Bulldog2010hi all08:18
Bulldog2010ive got a small problem i need some help with please08:18
benonsoftwareBulldog2010: Hi. What's your small problem.08:18
Bulldog2010i got adam internet as isp and have just got fetch tv works great but my ubuntu computer tells me its recieving 127kbps but ive got nothing running08:19
Bulldog2010for it to recieve to08:19
Bulldog2010they use virtual ports on the modem to get the signal into the network for streaming08:20
Bulldog2010any ideas please08:21
benonsoftwareNot off the top of my head]08:21
Bulldog2010ok thanks08:21
benonsoftwareSorry again but try #ubuntu too08:21
Bulldog2010ok no worries08:22
Bulldog2010no help in there08:35
Bulldog2010anyone else got any ideas08:36
head_victimBulldog2010: shuold be able to get something to monitor your internet connection and see what it is08:36
head_victimI can't think of the name off the top of my head08:36
Bulldog2010ok ;et me know if u rember please08:37
head_victimhttp://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-ubuntu-users.html has a few ideas08:38
Bulldog2010ok thanks mate08:42
head_victimI'd just google "Ubuntu network monitoring" or something. I'd try and help more but about to head afk08:43
Bulldog2010ok no worries08:43
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