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vishnushello everyone ... Im using Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. i have ZTE AC8700 data card with me. I have the the dialer driver for 32bit. its not letting me install it in my system saying wrong architecture. any solution? problem is i can access net via mobile broadband connection. but is super slow. It works very fast without disconnection in Windows.07:21
vishnusim currently in Windows coz the net is not stable. ping takes 1000+ms whereas in windows its less than 300ms07:22
vishnuswhile downloading in ubuntu ive got upto 60kbps07:22
vishnusbut browsing is super slow. mostly goes timed out07:22
vishnusplease help me with this :( without making the data card work i cant shift to ubuntu from windows07:22
vishnushello everyone ... Im using Ubuntu 11.04 64bit. i have ZTE AC8700 data card with me. I have the the dialer driver for 32bit. its not letting me install it in my system saying wrong architecture. any solution? problem is i can access net via mobile broadband connection. but is super slow. It works very fast without disconnection in Windows. im currently in Windows coz the net is not stable....07:50
vishnus...ping takes 1000+ms whereas in windows its less than 300ms.. while downloading in ubuntu ive got upto 60kbps, but browsing is super slow. mostly goes timed out... please help me with this, without making the data card work i cant shift to ubuntu from windows07:50
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OzikUbuntu 10.04.01 LTS installed on RAID 0 via PCI card: works ok till shutdown -h. With GRUB legacy I have error 17, with GRUB 2 it keep restarting. recovery helps till shutdown08:38
stlsaintOzik: you use shutdown -h <time>08:45
stlsaintlike: shutdown -h08:45
stlsaintlike: shutdown -h 108:45
Oziksudo shutdown -h +1, sudo shutdown -h now08:46
Oziksudo shutdown now, or reboot doesn't make troubles08:47
stlsaintOzik: seems google shows a couple fixes for that, possible error with raid also though08:47
stlsainti must leave for a bit08:48
Ozikok, btw when tried install freeBSD computer did not seen OS (BIOS see's the matrix)08:49
bioterrorI will say hello to you, if you join #ubuntu-beginners-team, silver-fox ;)09:26
akshathello Ozik11:41
OzikQ: v10.04.1 works fine until shutdown -h, then can't boot -> GRUB Legacy error 17, or GRUB 2 countinous reset, rescue disk solves untill next shutdown11:42
Ozikinstalled on 160GB raid 0, bios see's the natrix11:42
Ozik* matrix11:43
coalwaterOzik,  u get grub error?11:52
Ozikwith GRUB Legacy is 17, tried GRUB 2, no errors, when GRUB should work it's resetting11:53
Ozikbut only after shutdown -h11:53
coalwateru have 2 grubs?11:53
Ozikor -P11:53
coalwaterdid u check the grub help page?11:54
Ozikno, GRUB 2 after format11:54
coalwaterit had trouble shooting page/section i think11:54
ubot2GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:54
coalwaterOzik, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#line-572 check this part11:58
Ozikcoalwater, I have no idea about that, btw with GRUB 2 there is no errors or console, just like hard reset :)12:03
coalwateru get a grub menu ? or does it reset before seeing the menu ?12:05
Ozikwith GRUB 1 there is error 15, no menu12:06
Ozikwhat;s curious freeBSD could not boot either12:06
Ozikand Ubuntu is alone, no Windows or gates12:09
coalwaterOzik, i think u could try reinstalling grub or something12:12
coalwateri don't know if its safe to have both grubs on 1 system12:12
Ozikreinstalling grub, reinstalling even Ubuntu12:13
Ozikno, there is one GRUB12:13
Oziktried GRUB, when failed, I reformatted disks and installed Ubuntu again with GRUB 212:13
coalwaterthat's strange12:19
OzikI'm installing all once again thus time with legacy grub12:21
Ozikfound smth but dunno if it work12:21
coalwaterhm u said you had raid right?12:22
ubot2Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto12:23
coalwaterthere , try that12:23
Ozikhmmm that's software raid, I have hardware raid on PCI12:24
OzikI have PCI silicon Raid controller, created Raid 0, ubuntu should see it as one disk right?13:05
Ozikcoalwater: got solution13:10
coalwaterhm, what did u do13:10
Ozikf..... dunno what happened, raid controller screwed snth13:10
coalwateranybody uses vnstat?13:10
Abhijitcoalwater, yeah13:11
Ozikmaked raid 0 again and ubuntu sees it as 1 disk13:11
coalwaterAbhijit, mine doesn't update any thing, what am i missing13:11
Abhijitcoalwater, are you running for first time?13:11
coalwaterAbhijit,  yea, i added eth0, but im not sure what else i need to do13:11
coalwaterOzik, it's working now ?13:12
Abhijitcoalwater, you need to create database13:12
coalwaterAbhijit, i think i did that13:12
coalwaterit gives stats ,but doesn't update13:12
Abhijitcoalwater, how many hours passed since you have setup vnstat?13:12
coalwatersince yesterday13:12
Abhijitcoalwater, it is updating. that data seems ok? whats wrong?13:13
Ozikcoalwater: dunno, but it's different now, so should, now sees ONE disk as RAID13:13
coalwaterit only updated after i did a terminal command13:13
coalwaterand btw, i downloaded like 2 torrents, ~1.5GB each13:13
coalwaterit only says 44mb13:13
coalwatersome forum said i should add a cron job for update13:14
coalwaterbut i dont know what's the command13:14
Abhijitcoalwater, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=122145513:14
coalwateris it -u13:14
coalwateror --sync13:14
Abhijitcoalwater, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=139371213:14
Abhijitcoalwater, no idea13:15
coalwaterAbhijit, u didnt add any cron jobs?13:18
Abhijitcoalwater, nope13:18
Abhijitcoalwater, mine is working properly13:19
Abhijitcoalwater, are you sure if eth0 is added to vnstat then you have downloaded all that data from eth0 only? and not by wlan0?13:20
coalwaterdo i need to reboot after installing?13:20
coalwatermy pc doesnt use wireless13:20
Abhijitcoalwater, i do not think reboot is requried. but you can give it a try13:20
Abhijitcoalwater, do vnstat -w -i eth013:20
Abhijitor -m whatever13:21
coalwaterAbhijit, http://paste.ubuntu.com/638890/13:22
Abhijitcoalwater, no idea about that!13:23
Abhijitcoalwater, have you looked at the link i gave you above13:23
coalwaterAbhijit, i see a vnstat -u updates the numbers13:25
Abhijitcoalwater, i see. then set it as cron!!! :-p13:25
coalwaterAbhijit, http://paste.ubuntu.com/638890/ see line 74 and going up13:28
Abhijitcoalwater, i do not understand the config gile!13:29
Abhijiti mean i do not have that much expertise!!13:29
coalwaterAbhijit, a 5 min cron job did the trick14:17
Abhijitcoalwater, well done! :-)14:18
Ozikcoalwater: now classic GRUB 2 installation problem, that is something normal :D14:36
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asd123ewwneed help with xrdp14:44
coalwaterasd123eww, hi14:47
coalwateru want to set up an rdp server?14:48
asd123ewwI installed it14:48
asd123ewwbut it works only once14:48
coalwaterlike how ?14:48
asd123ewwand i need to restart to get it working again14:48
coalwateri see14:48
coalwateri didn't use xrdp before, i use the default rdp server14:49
asd123ewwwhat i need is to remote from a windows machine14:49
asd123ewwxrdp is the one i know that can do that14:50
coalwatero wait14:50
coalwaterok sorry14:50
coalwaterthe default is vnc, u need the windows protocol, which is rdp14:50
coalwaterasd123eww, did u try using vnc clients on windows?14:55
Ozikneed help15:31
holsteinhttp://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/mounting-error-%5Bsolved%5D-778191/ suggests mounting as ext415:33
holsteinOzik: not sure about the rest of it though... whats going on? is this just a secondary drive you have added?15:34
Ozikcan't check now but it should be ext415:35
Ozikthats raid 0 :D15:35
holsteini think you'll just need to tackle these one at a time, and drill down... what prompted this issue?15:36
Ozikentering rescue mode, selecting roo partition15:37
holsteinOzik: thats what prompts the error?15:38
Ozikyes, tell's me that check logs and here it is15:38
Ozikgrub 2 can't be installed on raid 0 by default15:39
Ozikso i need to do it manual15:39
Ozikcan't cd /dev/mapper/*ff115:40
holsteindo any of these methods work?15:41
holsteinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling GRUB215:41
holsteinim unclear how you can get to rescue mode if grub is not installed15:42
Ozikfrom cd15:43
holsteinOzik: if entering rescue mode is kicking up these errors, i would not go that route15:43
holsteini would try installing grub using a different method15:43
OzikI can't do any of it because until i mount disk i have built-in shell15:44
Ozikso no sudo and other15:44
Ozikthere is nano, but I can't get to grub2 files15:44
Ozikholstein: check it out: http://neildecapia.wordpress.com/2010/05/15/ubuntu-lucid-10-04-on-a-raid-0%C2%A0array/15:45
holsteinyeah, but that isnt working15:46
holsteinand when you give that error message, it implies to me *nothing* about what the actual problem is15:46
holsteinOzik: maybe in the -server channel?15:47
holsteinim sure you have read https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/advanced-installation.html15:47
Ozikscrewed, http://paste.ubuntu.com/638935/15:49
Ozikadv-install won't help, it IS a hardware raid15:53
Ozikholstein: only partition 7 is not marked as ext415:58
holsteinOzik: im not aware of your partitioning scheme, but i would try and stick to the issue at hand, getting a boot loader16:01
holsteinmaybe something other than grub?16:01
* holstein is running out the door... good luck...16:01
OzikI'm new in penguins worls, what loader?16:02
holsteinive used http://gag.sourceforge.net/ before16:02
holsteinhttp://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html is something you can try live16:03
holsteinanyways... BBL16:03
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bobweaverhi there is there any one here that knows about writing scripts ?19:01
bobweaverI am working on testing some tools with a distro and have found work around now I would like (i think) to write scripts to fix it by running that script is this the right way to think about this?19:03
bobweaverall of it is in bash19:04
geirhaI know scripting, but I'm not sure I understand what you want to do.19:22
bobweaverHi there geirha I want to make a script to remove some files then replace them19:27
geirhaIf you want to replace them, you don't need to remove them first, but go on.19:30
kristian-aalborgfor serious... how do I make an archive of a dir, encrypt the archive and the file list19:30
kristian-aalborgmust be in a common format (zip/ rar)19:31
geirhatar zcf foo.tar.gz the_dir/19:31
bioterrorv is okay to add too19:31
geirhatar is much more common on linux19:31
geirhathan zip and rar I mean.19:31
bioterrortar and gnuzip are default stuff19:32
bioterrorgunzip I mean :D19:32
bobweaverso this would be my 1st script and I want to remove metasploite then just replace it the dev for blackbuntu only put on the small package19:32
kristian-aalborggeirha, common for Win users, sorry19:32
bobweaverthat is just a outline19:33
geirhazip -r foo.zip the_dir/19:33
geirhaAnd what encryption is common for Win users?19:33
bobweaverwhat I want to know19:34
geirhabobweaver: Never use cd in a script without testing its exit status.19:36
geirhacd /pentest/explotis || exit19:36
geirhaThere, if cd should fail, the script will now exit instead of running rm in the wrong dir.19:37
bobweavergeirha, thanks like I said this is my firt one19:37
bobweavergeirha, thanks like I said this is my first one *19:37
geirhaIf you're interested in learning bash scripting, there's a very good beginners guide.19:39
bobweaverit just seems like fun19:40
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geirhaAll other guides I've encountered are bad I'm afraid, they generally doesn't teach good practice and in many cases they're even plain wrong on certain subjects.19:41
bobweaverI know the lang I need to lean how to put pages together I know other langs also like html and web stuff so that is where my head is19:42
bobweaverdont know if that is the right place or not ?19:42
bobweaveris a good example blacklist.conf19:43
geirhaThat's a config file.19:44
kristian-aalborggeirha, sorry, I meant "put a password on" of course19:48
* kristian-aalborg can't think today19:48
geirhaLet me just read the manual for you... ah, -e19:48
geirhazip -e -r archivename.zip dir_to_archive/19:49
bioterrorzip -9 -r fooo.zip whattozip19:50
bobweavergeirha, I know how to read also I was looking to see if that is how a page is put together there is a header and a body but no end ?19:50
bobweaver# comments things out I know all of this I just dont know how to put them together19:51
geirhabobweaver: Page, are you talking about an html page?19:51
bobweaver  #!/usr/bin/env bash    that is the header right19:53
bobweaverthen the syntax is the body ??19:53
bobweavertrying to put it together like a burger is that a good way to think about it19:54
geirhaYeah, that line, as the absolute first part of the script, tells linux that the file should be read and executed by bash.19:55
bobweavergeirha, the link is great thanks19:56
jimmieHey guys, does anyone know how I can make windows maximise actually into the launcher?21:48
kristian-aalborgholstein, ping22:43

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