pittiGood morning04:24
pittiGrueMaster, skaet: hm, you used "Ubuntu ARM Preinstalled omap{3,4}" in the tracker? Isn't that what "Ubuntu Desktop armel+omap{,4}" is nowadays?06:15
pittior yet another image?06:16
GrueMasterNo, probably should be desktop.06:16
pittiok, thanks06:16
pittiso "Ubutu ARM Preinstalled" is obsolete indeed06:16
* pitti is currently trying to update publish-image-set.py accordingly06:17
GrueMasterI'm off to bed.  See you in ~8 hours.06:19
pittisee you!06:19
pittijibel: bonojur07:28
pittibonjour, rather07:28
pittijibel: I have a question for you in bug 79115907:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 791159 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "OEM Install: No launcher or desktop shortcut to prepare for shipping (affects: 1) (heat: 120)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79115907:31
jibelGuten Morgen pitti07:33
jibelit is fixed07:33
pittijibel: nice, thanks for confirming07:33
jibelyou're welcome07:34
pittijibel: do you think bug 804655 is important enough to warrant a respin? it should properly fall back to 2d on these devices07:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 804655 in mesa (Ubuntu) "r300 loading instead of r300g (affects: 3) (heat: 16)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80465507:40
pittibut I'm not sure how much we want people to test the 3d live bits on ati07:40
pittiwith the new gallium drivers07:40
pittiskaet: I updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview with the desktop news, and what I think are noteworthy bugs08:06
jibelpitti, I'm not sure how critical it is for a2. 2d fallback should work and isn't there a way to force r300g loading ?08:10
pittiI don't think it's critical08:10
pittiI don't know how to force r300g, RAOF would know08:10
jibeland that would require a respin of all the images. I don't think we have time for this.08:11
pittiwe used to respin on Wednesdays, but unlike previous times we actually have little reason to08:12
pittiback in ~ 30 mins08:23
ogra_pitti, so we have a chance of getting a new kernel for omap4 that could make the images work ... apw is just doing a testbuild for me08:23
* cjwatson yawns08:35
apwogra_: it seems the omap3 kernel already has the fix we are testing so should be unaffacted (assuming there are images for that even)08:36
ogra_yes, omap3 just segfaults08:36
ogra_USb is fine i suppose ... not that we were able to boot far enough to verify though08:37
cjwatsonpitti: anything in particular I should be looking at?09:02
apweveryone happy for me to upload this fixed ti-omap4 (only) kernel, is tested by ogra_09:03
ogra_go ! :)09:03
cjwatsonincidentally, I thought that bug 791883 was fixed now, I just hadn't closed the remaining task because I wanted to test it properly09:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 791883 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 3 other projects) "ubi-console-setup.py:set_keyboard() gets error 141 (crashes) in Kubuntu (affects: 1) (heat: 125)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79188309:03
pittihey cjwatson, good morning; how are you?09:04
pittiapw: please go ahead09:04
cjwatsonnot bad, thanks09:05
apwpitti: ogra_: on it thanks09:05
ogra_pitti, even though it wont fix the broken omap3 kernel, could you let u-boot out of new, will be at least one bug less on the images09:06
pitticjwatson: some Kubuntu test installs went through without mentioning this, indeed; was that hard to reproduce, or did it happen every time?09:06
ogra_(so it ends up on the respin)09:06
cjwatsonpitti: every time09:07
cjwatsonit's probably dead now, I'll just double-check locally09:07
pitticjwatson: other than that, I'm still waiting for the major disaster to happen09:07
pitticjwatson: bug 782507 would be in your camp, although it's far from being a blocker09:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 782507 in partman-auto (Ubuntu) "Installation creates a new swap partition (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78250709:08
pitticjwatson: thanks09:08
pittiogra_: that is u-boot-linaro?09:08
ogra_seems it adds one or two ne arches (so produces new binaries)09:09
pittilooks fine; I'll put them into universe for now, as most binaries are09:09
cjwatson782507> also hardly new!  that's been the case since warty09:09
ogra_no need for main09:10
pittiogra_: done09:10
ogra_thx :)09:10
pittiso I'll wait for the usb-enabled omap4 kernel, then we can at least release the omap4 bits09:10
pitticjwatson: ah, we only have kubuntu alternate results, the desktop ones are just for live session09:12
ogra_at least server would be good, if desktop has issues i'm happy to leave it out09:12
pitticjwatson: but Kubuntu wants to skip a2 anyway09:12
cjwatsonmy Kubuntu desktop test install (image from last Friday, so not suitable for iso.qa reporting) is past the point of the previous crash09:13
cjwatsonI'll close out that bug when rsync is done and I can restart firefox more easily09:13
jibelpitti, cjwatson , I can not reproduce 791883 anymore with latest images. It was 100% reproducible.09:13
pittijibel: thanks for confirming09:14
cjwatsonright.  I expected it to be fixed, so good.09:14
cjwatsonas I say, will close shortly09:14
jibelpitti, I changed bug 781076 to critical. it affects i386 upgrades, I got it on wubi i386 and xubuntu i386 upgrades and it leaves the system in a very bad state.10:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 781076 in doc-base (Debian) (and 2 other projects) "package doc-base 0.9.5ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: Byte order is not compatible at ../../lib/Storable.pm (affects: 35) (dups: 37) (heat: 304)" [Unknown,Unknown] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78107610:31
pittijibel: ok, thanks10:31
jibelbug 80634910:57
ubot4Launchpad bug 806349 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "OEM Install fails with - KeyError: "The cache has no package named 'python2.6-minimal'" - without network connection. (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80634910:57
stgraberpitti, skaet: Edubuntu is completely tested and good to be released for alpha-2. We have quite a few critical bugs but nothing that'll be fixed in time for a respin.11:40
cjwatsonjibel,pitti: 806349 fixed in bzr; does it justify a respin?11:57
stgrabercjwatson: Hi! Is it possible that the switch to live-build changed the content of sources.list in the livefs? One of the Edubuntu ubiquity plugins now fail because sources.list doesn't contain any deb-src entry12:13
stgrabercjwatson: bug 80642812:16
cjwatsonI think I deliberately left that turned off12:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 806428 in edubuntu-live (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 1 other project) "Missing detailed package selection step in Oneiric (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80642812:16
cjwatson(live-build completely rewrote the sources.list handling, and I decided not to re-enable that particular bit because it makes a fairly significant difference to CD size)12:17
pitticjwatson: not from my POV; I don't think OEM install has a lot of actual value in alpha-2 (aside from testing that it works); WDYT?12:18
pittidocumenting the workaround (install with network) seems sufficient to me12:19
cjwatsonI'm OK with that, it's just not my milestone to drive :-)12:19
stgraberI'm not sure I actually need deb-src for what I want to do. As python-apt should be able to generate the list of binary packages generated from a given source package without needing Sources.12:19
stgrabermvo: ^12:19
pittistgraber: would take some computation -- you'd need to iterate over all binary packages, get their source package, and build a map out of that12:21
pittistgraber: it's not 100% correct during development releases due to NBS, and FTBFS, though12:21
stgraberpitti: indeed, though I guess in this case we'd prefer using a bit more CPU than re-introducing deb-src in the live environment12:22
pittispace wise, yes :)12:22
cjwatsonstgraber: changing it would involve something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/638874/ with some suitable comment12:22
cjwatsonbut if you can avoid it, that would be good12:22
cjwatson(that's in livecd-rootfs)12:23
stgrabercjwatson: oh, now that I think of it :) Can you turn deb-src back on only for Edubuntu? :)12:23
stgraberI have around 2GB of free space on these images so I don't really care :)12:23
cjwatsonwell, that's what that diff does12:24
stgraberoh, that link was for edubuntu I guess?12:24
cjwatsondo you want to reassign that bug to livecd-rootfs, or do you want to keep it?12:24
stgraberthat step is slow enough to load as it's, so I'll just re-assign to livecd-rootfs and ship Edubuntu with deb-src then12:25
cjwatsonok, committed12:25
cjwatsonI'll upload now if you want12:26
stgraberwould be great. We're not going to respin for that but if for some reason we do get a respin it'd be nice to have.12:27
pittistgraber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/638875/ takes 2 seconds here12:27
pittistgraber: but I guess the live-build fix is still better, if you don't care about the size12:28
cjwatsonI would do both fixes if it's feasible12:28
cjwatsonmore robust that way12:28
stgraberyep, I'll make a note to catch the exception from apt_pkg and use pitti's code in that case12:29
pittistgraber: note that the map values are Package objects, not names; I just quickly threw this together to see how long the iteration takes12:29
pitticjwatson: 806349 release-noted12:30
pitticjwatson: do we actually want to publish the amd64+mac images? I thought so, I fixed published-image-set.py accordingly12:32
cjwatsonyes please12:33
cjwatson(though not to releases.u.c, once we get far enough along to be doing that)12:34
charlie-tcaubuntustudio is failing for libc6; the images failed to build yesterday13:26
charlie-tcaThey probably need a respin; I am looking at the logs right now to see what happened13:26
charlie-tcaE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.13:28
charlie-tcamake: *** [apt-update] Error 10013:28
charlie-tcaserver errors?13:29
charlie-tcaW: Failed to fetch file:/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/ftp-universe/dists/oneiric/main/binary-i386/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch13:29
stgraberthat's for the cd build right? not livefs?13:29
charlie-tcaThe images are no good for alpha2, and need to be respun13:29
pitticharlie-tca: looks like it just needs a respin then; I've seen this happen several times13:29
stgraberif so, edubuntu had the same thing yesterday, a respin of just the cd would fix it13:29
charlie-tcaThat's the ubuntustudio images, they are live only13:29
charlie-tcarather, alternate only13:29
pitticharlie-tca: I added 20110704 to the tracker yesterday; that's not enough for a2?13:30
charlie-tcaThat image won't install13:30
charlie-tcaThat fails for the libc6 bug that got fixed13:31
charlie-tcaThey will need a re-spin to get an image that works13:31
pitticharlie-tca: you mean "live only" == "alternate only", right?13:31
pitticharlie-tca: running another build13:31
charlie-tcayeah, They have alternate images only13:31
* pitti marks for rebuild in tracker13:31
charlie-tcaThanks, pitti13:31
* skaet takes a sip of tea, and starts into the backscroll..14:01
skaethiya pitti,   I see ubuntu studio is rebuilding.  Any others likely to need it?14:02
pitticharlie-tca: added to tracker, built now14:03
pittihey skaet14:03
pittiskaet: yes, the omap4 images14:03
charlie-tcaThank you14:03
pittiskaet: they are waiting for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ti-omap4/2.6.38-1309.14/+build/261142114:03
pittiskaet: they should take ~ 8 hours, plus another hour publisher, so the kernel should be published in about 5 or 6 hours14:04
pittiskaet: can you trigger the ubuntu desktop/server ARM images then?14:04
skaetpitti,  sure, can do,  as long as they give me the signal its ready.14:04
pittiskaet: was already tested from a PPA14:05
skaetpitti, good to know.   thanks.14:07
dokocjwatson, pitti: when do you expect the alpha2 tomorrow? asking I want to start the test rebuild before the unfreeze14:59
* micahg has noticed that the soft freeze has almost seemed meaningless this time around15:03
pittidoko: still waiting for the new omap4 kernel, the other images seem fine to me15:05
pittidoko: so I expect that we'll have all a2 images in some 12 hours15:05
pittiskaet: ^ does that sound ok to you?15:05
pittidoko: how does that affect a test rebuild?15:06
dokowould like to have something as consistent as possible15:06
pittimythbuntu posted15:06
pittidoko: so better start it right now?15:07
skaetpitti,  doko,   Just to double check, are the test rebuilds replacing images in the archive, or just going to doko's sandbox?15:12
dokoskaet: test rebuilds never reach the archive15:13
skaetdoko,  coolio.  then since we're not hearing any requests for rebuilds, go ahead with i386/amd64.   Hold off on the arm ones until we get the next set of images posted though.15:15
pittiwe can always reserve an arm buildd should another urgent upload come up15:29
pittiskaet: still need anything from me? I need to leave for Taekwondo in some 5 mins15:55
skaetpitti,   thanks.   Will keep an eye on those arm kernels.15:56
pittiso, see you tomorrow!15:56
skaetjdstrand,  since it looks like we'll need to respin images server image for arm,  does it make sense to upload those CVEs you were mentioning yesterday?15:59
jdstrandskaet: I'd be happy to upload the fixes for them, yes ;)15:59
jdstrandskaet: is now a good time?15:59
skaetjdstrand,  yup, nows a good time15:59
* skaet has a couple more hours to wait for that kernel to emerge....16:00
jdstrandskaet: done (0.14.0+noroms-0ubuntu8)16:02
skaetjdstrand, thanks!16:03
jdstrandskaet: thank you for remembering me :)16:03
cjwatsonwgrant: was there any progress with rolling out germinate-lubuntu?17:15
skaetarm kernel build done (took 8 hours, 21 minutes);  now waiting for publisher before kicking off those arm builds..17:57
smoserslangasek, can you populate uec images iso testing results for 20110706 ?18:32
smoseror anyone other than slangasek can do that also. i believe cjwatson has.18:57
slangaseksmoser: having a look19:04
pittiso, mythbuntu is out, too19:41
pittiskaet: yay, omap4 kernel built19:42
pittiskaet: ah, you are already building the new armel images apparently?19:43
skaetpitti,  yup19:43
pittiskaet: can you please add them as "Ubuntu Desktop armel+...", not "Ubuntu ARM ..."? the latter is deprecated, and the image release script now assumes the former19:44
skaetwill do.19:44
skaetsmoser,  I've set up the tester so results can be recorded, but the images still need to be populated.   Script is missing some info (where to put the northeast images)20:02
* GrueMaster is standing by for new omap4 images.20:09
* skaet is glad GrueMaster is standing by, but they're still building. Desktop should emerge first.20:11
skaetsmoser,  was able to get the script to run,  can you confirm the right bits are in place?20:44
slangaseksmoser: sorry, had a power outage here just as I started working on the AMI postings.  Looks like someone else has gotten to it?21:14
skaetslangasek,  took an attempt,  think its correct.  but would appreciate you or smoser confirming it.21:16
slangasekskaet: well, /something/ is posted, so provided you ran the script I trust that it's correct :)21:22
slangasek(I'm not going to try to compare a dozen AMI IDs by hand :-)21:22
skaetscript was run,21:22
skaetGrueMaster, Ubuntu Desktop armel+omap4 (20110706) posted21:37
skaetogra_, ^21:37
GrueMasterskaet: Are you respinning armel server too?21:42
skaetyup, about to start21:44
GrueMasterCould you also trigger netboot to respin?  That will be the fastest and I need it for other testing as well.21:46
skaetGrueMaster, just started off the server while you were typing.   Will queue up netboot next then.21:49
charlie-tcaskaet: updates done on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview21:54
skaetcharlie-tca, thank you! :)21:54
skaetGrueMaster, ogra_ omap4 server image posted22:52
GrueMasterThanks.  Hope it fairs better than desktop.22:53
GrueMasterI'm seeing massive ext3-fs errors during fs resize stage.22:53
skaetGrueMaster, ack.  :(23:05
GrueMasterLooks like jasper failed to resize.  It resized the filesystem, but not the underlying partition.23:05
GrueMasterI'll experiment a little before calling it a total loss.23:07
skaetGrueMaster, I'm going to break for dinner.   infinity has triggered a netboot rebuild,  so it should be emerging.23:15
GrueMasterHave fun.  I will be breaking in a couple of hours.23:16
skaetI'll check back here after I get some food.   Let me know what you find (/me keeping fingers crossed).23:16

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