kim0hmm I'm not able to post to ubuntu-news.org/wp-admin although LP tells me I should be able to .. getting a username/password prompt13:48
kim0guess I'll ping Amber when she's up13:48
nigelbkim0: er, probably nhandler or pleia214:28
kim0okie thanks14:29
kim0I'm hanging around14:29
nhandlerkim0: It doesn't interact with LP right now. Let me check something14:41
kim0nhandler: oh so I have to get a separate account ? ok .. who can help with that14:53
nhandlerkim0: Out of curiosity, where was LP saying you should be able to login?15:39
kim0nhandler: not that .. but I was part of the teams that have access15:39
holsteinubuntu forums news & general community news are still empty15:39
kim0so I'm still waiting to get an account I guess15:44
nhandlerkim0: Alright. I think I see what happened. akgraner set up the Community team as the owner of the various News LP teams. But it looks like the community team also got added as an administrator member. You personally do not appear to have been a direct member of ~ubuntu-fridge. You can read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Submit for information on submitting stories. If it looks like you will be submitting a lot, we can ...15:44
nhandler... gradually work you up to being a normal fridge editor15:44
kim0nhandler: so administrators cannot post news ?15:45
kim0nhandler: I'm gonna be doing the unity weekly report many times, so I guess I need access yeah15:45
nhandlerkim0: The WP site is not linked to the LP team. And while you are technically a member (at least for the time being) of ~ubuntu-fridge, you never actually went through the process of getting approved.15:46
kim0ah got it15:46
nhandlerkim0: So you are doing those now instead of jcastro?15:46
kim0nhandler: we'll both be working on unity+ensemble15:46
nhandlerkim0: Right now, there is the Ubuntu account (noted on that wiki page) that will let you write the post but not publish it. I could also set you up with a kim0 account with the same level of access if you would prefer15:49
kim0nhandler: I guess give me a separate account yeah ..15:49
kim0I can have Jorge approve them I guess for now15:49
nhandlerkim0: Just post the link in here. That will probably be the fastest.15:50
kim0Yeah ok15:51
kim0nhandler: so you can create me a low priv account now ?15:51
kim0nhandler: got it .. woohoo :)15:52
nhandlerYou've got mail15:52
kim0thanks man15:52
pleia2nhandler: plans to get UWN out today, or do we want to just hold off until this weekend?16:43

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