commandoline(offtopic): Hello, I'm one of the developers of OpenTeacher (http://openteacher.org/), which has been translated to Spanish except for a few recently added strings. It would be very nice if they're translated in the final release (planned for coming Saturday), and I'm wondering if someone here has a few minutes of spare time to do that. Thanks! https://translations.launchpad.net/openteacher/2.x/+pots/translations/es/+translate (I can a13:05
commandolineoh, I just realise I ask this a bit early in your local time ;)13:06
* Andphe clicks13:06
commandolineDid you update them? Because there are no strings to translate left.13:08
commandolineOtherwise someone in #ubuntu-es has translated them without me noticing it :P13:09
commandolinewell, they're translated. :D Thanks anyway!13:09
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