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jasoncwarner_hey guys...just back from a quick post-Rally holiday. How are things?00:39
TheMusojasoncwarner_: Hi there. Not too bad thanks. Yourself?00:43
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: pretty good, thanks. I'm wondering if ubuflu got anyone this time?00:44
TheMusoNot me.00:44
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: good to hear. I hope everyone else escaped it as well!00:45
jasoncwarner_robert_ancell: did your luggage finally show up?00:46
robert_ancelljasoncwarner_, yeah, it just didn't make the flight so they couried it the next day00:46
jasoncwarner_ah, ok....that is better than you missing the flight ;)00:47
jasoncwarner_mental note: don't go through heathrow anymore00:47
TheMusojasoncwarner_: I've never had a luggage problem at Heathrow.00:47
RAOFNeither have I :)00:52
brycehme either, but luggage problems tend to strike randomly00:53
jasoncwarner_robert just left...new LightDM must be up for testing :)00:54
jasoncwarner_(just saw it coming down in my updates...about to test myself)00:55
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jasoncwarner_assuming kenvandine and ted are sleeping? Just updated and indicators seems broken (particularly sound). submitting report now.02:08
kenvandinejasoncwarner_, broken how?02:09
kenvandinethe slider?02:09
jasoncwarner_that and if I try, it hangs for maybe 30 seconds before failing02:09
jasoncwarner_also, my volume up/down buttons don't work. not sure if that is related02:10
kenvandinethat shouldn't be related02:11
TheMusojasoncwarner_: How do they not work? Not working at all?02:13
TheMusoActually, mine appear not to be working at all here either.02:13
jasoncwarner_TheMuso: volume buttons? yeah, not at all right now.02:13
kenvandinejasoncwarner_, mine aren't either02:23
kenvandinei wonder when that broke02:23
kenvandinei doubt that could be the indicator02:23
AfCUI breaks system daemon breaks kernel driver :) Sure it's possible!02:24
jasoncwarner_kenvandine: I noticed it yesterday, I think.02:24
jasoncwarner_don't remember which update did it, however02:24
TheMusoAfaik gnome-settings-daemon is responsible for volume buttons.02:25
kenvandinemy laptop hasn't been updated since thursday02:25
TheMusoHrm ok, my buttons were working after Thursday...02:25
* TheMuso boots his notebook to check behavior there.02:25
jasoncwarner_I noticed some g-s-d crashes the past two days as well (reported those).02:26
TheMusoOk, haven't updated my notebook since Monday and the volume buttons work properly there.02:29
TheMusoJust updating it now to see what happes.02:29
RAOFClicking on the volume slider of indicator-sound results in sadness.02:39
RAOF(Specifically a unity-panel-service crash which I shall file forthwith)02:40
TheMusoIts known.02:45
TheMusoAn IDO bug afaik,.02:45
RAOFHm.  Apport doesn't seem to think so.02:48
RAOFWheee!  Segfault in g_slice_alloc.  Also, lunch.02:49
TheMusoYup, after an update, my notebook volume buttons no longer work.02:49
TheMusoYeah, lunch is a good idea.02:50
hyperairhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/805938 <-- does anyone know if this is related to the gtk3 port?03:11
ubot2Ubuntu bug 805938 in banshee "Totem set as default music player after install instead of Banshee" [Low,New]03:11
pittiGood morning04:22
TheMusoHey pitti.04:26
RAOFGood morning pitti.04:32
pittihey TheMuso, hello RAOF; how are you?04:32
TheMusoNot too bad thanks. Yourself?04:32
RAOFPretty good, if a little tired.04:33
pittistill a bit tired, but cold is almost gone now04:33
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone06:24
pittihey chrisccoulson06:28
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?06:28
pittiquite well, thanks!06:28
didrocksgood morning06:46
pittihey didrocks06:47
didrockshello pitti!06:47
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks06:52
didrocksgood morning chrisccoulson06:52
didrockspitti: small question: is there any reason we would like to have a package unseeded in main? see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vpnc/+bug/80124006:53
ubot2Ubuntu bug 801240 in vpnc "[MIR] vpnc" [Undecided,New]06:53
pittididrocks: that would be to show that it is supported by Canonical06:54
chrisccoulsondidrocks, i think there was a similar discussion last night about xchat-gnome ;)06:54
pittididrocks: in that case I'd like to see an explicit commitment from the server team for it, as it's nontrivial06:54
didrockspitti: I was thinking that the delimitation of supported/unsupported was not as clear as main/universe :)06:54
didrockspitti: but it would be shown in mismatch components list then?06:54
didrockschrisccoulson: oh? :)06:54
pittididrocks: we'd need to seed it to supported06:55
didrocksdidn't know that one, ok, I'll ask for commitment then06:55
chrisccoulsondidrocks, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/07/05/%23ubuntu-desktop.html#t19:3206:56
didrockspitti: thanks for the explanation :)06:56
didrockschrisccoulson: looking06:56
chrisccoulsoncan we unfreeze now, so i can upload firefox 6 ;)06:57
didrockschrisccoulson: let me upload Qt before then :p06:59
didrockspitti: I'm not sure about 60xdg_path-on-session to be shipped by lightdm. It was shipped before by GDM as we dep it on GDMSESSION, but not that we try to have a more generic session variable, maybe there is a better package for it?07:07
pittiwould it fit into x11-common?07:08
didrockspitti: yeah, I think it's a nice place to pick it, let me see with the xorg guys07:11
didrocksRAOF: around? ^07:11
didrocksRAOF: hey! ;)07:11
didrocksRAOF: so, there is this script which is called /etc/X11/Xsession.d/60xdg_path-on-session07:12
RAOFLet me look at that.07:12
didrockswe should change GDMSESSION by DESKTOP_SESSION with lightdm07:12
didrocksbug #80473407:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 804734 in lightdm "Please ship 60xdg_path-on-session like gdm" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80473407:12
didrocksx11-common will make more sense that in $whateverdm07:13
didrocksdo you want me to do it? (I think you are using a git repo… somewhere in debian? ;))07:13
RAOFYup.  It's in pkg-xorg git.07:13
didrocksRAOF: do you think it makes sense to ship it there?07:14
RAOFQuite possibly; I'm looking at it now.07:16
RAOFMy system is quite responsive for something with 99% swap utilisation.07:16
didrockswhat have you done to this poor bare metal? :)07:17
RAOFI'm not entirely sure; I suspect compiz might be leaking.07:18
didrocksRAOF: are you using indicator-multiload?07:19
didrocksRAOF: so yeah, the refactoring made it leak07:19
didrocks(unity refactoring)07:19
RAOFHm.  60xdg_path-on-session looks pretty gdm-specific.  Does Xubuntu only work with gdm as a display manager?07:21
didrocksRAOF: right now yeah, but now that we are using lightdm, we will use DESKTOP_SESSION instead of GDMSESSION07:22
RAOFI'm not convinced that it fits in x11-common.  Why shouldn't it be in lightdm?  After all, lightdm's what sets the relevant variables.07:23
didrocksRAOF: because maybe other dm should set the same variable in the end? gdm is already setting this variable since gdm 307:24
didrocksRAOF: so shipping it in lightdm and gdm doesn't sound like the right solution07:24
didrocksin addition to have that parsed twice for the same variable if both are installed :)07:25
RAOFSo both gdm 3 and lightdm will set DESKTOP_SESSION and could share this file?07:25
didrocksRAOF: I can provide you a git format patch if needed (just did the transition work in gdm and x11-common here for testing and it works)07:32
RAOFI guess it could go into x11-common.  It seems a bit icky, but the other option is a tiny display-manager-common package containing just that file which seems worse. :)07:33
didrocksRAOF: yeah, that was the other option I was thinking of, but as long as we just have one file… :/07:33
didrocksRAOF: we can revisit if we need to ship more of them, I would say07:33
RAOFYeah, fair enough I think.07:34
didrocksRAOF: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638758/ should do a git format patch with the change. I'm uploading gdm07:36
didrocksRAOF: wait, the changelog git add, git add, git add… ;)07:37
pittididrocks: debcommit -a FTW :)07:41
didrocksRAOF: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638761/ should be better07:41
didrockspitti: hum, should use that indeed, just used to debcommit with bzr, but I don't have this in my mind with git :) Will do next time for sure! Thanks :)07:42
tjaaltonRAOF: that should be good for debian too, but maybe discuss it with them before pushing there07:47
RAOFdidrocks: Is there a link to some spec that pathmangling implements?07:48
didrocksRAOF: not really, it's based on current implementation of what you have in a session today (without that path change), and what additional path we wanted for UNR, like autostarting other applications as well as adding additional software flavor (like a banshee.destkop which started the netbook flavor and override the one in /usr/share/applications/). Did that reading the freedesktop xdg spec07:50
didrockswhich is at http://standards.freedesktop.org/basedir-spec/basedir-spec-latest.html FYI07:50
RAOFRight.  I'm aware of the basedir variables.  It seems that this session script is pretty much Ubuntu specific from that description, though, so Debian's probably not interested in it?07:55
didrocksRAOF: last time  (before lucid) I presented them the "on session" concept (touching gconf and other things), they were not interested, indeed. Maybe now that other projects depends on that, they will reconsider?07:56
RAOFWhich other projects depend on it?07:56
didrocksother ubuntu flavors like xubuntu or mythbuntu, so maybe they want to ensure the same thing with their taskels install07:57
chrisccoulsonis indicator-datetime-service using 100% CPU and spamming dbus for anyone else?08:03
RAOFOh man, so sleepy.08:03
chrisccoulsonboth dbus-daemon and indicator-datetime-service are maxing out the CPU here08:03
RAOFSounds like a dbus storm.08:06
pittichrisccoulson: not regularly08:06
RAOFMy dbus weather appears to be fine, too. :)08:07
didrocksRAOF: you should make an indicator for that!08:11
didrockswhich will then use dbus to show the info… ironic :)08:12
RAOFThat makes it really easy.  You just time the dbus pinging!08:12
pittibonjour seb12808:12
seb128hey pitti, how are you?08:13
pittiseb128: quite well again, thanks!08:13
didrockssalut seb12808:13
pittihow about you?08:13
seb128great ;-)08:13
seb128I'm fine thanks08:13
seb128lut didrocks08:13
seb128hay RAOF08:13
RAOFHai seb12808:13
seb128desrt, lool, vuntz: ok, I think gedit starts hangy after gnome-screensaver kicked in at least one08:18
seb128could be that g-s puts the session in a weird state or something08:18
pittiback in ~ 30 mins08:23
seb128pitti, the nautilus-sendto sru you n-acked, the comment seems different from what the bug is about08:28
seb128the bug is about evolution not being listed in the sendto combo no about what happens when clicking send08:28
seb128pitti, oh, happy patch piloting08:35
seb128RAOF, to you as well one day late!08:35
seb128doh, sponsoring queue to 97 items08:35
seb128mvo, hey08:48
seb128mvo, https://code.launchpad.net/~peco/ubuntu/maverick/sessioninstaller/newfix-for-793396/+merge/66556 has easy typo fixes if you are interested (and is waiting on the sponsoring queue)08:48
didrocksdesrt: hey, dcong-qt doesn't do anything on make install? is that a lack of qmake foo? ;)08:50
mvothanks seb128, I have a look08:52
seb128thanks ;-)08:53
Laneytomboy dutifully loses its gnome# dep08:53
seb128Laney, I've seen that from the news file, great ;-) your debian changelog didn't mention build-depends updates though?08:53
Laney   * [e324eb0] Drop gnome# BD in line with upstream's configure ?08:54
seb128oh ok, I got confused because you didn't list "control: .." or anything as we usually do in desktop packages and "gnome#" is not a package name ;-)08:55
seb128Laney, thanks08:56
Laneyheh yeah, sorry08:56
seb128I was looking for a "stop build-depending on <binary>"08:56
seb128where binary is a debian binary package name ;-)08:56
Laneyi was being a bit insiderish i guess ;)08:56
Laneyseb128: ah, all of the patches do apply with a bit of refreshing08:59
Laneyi'll do this upload then08:59
seb128Laney, thanks!08:59
pittiseb128: set to -done now, thanks!09:05
pittiseb128: yeah, need to get to sponsoring in between RMing09:05
seb128pitti, yw ;-)09:05
seb128I'm doing some sponsoring queue cleaning09:06
seb12897 items, doh09:06
seb128I guess nobody did sponsoring during the rally09:06
* chrisccoulson hides that guilty look09:08
seb128ogra_, did you do your patch pilot round on monday?09:10
ogra_seb128, no09:11
seb128chrisccoulson, you are next monday don't worry ;-)09:11
seb128ogra_, you will make dholbach sad, 97 items in the queue and nobody is doing his sponsoring :-(09:11
ogra_seb128, i'll do it on the weekend, to busy week09:11
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GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin, the reporter of bug 678421 has made a skeleton to a solution. Maybe you could take a look, to see if it's meaningful to go on with the new approach.09:12
seb128ogra_, hum ignore that, the intend was not to make your work on w.e09:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 678421 in gdm "Error in ~/.profile halts the X startup" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67842109:12
ogra_seb128, well, i skipped the sponsoring knowing what i do ... with the actual plan to do it on the WE09:13
pittihello GunnarHj09:13
seb128ogra_, ok, fair enough! ;-)09:13
pittiGunnarHj: I'll have a look at some point and report back to the bug09:13
GunnarHjpitti: Great, thanks.09:14
seb128ogra_, btw somebody needs to fix json-glib on armel, that's screwing the indicator stack09:16
seb128ogra_, I mentioned it to janimo during the rally09:16
ogra_yeah, i only recongnized how much it affects this week09:16
ogra_it fails a test apparently ...09:16
pittiRAOF: to confirm, bug 804655 only affects pre-R600 chips, right?09:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 804655 in mesa "r300 loading instead of r300g" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80465509:17
seb128vuntz, ping, libwnck patch review?09:24
seb128didrocks, hum, blinking text cursor in the unity dash, is that new?09:25
didrocksseb128: right, and it's supposed to work :)09:25
seb128nice ;-)09:26
seb128(it's working there)09:26
seb128(I just noticed)09:26
didrocksnice! ;)09:26
Sweetsharkmoin all!09:51
pittihey Sweetshark09:52
rodrigo_hi Sweetshark09:52
Sweetsharkpitti: https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/ppa/+build/2610421 is looking very strange, its running for 16 hours, seems to be wading through recursive make calls without doing anything (that is: everything seems to be build already). Also I remember to have that problem before once -- on exactly the same builder (karkalla).09:54
SweetsharkLO takes long, but not that long (and linux completes infinite loops in five seconds)09:54
pittiSweetshark: bit weird, I'd expect all buildds to be identical09:55
pittibut perhaps a retry will work on a different builder09:55
Sweetsharkpitti: it did last time IIRC09:56
Sweetsharkpitti: who do I ping about that? launchpad channel?09:59
pittiSweetshark: you can retry builds in PPAs yourself09:59
pittithere's a button on the build page once it failed09:59
Sweetsharkpitti: I guess it wont fail but be a very lifely representation of the so called "halting problem" ...10:00
pittiwell, it doesn't try to determinate if it will halt10:01
pittiSweetshark: you can also poke lamont or infinity to kill the build10:01
pittiif it won't ever terminate10:01
jibeldidrocks, bug 806358 looks like a compiz issue ?10:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 806358 in ubuntu "no menu bar on top, compositing bug?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80635810:05
didrocksjibel: looking10:05
didrocksjibel: duplicate of an another bug, let me find it10:06
Laneydo you usually care about keeping the old changelog when merging?10:08
didrocksjibel: bug #745996 ?10:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 745996 in unity "All unity windows are invisible (panel, launcher, dash)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74599610:08
didrocksLaney: different politics inside the team there :)10:08
pittiI generally drop it if the "Remaining changes:" section is complete and has bug refs10:08
pitti(and doing so when merging)10:08
chrisccoulsonit's gone really dark here, i might have to turn the light on!10:10
Laneyit's complete but maybe not that verbose10:10
Laneyi'll merge it :-)10:10
didrockschrisccoulson: blue sky in Lyon ;)10:11
chrisccoulsonwe never get blue sky!10:11
seb128Laney, no, we usually just keep one entry with a summary of the diff10:11
seb128what pitti said10:11
Sweetsharkpitti: as for the halting problem: but _I_ want to know if will stop by itself or if I need to kill it. having no full logs it is down to a scientific guess.10:12
pittibut yes, other people prefer to keep the entire history aaaal the way back to warty10:12
pittiSweetshark: I'd use the probabilistic approach then -- if it's still looping after the time the previous build took, it's very improbable to ever halt :)10:12
Sweetsharkpitti: yes, that and the fact that it does not seem to do anything (i.e. it is not changing state -- at least not on disc)10:15
jibeldidrocks, seems close. Any info to request from cking to confirm it is a dup ?10:16
didrocksjibel: I think the lspci provided is enough, but better to check with smspillaz and jay when they are around10:18
didrocksjibel: can be interesting to know if it's only unity or like, if you switch between ws, the compiz wall ui is shown10:18
Laneyok there you go, you can put tomboy back on the cd now :-)10:20
didrockstjaalton: do you want another git format patch for an additional commit with your additional requests?10:21
tjaaltondidrocks: nah, I can make that change10:28
tjaalton..after lunch10:28
didrockstjaalton: ok, thanks a lot :)10:28
didrockstjaalton: I prepared one in case, but it's as you wish: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638815/10:29
tjaaltondidrocks: oh, in that case I'll take yours10:30
didrocksgreat :)10:30
tjaaltonthanks :)I10:31
rodrigo_cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp/debian/tmp/usr/lib/libgnome-desktop-3.a': No such file or directory10:33
rodrigo_dh_install: cp -a debian/tmp/debian/tmp/usr/lib/libgnome-desktop-3.a debian/libgnome-desktop-3-dev//usr/lib/ returned exit code 110:33
rodrigo_hmm, it's installing a .la instead of a .a10:33
rodrigo_any idea why?10:33
seb128rodrigo_, it should install both no?10:34
seb128the .a is for static builds10:34
pittican we please not install .la files?10:34
rodrigo_yeah, but it's only installing a .la10:34
seb128rodrigo_, upstream bug?10:34
rodrigo_pitti, this is when building the package, we include the .a, that's why it fails10:34
rodrigo_seb128, yes, seems so10:34
* rodrigo_ looks10:34
seb128pitti, we don't install the .la for GNOME for some years10:35
seb128or we clean-la.mk those10:35
seb128pitti, wrong channel to ask about that ;-)10:35
pittiseb128: right, I thought rodrigo_ meant dh_install10:35
pittiso that's in the upstream part10:35
seb128no, I think he has a build issue with the new tarball10:35
rodrigo_the upstream Makefile.am looks ok, just the normal auto* for a lib10:36
rodrigo_libtool bug then?¿10:36
hrwhow to look at passwords kept by gnome-keyring/evo?10:37
seb128rodrigo_, libtool didn't change10:38
seb128rodrigo_, can you diff the Makefile.am compared to previous version10:38
seb128the configure.ac as well?10:38
seb128hrw, use searhose10:38
hrwseb128: thx10:38
rodrigo_http://pastebin.com/RUGh6d8a <- the AM_MAINTAINER_MODE?10:41
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tjaaltondidrocks: patch applied and pushed, thanks!11:39
didrockstjaalton: thanks to you! :)11:39
seb128pitti, do you know if there is any reason to keep xchat-gnome in main?11:43
didrockschrisccoulson: I think murphy's law is pursuing me with thunderbird. Any known issue with latest shredder daily build?12:02
chrisccoulsondidrocks, there's no new build today (it's the same as yesterday)12:03
didrockschrisccoulson: ok, so, last shredder crash (I think it crashed, it wasn't running anymore), screwed something12:03
didrockschrisccoulson: http://people.canonical.com/~didrocks/Capture--%20Shredder%207.0%20Alpha%201-1.png12:04
didrockschrisccoulson: all the config is still there, I can see my acounts in edit -> account settings12:05
didrocksbut no treeview, seems some labels are missing as well12:05
chrisccoulsonhmm, i bet there are some exceptions in the error console ;)12:06
didrockschrisccoulson: you mean something like "tree is undefined" ? :)12:07
didrockschrisccoulson: what do you need? is there a way to dump everything?12:08
chrisccoulsondidrocks, is there a lot in there?12:09
didrockschrisccoulson: if I removed the duplicate, 7, I can paste them manually12:09
chrisccoulsoni should add a "Copy to clipboard" button in the error console ;)12:10
didrockschrisccoulson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638868/12:10
didrocksthat would be neat :)12:10
didrocksI kept the order12:10
pittiseb128: xchat-gnome> not from my POV12:16
chrisccoulsondidrocks, hmmm, that makes no sense at all ;)12:17
chrisccoulsoncould you try removing the startupCache folder for your thunderbird profile? (~/.thunderbird-trunk)12:18
chrisccoulsonand then restarting12:18
didrockschrisccoulson: everything in that folder? the config isn't there?12:18
chrisccoulsondidrocks, there should be a folder ~/.thunderbird-trunk/xxxxxxxx.default/startupCache (where xxxxxxxx is some random characters)12:19
chrisccoulsonis that there?12:19
didrockschrisccoulson: indeed, removing it12:19
didrockschrisccoulson: worked, the ui is restored12:20
didrockschrisccoulson: thanks :) but frightening that thunderbird can screw it up like that12:20
chrisccoulsoni've never seen that happen before (and firefox uses exactly the same startup cache system as well) :/12:21
chrisccoulsonbut the first exception definitely made no sense at all ;)12:21
chrisccoulsonit was impossible for "tree" to be undefined12:21
didrockschrisccoulson: seems I will be a nice magnet for all thunderbird issues :)12:22
didrockschrisccoulson: well, it told me it 4 times! ;-)12:22
chrisccoulsonyeah, so far you're the only person reporting issues :P12:22
didrocksmaybe the only one testing it there? :p12:22
chrisccoulsonm_conley_away, any idea about the above?12:23
faganHey im getting this bug when I try to rename files in 11.10 Bug #80644812:23
didrockschrisccoulson: btw, what do you advise as a google calendar support extension? (I didn't see your reply yesterday, if any)12:23
chrisccoulsonm_conley_away, didrocks got a weird exception (Error: tree is undefined at chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js:885, which is impossible), and it went away by removing the startup cache12:23
faganHmmmm is the bot not working?12:24
chrisccoulsondidrocks, i think you can use lightning for that12:24
* didrocks googles12:24
chrisccoulsoni'm currently not using that though12:24
chrisccoulsonit's in the archive12:24
didrockschrisccoulson: you have no calendar integration?12:24
chrisccoulsondidrocks, not at the moment12:24
didrockscan't live without it :)12:25
chrisccoulsoni'm starting to feel like i should write a calendar application12:25
didrockschrisccoulson: are you sure lightning is in the archive?12:26
didrocksyeah :)12:26
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah :)12:26
chrisccoulsonand i think you want the xul-ext-gdata-provider package (or whatever it's called)12:26
chrisccoulsonat some point, there will be an eds-provider package too ;)12:27
didrockschrisccoulson: indeed, looking for it :)12:27
chrisccoulsondidrocks, oh, you're still using the nightlies aren't you?12:28
didrockschrisccoulson: right, the extension won't be detected? do I need some symlink foo?12:28
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, the extension is incompatible (it's a binary extension, so no amount of symlinking or playing around with the install.rdf will fix that)12:29
chrisccoulsoni've not been providing lightning builds with the nightlies12:29
chrisccoulsonperhaps i should start doing that12:30
didrockschrisccoulson: oh ok, no hurry then. I can wait on the stable to have my crash fix as well12:30
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'll upload that once we're unfrozen12:30
didrocksgreat :)12:30
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* rodrigo_ lunch12:36
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desrtdidrocks: there's a dh_qmake rule that does the magic for me12:54
desrtdidrocks: i used it because it was easiest12:55
didrocksdesrt: hum, seems to not be run by dh8, agateau tried a cmake approach if you are interested12:55
desrtdidrocks: did you see my PPA?12:55
didrocksdesrt: no, I didn't12:56
desrti did a package before12:56
didrocksI packages it from your git source12:56
desrti thought you knew of it12:56
didrockshum, that would have been better :)12:56
didrocksdesrt: ok, not sure now that we reviewed it and decided on what to ship if it's still necessary, but I'll see what I can grab from there12:57
agateaudesrt: hey, I had a look at dconf-qt. I am a bit worried about the class name12:58
desrtya.  i got some pushback there before12:59
desrtdo you have a suggestion?12:59
agateaudesrt: Q* class names are usually reserved to classes coming from Qt itself12:59
agateaudesrt: DConfQt?12:59
desrtagateau: the situation is a bit confusing12:59
desrtagateau: dbarth had the idea that dconf-qt should become part of Qt13:00
desrtand some of the Qt guys appeared to support this idea, at least in the margins13:00
desrtbut i think there is no real interest13:00
agateaudesrt: I would suggest a rename if/when it gets into Qt13:00
desrtso you mean rename now13:01
desrtand possibly rename later13:01
desrt(unlikely, in my opinion)13:01
desrtseb128: hey13:01
agateaudesrt: yes13:01
seb128fagan, known issue13:01
seb128hey desrt, how are you?13:01
desrtpretty good13:01
desrtliving la vie en rose13:01
desrtetc :)13:01
didrocksdesrt: you are in Paris, there is no "vie en rose" :)13:01
faganseb128: cool thanks13:02
seb128desrt, ;-)13:02
desrtdidrocks: i am not in paris13:02
* fagan just thought it was a weird one13:02
desrtbut i will be this evening13:02
desrtwe are having an ubuntu-fr meetup13:02
didrocksdesrt: well, near it! all the same :-)13:02
seb128desrt, btw did you see my comment earlier? the gedit screwup happens after a screensaver use13:02
desrtseb128: yes.  it's quite strange.13:02
desrtseb128: i still suspect gnome-session :)13:02
seb128desrt, so likely screensaver<->session inhibition screwing13:02
didrocksdesrt: it's in the center of Paris, (les halles), you shouldn't be lost13:03
seb128desrt, yeah, me too13:03
didrockseveryone blaming vuntz? not kind of you :)13:03
desrtdidrocks: i have been through this station very many times13:03
didrocksdesrt: not surprising, it's the central place of the public transportation in Paris ;)13:04
desrtand directly on the path between CDG and fontenay sous bois13:04
didrocksright ;)13:04
didrocksthere is even a song on that station13:04
didrocksone sec13:04
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chrisccoulsonb'ah, i hate mongodb13:50
highvoltagehate is the path to the dark side13:50
chrisccoulsonheh :-)13:51
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
chrisccoulsoni think i'm definitely over to the dark side!13:57
geserdid you got cookies?14:08
chrisccoulsondon't mention cookies, i'm already really hungry ;)14:09
chrisccoulsonand i'm trying to resist the urge to go and get food ;)14:09
seb128chrisccoulson, get beer while you are at it! ;-)14:10
cyphermoxseb128: turns out I misread yesterday and libgdata 0.9.1 will be needed to go with gnome-online-accounts, so I'll prepare the update, unless you already started?14:20
seb128cyphermox, hey, go for it, is gnome-online-accounts mandatory or optional?14:20
cyphermoxwe can disable it, but since rodrigo is working on it we should get it soon no?14:21
seb128well, better to not block on it14:23
seb128time to get it packaged, reviewed for NEW, in, mir-ed, promoted, etc14:23
seb128it might take a bit14:23
cyphermoxright well, if libgdata is already ready then it will be easy to rebuild evo without --disable-goa14:23
cyphermoxgdata 0.9.1 is apparently required for goa14:24
dobeyoh. g-o-a. i was about to say. wtf does gdata have to do with India? :)14:25
cyphermoxdobey: everything. we outsource development ;)14:26
dobeyyes i know :(14:26
cyphermoxthat said, I fail to see how you linked this with India?14:27
dobeyi just remembered that libgdata is written by the indians14:27
cyphermoxis it?14:27
* cyphermox had no idea14:27
seb128rodrigo_, did you figure the gnome-desktop .a issue?14:27
dobeybut Goa is a place in India, and is where the musical genre derives its name from14:28
seb128vuntz, !!!14:31
seb128rodrigo_, it's vuntz's fault again, I knew it ;-)14:31
pedro_its always a french fault :-)14:31
desrtseb128: did you solve the gnome-session problem now? :)14:32
seb128desrt, no, but I think vuntz broke some of ours builds by "modernizing the build system a bit"14:33
desrtseb128: oh.  that's surely jjardon's fault, actually :)14:35
desrthis gnome-goal, he gets the blame :)14:35
seb128desrt, seems like the sort of things he would push for yes14:35
desrtglib was broken for some time as well14:35
desrtthen i fixed it and broke it again :)14:35
desrt(in a different way, caused by gtk-doc being fundamentally broken)14:36
desrtlesson: autotools is a very delicate deck of cards.  if it ain't broke then don't fuck with it.14:36
seb128something in those cleanup stopped .a to be built14:36
kenvandinedesrt, you are a wise man14:36
kenvandinewell, i guess wiser now :)14:37
desrtseb128: some advice, please14:37
* kenvandine is about to do evil things with autotools... 14:37
desrtseb128: if i were to want to vendor-patch a feature branch into glib in a private PPA....14:37
desrtseb128: best to take one of your tarball releases from oneric and apply my feature branch as a vendor patch in the usual way?14:37
desrtor do you think i should try to make a new "upstream" tarball?14:38
seb128desrt, glib packaging runs autoreconf on build nowadays so either way works14:38
desrtah.  that's the exact information i was looking for :)14:39
desrtso no need to dist patches against generated files...14:39
vuntzseb128: it's not me, it's not me, it's not me14:39
seb128I tend to make "upstream tarballs" because it's easier to diff successive uploads14:39
desrtseems like more of a burden to go foward, though14:39
desrtsince for each new glib release you do i will have to do a new one to carry the patch14:39
rodrigo_yeah, vuntz's fault probably14:40
seb128vuntz, yeah, yeah, neither gnome-desktop3 not libgweather build a .a during14:40
seb128I'm trying to figure what part of the configure cleaning is breaking those14:40
desrt"i love gnome-desktop"?14:40
seb128vuntz, you also promised to review the libwnck patch and you lied :p14:40
seb128never trust vuntz14:40
vuntzseb128: they both build fine here :-)14:41
* desrt generalises to a certain nationality14:41
vuntzseb128: so I blame you14:41
seb128vuntz, they build fine, they just don't have a .a for static builds14:41
vuntzseb128: yes14:41
vuntzseb128: --enable-static14:41
vuntzseb128: they're just disabled by default now14:41
vuntzand the libwnck patch is on my todo list14:41
vuntzgetting there, slowly but surely14:42
desrtvuntz: below how many other items? :)14:42
seb128vuntz, instead of putting warning about abi breaks when there is no none, you should put warnings about configure changes :p14:42
seb128vuntz, why is the default no nowadays?14:42
didrocksslightly out of topic, but impressed by django where you can add url and handlers to them without restarting the server :)14:43
vuntzdesrt: actually, only one or two14:43
vuntzseb128: because I don't like .a files?14:43
seb128vuntz, is that a new GNOME policy? (just asking because we might need to tweak our packaging tools if that's the case)14:44
seb128vuntz, was that discussed, announced somewhere?14:44
seb128vuntz, would be useful to announce at least on the distributors list14:44
vuntzseb128: I don't know, it's just my policy14:45
vuntzseb128: you can choose to always pass --enable-static, though14:45
seb128vuntz, right, I'm doing so but it would be nice to have that consistant over GNOME14:45
seb128vuntz, it would make distributor easier14:45
vuntztrue, we should all move to no static by default :-)14:46
seb128I'm fine with that14:46
seb128it just means we need to add a --enable-static flag in your build tools14:46
seb128but better to have it consistent that having to track different behaviour in different tarballs14:46
seb128vuntz, thanks14:47
seb128rodrigo_, ok, so to fix your gnome-desktop build just add --enable-static14:49
rodrigo_seb128, yes, already did14:49
seb128vuntz, you could have mentioned it in the commit log or news at least :p14:49
rodrigo_seb128, just having a couple more issues, that should be solved now14:49
* rodrigo_ builds14:49
vuntzseb128: true, but I was lazy14:50
seb128vuntz, well if that let you some energy to review that libwnck patch then ok ;-)14:50
seb128vuntz, btw my gedit not starting issue starts after a screensaver use14:51
vuntzseb128: works here14:57
seb128vuntz, lucky you ;-)14:58
seb128I will try later now that I've gnome-session 3.1.314:58
seb128I was still on 3.0 before14:58
chrisccoulsongedit takes forever to start here ;)14:58
seb128like 3 seconds,  5 minutes, hours?14:59
chrisccoulsonseb128, about 10 seconds14:59
chrisccoulsoni would be worried if it was hours ;)14:59
seb128well, when it gets broken there after using the screensaver it seems to just hang15:00
seb128otherwise it starts in less than a second15:00
chrisccoulsonyou have an SSD though don't you ;)15:01
seb128but gedit never took over a second to start on my old laptop either15:01
seb12810s, that's slower than firefox15:01
mterrydidrocks, so I'm finally looking at enabling gedit plugins on the fly.  I don't see a command line option for it.  Do you know how it's done?15:41
didrocksmterry: no, the previous workitem was to patch gedit to enable that. since libpea, I know that upstream listened to that case, not sure it's implemented though15:42
mterrydidrocks, ah...15:42
mterrydidrocks, that makes my work item much larger :)15:42
didrocksmterry: yeah, I was thinking you knew about it, sorry ;)15:43
didrocksbut at least, we can see that on the libpeas side, not using a deprecated plugin system which was the case a year ago15:43
rodrigo_where is the system locale settings stored?15:43
stgraber /etc/default/locale ?15:44
seb128didrocks, mterry: did anyone consider using anjuta rather than gedit as an IDE?15:46
seb128gedit is nice but lacks code completion, online debugging etc15:47
seb128not that anjuta is great but it's closer from an useful IDE than gedit15:47
didrocksseb128: anjuta isn't great at all for python last time I check15:47
seb128is gedit great for python? ;-)15:47
seb128well at least anjuta is supposed to do functions names completion15:48
seb128with online documentation and debugger integration15:48
seb128they probably are suboptimal if they work though15:48
seb128but gedit is closer from a text editor than from an IDE15:48
didrocksseb128: is there completion for function names and debugger for python?15:48
didrockslast time I tried, it didn't15:48
seb128didrocks, the NEWS from the current version has "auto-completion for Gtk.Builder objects in python plugin"15:49
didrocksso maybe it handles it now, worth a try maybe :)15:49
seb128it was maybe broken because of bug #79105815:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 791058 in anjuta "anjuta-python-autocomplete.py missing" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79105815:50
seb128the .install was not installing *.py15:50
seb128which I fixed recently15:50
mterryseb128, sorry, walked away for a sec.  I'm not sure we've sat down and done a comparison for quickly's needs yet15:51
seb128mterry, I would recommend doing that before investing time on gedit15:51
seb128I use gedit and like it15:51
* Sarvatt is a geany fan15:51
seb128but I'm not sure what are the requirements for what you want to do15:51
seb128I would think that online documentation and code completion would be nice to have15:51
mterryseb128, we have very basic requirements for now.  We just need an editor.  Everything else is nice-to-have, but there are some gedit plugins/settings that we'd ideally like to enforce when using quickly15:52
mterryseb128, one problem with anjuta is that it has a whole project management thing that is a bit of a different workflow than quickly's15:53
mterryseb128, we've talked about a plugin for anjuta that uses quickly for packaging and such15:53
pittigood night everyone15:56
seb128'night pitti15:57
seb128mterry, ok, I was rather curious of what the requirements are and if you had looked at different options than gedit15:58
seb128didrocks, mterry: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/i386/gedit-developer-plugins/0.5.1-0ubuntu116:00
didrocksseb128: is it up to date?16:01
seb128"  * Syntax completion16:01
seb128    Python completion using the file's imports and definitions"16:01
* didrocks checks16:01
seb128didrocks, was updated today for gtk3 in oneiric16:01
didrocksseb128: we discussed that plugin 1 year and half ago16:01
mterryseb128, yeah, that's one of the plugins we want to enable16:01
seb128oh ok16:01
seb128that one was on the sponsoring list today16:01
seb128pitti uploaded16:01
didrocksonly if it supported libpeas, which it shold now :)16:01
mterrydidrocks, it does16:01
didrocksexcellent :)16:01
seb128I need to install that ;-)16:01
mterrydidrocks, but now we need support in gedit... :-/16:02
didrocksso yeah, we looked at all the plugins in it and decided which one to enable16:02
seb128it has bzr integration as well16:02
didrockswas working well16:02
didrockswell, that's part of the thing we won't enable in quickly16:02
ricotzhello :)16:05
seb128hey ricotz16:05
ricotzis there a specific reason that gedit-developer-plugins depends on gtk 3.1.016:06
ricotzhey seb12816:06
seb128ricotz, dunno16:08
seb128you can try to build it on an older gtk version and see if it works16:09
ricotzsince it min depends on gedit 3.0.1 a lower gtk sould be enough16:09
seb128that's the upstream maintainer who did the update16:09
ricotzseb128, i would upload it to the natty ppa16:09
seb128well I'm about to update gedit to 3.116:09
seb128ricotz, well I guess you can to upload with the depends lowered ;-)16:10
seb128if that works open a bug16:10
rodrigo_pitti, what was the script you told me that is used to get the list of packages for a langpack?16:10
seb128or tell us and we will fix it16:10
ricotzseb128, ok16:10
mvohm, I get a upgrade debconf prompt about my prefered DM (gdm, lightdm). I guess that is not intended :)16:29
kamusinhey rodrigo_!16:45
rodrigo_hey kamusin, how are you?16:46
kamusinvery good thanks, how about you?16:48
dobeymeh i really need to apply for motu/moreuploadprivs17:03
micahgdobey: I can sponsor stuff in about an hour17:03
micahgdobey: and please do :)17:03
dobeymicahg: i'm not looking for immediate sponsorship right now. just a general statement :)17:04
kenvandineseb128, hey... just FYI empathy 3.2 will depend on clutter-gst17:10
kenvandinesame as totem17:10
* kenvandine notes it on etherpad17:11
seb128kenvandine, what for?17:28
kenvandineseb128, video calls17:28
kenvandinebasically same thing totem is going to use it for17:29
kenvandineall the controls will be gtk17:29
kenvandinejust video playback will be clutter17:29
seb128some days I wonder if we should go back to pidgin17:29
* kenvandine never feels that way :)17:30
kenvandineclutter-gst will make it on the CD right?17:30
seb128not if we can avoid it17:30
* micahg was wondering about that, it's in core, but universe...17:31
kenvandineis it going to be optional for totem?17:31
seb128we don't plan to update totem yet17:31
kenvandineyeah, i saw the note17:31
kenvandinebut i read that as we will once the MIR is done17:31
kenvandinei guess it provides a much better video rendering experience17:32
seb128when it works...17:34
seb128we need to do testing on different archs and all drivers because knowing how it works17:34
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hyperairhow do we set the default media application for gnome3?18:57
dobeyhyperair: i don't think there is any GUI way to do it19:03
hyperairdobey: i'm interested in how it's stored on CD.19:03
hyperairdobey: see bug #80593819:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 805938 in banshee "Totem set as default music player after install instead of Banshee" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80593819:03
dobeyhyperair: not sure, but i would suspect in gnome3 it is either "gsettings" or "desktop files"19:07
hyperairhm =\19:07
dobeyhyperair: and the ubuntu defaults may just not be updated for the gnome3 change yet, but afaik, there is no easy way for the user to change it in gnome3 :(19:07
hyperairdobey: who can i poke to find out?19:07
dobeybecause, afaik, there's no default-applications-properties any more.19:08
seb128it's in g-c-c system infos19:08
dobeyit is? what a weird place for that19:09
hyperairseb128: which file in what package?19:10
seb128the default-application ui is in gnome-control-center19:10
hyperairubuntu's default media player seems to be totem19:10
hyperairi want to know where that's set.19:10
hyperairon the CD.19:10
hyperairor fresh installation, whichever.19:11
hyperairhmm let's see..19:11
seb128GNOME3 uses mimetypes19:11
seb128not sure what the question was19:13
hyperairhmm i noticed there's some stuff in /etc/gnome/defaults.list19:13
seb128that's the list from desktop-file-utils19:13
seb128what are you trying to do?19:14
hyperairseb128: fix bug #80593819:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 805938 in banshee "Totem set as default music player after install instead of Banshee" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80593819:14
seb128how do you start the player? by clicking on a file? by inserting a CD? by using a key?19:14
hyperairwell the bug report says: "Going into System Info > Default Applications shows Totem set as the default music player."19:15
seb128  info_panel_setup_default_app (self, "audio/x-vorbis+ogg",19:15
hyperairadditionally, unity seems to be showing a totem icon in the dash.19:15
seb128in the g-c-c code19:15
seb128so I guess it uses the handler for ogg19:15
hyperairi see.19:16
hyperairso i guess it should be changed in desktop-file-utils?19:16
hyperairi'll add a desktop-file-utils task then19:17
seb128it's similar to bug #75193419:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 751934 in unity "Listen to Music in dash loads Totem not Banshee (dup-of: 751610)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75193419:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 751610 in unity ""Listen to Music" shortcut loads Totem and not Banshee" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75161019:17
hyperairum sounds like a duplicate.19:17
hyperairwait, that's in natty, was it?19:17
seb128yeah, in fact I'm thinking about another bug19:17
seb128there is a bug asking that the default handler for audio files is changed19:18
seb128not only ogg19:18
chrisccoulsonseb128, who came in to our room at the rally to talk to you about daily builds?19:18
chrisccoulsoni can't remember the person's name ;)19:18
seb128chrisccoulson, jelmer19:18
chrisccoulsonseb128, thanks19:19
seb128chrisccoulson, yw19:19
chrisccoulsoni wanted to talk to him about building the firefox beta PPA on armel19:19
seb128chrisccoulson, they still have issues, you should wait for the next launchpad rollout19:19
seb128chrisccoulson, you should just ask on #launchpad19:19
cyphermoxcdbs: ping. I'm curious as to what uses liboauth which you maintain in Debian, and why it needed xmalloc patched. I'd also like to know if you've already started looking into debian bug 612326. Turns out liboauth is a new build-depends on libgdata, so I'm working on a MIR for it now and looking through this stuff19:37
ubot2Debian bug 612326 in liboauth0 "liboauth0: patch to xmalloc_fatal removes error handling" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/61232619:37
pittirodrigo_: check-language-support from language-selector-common19:41
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cdbscyphermox: pong20:32
cdbscyphermox: I'll look at it tomorrow, thanks20:32
cdbscyphermox: Its a fix for an X: lintian tag, will get it un-patched20:33
cdbscyphermox: Oh, really? Nice! My package will be on the CD! Yay! :D20:33
cyphermoxcdbs: right, afaik it works fine without the patch20:37
cyphermoxI can't get bti to work to make sure, but I don't forsee problems20:37
cdbsYeah, in my testing that part never failed20:37
cyphermoxso the patch was for lintian? I'm not sure I follow20:38
cyphermoxcdbs: by the way, something else, but really small: E: liboauth0: symbols-file-contains-current-version-with-debian-revision on symbol oauth_escape_shell@Base and 3 others20:39
cdbscyphermox: hmm? really?20:39
* cdbs checks20:39
cdbscyphermox: I'll have that fixed tomorrow20:39
cdbscyphermox: I did that to fix lintian, yeah. But it was an X lintian tag, so it wasn't important at all20:40
cyphermoxI think that's because you'd need to run makeshlibs with -- -c420:40
cyphermoxok.. I don't get that lintian tag with the patch disabled20:41
ricotzcdbs, hello :), i hope you like to update your gnome-shell-extensions packaging for the 3.1.3 release?20:42
cyphermoxbut anyway, if you can fix at least just the xmalloc patch, that would be awesome20:42
cdbsricotz: I'm going to give up the ITP20:43
cdbsricotz: I don't have much time to spend online nowadays20:43
cdbsblame personal crap20:43
ricotzcdbs, ok, thanks20:44
ricotzcdbs, i think i need to look at it then20:44
cyphermoxcdbs: if it's easier for you I can always update things, even Debian packages if you tell me it's ok20:45
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anderskDid anyone else see all their launchers disappear from gnome-shell in oneiric recently?21:25
RAOFpitti:  Correct.  That bug affects r300-r500 only.22:48

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