geserwgrant: Hi, what was the magic url for the LP build chroots again? hrw was looking for it yesterday06:51
wgrantgeser: https://launchpad.net/api/devel/ubuntu/oneiric/i38606:52
geserhrw: ^^06:53
dholbachgood morning06:58
gesergood morning dholbach06:59
dholbachhi geser07:01
iulianMorning dholbach, geser.07:43
dholbachhey iulian07:44
iulianHow's it going?07:47
hrwwgrant, geser: thanks07:59
hrwuf. now I have chroot where package fail ;D09:09
tumbleweedis that what you wanted? :)09:10
hrwpackage built in my chroots and not on launchpad. now I have LP one locally09:12
dupondjeumask 0022 is default to build no ?09:47
geserdupondje: bigjools and/or wgrant in #launchpad should know it09:51
tumbleweedseeing as we just changed the default in ubuntu, it's quite likely that affected sbuild too10:00
tumbleweedoh, that was noted in #ubuntu-devl10:00
dupondjeye :)10:01
hrwfound issue ;)10:07
hrwi486 != i686 != i48610:07
hrwdie i386... asap10:07
tumbleweedwhat was different about the launchpad chroot that triggered that?10:07
hrwtumbleweed: bug 802985 hold me from using i386 chroot before10:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 802985 in eglibc (Ubuntu Hardy) "[lucid] /var/lib/dpkg/tmp.ci/preinst: 399: arithmetic expression: expecting EOF: "3.0-0-generic"" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80298510:10
hrwso I tested on amd64 which is totally different10:10
hrwnew lesson learnt10:10
hrwnew patch to gcc-4.4 (nearly obsolete now) generated10:10
tumbleweedah right10:11
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dupondjedh_installman manpages/*.{5,8}12:37
dupondjethis doesn't work anymore ?12:37
tumbleweeddupondje: that's a bashism separate it into two parameters12:47
tumbleweederr, prentend I used some punctuation there12:48
dupondjeweird it worked before tho :s12:48
tumbleweedbash used to be the default shell (a while ago)12:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 806457 in shorewall-lite (Ubuntu) "Fix FTBFS in oneiric" [Undecided,New]12:50
dupondjelooks fine ?12:50
tumbleweedI'd have put them both on the same line12:50
tumbleweedalso, that's something to submit to debian12:50
tumbleweedand the changelog entry isn't very helpful :)12:51
tumbleweeddh_installman didn't change at all12:51
dupondjetrue, its because bash isn't the default shell anymore :)12:52
jtaylorit also fails in debian12:52
jtaylorplease file a RC bug12:52
jtaylorUser: debian-release@lists.debian.org Usertags: goal-dash12:53
tumbleweeddupondje: "Removed a bashism from debian/rules" would be far clearer.12:53
jtaylorhm no that tag does not apply12:54
dupondjebut its still usefull to get it fixed in Ubuntu no ?13:00
tumbleweedyes, but as it's RC in debian, we can probably get it uploded there quite quickly. (if the maintainer doesn't respond within a week or so, ping me, I'll NMU it)13:01
jtayloryes, but it needs fixing in debian too13:01
* dupondje hates debian's bugsystem13:02
dupondjelaunchpad is much more easier :)13:02
tumbleweedhrm, I'd say they both have their advantages. I'll agree launchpad is easier to use, though13:03
jtaylorI can file it if like13:03
jtaylorbeen massfiling the last few days anyway, one more does not matter :)13:04
dupondjewell i'll try it out myself :)13:04
dupondjegotto learn it one day :D13:04
Laneyyou hate it, but you've never filed a bug there?13:05
dupondjewell did file a bug13:05
dupondjeor add comment13:05
dupondjebut not alot :)13:05
dupondjeand every time I need to read its man page again ^^13:05
geserman page?13:10
Laneyreportbug packagename ...13:10
dupondjegeser: http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting13:10
geserI use reportbug, answer the questions, write the mail body, attach the patch and send it13:11
jtaylorreportbug crashes for me every 2nd time ._.13:12
tumbleweedjtaylor: why?13:13
jtaylorought to file a bug for that, but I always just use regular email13:13
jtaylorno idea13:13
jtaylorits random, did not really have any success at debuggingit13:14
jtaylorso many opendrim packages broken :(13:26
tumbleweedwe have someone working on those13:27
tumbleweedit's really easy to fix13:27
jtaylorthey should be marked then13:28
tumbleweedhe had branches filed for most of them that needed work. pitti marked them as "needs fixing" in his patch piloting today13:28
tumbleweedbefore thta, they were showing up on the bug pages13:28
tumbleweedoh, they still are13:29
tumbleweedI just picked one that wasn't13:29
tumbleweedjtaylor: there, marked them.13:32
dupondjetumbleweed: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/74646996/shorewall-lite.debdiff13:32
tumbleweeddupondje: LGTM13:32
jtaylorthx but you missed quite a few13:36
tumbleweedI marked the ones he had branches for13:36
jtaylorah ok13:36
directhexRhonda, you don't happen to have access rights to the backports.debian.org keyring do you?13:40
dupondjehttp://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=632851 and forwarded to debian13:40
ubottuDebian bug 632851 in shorewall-lite "FTBFS due to bashism in debian/rules" [Serious,Open]13:40
tumbleweeddupondje: please link it to the ubuntu bug13:41
jtayloryey lua-svn has a randomly failing testsuite13:44
* Rhonda laughs madly at directhex13:56
Rhondadirecthex: who else but me? :)13:56
* Rhonda hmmms, I had rt.d.o open somewhere today already for processing tickets …13:57
Rhondadirecthex: buy me a beaverage at debconf :P13:57
directhexRhonda, sadly i won't be at debconf :(13:57
directhexRhonda, fosdem 2012?13:57
Rhondatoo chaotic to attend for me13:57
directhexRhonda, i can get robot101 to pay if i give a talk. the trick is working out a subject to talk about at debconf13:59
jtaylordoes lua shake have an expect test macro?14:00
RhondaIs it? I've been tricked into giving four this year ..   %-)14:00
directhexRhonda, :o14:00
* Rhonda . o O ( alright, bits from the web team and bits from the backports team ones don't really count )14:01
directhexRhonda, thanks. also thanks from sledge14:11
RhondaIs he sitting beside you?14:11
jtaylorI can't reproduce this failure anymore: bug 771137 but instead there is a different problem causing a build failure14:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 771137 in lua-svn (Ubuntu Oneiric) "lua-svn version 0.4.0-2 failed to build on amd64 with GCC-4.6/oneiric" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77113714:12
jtaylorshould I edit the bug or close it and open a new one?14:12
directhexRhonda, he's in #debian-uk on oftc.14:12
RhondaWhy can't he send me the kudos himself? :)14:13
tumbleweedjtaylor: I'd just recycle the bug14:13
directhexRhonda, well i told him to relay beer on my behalf.14:14
Rhonda… only if they have good beer in bosnia. ;)14:15
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micahgtumbleweed: are you uploading pppstatus?19:29
tumbleweedmicahg: err, just did19:30
micahgk, I was looking at it as well...19:30
tumbleweedsorry, I'll stop19:30
micahgtumbleweed: no, please continue19:30
tumbleweedI've just been uploading things from the same guy19:30
micahgI just wish there was a way to flag something as working on in the UDD view19:31
micahgtumbleweed: you're just doing the FTBFS fixes, right?19:31
micahgk, I'll grab other things19:32
micahgthere's plenty to do :)19:32
tumbleweedin that case, I'll look at some more19:32
micahgtumbleweed: thanks19:33
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paultagRhonda: 'grats on the debian backports gig, just saw that mail :)21:00
paultagwell done :)21:00
Laney'aint real until it's appeared on d-d-a eh? ;-)21:01
tumbleweedjtaylor: not waiting on a debian response for oval-interpreter?21:45
jtaylorno the RC bug in debian is too old with no reaction21:46
tumbleweedsounds NMUable :)21:46
tumbleweedlet's give it a few days with a patch, and if there's no response, NMU it21:47
tumbleweedactually I'll nmu it now, it's an ancient bug21:48
jtaylorwell there is still much time till debian release, does it need a nmu?21:48
tumbleweed3 month old RC bug, with no maintainer response. Sounds fine to me21:48
jtaylorgo ahead, I'm no dm so I can't21:50
tumbleweedjtaylor: uploaded to delayed/222:01
tumbleweedbdrung_: hrm, are we doing some thing wrong with sponsor-patch? I'm noticing udd inconsistancies with branches I've sponosred22:26
bdrung_tumbleweed: that's your code :P22:26
tumbleweedoh, duh, I probably didn't bzr commit while editing (sponsor-patch -e). Maybe we should detect uncommitted changes..22:26
broder...oh, you're supposed to commit with -e?22:27
tumbleweedyou are in a bzr checkout, so yes22:27
broderi assumed sponsor-patch would run debcommit for me22:28
bdrung_it does, doesn't it22:28
tumbleweedhmm, it does22:28
bdrung_it should make sure that everything is committed before pushing22:28
* tumbleweed takes a closer look at the inconsistancies22:28
tumbleweedoh, quilt, urgh22:31
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