bazhang* [tempore] (41310e0c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.    trolly-troll01:06
bazhangD3Mc4, hi01:06
bazhangnow thedictators01:17
bazhangD3Mc4, was there anything you needed here?01:17
bazhanggohdan, hi01:20
gohdanthere are random bots on comcast networks popping into #ubuntu dropping unicode01:21
bazhanggohdan, yep, seen that. thanks for the heads up01:21
flybackyeah well I am going to ask in here anyways cause I don't give a shit either way01:27
flybackwhat's the command line to force the installer to stick to a certain cpu arch01:27
bazhangflyback, ask what01:27
bazhangflyback, this is not a support channel. try askubuntu.com or the forums perhaps01:28
flybackyeh well I asked for the hell of it01:28
flybackI am done01:28
bazhangtsimpson, thanks01:28
bazhangany reason the gateway client for tempore would be able to rejoin even though the floodbot banned his IP?01:29
bazhangflyback, ok then. was there anything else?01:29
bazhangguess not01:29
tsimpsonbazhang: because the gateway mask isn't banned01:30
bazhanghe was able to rejoin the channel as thedictators but did not speak that I saw01:30
tsimpsonthe bot's just don't give them an +e01:30
bazhangtsimpson, so effectively muted?01:30
tsimpsonall webchat clients are muted by a +q, the bots just set an +e after checking the real IP/host isn't banned01:31
bazhangand a quick check of -monitor would answer that; d'oh!01:31
bazhangneed more coffee01:31
bazhang* [ANONYMOUSIP] (41310e4e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
bazhangcould it be the VPN in wine guy?01:41
tsimpsonI guess "yes"01:46
bazhangthis is like the larstorben version of ubuntu vpn01:56
bazhangthe #winehq folks have told him very clearly that vpn via wine does not work. and he openly admitted he was trolling there01:56
tsimpsonthe VPN stuff would need relatively "low level" access to network APIs, so wine was never going to work01:58
h00kbazhang: I think thetrue is the VPN wineguy again02:03
bazhangh00k, ya think?02:04
bazhangtrying to PM him and get him to part02:04
h00kbazhang: :D alright, I was aobut to do the same, I'll let you do that02:04
bazhang* thetrue has quit (Quit: Page closed)02:15
h00kldunn: I was going to say, if you feel like you need any more, feel free02:25
h00kI opened a /query with smallfoot-02:25
bazhangwaste 'o time02:26
bazhanghis bt history goes back *years*02:26
bazhanghe has to be reminded every time that the support and development channels are *not* complaint/rant channels. and is surprised *every* time.02:27
h00kI'll pastebin/bt the convo when I'm finished, we'll see how it goes02:27
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:29
h00kaddd comment02:30
bazhang...@mark ?02:32
h00kI didn't...no...02:32
h00kI forget @mark syntax.02:32
IdleOne@mark #channel stuff goes here02:34
ubottuError: Not in that channel02:34
h00k@mark #ubuntu-offtopic smallfoot- inappropriate conversations02:34
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:34
IdleOneyou can do that in PM with the bot also if you prefer02:36
h00kI can, yeah. that worked02:38
h00ktoo lazy to change channels02:38
h00knot messing around.03:00
bazhangthe repeater bot madgirl (and now madkid) are being run from #ubuntu-cn03:02
bazhangjust PMd the owner and he had it part.03:02
bazhangmadgirl was forwarded here from #ubuntu03:02
bazhangchange that to a straight ban?04:15
DougJtonyyarusso, okay, so...04:29
tonyyarusso@bansearch dougj04:29
tonyyarussoIs that the right syntax?  I have no idea.04:29
tonyyarusso@btsearch dougj04:29
DougJuhh... it should be under Arch_NME tha's the nick I usally use04:29
tonyyarussohellooooooooo bot04:30
h00ktonyyarusso: login first, then btlogin ;)04:30
tonyyarussoh00k: login didn't respond either.04:30
h00ktonyyarusso: :( standby04:30
tonyyarussoDougJ: Hold on while we fuss with technical issues :P04:31
DougJI'm holdin on04:31
ubottuMatch: *!*@ by IdleOne in #ubuntu on Jun 24 2011 18:44:47 (ID: 41246)04:31
ubottuThe operation succeeded.04:31
tonyyarusso'bout time04:31
h00kholy smokes, having a hard time getting the web interface up, too04:32
tonyyarussoI'm not an anonymous user your stupid bantracker :(04:33
DougJoh you're talking to the bot04:33
h00kDougJ: do you understand why you were banned?04:34
tonyyarussoDougJ: I'm hoping IdleOne will show up, but we can chat a bit about it.  Was about to say the same as h00k.04:34
h00kDougJ: and why is this?04:34
DougJI asked if anyone was from new zealand04:34
tonyyarussoand then?04:35
DougJthat's it04:35
tonyyarussoNo it's not.04:35
h00kDougJ: #ubuntu is for support related questions only, I'm looking at the log right now, there's more to it04:35
DougJyeah it is what do you mean04:35
tonyyarusso13:33:50 < arch_nme> jsut stop talking to me if you are not from new zealand04:36
tonyyarusso13:44:37 < arch_nme> IdleOne, please don't make comments to me in this channel that are not related to the channel topic04:36
DougJnah, that's it really, I asked if anyone was from new zealand and then did it again04:36
h00kDougJ: you were told where to go for this, as well as the purpose of #ubuntu04:36
tonyyarussoYou started off by asking if someone was from NZ.04:36
DougJyeah I know04:36
DougJI remember what happen04:36
DougJyes I did04:36
DougJthen I was warned not to do that04:37
DougJthen I did it again and he banned me04:37
h00kDougJ: you failed to follow where you were directed to go to find this information04:37
tonyyarussoBut then you also were pretty rude to the rest of the channel, and then IdleOne in particular, which was totally unnecessary.04:37
DougJh00k, that's not true04:37
DougJh00k, I did go to the new zealand channel and it was empty04:37
DougJtonyyarusso, that is true, but he was being pretty rude to me also04:38
h00kDougJ: That doesn't make #ubuntu the appropriate channel to find people from NZ04:38
tonyyarussoYour first "anyone from NZ" was at 13:28 our time, the second at 13:31, your third at 13:42, but you weren't banned until 13:44.04:38
DougJh00k, yes I understand that04:38
DougJtonyyarusso, and??04:38
tonyyarussoDougJ: That's a good implication that the ban wasn't just for that question.04:38
DougJwhat else would it be for?04:39
DougJthat's the only thing I even said anythign about04:39
bazhangother ops warned as well04:39
tonyyarussoThe two lines I pasted.04:39
DougJlook I won't ask anymore questions about where anyone is from04:39
DougJmy word04:39
tonyyarussoThose are more problematic than the three asking where people are from, imo.04:39
DougJtonyyarusso, those lines were related to that topic04:39
tonyyarussoRelated, yes, and making it worse.04:40
DougJyes, they warned me not to ask about new zeland I did it anyway, then I was an ass about it04:40
DougJyou jsut want to hear me say I'm an asshole04:40
DougJI am04:40
tonyyarussoWell, if that's just what you are, why would we want to let you back in the channel?04:41
h00kDougJ: we're looking to make sure you understood what you did isn't acceptable, and that it doesn't happen again. ^ see above question04:41
DougJI just can't win...04:41
DougJI acknowledged that04:41
h00kDougJ: also, have you checked out the LoCo directory?04:42
h00k!loco | DougJ04:43
ubottuDougJ: Information on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/04:43
DougJno what's that?04:43
h00kDougJ: that may help you find people in your local area04:43
DougJwell thank you, however I'm not worried about that at this time04:43
h00ktonyyarusso, bazhang: are you two comfortable with me removing the ban in #ubuntu?04:44
tonyyarussoI'm not sure I am, really.  Since IdleOne set it, I'd want things to be pretty clear to remove, and I'm not sure we're there yet.04:45
h00kI understand.04:45
DougJyou know that was like a month ago or something right04:46
DougJjust saying04:46
h00kDougJ: it was June 2404:46
DougJthat is technically last month :)04:46
DougJstill it's been a while04:47
DougJthe point being I've calmed down and matured greatly since that time04:47
DougJand honestly what I did wasn't that bad in the first place04:47
DougJbut regardless I've learned my lesson and won't do it again04:48
h00kDougJ: I do agree with tonyyarusso on this, can you check back in a few hours, perhaps tomorrow, to see if IdleOne is available to clear this up?04:48
DougJI suppose that's more a directive than an actual question eh?04:48
h00kHe should have enough hilights to follow up on the conversatio, but it makes sense since he's the one that set the ban04:48
h00kDougJ: yeah, in retrospect, I suppose you're correct :)04:48
h00kDougJ: maybe he'll /query you, I'm not sure.04:49
IdleOneDougJ: the reason I banned you is because it was made clear by several people that you were being off topic, also your smart mouth comment to me and others about not addressing you unless it was related to the channel topic while you were being off topic. I am not going to remove the ban at this time because you don't seem to understand that we have rules and you need to follow them.04:49
bazhanghe'll need to rejoin here04:49
h00koh hi!04:49
DougJIdleOne, how do you figure I don't seem to understand?04:50
IdleOne!guidelines > DougJ04:50
ubottuDougJ, please see my private message04:50
IdleOne!codeofconduct > DougJ04:50
IdleOneDougJ: read the links the bot just sent you and come back in 48 hours.04:50
DougJIdleOne, quiz me04:50
DougJIdleOne, I bet I will pass right now04:50
IdleOneNot playing any games with you. see you in 48 hours. Good night.04:51
DougJit's nto a game04:51
DougJthere is question as to whether I understand the rules and I'm offering a way to ersolve that question04:51
DougJseems fair enough04:51
bazhangDougJ, yep.04:51
bazhangsee you in 48hrs04:52
DougJprobably not04:52
bazhangor later, thats fine04:52
DougJwhat's so not later about right now04:52
DougJagain this was two weeks ago this incident occured04:53
IdleOneDougJ: Please part this channel we are done for the next 48 hours. thank you.04:56
FlannelHi D3Mc4-, how can we help you?06:05
bazhangdoes Microsoft distribute windows 7 as iso?06:59
rwwprobably not to normal consumers, though07:00
popeyseems aimed at consumers to me07:03
rwwBritish people aren't normal yo :307:03
rwwbut yeah, that's what I get for assuming :(07:04
jpdsrww: Who is?07:06
Tm_Trww == normal; !rww == !normal07:10
* Tm_T hides07:10
rwwTm_T: I'm British :P07:11
Tm_Tbah, so nobody is normal then ):07:12
ikoniacan someone please remove D3Mc4- he's been hear for over an hour07:44
ikoniathank you07:45
* Myrtti raises an eyebrow08:42
Tm_Tinteresting output08:44
Tm_Tif he returns, I think best instruction what he can have is "write everything down in a form of letter" or something that forces creating proper sentences08:58
Tm_Thmmm, apparently he did think of that himself already (:08:58
bazhangledjo is not making much sense12:09
PiciHes trying to install XP over ethernet, but for some reason that has to do with Ubuntu detecting his usb something?12:10
bazhangnot sure. he's been at it for 12+ hours if my clocks are working12:11
bazhangoh right. he wants to stream stuff to or from his psp.12:13
bazhangthat hurt! :(12:26
Picibazhang: I'm not listening. Someone told me to ignore you.12:27
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from ledjo)12:28
Picino surprise there12:28
PiciI'm considering setting a banforward here.12:28
bazhangsounds good12:28
bazhangoh wait, I'm on /ignore12:29
Picisshh! I'm ignoring you ;)12:29
jussianyone know what the -eo channel in -irc is about?12:43
Tm_Tno idea12:44
LjLit should be esperanto12:47
jussiDoes anyone here speak esperanto?12:48
bazhangjust kidding, no12:49
LjL[14:49:29] <airon90> eo is Esperanto language (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto)12:51
LjL[14:49:46] <airon90> @Bazhang12:51
jussiLjL: yeah, he mentioned in -irc also12:52
bazhangLjL, yep, I parted before I saw that12:52
PiciI don't see a reason why they shouldn't have a channel.13:01
LjLwell it's atypical as channels are generally for countries, not languages, but then i always thought it made more sense for them to be for languages, at least the support ones. and we already have the -cat precedent.13:02
PiciAlso, it already exists.13:03
jussiand -es13:03
jpdsPeople speak that pretend language?13:04
jussijpds: be nice13:05
LjLjpds: you mean catalan?13:05
* LjL runs13:05
Tm_Tjpds: one finnish (now ex) parliament member is having his website in klingon13:09
jpdsTm_T: Heh.13:10
jussiTm_T: yeah, but that guy is crazy13:11
Tm_Tis not13:12
jussiTm_T: sorry, that was meant to have :P on it ;)13:13
PiciPython is at it again13:24
PythonHi all, I'm just wondering how to become an op if possible. Can anyone tell me please ?14:24
Pici!canibeanop | Python14:24
ubottuPython: If you are interested in joining the Ops team, take a look at both http://www.siltala.net/2010/03/24/ops-teams-applications-announcement/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements for info on the process and requirements.  You can also learn about what the job entails from people in #ubuntu-irc.14:24
Pythonok thanks have a nice day :)14:26
Tm_TPython: something we can help you with at this time?14:28
PythonWhat are advantages for being an op ?14:28
genii-aroundGetting yelled at abusively a lot.14:30
popeyhaving people find out where you live/work and abusing you in real life..14:31
PythonDo I need advanced knowledge ?14:31
popeyyou need a thick skin14:31
PiciIf you have a history of being helpful in our channels, and are around during the hours that we need coverage as well as not being a problem user (or at least not for a *long* time), then you're already well on your way to being considered.14:33
Pythonhmm ok I'll think about that :).14:34
jribPici: come on, you haven't memorized the kernel's source yet...?14:37
ikoniaPici: is rubbish14:37
* jrib nods14:38
ikoniaanyone knows all that stuff14:38
bazhanganyone get peterhil`?15:11
jpdsbazhang: He wants .adobe .bazaar .cache to all come before archive/ books/ music/ rather than in between?15:15
bazhangjpds, okay15:15
jpds... I think.15:15
bazhangWiallim> ubottu: 你咋知道我一定时中国人》哈15:36
bazhangtelling the bot: you know I'm chinese, heh15:36
* charlie-tca thinks that bot knows everything!15:37
* h00k sips coffee15:37
LjLi can read 哈! also, 中国人. and 一15:38
bazhangyidin but he miswrote shi (to be) as shi (time)15:39
bazhang-cn aol speak I guess15:39
jpdsbazhang: You have AOL in China?15:40
bazhangjpds, I'll move to China and ask!15:41
LjLbazhang: isn't 时 also the most overall common character, pronounced as something else, or am i confusing it with another?15:41
bazhangLjL, that one is time. the other one same sound is to be or be15:41
LjLah i must have been thinking of 的15:42
h00kI often get those confused. An easy mistake to make.15:43
bazhangor of15:43
LjLh00k: one has a h00k, the other doesn't!15:44
h00kLjL: clearly!15:44
bazhangglda seems to ask this every day now15:50
* genii-around sips his coffee15:51
PiciLots of people installing gnome3 lately.16:19
bazhangfirst nice one I've seen16:20
bazhanghe's using linode16:22
bazhangbruteforce a 256 long character password16:26
bazhangquantum computer!16:27
ikonianot happy with people giving out random and not thought through advice16:44
PiciMe either16:44
ikoniawhy not try a 3.0 kernel ?? why ??? what do you think that will do ?16:44
rwwit's one bigger16:44
ikoniahonestly, he wants to update his kernel on a "hunch"16:45
Piciikonia: talking with them?17:10
ikoniatalking to tilerendering in pm to get him to stop with the language17:10
ikoniahad a few smart responses to reasonable questions, when I asked him to stop giving me silly responses or smart mouth responses he claimed it was an insult and I should unban him or a log will appear "somewhere"17:25
ikoniaat that point I've ended all communication and kept a log of the conversation17:26
tilerenderingI would like to report a problem with a #ubuntu operator17:27
tilerenderingwho can I mail for that, the log pretty much says it all.17:27
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.17:28
tilerenderingthanks - can I paste a pastebin url for the conversation with the operator here ?17:29
hypatiatilerendering: if possible, attach it as a textfile - pastebins can expire17:33
tilerenderinghm yes but the page you referred to says I should first discuss the issue here17:34
tilerenderingso I guess the pastebin log is more handy first17:34
tilerenderingso here would be the url: http://pastebin.com/N49tyv3E17:35
rwwtilerendering: alrighty, here's the deal. As ikonia told you, we limit language use in #ubuntu rather severely. I see in that log that you're okay with following that policy in the future. Have you read our IRC Guidelines and Code of Conduct? If not, I can provide you with links to them so you're aware of the rest of our policies.17:43
rwwand if you're fine with following all of them, including the one about following directions from ubottu factoids and channel operators, then I'll unban you and hope that's the end of it :)17:45
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:54
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct17:54
rwwlet me know if/when you've read those and agree to follow them, and I'll remove the ban17:54
tilerenderingI read them, though some are quite subjectively interpretable, it´s ok - they are quite normal. I just didn´t expect that saying "crap" or omfg is offensive enough to be muted18:00
rwwIndeed. You can always ask us if you need clarification and (as was the case in #ubuntu earlier), we generally warn before banning outright. Anyways, I'll go remove your ban now, one sec.18:02
rww@mark #ubuntu-ops tilerendering agreed to follow !guidelines and !coc, removing #ubuntu ban18:03
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:03
rwwtilerendering: alrighty, can you try /join #ubuntu to make sure I did it right, please?18:03
PicioCean: fyi, toothpick had a mint cd in his sources.list earlier, I got him to remove it, but I'm not sure if there were other problems.18:08
tilerenderingrww - works thanks !18:09
rwwshiny. okay, one last standard disclaimer: removing bans the second time around tends to be harder, so please keep that in mind while using #ubuntu. That said, have a good day, and good luck if you're still experiencing technical problems (though it appears you've sorted them out) :)18:13
oCeantilerendering: if there's nothing more we can help you with, please part the channel18:32
tilerenderingalright, see you soon18:33
rww!rtfm > o0_0o20:27
Piciikonia: someone was in #ubuntu earlier today asking about that same package, they had dapper repositories enabled on their lucid install.20:33
ikoniayeah, I remember cacti getting merged20:33
PiciIt might even be the same person, I don't recall.20:33
rww!u > lookin420:49
ikoniathat really annoys me, he can see people talking "anyone there" - no what do you think you're watching20:49
rwwI guess it also serves as a "I don't know how to IRC; is this message going through?"20:50
rwwbut yeah, is a bit silly20:50
rwwoh, they asked a question before that. nvm then.20:50
ikoniathat annoys me too - "ah well, seems like no-one can help me" trying to get pity help20:51
ikonia"guess I best go back to windows"20:51
Tm_Tikonia: noo, don't jump!20:51
rwwindeed. both of those attitudes generally cause me to not answer even if I do know :|20:51
ikoniarww: sadly myself too20:51
CoreyTame channel so far today.21:40
elkydon't jinx it!22:54
ubottuIn ubottu, muchon said: gracias is thank you :)23:13

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