thelinuxerMenopia: mabrook el cloack :)12:12
Menopiaallah yebarek fek12:13
Menopialesa talbo mn shoya :D12:13
thelinuxerah el mawdoo3 mesh beya7'od wa2t keteer12:13
thelinuxereshta ya me3alem12:13
thelinuxer7'adt el subscription wel space we keda ?12:13
Menopiala2 lesa12:13
Menopiaeh el space?12:14
Menopiael mail fe 5lal 48 hours12:14
thelinuxerel mafrood access 3ala ftp server12:14
thelinuxer1GB of space12:14
Menopiaah lesa bardo12:15
Menopiapeapole.ubuntu.com s7?12:15
thelinuxerwe mate3melsh 3'altety :D12:16
thelinuxerenta el mafrood el username beta3ak 3aleek 7aykoon Menopia@people.ubuntu.com12:16
thelinuxerasly my name on launchpad is thelinuxer12:16
thelinuxer3ala my machine it's atoulan12:16
thelinuxeri forgot to add thelinuxer@ part :D12:16
thelinuxerwe makansh rady ye7'osh we makontesh 3aref leeh12:16
thelinuxerzaka2 shewaya12:17
Menopiahowa el meeting youm 9 el sa3a 2 fe el azhar s7?12:17
Menopiaazhar park12:17
thelinuxeryoom 812:18
Menopiael ta7riiir :D12:18
Menopiaana faker eny sm3t 9 embare712:19
Menopia3amtan ok12:20
MenopiaTheNightPhoenix, hi man12:20
thelinuxerI am sending a reminder aho12:22
hbmneed help with xrdp14:45
hbmcan anyone help me?14:45
hbmI need help with xrdp?14:52
hbmcan anyone help me?14:52
thelinuxer1hbm: i wish i could help but i know nothing about xrdp ..14:53
hbmon thx14:54
hbmI want to remote from a windows machine14:54
Proncohbm, what is your problem exactly?14:54
thelinuxer1hmm, wait a sec14:54
hbmI installed xrdp and it works only once14:55
hbmif logout and try to log in again it doesn't work14:55
thelinuxer1hbm: i guess this link has the solution for ur problem http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-establish-simple-remote-desktop-access-between-ubuntu-and-windows/14:56
thelinuxer1using the remote desktop that is already in ubuntu runs a vnc server that you can access it using any vnc client on ur network14:56
Proncohbm, have you checked your log? It would lead you to something, I believe.14:57
hbmhow can I get to the log?14:57
Proncomost probably /var/log/14:59
thelinuxer1hbm: Pronco the remote desktop thing is a 2 minutes solution, u better check that out first :)15:01
Proncoaho khala3 el zebon :)15:35
Proncoyenfa3 keda.15:35

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