snadgebjsnider: are you still here? :p01:27
snadgei can confirm what you've said about some cards working fine.. and others working less than fine01:28
snadge(with xvba-video) .. but i have to strongly disagree about much better off using a multicore cpu01:28
snadgeit is far far better to use xvba-video on chipsets which support it properly01:28
snadgeand many low power cpus like atom and bobcat, just dont have the grunt to do it in software01:29
snadgebut work perfectly in windows for that purpose01:29
snadgecatalyst 10.7 should be out soon.. and i strongly strongly recommend ubuntu include that01:29
snadgerather than whatever the default policy is, which im assuming is to use the 10.6 which is currently in it at the moment01:30
snadgeubuntu should distribute the latest versions of drivers, with no exception.. at the time of release01:30
snadgei dont know how many times i've gone to install the "latest" version of ubuntu.. and it doesn't support the graphics card i happen to be using01:30
tsimpsononeiric is not the "latest" version, it's the development version :)01:32
snadge.. if that is unacceptable for whatever reason, then at least provide installables for the newer version, which easily replace the defaulted one01:32
snadgei know.. but by the time oneiric is released.. im presuming it will be distributed with catalyst 10.601:32
snadgeeven if 10.8 is out by then01:32
snadgesorry my bad.. 11.6 and 11.801:33
smallfoot-in some days alpha2 gets released01:34
smallfoot-im looking forward to it01:35
smallfoot-i hope its better than alpha101:35
smallfoot-cuz 11.10 is looking to be real shitty01:35
smallfoot-11.04 was awesome with gnome 201:35
smallfoot-but 11.10 has unity, it sucks, and it has unity2d which sucks even more, and it has gnome3 which sucks01:35
bazhang!enter | smallfoot-01:35
ubottusmallfoot-: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:35
bazhangsmallfoot-, it sucks is hardly a support or bug fixing issue01:36
smallfoot-i hope kde 4.7 will be better than kde 4.6, its very pretty, but confusing and slow to use01:36
bazhangsmallfoot-, and no cursing here, you know that01:36
smallfoot-ya, but i didnt cuss01:36
smallfoot-and gnome3 cant switch themes, i use gnome2 with dust, i like it01:37
bazhangsmallfoot-, this is not the complaints channel, you know that as well.01:37
smallfoot-but there is no complaints channel! :(01:37
bazhang<smallfoot-> cuz 11.10 is looking to be real shitty01:37
smallfoot-oh is that cursing01:38
bazhangsmallfoot-, correct. this is a bug fixing channel for those willing to run unstable development software01:38
smallfoot-well, i really love 11.04 with gnome2, its perfect except plymouth is broken01:38
smallfoot-but i dont like unity or gnome3 or kde, or windows or mac, so i dont know what to do01:38
bazhangsmallfoot-, #ubuntu-offtopic is for chat. not here here nor #ubuntu is the place for this01:38
smallfoot-i tried fedora, but it uses gnome3 and is very bad,  i tried kubuntu, its pretty but not very friendly, its cluttered and bloated and confusing01:39
smallfoot-so im stuck with 11.04 forever01:39
bazhangsmallfoot-, #ubuntu-offtopic Please01:40
snadgeyeah less complaints .. more helpful suggestions01:41
snadgeand no.. suggesting that it come with gnome2 instead, is probably going to fall on deaf ears01:41
snadgeubuntu likes to move forwards, even if that causes considerable pain and regressions.. because its the "right thing to do" .. all the developers have moved on, the users are supposed to too01:42
DaekdroomWhat about XFCE?01:42
snadgeso rather than whinge that things dont work properly.. fix it.. or as suggested, take the convo to #ubuntu-offtopic ;)01:42
snadgei must admit im eager to chat with bjsnider, about the negotiations with amd to distribute xvba-video01:44
DaekdroomIf anything, I believe you can still install the classic gnome interface through apt-get, despite it no longer being shipped.01:44
snadgeim also curious about compiz classic mode.. it doesn't appear to exist in 11.1001:45
snadgeis that something thats installable as well?01:45
Daekdroomcompiz classic gnome? Running gnome-panel and compiz?01:45
snadgei only have unity and unity2d options on my login01:45
DaekdroomWell, you can install the classic gnome session packages, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with compiz01:46
snadgeit should be, thats how it worked with the older gnome01:46
snadgemetacity for 2d, compiz for 3d01:46
snadgedont tell me the new gnome comes with its own window manager?01:47
snadge*facepalm* :p01:47
DaekdroomSort of.01:48
DaekdroomWell, actually, it does.01:48
DaekdroomIt's called Mutter.01:49
Daekdroombut the fallback session uses metacity regardless01:49
snadgeok thats not so bad.. the question becomes whether mutter sucks, and if it does, can it be replaced with compiz01:49
snadgesome people are resistant to change.. and may prefer having newer versions of system libraries, kernel etc.. but with the "classic" interface01:50
DaekdroomI don't think you can run GNOME Shell without Mutter, but Unity still runs Compiz .01:50
snadgeok so that basically means.. the classic interface is no longer supported, as of 11.1001:51
DaekdroomIt is.01:51
snadgedue to the move to gnome 301:51
DaekdroomMetacity is still packaged.01:51
charlie-tcaI would suggest trying Xubuntu! It uses Xfce instead of unity or Gnome or KDE01:51
snadgeso unless gnome 3 has a "work like gnome 2" option.. you're either forced to use unity, or gnome 3.. or kde01:51
charlie-tcaI would suggest trying Xubuntu! It uses Xfce instead of unity or Gnome or KDE01:52
snadgeor no composited desktop.. metacity isn't classic desktop.. its retro classic desktop01:52
snadgeor the dark ages01:52
Daekdroomas a matter of fact, unity-2d uses metacity.01:52
Daekdroom(or for some reason lists it as a dependency)01:52
snadgewhat i mean by classic is.. "gnome 2 + compiz"01:52
DaekdroomOh. I could test that.01:53
snadgesince thats been the way for the last.. 5 releases or so at least01:53
snadgeand to suddenly not have that option.. is a bit of a shock to those who have been used to it for a few years01:53
tsimpsoncompiz only existed because matacity didn't "do" 3D01:53
snadgecorrect.. but thats straying from the point which is its what people are used to01:54
snadgeif metacity did 3d.. and was used for the past few years.. then people would be used to that01:54
DaekdroomBe right back.01:54
tsimpsonbeing used to something is not a valid reason to stick to it01:54
snadgei happen to like compiz personally.. and see no valid reason to change from it yet01:54
snadgeunity doesn't do it for me in all situations.. and i personally havn't tried gnome 3.. but i might01:55
snadgebeing forced to change to something else.. isn't a valid reason to change either ;)01:55
tsimpsontry it, then you can comment on how it's evil etc with some legitimacy ;)01:55
snadgeyou should present people with the option to change.. and if they change to it because its better.. then so mote it be01:56
DaekdroomIt looks a bit ugly.01:56
tsimpsonthe developers no longer supporting gnome2 is a valid reason to 1) move to gnome3/other, or 2) fork it and maintain it yourself01:56
Daekdroomand doesn't support the indicators, I think01:56
snadgeneither does unity01:57
snadgepeople who create regressions when making new versions of things.. should be stabbed repeatedly01:57
tsimpsonyeah, because they do it intentionally...01:57
snadgenew versions are supposed to be better and have improvements01:57
DaekdroomGnome-panel is no longer customizable as well.01:57
snadgetsimpson: indicators not working.. is something thats obvious and must have been intentional01:58
snadgeits not a bug.. the functionality just doesn't exist.. and yet, they release anyway01:58
snadgeand expect people to upgrade to it.. its sad that free software works this way01:58
DaekdroomWhat do you mean?01:58
snadgemicrosoft or apple would never do that01:58
tsimpsonyeah, apple wouldn't do something as silly as, um... I don't know... break the clock app...01:59
snadgecpu usage, network usage in the panel01:59
DaekdroomOh. You're mixing up indicators with applets, I think.01:59
snadgeim assuming thats whats meant by indicators.. the little panel apps01:59
snadgesome of which are quite useful01:59
DaekdroomThe new gnome panel doesn't support either, anyway. Indicators are slightly broken and applets are gone. It tries to mimetize the Gnome Shell topbar.02:00
snadgeunity integrated some of that functionality into the unity panel.. but afaik, its not customisable02:00
snadgeeg.. you cant add a cpu usage graph.. or frequency scaling app etc02:00
snadgeso theres just going ot be no applets? eg.. cpu scaler etc02:05
snadgei only basically use weather, system monitor and frequency scaler02:06
snadgeso if theres dock equivalents of those things.. i dont care02:07
kjetilkWorkDebianImportFreeze is in effect now, right?09:16
kjetilkWorkok, good09:50
dupondje[12506.199800] ata1.00: exception Emask 0x50 SAct 0xf SErr 0x480900 action 0x6 frozen11:12
dupondje[12506.199809] ata1.00: irq_stat 0x08000000, interface fatal error11:12
dupondje[12506.199816] ata1: SError: { UnrecovData HostInt 10B8B Handshk }11:12
dupondje[12506.199823] ata1.00: failed command: WRITE FPDMA QUEUED11:12
dupondje[12506.199834] ata1.00: cmd 61/00:00:00:c4:00/04:00:2e:00:00/40 tag 0 ncq 524288 out11:12
dupondje[12506.199837]          res 40/00:00:00:c4:00/00:00:2e:00:00/40 Emask 0x50 (ATA bus error)11:12
dupondje[12506.199843] ata1.00: status: { DRDY }11:12
dupondjethis looks like a dying disk ? :) or11:12
BigWhaledupondje, I'd start making backups if I were you... :>11:13
BigWhalejust in case11:13
dupondjetrue :D11:15
dupondjeSMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED11:27
dupondjeah well11:27
penguin42i.e. 'don't panic - yet'11:28
dupondjeits like a 2 month old laptop11:29
dupondjedamn crap :)11:29
penguin42what symptoms made you run smart ?11:29
dupondjethe message in dmesg :)11:30
penguin42sorry, I joined too late11:30
dupondjesomething like this11:32
penguin42hmm that's not pretty11:36
penguin42I think that's saying it's the interface that's erroring not the drive11:36
dupondjeyea seems so11:37
penguin42dupondje: In smartctl -a does anything show up in the SMART Error Log ?11:37
dupondjebut the fact that somebody else has same pastebin makes me think its a driver issue :)11:38
penguin42hmm yes that's possible11:38
penguin42do you just get the one during startup or does it throw it randomly?11:38
dupondjeNo Errors Logged11:38
dupondjeno errors :)11:39
* penguin42 would see if replacing the SATA cable helped11:39
dupondjenot going to open my laptop :D11:41
dupondjeor maby i'll do this afternoon :d11:41
penguin42ah yeh more of a pain on a laptop11:42
ior3kI find that I often "lose" either the keyboard or the mouse now12:15
ior3kthe just stop working12:15
ior3kthis happens mostly to the keyboard, but sometimes (like now) it happens to the mouse12:16
ior3kis anyone else experiencing this?12:16
lucidfoxWhy do Wine applications launched from Unity ignore winecfg settings?12:17
astraljavaHey guys, who would know about cdimages? Ubuntu Studio hasn't gotten new ones in two days.13:18
yofelastraljava: yesterdays builds failed http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntustudio/oneiric/daily-20110705.log13:20
astraljavayofel: Okay, thanks! That's too bad, because there were problems with libc6 on 20110704.13:21
DaekdroomSad. My media keys on the keyboard aren't working anymore.14:47
DaekdroomIf I had to guess, I'd say Clementine is no longer able to use gnome keybindings14:49
CardinalFangNice!  Thunderbird used messaging menu now.  Just, I don't really want it to notice everything.  :(  ...  Hrm.15:23
kim0|oneiricHi folks .. I just booted a live USB stick with oneiric. On my laptop, my USB keyboard + mouse are not working16:25
penguin42kim0|oneiric: Have you tried them in a different port? It's possible that it's not picking up something like one of the controllers16:25
kim0|oneiricone moment16:25
kim0|oneiricpenguin42: I have 3 ports in that laptop .. one with the usb stick I'm booting from (this one works) the two others dont seem to work with the kb+mouse16:42
kim0|oneiricthat is scary :)16:42
penguin42kim0|oneiric: Given it's a laptop can you use the built in keyboard/mouse to see what's going on?16:42
kim0|oneiricyes I am using that now16:42
kim0|oneiricwhat commands do I run16:42
penguin42probably a dmesg would be worth it; you want to see if it actually sees the USB devices at all16:43
kim0|oneiricgetting notifications as I plug in the devices16:43
kim0|oneiricin /var/log/syslog16:43
penguin42want to post the dmesg ?16:45
kim0|oneiricpenguin42: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638959/16:48
* kim0|oneiric afk for a few mins .. leave me msgs16:48
penguin42kim0|oneiric: Hmm dunno - it's good that it identifies it as a HID device16:52
kim0|oneiricpenguin42: so where do I go from here ? file a bug or something ?16:56
penguin42kim0|oneiric: Yep file a bug16:56
penguin42kim0|oneiric: It might be worth seeing if the keyboard works in the text console from ctrl-alt-f1 (get back with ctrl-alt-f8 or f7)16:57
penguin42kim0|oneiric: If it doesn't work in either I'd file it against linux, if it only doesn't work in X I'd file it against xserver-xorg16:57
kim0|oneiricpenguin42: nice it works in console16:59
kim0|oneiricxserver-xorg then16:59
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
lookin4i had windows xp on my one of my drives(another partition still ntfs) I installed ubuntu 10.10 on the windows xp partition by formatting it, still i get the grub with windows xp as one option.. how to fix this? ne1 help!!21:00
PolarinaI just upgraded to 11.10 and when I rename a file in nautilus, and hit backspace, it crashes. Is this a known problem?21:00
lookin4@polarina.. wonder what these people r busy with??21:01
BUGabundoand here comes Firefox 8.0 :O21:03
penguin42Polarina: There was talk earlier of some nautilus known bugs being in the works; not sure of the detail21:03
PolarinaOk, nice. :)21:04
trismPolarina: I don't see any bugs for it on launchpad, may want to submit one, because I seem to be able to reproduce it here21:04
trismPolarina: actually sorry, just found it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/+bug/80578321:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 805783 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu Oneiric) "nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in ffi_call()" [High,Confirmed]21:21
BUGabundomore OOM :(21:27
DaekdroomIs Oneiric going to ship LibreOffice 3.4?21:51
BUGabundo!info libreoffice21:56
ubottulibreoffice (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.3.2-1ubuntu5 (oneiric), package size 3 kB, installed size 44 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 armel armhf hppa i386 ia64 mips mipsel powerpc powerpcspe ppc64 s390 s390x sparc kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 all)21:56
* penguin42 looks at that list and wonders which was missing to make it an only-available-for22:16
Daekdroompenguin42, I didn't even know most of those existed in ubuntu22:21
penguin42Daekdroom: Even for debian what's missing?22:22
Daekdroompenguin42, some coding for ubottu to not display "only" every time, I suppose.22:23
mrmcq2uHey, was wondering whether there was a known issue with gnome-shell on oneric atm.22:23
trismmrmcq2u: there is at least one if you installed recently, applications.menu was renamed to gnome-applications.menu in the gnome-menus package, so if you got to Activities then click Applications, gnome-shell will crash (lp: 801912)22:50
trismmrmcq2u: can work around it by: mkdir -p ~/.config/menus; cp /etc/xdg/menus/gnome-applications.menu ~/.config/menus/applications.menus22:51
alex_mayorgahow borked is this? wondering if I should jump into oneiric today or wait fro alpha 2 tomorrow23:00
alex_mayorgaanyone that has dist-upgraded today?23:02
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: did it make you cry?23:04
BUGabundoI have a bunch of packages on HOLD23:05
charlie-tcaIt would be best if no one upgrades Xubuntu. It seems pretty much broken.23:06
BUGabundo28 packages upgraded, 5 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.23:06
alex_mayorgaI have plain vanilla ubuntu, but I've been jumping in from alpha to alpha for about 2 years or so23:07
BUGabundoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:23:07
BUGabundoand then 5 lines of apps23:07
alex_mayorgashould I re-install stable and then go to alpha or should I be OK?23:07
alex_mayorgaam I trying my luck too hard :)23:08
BUGabundoalready reinstaled 11.10 twice23:08
BUGabundodon't recall doing that on any other cycle23:08
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: any particular reason?23:08
charlie-tcaThis should be a "really" good release then. It has plenty of breakage already!23:11
alex_mayorga30 packages ditched and 6 no longer needed, seems reasonable23:11
alex_mayorgalet's see how long does my "2MB/s" connection takes :)23:12
* penguin42 would like his compiz to be unbroken - I guess I'm going to have to find that seg myself23:12
alex_mayorga1389 files coming from the "interwebs23:13
BUGabundopenguin42: I have composite23:18
BUGabundoI'm amazed I have composite23:19
BUGabundoit was broken for months23:19
BUGabundoalex_mayorga: it was good meeting you. see you next cicle :)23:19
penguin42BUGabundo: unity-panel-services segs for me in datetime stuff23:20
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: I'll hang around until release ;)23:20
alex_mayorgagot notified that newer kernel might solve my nvidia freezes with nouveau so I'm jumping in23:20
BUGabundoI can't even boot up without freezy23:20
BUGabundoat least now gets up to X23:21
BUGabundobut then its all black23:21
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: not making me more confident :)23:23
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: have you tried turning off all acceleration?23:23
BUGabundoits *broken* to me23:23
BUGabundobut no one else complaing that much23:24
BUGabundoalex_mayorga: no23:24
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: got nvidia card? 11.04 wouldn't work at all with any kind of acceleration23:24
BUGabundoI had to change from nouveau to nvidia23:26
BUGabundonouveua wasn't recognising my card or my screen23:26
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: vendor system or your own rig?23:27
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: model, make?23:33
alex_mayorgaBUGabundo: better yet, the bug afflicting you?23:35
BUGabundono  idea23:35
BUGabundocan't see much in the logs23:35
BUGabundonothing to report23:36
BUGabundoexcept: won't boot properly23:36
BUGabundohangs up after init screats23:36
alex_mayorgaI'd say you should at least file a "doesn't boot" bug with your system details, just "for the record"23:37
alex_mayorgamight save trouble to a fellow "ubuntero" with the same hardware at least ;)23:37
alex_mayorgagdm or lightgdm?23:59

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