VirginiaHello, I got a few problemos00:27
Virginiaisnt there anyone out there that could help me00:42
dscasselVirginia: What's up?00:53
VirginiaI cant watch dvds on my computer since I downloaded ubuntu.01:11
mhall119Virginia: what kind of DVDs?01:12
mhall119you probably need to install the software needed to decode them01:12
mhall119Virginia: I'd suggest joining the #ubuntu channel, where all the community support happens, someone there should be able to walk you through getting it setup01:13
mhall119no problem01:14
J2bv16I need help here03:21
J2bv16If someone can :D03:21
dholbachgood morning06:58
sagacihi dholbach, are you able to look through a small merge request? https://code.launchpad.net/~jpickett/ubuntu/oneiric/ubuntu-docs/fix-for-80485507:14
sagacisorry, wrong channel - should have posted in #ubuntu-motu07:15
dholbachsagaci, maybe somebody from the docs team can have a look at it?07:31
dholbachthe diff seems to be huge and has conflicts07:32
dholbachDiff: 108214 lines (+106462/-0) 333 files modified (has conflicts)07:32
dholbachand I'm a bit busy with other stuff right now, sorry :/07:32
sagacieh, maybe I screwed up, it's only a changelog entry and one character deletion from a help page07:32
sagacino worries07:32
sagacii'll do it again07:32
dholbachsagaci, try asking mdke (he might not be online, but maybe he can review offline)07:35
sagacirighteo then07:35
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airon90HI you all! Could I have your attention please? :) I have a request for you about LoCo teams13:38
YoBoYairon90: hi, and your request is... ?13:52
airon90I'm one of the leader of ubuntu-eo and I'm doing some works in order to make ubuntu-eo a loco team. However LoCo team is for local groups and Esperanto is spoken worldwide (even if there were some micronations who tried to choose Esperanto as official language and even if Esperantists consider Esperantio (or Esperantujo) as a virtual nation). What do LoCo team leaders thank about?13:55
mhall119airon90: language teams asking like loco-teams cause all kinds of headaches13:58
airon90mhall119: why do you think so?14:01
mhall119airon90: because language teams don't have a "place" geographically14:01
mhall119they are not "local" in a physical sense14:02
airon90Not all languages teams don't have a place: italian dialects are spoken in mainly in Italy14:05
airon90So there's no possibility to become a loco team...14:05
mhall119true, and there is a team for Italy (the place)14:05
mhall119airon90: I'm not on the loco-council, so I can't say for sure, but I don't think being a loco-team really what you want14:06
ubot4Factoid 'loco-council' not found14:09
ubot4lococouncil is The Loco Council is itnet7, czajkowski, paultag, huats, leogg, popey - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com14:09
mhall119those are the folks you'll need to talk to about being a loco-team14:10
airon90You told me that it is not possible! :) 14:11
airon90However, thank you very much for your answer!14:11
mhall119airon90: I don't have the authority to say it's not possible14:11
mhall119I just said it causes headaches14:12
YoBoYairon90: what type of "events", ressources,... your team want to have ?14:16
airon90Ok, mhall119, thank you very much! :)14:23
airon90YoBoy: Sincerely I don't know. We are a little community which wants just to be a part of Ubuntu community14:39
airon90I don't think someone took part to an event. I only know that one member (another leader) works in Canonical but I don't know if he took part to an event14:40
airon90However I received some days ago an email written by Daniel Holbach14:40
airon90About Ubuntu Global Jam14:41
airon90I just answered him telling that we aren't a loco team and we cannot meet in one place14:42
airon90He answered me so: «[...] How about an Esperanto Translations Jam, where you meet online to discuss things. Would that work? It might also be worth talking to people in #ubuntu-locoteams or loco-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com about this. I know that a couple of teams have organised online-only events in the past quite successfully. [...]»14:43
airon90So, is there someone who have organised online-only events in the past? :)14:44
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mhall119airon90: the esperanto team can be part of the community without being a loco-team14:49
mhall119there's plenty of non-loco community teams14:49
mhall119airon90: online-only events are fairly common, does the esperanto team have a mailing list?  You can just invite everybody to join a specifici channel at a specific time14:55
YoBoYairon90: there is an esperanto ubuntu translation team ? it's a good start to do an online event for the global jam15:02
YoBoYthere is no real need to be part of a loco team or a team to make ubuntu events, it's just harder to promote them on some sites, but you can always use the planet if you are an ubuntu member15:04
YoBoYfor example of online event, you have the Ubuntu Developer Week starting next week (july 11th to 15th)15:06
airon90Thank you all so munch! Yes, we have a ML and a l10n-team15:09
airon90Ok, is it better to make occasional or defined online meetings (example: every last monday of June and December)? 15:10
mhall119airon90: whichever works better for your team15:11
airon90Thank you for the Ubuntu Dev Week! Where could I see all these events? :S15:11
airon90Ok, better occasional meetings :)15:12
mhall119airon90: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom is probably the best place to start15:12
YoBoYmy point of view for an esperanto team, if you don't plan at the beginning to provide support in esperanto (forum, documentation, ...) but just want to start an esperanto community, you should do like the ubuntu-women community, it's not a loco team, it's just to have a group where women can share. With time, if you want to grow and become more a langage support team, you can always evolve in that way15:13
airon90Thank you very very much. Now I leave this room because we are not talking about LoCo team :) Thank you very much!15:13
YoBoYyou can stay, we don't kick out anyone :)15:14
mhall119airon90: you can join #ubuntu-community-team 15:14
airon90We DO want to provide support in Esperanto. But by now we should grow so maybe we should wait for better times :)15:16
YoBoYgreat :)15:16
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QuintasanCan I somehow get rid of a few pages at wiki.ubuntu.org? We have moved a few pages of Polish LoCo Team and there are some unused pages left 18:22
nigelbQuintasan: Please do18:23
nigelbThere's a delete in the options18:23
QuintasanWell hidden :D18:24
nigelbQuintasan: You do remember jorge's lightning talk don't you? :D18:25
QuintasanYes I do, I'm acting according to that :"D18:26
nigelbHe'd be proud18:26
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