czajkowskiebel: slashtom tdr112 whats the weather like up there today09:18
ebeltis alright09:18
slashtomsunny, warm09:18
ebelsmidge cloudy09:18
slashtoma few clouds09:18
slashtommight rain later09:18
ebelfans are going like mad in the office here.09:18
slashtomour air-con is on09:18
ebelapparently it was 27℃ this morning (though our office gets v. warm)09:18
ebel(27℃ in our room that is)09:18
slashtommy widget says it's 13 outside09:19
tdr112no sign of rain09:20
czajkowskilashing rain here09:23
ebelczajkowski: I swear we've had good weather the last few days here in the big smoke. If you bring the rain..........!!!!09:25
slashtomlimerick is being washed away?09:25
slashtomwhat time is the ubuntu hour?16:13
tdr112starts at 616:29
tdr112i will be a bit late16:29
tdr1126.20 or so16:29
czajkowskii'm here17:03
czajkowskithat is all thayt matter17:03
czajkowskias is moylan17:03
tdr112ok i will be down to you as as i can17:10
airurandoHi all.17:37
airurandoHope UH Dublin goes well.17:37
tdr112hey airurando17:46
airurandoEvening tdr11217:46
tdr112ok leaving work now should be there soon17:49

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