qwebirc94694Using Mythbuntu 11.04, Hauppage WinTV HVR 1800. Worked perfectly with Mythbuntu 9.10, but now fails in 11.04 when trying to "Watch TV". MythTV finds channels, and attempts to play a channel once for about 5 seconds, and then every time thereafter won't get a channel lock? Any pointers? Any logs I should be looking at?14:33
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lwizardlanyone around and willing to help me with configuring my dvr box23:03
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lwizardlI need help with getting my PVR150 card working for my comcast service.23:09
lwizardlthe system I am using has a Nvidia 7200/7300GS video card, a Kworld ATSC 110 DTV card (plan to use that for Antenna later), PVR-150 (using this for comcast cablevision from the RCA outputs on comcast box to inputs on pvr150),23:17
lwizardlATI RemoteWonder USB remote control, Lirc dual sensor for IR Blasting23:18
lwizardlon MythBuntu 11.04 6423:20
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