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GrueMasterMrCurious: Natty uses gcc 4.5 which works.  Oneiric uses 4.600:11
MrCuriousgruemaster: ohhh, then thats not the cause of the 2x diff in usb speed between 10.10 and 11.0401:03
GrueMasterNo, that is another issue.  Not sure what, but it is another issue.01:04
GrueMasterPossibly slightly related, but I don't know.01:04
MrCuriousok, ty :D01:04
MrCuriouscolor me super-interested in that 2x speed issue01:04
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apwogra_: i hear your ti-omap4 kernel isn't good07:41
apwinfinity: ^^07:43
infinityapw: You hear correctly.07:43
infinityapw: The gcc-4.6 versus USB fix isn't actually in the current kernel.07:44
apwinfinity: do we know that that is the one and only patch you need in oneiric, can can you confirm that we are using the 1309 kernel in the tests you did07:44
infinityapw: (AIUI, it also affect omap3)07:44
apwinfinity: i thought omap3 was out of master, and the fix was already in ... let me check07:44
infinityapw: We were testing with 1309, I can't confirm we don't need more fixes. :P07:44
apwinfinity: ok then i'll pull that one over and run you up a test build, are you able to inject that to test07:45
infinityapw: Oh, I mean the bug affects omap3.  I'm not sure if it's in the current omap3 kernels.  I *know* that omap4 is broken (since I tested that myself)07:45
infinityapw: I should be asleep (have been working on that for hours), but you might get an ogra awake soon.07:45
apwinfinity: i assume he has the h/w to test07:46
infinityWe all should.  In theory.07:46
infinityI hope he does. :P07:46
infinityapw: Though, realistically, it can't get any MORE broken, so even a blind upload beats the current situation.  (sadly)07:47
infinityapw: Given that nearly anything of interest on the Panda is on the USB bus, a kernel with broken USB is effectively a dud.07:47
apwit is a shame we didn't notice this before the freeze07:48
infinityapw: Sorry we didn't notice this when it was uploaded, but it seems no one got around to updating -meta until very recently, so our dailies were happily using the old kernel.07:48
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apwinfinity: indeed, but that kernle is broken too07:48
infinity(A great argument for making sure -meta is in lockstep...)07:48
infinityNo, the old kernel is fine, owing to it having been built with an older toolchain, I believe.07:49
infinity(The source has the same bug, obviously, but the binaries are old enough to be unbroken)07:49
apwbah what a mess07:49
* infinity nods.07:49
infinityNo argument here.07:50
apwinfinity: in better news omap3 out of master looks to have the fix08:00
infinityapw: Shiny.08:01
apwogra_: poke08:01
apwinfinity: if arm vendors were more open they'd not have this problem08:01
ogra_apw, gimme a sec, i dont have the recent image here08:02
* infinity finally wanders off to pass out.08:20
infinityapw, ogra_: Good luck with kernels.08:20
ogra_i'm confident all will be fine :)08:20
apwogra_: ok i am building an oneiric kernel with that one patch for you to test, i'll shout when its ready08:21
apwogra_: i assume we have CDs for ti-omap4, so we'll need that respun, shall i warn the release team08:22
ogra_i'll do that, dont worry08:22
ogra_argh, why did resizing get so slow08:25
dmartwin 608:32
apwogra_: we simply have to start testing these images earlier.  it takes 12 hours to build, we freeze the kernel friday before the milestone and we need to be testing then08:38
ppisatimy mistake, i should have warned that the fix wasn't there (and was needed)08:39
ogra_we would have known if the meta would have been updated alongside08:39
apwogra_: but we should have noticed that sooner too08:39
ogra_we simply didnt notice the availability for two weeks08:39
apwits not like the version number is a secret08:39
ogra_no, the timing was just bad i guess08:40
apwof course it was my mistake that it was missing of course08:40
ogra_during the sprint everyone was focused on spec work and didnt check the archive08:40
ogra_apw, i'm not blaming you08:40
apwhaving rally the week before a milestone was dumb too08:40
ogra_its as well our mistake, i usually monitor -changes for kernel and bootloader uplaods08:40
apwogra_: i am to blame for the meta missmatch, its a delayed action and easily missed annoyingly08:41
apwyeah, i'll try and make sure i tell you as well08:41
apwso we close the loop more effectivly08:41
ogra_we should merge meta and source probably08:41
ogra_or is the separation a safety thing ?08:41
apwthe separation is both a safety valve and a timing thing08:42
ogra_rebuild it every time, but only bump the deps if necessary08:42
apwas you need the master linux-libc uploaded and built before08:42
apwmore obviusly needed for master where the i386 and your architecture need to be built before your kenel will install08:42
ogra_well, effectively it sits in NEW until manual intervention, -meta doesnt need linux-libc to build08:42
apwand if it won't then apt loves to deinstall all your kernels08:43
apwogra_: well that might be true if they were in the same package08:43
apwwill put that on my list to investigate08:43
apwfor releases with lbm then it needs to be separate08:43
apwthough i do have a plan to make it have a dep so at least it can be uploaded and will drop to depwait08:44
ogra_well, there are surely bad things to find in that idea :) its just a thought08:44
ogra_without much background research08:44
apwgood thoughts indeed specially for these special arm branches08:44
* apw adds some actions for that08:44
apwppisati: i can't really blame you for this milestone, never really talked to you about what matters for us and when the critical times are08:45
apwogra_: ok kernel to try in: http://people.canonical.com/~apw/ti-omap4-oneiric/08:47
apwogra_: do we produce anything other than the headless images for omap4 ?08:48
ogra_headless is called server now08:52
ogra_and yes, we produce netboot and desktop too08:52
ogra_gra@panda:~$ uname -r09:01
ogra_ogra@panda:~$ lsusb09:01
ogra_Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub09:01
ogra_Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub09:01
ogra_Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0424:9514 Standard Microsystems Corp.09:01
ogra_Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0424:ec00 Standard Microsystems Corp.09:01
ogra_apw, ^^^ looks good09:01
ogra_ogra@panda:~$ ping ubuntu.com09:02
ogra_PING ubuntu.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.09:02
ogra_NIC is there too09:02
ogra_apw, upload away i'd say09:02
apwogra_: seen this ever when bootstrapping an armel chroot ?09:21
apwqemu: fatal: cp15 insn ee1d6f7009:21
ogra_nope, but i havent used chroots in a while09:21
ogra_looks serious though09:22
ogra_what release ?09:22
apwmaking chroots on lucid, specifically making an oneiric chroot09:23
ogra_well, which qemu are you using there ?09:24
ogra_the linaro backports should work afaik09:24
apwogra_: that is a good question09:35
ogra_the shipped qemu in lucid definitely wasnt as good as the later linaro packages09:35
ogra_and iirc they provide PPA backports for all their releases09:36
apwogra_: ok that looks like a standard qemu version number to me, any idea where this PPA is ?09:37
ogra_not really09:38
* ogra_ checks 09:38
ogra_hmm,. no PPA09:42
ogra_https://launchpad.net/~linaro- /+archive/tools/?field.series_filter=lucid09:42
ogra_there we go09:42
kunguzwhat should be a proper bootcmd for X-loader to start ubuntu-arm10:08
sveinseogra_, rsalveti: I have an issue with rootstock. It seems the diversion of /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d isn't properly removed. Another script is trying to divert and it complains about the rootstock diversion to be in the way. However I read from the script that it does call dpkg-divert --remove --rename /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d12:31
sveinseI even read "Removing 'local diversion of /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d to /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d.rootstock'" from the rootstock logs12:32
sveinseBut running dpkg-divert --list on the target it still lists /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d.rootstock as a diversion12:33
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phhhey there, is it possible to access to the camera on OMAP4 from "normal" distributions, and if so, how ?16:37
phhi'm trying with openmax ducati api, jut it just won't fill my buffers16:37
ogra_phh, probably #pandaboard might be better, there are also the TI hardware guys16:45
phhbah, just when I ask i've got some progress, if i issue Flush command, it starts sending stuff to me ...16:47
phherr, or not16:49
phhyup, not.16:53
montamerHi guys ......... I have a query, Does anyone here tested ubuntu on pandaboard? Does ubuntu supported accelerated video codecs for omap4?17:56
GrueMastermontamer: Yes.  We have a natty build for panda, and you can install the accelerated graphics package as well.18:53
GrueMasterSee topic for links.18:53
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