc im on was just super super slow...04:30
KM0201lubun: then if it were me, i'd just go to lubuntu.net   download the 11.04 ISO, and do a clean install04:31
KM0201but thats just me04:31
KM0201delete your ubuntu install, and install Lubuntu in its place04:31
lubuneeek... i think that maybe the answer, but i just hate trying to figure out how to install stuff. starcraft, simcity, webcam, easycap(still havent) im not that savy with commandline04:33
lubunin fact i think i will have to do that becase i messed up something with the one at  work.04:33
KM0201starcraft and simcity, probably work OK w/ playonlinux would be my guess04:34
KM0201webcam, i have no idea on that...04:34
lubunKM0201: i eventually figured those out, but it took endless hours of attempts...  my concern isnt having to do it again, it is messing something up. like i just did today. software center just says broken packages and command line says missing dependencies... i was trying to get kdenlive to work right. now idk what to do04:37
lubuni lost ffmpeg04:37
lubunKM0201: i think a fresh install may be the only way04:37
lubunKM0201: the synaptic package manager is still stuck on the ttf-mscorefonts-installer. under it is has some EULA agreements04:45
KM0201lubun: usually that accompanies a popup, asking you too accept the EULA04:46
lubunKM0201: hmmm.... should i stop or cancel it and try again? i dont see a pop up. (this one just has the agreement  and at the bottom it has "<ok>" but i cant click it or press enter.)04:48
KM0201hang on a sec, dog needs out04:48
bioterrorlubun, press tabkey04:50
bioterrorit's above caps lock04:50
bioterrorand then press enter04:50
bioterrorand you will agree the EULA04:50
bioterror^^ tabulator key04:50
lubuni would have been sitting there for hours thank you04:56
bioterrorsilverarrow, how's the coffee?10:06
silverarrow:- )10:07
silverarrowI shall have to order more of the filters10:08
silverarrowthough it came with loads of10:08
silverarrowdo you know any small fast browser?10:09
silverarrowI have a ridiculous amouts of browsers lol10:10
silverarrowchromium, opera and firefox10:10
silverarrowits' for the lubuntu computer10:11
silverarrowmaybe chromium is the best these days?10:11
bioterrorI know10:15
myrmidetteanyone awake?12:56
bioterrorfor a while12:56
myrmidettek great12:56
myrmidetteI got the bt headset working but after I rebooted pulseaudio broke (all of it) and I haven't been able to fix it12:57
bioterrorpulseaudio :G12:58
bioterrorI'm not taking part in that, sorry12:58
bioterrorI've never used it, actually12:58
myrmidetteI tried switching to alsa but that didn't work either12:58
bioterrorI'm sorry, but I cant help with that12:59
bioterroryou can sure try to restart your pulseaudio12:59
bioterroras a normal user: pulseaudio -k13:00
myrmidetteno luck13:01
myrmidettedefault sink still says auto_null13:01
butterbrotHi,... is there a possibility to switch off the mouse clicks via the touchpad using lxde desktopenvironment (I use a notebook) ?15:13
bioterrornow come and pick P3's from our trash :D16:58
bioterrorsomeone had thrown 3 computers there16:58
lubundo i still go to ubuntuforums.org to get help or do i have to go some where else, since i just switched to lubuntu11.0418:04
bioterrorI dont understand your question18:05
bioterrorbut if you want, you can go to the mall too, we wont stop you ;)18:05
lubunis there a LUBUNTUforums.org or does ubuntu help apply to LUbuntu?18:06
bioterrorwe have mailing list and ubuntuforums too18:06
bioterrorand we might also help18:07
lubunbefore i do anything on this system. is there a way to create a system restore point. similar to windows where you can go back to that point?18:08
lubun...hmmm... im concerned about messing up my system. im not real savvy with command line.18:09
bioterrorthen you have to think twice before doing something ;)18:09
lubunyeah... thats what im contemplating right now.18:10
lubunhow do control sound preferences? i dont see where18:37
bioterroropen terminal18:38
bioterrorand say: alsamixer18:38
lubunreason i ask is because im getting no sound18:38
bioterrorcheck if you have PCM or Master muted18:39
lubun i see Master, Master M, Master S, headphones, PCM, surround, Surround, center. MASTER S, suround and headphone dont show anything above it18:41
bioterrorand theres OO or MM18:41
bioterrorMM means muted18:42
lubunhow do i change it?18:43
bioterrorwith M -button18:43
lubun_do i have to restart the computer after changing sound prefrences?18:48
lubun_hmmm... still no sound18:49
riddlerhey guys18:51
lubun_what was that command you said to go into sound preferences in terminal?18:51
lubun_thanx let me check again18:52
riddleri want to remove the games on my lubuntu so I went to Package Terminal and set it to Mark for Removal-  it tells me other packages needs to be remove as well such as lubuntu-desktop  do i select it and Mark?18:55
riddleri mean Synaptic Package Manager18:55
riddleror if anyone know a better way to remove Penguin <games>18:57
szczurriddler, you can safely remove lubuntu-desktop18:58
riddlerok cool, so its not gonna delete my desktop right?18:58
szczurit's only a metapackage (package which insyalls other, dependent packages)18:58
szczurriddler, no. It won't :)18:59
riddlerwhat's the different between Mark for Removal and Mark for Complete Removal?18:59
szczurif you choose normal removal it will keep configuration files of these programs kept in /etc folder19:01
szczurwith complete removal, these will be removed too19:01
riddlerah ok, ty.19:02
lubun_i dont understand i was getting sound earlier, now i am not? what could be the problem19:03
lubun_ive changed the settings in  alsamixer and ive checked the wires. but i dont get any sound. do i have to install any drivers or something?19:14
bioterrorlubun_, from where are you trying to get these sounds out?19:24
bioterrormp3's or what?19:24
lubun_youtube doesnt work either. i dont have any music on this pc to test yet. i dont hear the Ping that this chat does... at a loss19:26
KM0201lubun_: have you installed pavucontrol?19:28
KM0201you may have your device set wrong19:28
lubun_KM0201: pavucontrol? is that in synaptic.? how do i set it right?19:29
KM0201lubun_: sell install it first.. and yes, its in synaptic....19:29
KM0201*well, not sell19:29
KM0201lubun_: after you install, lemme know19:31
lubun_KM0201: installed,19:31
KM0201lubun_: now go to the menu, sound and video, and Pulse Audio Volume Control19:31
KM0201lubun_: after thats open, go to "Configuration"19:32
KM0201what is configuration set to?19:32
lubun_analog mono output and analog stereo duplex19:33
KM0201try changing some options in configuration, and see if you can get sound.19:33
KM0201I have to do that on my sisters computer,19:33
KM0201my guess is, you're gonna have to change the mono one.19:33
lubun_it only has off on that one19:36
phillwlubun_: this may be one you have checked, but look at additional drivers and make sure the modem is not turned on. I've been caught by that one before :)19:36
lubun_phillw: it doesnt show any drivers there "no proprietary drivers are in use in this system"19:37
KM0201lubun_: i'm betting if you play w/ pavucontrol, you'll get your sound working19:40
KM0201i've had to do it on a couple of different machine19:40
lubun_i see the sound bar moving in the output devices tab... the sound worked perfectly a few hours ago in ubuntu10.10... ive tried my speakers and headphones.19:46
lubun_ok the head phone jack in the front works, but not the ones in the back. could that be a hardware issue?19:46
KM0201so sound is being routed out the front port, instead of the rear19:47
KM0201i still think its in yoru configuration.19:47
lubun_ok thanks. it was that. i had to set it (output devices) analog output amplifier and configuration to Analog stereo output + analog stereo input19:50
lubun_KM0201 thanks.19:50
KM0201lubun_: i figured.. :)  i've had to do that more times than i care to think, on several systems..19:51
KM0201glad you got it worked out.19:51
KM0201lubun_: is that an old system yu're running lubuntu on?19:53
phillwKM0201: and your omework, is to write up a diagnostic of what you did, so we can add it the wiki area :)19:53
lubun_Dell pentium 4 3ghz 1gig ram19:53
lubun_was on xp before this19:53
phillwlubun_: look on the bright side, it *could* have been vista :P19:54
KM0201phillw: its really just trial and error... i can give you the basics.. .for some reason, the audio channels don't get set properly, and as far as i can tell, there's no way to adjust it w/ the default GUI tool in Lubuntu... (i'm sure you can use Alsamixer, but who wants to use command line..lol)... so installing Pavucontrol, just gives you an easy GUI to adjust settings..19:54
KM0201phillw: truth is, what the settings should be, is probably different for each machine19:54
KM0201i actually just installed Lubuntu on my sisters computer this morning, same problem.... had to install on hers, because she had ubuntu 10.04, and *someone*.. clicked upgrade, then shut it down in the middle of the upgrade...lol19:55
KM0201i could have fixed it, but i wanted to switch it to Lubuntu anyway, cuz it woudn't have the juice for 11.04 nonsense.19:56
KM0201phillw: uggh vista w/ 1gig of ram?... surely you're joking (although my laptop came w/ vista and 1gig of ram..lol, but i never even booted Vista to see how it ran)19:57
KM0201phillw: but i bought this laptop when vista first came out, that was before manufacturers realizes that Vista liked ram like a fat kid likes cookies19:58
phillwKM0201: my laptop was actually built for vista, it HATED XP :( That was when I learned about the speed-boost usb devices. and for those running linux on a usb device, that is what I reccomend - they are built to a higher standards and faster.20:00
KM0201phillw: i don't mind XP.. i hate Vista, and my experience w/ 7, is very very limited to the point i can't make a fair determination20:01
bioterrornothing wrong with Vista ;)20:01
phillwthis one is a win7 one, As I have a decent win7 licence for it, I am still tempted to install a little area on the 1TB of hard disk space for it to live.20:02
KM0201bioterror: lol, i have to disagree there20:02
phillwbioterror: apart from it should have been strangled at birth ;)20:02
bioterrorworks like a charm20:02
bioterrorbetter than XP20:02
bioterroryou just need to get to know all the configuration places, just like in 720:03
KM0201i dunno, i'm perfectly happy not allowing Vista into the KM0201 family compound20:04
KM0201do any of you use antivirus on your linux boxes? ( i know you dont really need them for Linux, but scanning stuff that may be sent to a windows user, is prudent)20:06
bioterrorwaste of resources20:06
phillwI cannot see vista lasting as long as XP. I've heard good things about v7. so, that makes 98, XP, 7 about the only stable ones :P20:07
KM0201phillw: yup.20:07
bioterrorphillw, 7 came so quickly after vista20:07
bioterrorand corporations are still using XP :D20:07
KM0201phillw: Windows Me was actually what spawned me to start learning linux20:07
bioterrorand 8 is coming20:07
phillwKM0201: there are a couple of decent ones to help look after our windows cousins.20:07
KM0201phillw: yeah, i've used Avast...20:07
phillwbioterror: corporations are still using NT :D20:07
KM0201i can never get clam AV to update for some reason20:07
bioterrormost of the companies are then skipping even the 720:08
KM0201i think 7 came so fast because vista sucked so bad20:08
phillwKM0201: clam is more for servers and email20:09
KM0201i do find it strange that Win 8 is coming along so quickly though.. since 7 seems to get such rave reviews.20:09
bioterrorclamav is crap20:09
bioterrorcant really find anything to be honest20:09
phillwmy thoughts, and they may well be out of date are at http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1720:10
phillwI wrote them over a year ago, but I still use bitDefender my self.20:10
KM0201phillw: is bit defender free though20:11
KM0201Avast has an easy GUI as well, by the way20:12
phillwKM0201: yes, you get the licence by giving them an email address. i have never had any spam off them.20:12
phillwAvast is also excellent (I use that on XP machines). I've never tried their linux version.20:12
KM0201phillw: i don't mind giving them my email for a license.. but another link i read said you had to renew it every 30 days.20:12
KM0201phillw: linux version is very similar to the windows version.20:13
phillwbit defender, like avast is once per year.... let me know where the 30days bit is (I think that may have been a trial, but I am always grateful for any alterations that need doing).20:14
KM0201phillw: the link posted above had the 30 day bit.. (not yours, theone before it)20:15
KM0201phillw: this one references the 30 days...  http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/free-linux-antivirus-programs/20:16
* phillw I was gutted when AVG stopped full linux support and then messed up with XP. I'd used AVG for YEARS. Horses for courses, clam AV is brilliant at its job.... scanning attachements as a mail server, I had a play with it a while back. It just went "sorry, email not getting through"20:17
phillwKM0201: my links for bitdefender stills seems valid.... let me check20:19
phillwKM0201: seems still valid.. http://www.bitdefender.co.uk/solutions/unix-homeuser.html (although I disagree with the linux threat :P )20:21
KM0201i might check it out.20:21
phillwIt was the 'protect windows' that I was interested in.20:22
phillwMy Dad would NOT be impressed if I downloaded something for the works computer (Win XP) via linux and installed a nasty!20:23
KM0201phillw: exactly.. i'm not concerned about my linux systems20:23
phillwIt is quite fun to go to a dodgy site and get it to test something you are sure is "bad" and it go into DEFCON 1 and release the Tactical Nuclear weapons at it :P20:25
KM0201phillw: weird, i click downlload now, and it just takes me to a thing to fill out my email addy, etc.. will i get emailed a link to download it?20:25
phillwno, you can upload from the site... Ahh... now I understand the confusion. The download only is active for 30 days. you need to enter the licence number you receive by email for the year.20:27
KM0201that makes ense20:27
KM0201i got it downloading now.20:28
KM0201how the heck do you install this?20:28
KM0201its a .deb.run?20:28
KM0201never saw a .deb file like that before20:29
KM0201oh ok20:29
phillwhopefully the instructions are clear? get the licence, go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BitDefender20:29
phillwIf that area is no longer working, i'll look at getting it updated. It is only when people tell me of problems can I go and check.20:29
KM0201naa, i got the license20:30
KurdistanKM0201, have you got virus?20:31
phillwKM0201: I've always found the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BitDefender instructions okay, if there is a change needed, instead of just telling me - feel free to edit the wiki page :)20:31
KM0201Kurdistan: naa.. just a discussion phillw and i were having, on how to protect unsuspecting 'doze users, if we were to accidentally forward something20:31
KM0201Kurdistan: are you kidding, if i got a virus, i'd never hear the end of it from everyone i've been pimping linux to the last 4-5yrs.20:32
phillwlmfao :D20:32
phillwbbs, nicotine enhancement time :)20:32
KurdistanKM0201, okey. I have not used antivirus crap from buntu day and one.20:32
Kurdistanone left crappy winvirus20:32
bioterrorKurdistan, no problems if you dont run around as root :D20:33
phillwKurdistan: some of us have to look after20:33
phillwwindows users20:33
KM0201Kurdistan: yeah... i've never forwarded a virus to anyone (or at least nobodys ever accused me of it)..20:33
KM0201but it's just a precaution really20:33
KM0201and i may not even keep it, i dunno20:33
Kurdistanbioterror, I didnt really get that. :)20:33
Kurdistanphillw, look after what :)20:34
KM0201you guys wanna see something kinda funny.20:34
KurdistanKM0201, :) that was funny.20:34
KM0201no, this is really funny20:34
KM0201i put Lubuntu on a fairly old machine, about 4mo ago, for a friend.20:34
Kurdistanshould we not chat off-topic :)20:34
KM0201naa, its on topic20:34
KM0201well, about a couple weeks ago, she calls me, says she's got a virus.. and i'm like, yeah right...20:35
KM0201tells me she clicked some link, etc.. so i said, well whats the link20:35
KM0201so i go to the link, and this is what i got...  http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j263/IndyGunFreak/virus.jpg20:35
KM0201lol (thats my desktop but thats why she thought she had a virus)20:36
bioterrorxp total security20:36
bioterrorpain in the ass20:36
KM0201when you have XP.20:36
KM0201she had Lubuntu.. thats what was so funny about it20:36
bioterrorwhen you have XP and IE20:36
bioterroryou get that, I've never got that with chrome20:37
bioterrorand I surf web alot20:37
bioterrora lot20:37
KurdistanI have never got virus20:37
bioterrorI see that once a week at my work20:37
lubun_ok. one other thing how do i change the clock to regular american time... not the other20:37
KM0201bioterror: i was a bit surprised i got it w/ chrome as well, but i did... and obviously she did to (although she may have been using Firefox.. )20:37
KurdistanI press everything :) I see.20:37
KM0201lubun_: i was gonna ask that the other day, i think its in clock configuration20:37
bioterrorregular american time20:38
bioterroryou mean 12h clock20:38
bioterror%I:%M%p or what was it20:38
KM0201wel, the current clock setting is %R20:38
bioterroryou guys should move to metric system20:39
lubun_i have to count for that20:39
KM0201bioterror: i almost always use a 24hr clock, so it doesn't bother me.20:40
phillwthat one? sorry, been out for a ciggie :P20:40
KM0201good link phillw20:40
KM0201i like showing the date.20:40
phillwI'll add it to FAQ area :)20:41
KM0201so how do you stay on the 24hr clock, and show the date?20:41
KM0201wait, nevermind20:41
KM0201i think i got it20:41
bioterrorhoho, I remembered 12h20:41
phillwWe are doing some tidying up in readiness for full adoption20:41
phillwKM0201: feel free to add the example, I covered several example, but the list is endless!20:42
KM0201phillw: its reallly not bad.20:42
KM0201phillw: yup.20:42
lubun_very good link thanx20:43
KM0201%a %d %b %y %R         that shows (Day, Date, Month, 24hr clock)20:43
KM0201oh.. time zone.20:43
KM0201the other thing i wanted to bring up.20:43
phillwKM0201: please feel free to edit it and add that as an example in the beginners area, thanks :)20:44
lubun_are yall developers?20:44
KM0201have you guys noticed, when you install Lubuntu, no matter what you set the timezone to during install, it always sets itself to America/Adak  (for me... when it should be Indpls)20:44
KM0201lubun_: not me, i'm a nobody.. phillw and bioterror are the smart ones here.20:45
phillwlubun_: nope, support people. As lubuntu is such a small team, we all elp out.20:45
KM0201but i did find the bug for the audacious icon the other day...lol (evfen though i never filed it)20:45
KM0201seems a silly thing to file a bug on20:45
bioterrorKM0201, it's the ubiquity20:45
phillwlubun_: I've never had that happen for me. One of the stages of install is the map of the world and say where you are.20:45
bioterrorKM0201, I might get Mariehamnn some times20:46
KM0201oh, time zonje20:46
KM0201ok.. i was wondering if it was just me...20:46
KM0201its not a big deal..20:46
phillwI tend to start in some wonderful country, and then I tries to move to the Isle of Man, before I finally get to London in the UK :P20:47
KM0201phillw: is it normal for bit defender to not go into the menu?20:48
phillwKM0201: once you have added the example you want, let me know and I'll add the page to the FAQ, we are going to be asked it when lubuntu goes viral at 11.10 :)20:48
KM0201phillw: probably.20:49
KM0201well, i put the one i like above.20:49
phillwLe me check, I've not it running atm.20:49
KM0201weird, synaptic shows its installed, but i can't start it20:49
phillwwat version of lubuntu are you on?20:49
phillwis it not in system tools? Let me install it... will be a little while (not very fast internet here)20:50
bioterrorit doesnt have .desktop20:50
KM0201bioterror: indeed20:51
lubun_i dont know if i install 11.04 or 10.04... i thought i got 10.04, but i may be wrong20:51
KM0201lubun_: lsb_release -a     in a terminal20:51
KM0201bioterror: but i should still be able to start it from command line20:51
bioterrorKM0201, and you're not?20:52
phillwI've got 11.04 and 11.10 alpha on my Virtual Box, 11.04 wants an update!20:52
KM0201i type "bitdefender" and it says command not found20:52
lubun_yeah 11.04... cool ubuntu 11.04 wouldnt want to upgrade from 10.04 for some reason.20:52
bioterrordpkg -L ?20:52
KM0201bioterror: says its not installed, but synaptic shows installed20:52
phillwlubun_: did you follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BitDefender20:53
phillwyou need to add the GUI :)20:53
KM0201i think i did.20:53
KM0201bitdefender-scanner-gui is installed20:53
lubun_well its too late now. lubuntu is working smoothly20:53
KM0201lubun_: to late for what?20:53
KM0201phillw: yes, i followed those instructions to the letter20:54
phillwI've got 90MB to download for updates, on a 256k link, this will take a while :\20:54
lubun_KM0201: maybe that was directed at you when he tagged me in it20:54
KM0201lubun_: i think so.20:54
phillwOnce they are done, I will have a look.20:55
phillwI *used* to work fine, but things do get broken20:55
phillwKM0201: whilst piglet updates himself, did you add the time/date example?20:56
KM0201phillw: could it be because it didn't install bitdefender-common?20:56
phillwKM0201: until I can run the instructions my self, I cannot really check it out :P20:56
KM0201%a %d %b %y %R       Day, Date, Month, Yr, 24hr clock20:57
KM0201phillw: its cool, no big deal20:57
phillwKM0201: did you add it to the wiki page, or do I need to?20:57
KM0201no, i haven't added it.20:57
KM0201i don't mess w/ adding to the wiki page (i should.. i know) i leave that to you all.20:58
KM0201how do you make a 4 digit year... can't really find that in the "customizing the clock" docs20:59
phillwokies, I'll get it done. Just so as you are all aware (I know people have a habit of ignoring the mailing list), I have been asked to make a presentation to the UDW for Lubuntu, so, any little gremlins really need sorting out.20:59
lubun_y isnt Lubuntu as popular?21:00
KM0201lubun_: well, its still really new21:01
KM0201i've turned several people onto it.21:01
phillwKM0201: I'd suggest 'playing' with21:02
phillw%X is replaced by national representation of the time.%x is replaced by national representation of the date.%Y is replaced by the year with century as a decimal number.%y is replaced by the year without century as a decimal number (00-99).%Z is replaced by the time zone name.%z is replaced by the time zone offset from UTC; a leading plus sign stands for east of UTC, a minus sign for west of UTC, hours and minutes follow with two digits each and no del21:02
KM0201i'll figure it out, no big deal.21:03
phillwlubun_: you'd be suprised how popular it is :) Just as it works out of the box, we do not get flooded with support calls.21:04
KM0201phillw: honestly, i think when 11.10 hits, and Gnome 2.x is no longer a fall back, and folks start to see how bad xfce4 sucks, we're probably gonna see an increase in users21:05
phillwfor the millions on ubuntu people out there, the support areas are really quiet. although for lubuntu, come 11.10...... I'm going on holiday for a week :P21:05
KM0201cuz unity, is very likely still gonna suck in 11.10, and they'll be trying to push out Gnome 3 at that point also.. it's possible that Ubuntu may not have a really good release again till 12.1021:05
KM0201from a gui standpoint, that is.21:06
bioterrorKM0201, did KDE users abondon KDE when Plasma came at KDE4?21:06
bioterrorno, they did not21:06
KM0201bioterror: quite a few did.21:06
phillwKM0201: 12.04 is the release date for Ubuntu :P21:06
KM0201until the bugs got worked out21:06
bioterrorthey had 3.5 as a fallback too21:06
KM0201bioterror: thats my point..21:06
KurdistanKM0201, unity will be better for every release. But I will have Ubuntu with Unity for main OS to next LTS.21:06
bioterrorjust like gnome 2 is atm.21:07
KM0201when 11.10 hits, it's either gonna be unity, or gnome 3 (which sucks right now as well to)21:07
KurdistanI have stil time in ubuntu 10.10 :).21:07
KM0201unity is just to much a resource hog...21:07
phillwKurdistan: as you have in lubuntu 10.04, all the 10.04 releases will be around for a while yet :)21:07
KM0201same w/ gnome 3... it's as bad as kde 4... and xfce 4 is also a major disappointment21:07
bioterrorand computers gets shipped with 4GB of RAM and atleast with couple of cores21:07
bioterroreven the cheapest ones21:08
Kurdistanphillw, yes, also lubuntu will be better for every release.21:08
Kurdistanlxde needs to mature21:08
KM0201bioterror: true, my main machine will run Gnome 3, Unity, KDE 4, whatever... but... my laptop.. not so.. 1.5gigs of ram, 1.7ghz Celeron21:08
Kurdistanit feels to much new kid in the block21:08
phillwAs you will have read (or not) on the mailing list, even people with high spec kit say that Lubuntu files like effluent off a shovel.21:09
bioterrorsad to say, but LXDE is just gum and tape wrapped around ;)21:09
lubun_phillw: oh i see more user friendly = no confused newbies like me21:09
KM0201Kurdistan: oh thats whats so appealing about it.. it's so simple.. i hate all the "pizzazz" of Unity and KDE4.21:09
KurdistanKM0201, you can try xpud.21:09
Kurdistanbuntu based21:09
Kurdistansuperb fast and light21:09
KM0201i honestly have no interest in messing w/ obscure releases21:09
KurdistanKM0201, kde4 is good, but I am not big fan of kubuntu.21:10
KM0201ugh.. i hate kde21:10
Kurdistanpclinuxos is much better kde dist21:10
phillwbioterror: for 12.04, the lubuntu team have MASSIVE decissions to make. But, we cross each bridge as it comes.21:10
Kurdistanalso zeven os (tweaked to run on older computers).21:10
KM0201phillw: massive decisions? like what?21:11
phillwme may switch to LightDM for example21:11
bioterrorand? :D21:11
KM0201phillw: is that the new login screen?21:11
phillwbioterror: well, we have to decide that!21:11
bioterroratm devs are just freeloading with lightdm21:12
bioterrorubuntu devs can have fun with it on this cycle21:12
bioterrorand then just pick the berries when the crop is ready21:12
phillwbioterror: that is the idea of an X.10 release prior to the LTS .04 release that follows. Surely you recall the 'fun' we had when grub v2 was released on 9.10?21:13
KM0201i put lightDM on the machine i installed lubuntu on this morning.. it worked out well.21:13
KM0201becuase it has 3 users, and one, i'm constantly reminding of their username, etc.. i had to make it where they could "click" their username21:15
phillwKM0201: it was discussed whether to go with LightDM for Lubuntu 11.10, but there were a few too many uncertaincies. I do think it will be there for 12.04, but that is just a my own feeling. The devs are the ones who have to make it happen & I have always and will always say, for such major works - it is them who decide the time scale of what they can, and cannot manage in a 4 month window.21:16
KM0201i thnk it was light dm anyway21:16
KM0201yup, it was21:16
KM0201phillw: lightdm seems to look pretty good on the 11.04 box i put it on this morning21:17
KM0201it works wel.21:17
phillwI am not sure the devs have totally ruled it out for 11.10 - but it is a REALLY big ask on them. To do both that and have a fall back, if we had more devs then fine. As 11.10 is going to be our 1st mainlione release, let us concentrate on that. Others may disagree, but my thoughts are that there is too much riding on this for us to mess up.21:19
phillwWe are not fully building our iso releases to 'the official standards', i am firmly on the side of let us use what few resources in people to ensure that 11.10 goes without a hitch. Lubuntu will be under secrutiny like never before. This realease MUST go smoothly with no show stoppers.21:23
phillwKM0201: I'm just rebooting the VM... I'll get the AV installed as soon as it comes back.21:25
phillwKM0201: is an #.'oops' in order? I updated the entire 11.10 alpha1 VM, the 11.04 is just now starting, sorry :(21:27
KM0201phillw: its no big deal, i gotta leave in a efw, so i'll check w/ you later on it if you don't get to it before i go (but that does explain why that upgrade was so big..lol)21:33
phillwKM0201: it is at least 6 minutes to get the GIU, I'm just scribbling notes as I go... It is a 34MB file, which takes a while on my link system :)21:50
KM0201ok, gotta go now.22:00
KM0201i'll be back in a bit phillw   if you can figure out what is up w/ bitdefender, id' appreciate it.22:01
Kurdistanphillw, if you se lezcek or what his nick was. say that his zeven os is really good distro.22:16
bioterrorKurdistan, wait for Haiku ;)22:16
bioterrorw0w, haiku alpha 3 is out!22:16
Kurdistanbioterror, no I will not touch that.22:16
bioterrorhow did I miss it22:16
Kurdistanbioterror, what is the good with haiku22:16
bioterrorit's so fast that you cant even understand it22:16
bioterrorzeven os is just a BeOS/Haiku ripoff22:17
Kurdistanbioterror, okey. I only know that zeven os is debian based.22:18
Kurdistanall that I need.22:18
KurdistanScientific Linux  <<--- also good dist.22:21
phillwKurdistan: bioterror I only follow Zenix out of the 'non' *buntu areas, there is a very good reason for my doing so. It is better I leave it at that :)22:27
Kurdistanphillw, didnt understand zenix thing.22:28
phillwKurdistan: it is a 'bhuddist' version of debian, not overly so, as they state (I'm not one), but it is a pretty darn good low RAM OS based on debian (same as ubuntu is). I do know several of the people who have created and maintain it, so I really have to be careful about advising it to people with 100MB RAM, even though I know it can do that.22:32
Kurdistanphillw, I see.22:33
bioterrorphillw, install fluxbox and boot into it22:33
bioterroryou will drop 20MB of RAM usage instantly22:33
bioterroror change it to load fluxbox instead of openbox22:33
phillwI uses pretty low RAM, and still is and has a decent OS for those that low down. but, as I say, I am biased.22:34
Kurdistanbioterror, is fluxbox lighter then lxde?22:36
phillwthe fox and bodhi, would - I am sure, actually have a look to see just ow low, on RAM they could make it.22:36
silverarrowI have a minimal old computer, but it runs fine with some new ram22:36
silverarrowI don't know what might be better than lubuntu as full install?22:37
phillwIt does seem odd, to me, that for normal system we are with Lubuntu the best. It is 'full stream', but I must accept others are on even lower spec than even we can do. having heard of te alternatives, I do, honestly, think that Zenix could help them. But, as I keep stating, that is a purely personal statement.22:39
Kurdistanphillw, you are the angel of lubuntu.22:39
KurdistanIf I could vote for lubuntu president22:39
Kurdistanit would be you22:39
Kurdistansilverarrow, slitaz is also light.22:40
silverarrowlubuntu is good on normal computers too, like 3GB ram and duo core processors22:40
phillwLubuntu came about to make the most popular linux available to lower spec computers. It is something that we will NOT betray.22:40
Kurdistanpuppy linux <<--- dont like there irc channel22:40
silverarrowthanks for the tip kurdistan22:40
silverarrowthere's lots of distros I have no idea about22:41
silverarrowI have trouble loading lubuntu on two HP laptops22:42
silverarrowsome weird issue booting22:42
phillwZenix cannot do what lubuntu can, but having had a chat with those guys on that team, I am confident that we can both progress and share knowledge. And, to me, that is what F/OSS is all about.22:42
phillwIt is probable that lubuntu will switch to LightDM for 12.0422:45
silverarrowdo I have a firewall in lubuntu?22:46
phillwsilverarrow: yup you do. all ports are disabled22:46
silverarrowI see22:47
silverarrowwell, partly22:47
silverarrowgood to know22:47
phillwit is not a fire wall, it is more like the Great Wall of China :)22:47
silverarrowlike really old and needs rebuilding in places?22:47
phillwwell, we do have to allow port 80 to listen, else you could not surf the net :P22:48
silverarrowsorry I just had to22:48
silverarrowcome to think of it, the great wall of china is rebuilt and restored I think22:48
silverarrowI am really happy with lubuntu22:49
silverarrowI needed  a light OS with full install22:50
silverarrowand it does it with a wizard22:50
phillwsilverarrow: if you are paranoid ... try http://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1262-check-what-ports-are-open/22:50
silverarrowit's all right, I'm not, just trying to be up to date with what I need to have installed22:51
phillwsilverarrow: linux has ports locked down, by default.22:52
silverarrownmap is currently not installed22:53
phillwit is only the idiot user who opens them :P22:53
silverarrowwell I might be one of them22:55
silverarrowlook at this one then http://pastebin.com/TzHSTisZ22:57
silverarrowdoes it make any sense?22:57
silverarrowI hope it's all right22:58
silverarrowdoes linux ever crash?22:58
silverarrowit used to on my old computer until I discovered my hard drive was faulty22:59
phillwnot too sure, I'm just running one that they will tell me is horribly wrong and I need to send them thousands of dollars to fix..... Long time since I've had so much fun :)22:59
silverarrowscam repairers?23:00
silverarrowhowever, it is late here23:00
silverarrowI have to get of the web23:01
phillwOh dear,, their port scanner was refused access to my system... what a shame :P23:01
silverarrowi know a guy who are really into apple23:01
phillwdo not worry., you are safe unless you keep doing stuff with root access.23:01
silverarrowwell, not too much23:02
silverarrowonly things I need to, like installations or updates23:02
silverarrowcome to think of it, all my operative system crashes might be because of hard ware failiure23:03
silverarrowwindows included23:03
silverarrowthough lubuntu runs fine23:04
silverarrowhave a good night23:04
Kurdistanwill go to bed23:13
Kurdistanhave nice computing time23:13

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